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CHPP Daily Brief - February 6, 2011

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• Introduction
• Where Are We Now?
• Bait-and-Switch
• Revealed in a Dream
• "Circuit Breakers"
• In Closing

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February 6, 2011

A Guide for Intercession
"In my distress I called to the LORD; I cried to my God for help. From his temple he heard my voice; my cry came before him, into his ears." (Psalm 18:6)


Last Tuesday, February 1st, we released a special edition called: "Alert: Pray for Egypt." That alert was written by an anonymous prayer partner, with great insight.

Tonight, our anonymous friend has sent us another message with great insight and, rather than keeping this to ourselves, we wish to again forward this information along to you.
Please note that part of this news is not from the mainstream media, but is based upon dreams and visions which we believe to be from the Lord.

Thank you all for prayerfully considering this alert, and for praying through its points as the Lord leads.

In His Grace . . . and watching with you . . .
Capitol Hill Prayer Partners

Where Are We Now?

It is hard to fathom what is going on in Egypt right now! Two and a half weeks ago, we would never have considered this kind of thing taking off as it has; opening the door to a fundamentalist, terror organization to hold governmental power at Israel's southern border. Did this come out of the blue or was this the result of problems incubating for a long time? The answer to that reads like the options in a multiple-choice question.

A. The protestors in Cairo are angry, impoverished, democracy-starved people; tired of living under a corrupt dictator for 30 years.

B. The protestors are largely members of (have been orchestrated by) the Muslim Brotherhood, which has been trying to destroy the Mubarack government (and his connections to Israel and the West) for nearly 30 years.

C. The protestors are deluded Egyptians, who have accepted the lie that Sharia law is the only way to improve their lives and to insure their rights. Furthermore, it is the only way to rid the region of the wicked Jews of Israel, in order to bring forth Islamic peace and justice.

D. The protestors are internationals . . . imported Moslems, and lawless terrorists . . . following an agenda that has been laid out, and paid for, by hidden power brokers, intending to overthrow the government of Egypt, for the destruction of Israel.

Very likely the answer to the question (what are these Egyptian protests all about?) requires a fifth option: ALL OF THE ABOVE. One thing for certain, the answer to the question is not: NONE OF THE ABOVE. While some secular college students in pursuit of democracy may have started the protests, the student voice was quickly replaced by something far from their goal. Still, the foolish left wing media, along with the international leaders of the free world, continue to declare that this is all about human rights and democracy. I have wanted to write this report for the past two days. It was just not coming together in a distilled fashion, so I waited for the Lord to bring His pieces of clarity to my understanding. He gave me three revelations that I can now share with you.

#1: The Lord told me that this action in Egypt is, what He called, A BAIT AND SWITCH operation.

#2: Last night I had a dream . . . details to follow.

#3: When I asked the Lord, what was the role of the intercessors, He told me that we are to be CIRCUIT BREAKERS.

I will address each of these three revelations individually.


#1: When I inquired of the Lord, what the turmoil in Israel was all about, He answered with a term unfamiliar to me . . . "WHAT IS GOING ON IS A BAIT-AND-SWITCH." I believe I had heard that term somewhere before, but I really didn't know what it referred to. I had to go to the Internet to seek out the definition, so that I could gain understanding regarding the Lord's answer to me. Here is what I discovered:

Bait-and-switch is a form of fraud, which is often used in retail sales . . . but which is found in other business dealings, in negotiation, settlement offers, and in other contexts as well. Here is how it works: Something is advertised in such a way as to make it appear very desirable and available for a limited time, at an amazingly low cost. The advertisement brings in the customer. Once inside the store, the expectant customer is told that the advertised commodity is no longer available (sold out most probably).

However, that customer will be "generously" offered an even more desirable product, at a "slightly" higher price . . . but which is reported to be a much better value. In essence, the bait-and- switch suggests that the merchant is bringing comfort to ease the disappointment of the consumer (who is believing that he missed the big deal . . . but which in fact was really just the bait to bring him into the store). The added price paid by the customer (for the substituted, more costly item) increases the profit of the seller, and pays for the advertising needed to bring the buyer into the store (where he then purchases what the merchant really wants to sell him).

The item that served as the bait was never freely available to all; but the customer never knows that. His disappointment is turned into joy as he purchases something he didn't intend to buy . . . at a higher price . . . because of the way that it was packaged and promoted to mislead his heart and understanding. The seller gets more of what he wants, while allowing the buyer to have the illusion that he is getting a good deal on more than he knew he needed.

