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CHPP Daily Brief - June 30, 2011

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The Daily Brief - Thursday, June 30, 2011

"When your judgments come upon the earth, the people of the world learn righteousness." (Isaiah 29:9b)

The Daily Brief

1. Riyadh will build nuclear weapons if Iran gets them, Saudi prince warns - UK Guardian

A senior Saudi Arabian diplomat and member of the ruling royal family has raised the spectre of nuclear conflict in the Middle East if Iran comes close to developing a nuclear weapon.

- Pray that God will intervene as only He can to stop the proliferation of nuclear weapons in the Middle East. From "accidental" explosions to computer viruses, or removal of leaders, He can stop Iran from their plans.

- "For I assure you: If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will tell this mountain 'Move from here to there.' And it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you." (Matthew 17:20b)

2. Greek Lawmakers Pass Austerity Measures Following Days of Riots - AP

Greece has bought itself some time to deal with its crippling debt crisis after lawmakers cleared the final hurdle for crucial bailout funds to be released that will prevent the country from defaulting next month.

The European Union and International Monetary Fund had demanded Parliament pass two bills -- an austerity law and a second bill detailing how it will be implemented -- before they approve a $17.3 billion installment from the country's $159 billion package of rescue loans.

Parliament passed the second law by majority vote Thursday.

- Lord, we pray for stability to Greece, as well as all other nations in economic turmoil. We ask that those affected by these austerity measures would be touched by Your Holy Spirit, and provided for by Your mercy.

- "Let the weak say I am strong." (Joel 3:10c)

3. An Israeli algorithm sheds light on the Bible - AP

Software developed by an Israeli team is giving intriguing new hints about what researchers believe to be the multiple hands that wrote the Bible. The new software analyzes style and word choices to distinguish parts of a single text written by different authors, and when applied to the Bible its algorithm teased out distinct writerly voices in the holy book.

- Father, we praise You for revealing more and more of Your truth to the world. We ask that You use this research to point the way to Christ for the Israeli people.

- "according to the revelation of the sacred secret kept silent by long ages, but now revealed and made known through the prophetic Scriptures, according to the command of the Eternal God, to advance the obedience of faith among all nations" (Romans 16:25c,26a)

4. Investigation Launched After Nigerian Man Boards U.S. Plane with Expired Boarding Pass - Fox News

A Nigerian national boarded a Virgin America flight from New York to Los Angeles last week without a passport and with an expired boarding pass that did not belong to him, Fox News confirms.

Read more:

- Thank You, Lord, that this man was discovered before any harm was done. We pray that You will tighten the obvious loopholes that allowed him to get through the TSA process, and establish the gift of discernment for those who are charged with our airline safety.

- "Lord, do not grant the desires of the wicked; do not let them achieve their plans." (Psalm 140:8a)

5. Could be Days Before Wildfire Effects on NM Lab are Known -- AP

Officials at the nuclear laboratory that created the first atomic bomb say it could be a few days before they know how experiments have been affected by a shutdown forced by a 125-square-mile (323-square-kilometer) wildfire.

- Lord, we pray a hedge of protection be erected around and over the NM laboratory. We apply the Blood of Jesus to all contents of the lab, and the land around it.

- "I searched for a man among them who would repair the wall and stand in the gap before Me on behalf of the land, that I should not destroy it" (Ezekiel 22:30)

6. Debris narrowly misses International Space Station - AFP

A piece of space debris narrowly missed the International Space Station on Tuesday in a rare incident that forced the six-member crew to scramble to their rescue craft, space agency officials said. The high-speed object hurtled toward the orbiting lab and likely missed it by just 1,100 feet (335 meters). The crew moved to shelter inside two Soyuz spacecraft 18 minutes before the debris was expected to pass, NASA said.

"It was probably the closest object that has actually come by the space station," said the US space agency's associate administrator for space operations, Bill Gerstenmaier. "We didn't have any information that it was coming until it was very, very close." The size of the space junk remains unknown and no harm was done by its fly-by.

Read more:

- Father, thank you for protecting the International Space Station and the crew from this debris. May they determine why they had no knowledge the debris was coming until it was very close. We plead the blood of Jesus over the crew that no harm shall befall them.

- In Him all things consist (cohere, are held together)- upholding and maintaining and guiding and propelling the universe by His mighty word of power. (Colossians 1:17, Hebrews 1:3)

7. Obama: It's Kids Versus Corporate Jets on Debt-Ceiling Talks - National Journal

If Obama's news conference accomplished anything on Wednesday afternoon, it underscored, in striking tones, his strategy for winning the debt ceiling fight with Republicans: Make it a clash of classes.

- Lord, we are incensed at the continual attempts to breed conflict between people of lower income and those who have built businesses that created wealth. We pray that You will stop the manipulation and cause truth to be the basis of the debate over debt.

- "For where envy and selfish ambition exist, there is disorder and every kind of evil." (James 3:16)

8. Older Workers Could Face Cost Disparities in Health Care Law Glitch - Fox News

Older adults of the same age and income with similar medical histories would pay sharply different amounts for private health insurance due to what appears to be an unintended consequence of the new health care law.

Read more:

- Lord, these kinds of disparities place undue burdens on the people of America. We pray for Your mercy over older Americans who have little resources. We call for a