When I read the description of the bait-and-switch, I knew instantly what the Lord was saying about the situation in Egypt. The "organizers and promoters" of this "uprising" might have used obtaining more freedom, democracy, prosperity, less corruption, or whatever, to bring the people to the Square to protest.

Once there, the message was switched. It became something like: "Let's take this higher and farther . . . let's go beyond just getting rid of corruption and police oppression (which we really don't have available as a possibility now) and go for a complete regime change; taking out Mubarak. Let's go even better, and call for total Sharia law (which is the highest and best law in the world). Sharia law will finally insure that we will finally be able to destroy Israel and the West. It only costs just a little more (actually it will cost these people dearly, as Sharia law denies all freedom, and is frightfully controlling, punitive, narrow, etc.).

Like the American election two years ago, the change offered (the bait) hooked the people. Only later did the American people begin to understand that the agenda they "bought" had not been truthfully presented . . . but now it was too late to go back. So how do we pray against the bait-and-switch?


"Nothing is too difficult for thee!" (Jer. 32:17)

--Pray that the Lord would release an anointing of discernment upon all those Egyptians, who know Him . . . and upon all those who seek real truth and justice.

--Pray that the Lord would release a spirit of Mistrust of the Merchants upon those who are not led by the Holy Spirit . . . so that they will question the deal, and demand the details.

--Pray for a release of the Spirit of Truth, so that the deceivers will be unable to lie. Pray that the truth pours from their lips unrestrained; revealing what they are intending to do, as well as revealing the powers and personalities, who are really behind this uprising.

--Pray that the frustrated/disappointed people, who have been eager to buy Sharia law and the Moslem Brotherhood's leadership role as comfort, will suddenly become afraid of making that purchase.

--Pray that those, who have bought the switched goods in the past, will arise to shout a warning to the unsuspecting customers being baited.

--Pray that the Lord would totally uncover satan's bait-and-switch trick in regard to Islam . . . not only in Egypt, but throughout the world.

--Pray that the true freedom, offered by the God of Israel, would be presented to the disgruntled masses, in a way that they would see the truth of it and desire it.

Revealed in a Dream

Last night in a dream, I was observing the birth of a baby. MANY attendants were on hand as part of the delivery team. As I was observing the baby crowning, with the end of labor at hand, I cried out, "Stand back! Do not touch this baby! I must not be received and nurtured to have life." No one would listen to me. Suddenly the baby was born with a great shout of joy from the crowd. I backed away even further from this scene. Within minutes, the baby literally exploded, killing everyone who was in the celebration circle.

#2: The dream of the birth and the exploding baby. I believe that many people, who were there to assist in the birth of this baby, were the leaders in the Western world (the USA, the UN, the EU members, etc.). The baby about to be born was "the new order" in Egypt . . . this little baby named Freedom To Choose. So many of the deluded western leaders think that those in the Arab world . . . and those from the Islamic world . . . desire democracy and freedom, as we know it in the West. They do not. We have seen that when Moslems (with Islam in operation) are given the freedom to vote and to choose, they choose sharia oppression and oppressive leaders. Where they do not make the choice for these things, most often the vote of freedom enables wicked people to usurp power; becoming oppressive leaders to silence the voices of opposition.

The exercise of freedom and democracy requires a Judeo-Christian foundation in order to function successfully . . . i.e. morals and values where all human life is precious . . . where love and truth are virtues . . . where kindness, honesty, fairness, generosity, and mercy are lauded . . . where males and females have equality . . . and where beloved children are protected from harm, etc. Democracy is incompatible with Islam. In Islam you find the following characteristics:

1) a foundational "conqueror vs. slave" mentality
2) a freely expressed/embraced hatred, mingled with excitement over the spilling of an adversary's blood, to further the Islamic agenda
3) the telling of lies is lauded and seen as a useful tool to gain advantage
4) personal freedom is disdained and condemned, etc.

The dream the Lord gave to me is saying that if those in the democratic West assist in the birth of this "democratic", Islamic Brotherhood baby, and give it support, that the baby will blow up in their deluded faces and end up killing them.


"Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do."

--In the dream, I was crying out for the delivery team to back away and let the baby fall, but they would not listen. We need to pray that those to have ears to hear . . . and those who have the position to influence this outcome . . . and those who have the message of truth to shout . . . will all fulfill their roles in this hour.

--We need to pray that blind people will open their eyes, to recognize the mother and father of this child. Islam is the father, while the Islamic Brotherhood, in conjunction with the one world global power brokers, have been the mother (the human seed, the incubator, and the delivery system to birth this baby into Egypt . . . and from there into the world). I am totally pro-life, but when an ideology, strategy, or methodology is evil, we must pray that the Lord would curse it with famine and deny it life and breath.

--Pray that this birthing team would smell the stench arising from this orchestrated conception and birth . . . that they might run from assisting it.

--Pray that the leaders in Israel will not give this emerging Islamic sharia arrangement any nod, encouragement, or support. God will protect Israel as long as we stand back from embracing this evil development.

--God wants to birth wonderful things into Egypt. He wants to birth Truth, Justice, New Life, Faith, and Blessing into Egypt. Let's pray those things into birth and into life for the people.

"Circuit Breakers"

#3: The Lord is asking the intercessors to serve as Circuit Breakers in this situation.

Again, I found myself hunting for information about what it means to be a circuit breaker, as I have never delved into that field of study.

Let's start with the foundation that the Lord has wired Egypt for prosperity in Him. However, satan has been busy laying down his circuitry and wiring to bring about his agenda. Right now satan is pumping unholy power, force and influences into this situation. His goal is to power up and to operate a deadly machine of sharia that will destroy Israel and all those who are counter to it (which must be the Christians as well as the Jews). A circuit breaker can literally shut down the power by removing access to the electricity that is flowing through the wires.

A circuit breaker will provide protection to the wires against overloading; when too much current is trying to flow through them in regard to their ability to carry the current. They protect from "ground faults" . . . when hot wires happen to touch neutral wires; causing a sudden spike of current, because the resistance drops to nearly zero; allowing the current to flow dangerously uncontrolled/uncontained). Circuit breakers also protect against a short circuit; when a hot wire becomes broken, or when the insulation is worn through enough to make contact with a ground; causing a structural, electrical fire if the breaker fails to shut it down. The design of the circuit is to allow for the flow of power from the source to that which it will empower and then return to the source. The circuit breaker interrupts the flow; keeping the circuit from completing its course of empowering everything on its line. A circuit breaker can shut down the power and keep it down, until the breaker is reset. If the problem still exists, the breaker will keep shutting down the power until a repair or adjustment is made.

Do you see God's wisdom in this intercessory strategy? Satan is running his agenda; hoping to empower his "appliances"(his servants) throughout the world. In Egypt right now there are many ground faults . . . where neutral people (note: the term secular in Islam refers to those who are not subscribed to Sharia . . . it does not mean that the seculars do not embrace Islam) are connecting to hot Islamic people, and are being suddenly, surprisingly, altered by the power spike. Right now, the insulation is very thin. The heavy flow of demonic, Islamic, power could cause a devastating structural fire, not only throughout Egypt's society, but consume many others as well. The fires of hell are keen to burn on the earth . . . going from the source and then back to it). Israel is certainly within striking distance. It would take very little for Europe and the USA to be set ablaze as well.

In the past 24 hours, 11 Coptic Christians were slaughtered as Moslem neighbors broke into their homes through the roof; descending like an unholy fire upon them with murderous hatred. If this isn't an example of unholy current that needs to be shut down, I don't know what is. We need to step into this revealed strategy of being circuit breakers, and begin to move in it.


"Overcome evil with good." (Rom. 12:21)

--Pray that the Lord would inspire us with words of declaration, out of His Spirit, that would shut off the power in this demonic flow of energy into Egypt.

--Pray that the Body will come together in sighted unity . . . not in blind harmony . . . to meet this challenge.

--Pray that the Lord will reveal to us the precise places where there are unholy "ground faults" . . . where tolerant people are allowing the demonic powers to run through their neutrality of tolerance to reach others.

--Pray that the Lord would pour out living water on the fires that are already burning; and which are consuming people, nations, and institutions. Too much of this Islamic current is being allowed to flow in great power/authority.

--Decree that the Lord will empower our prayers, arising out of His wisdom, so that the heavy flow of demonic power pouring into Egypt right now would be shut down.

--Pray that we will continue to click off the power every time the circuitry repairs itself or whenever satan makes a new strategy of evil.

--Pray that the Lord will give us intercession and decrees to shut down the power, which is currently coming through broken wires; causing short circuits (through foolish politicians, through the media, religious leaders, foolish laws, and unwise justices)

--Lord teach us to be circuit breakers and give us the courage and the faith to play our role successfully to Your honor and glory.

In Closing

I will conclude this update at this point. There is more revelation to come, but I want you to receive this as quickly as possible. May the Lord lead you in the application of these revelations and add to your understanding of them.

This afternoon the Lord said these words to me: "Call the people into the shelter of My hand. The storm is not coming. It is HERE."

May the Lord bless, lead, and keep you . . . in the shelter of His hand,

[Name withheld upon request]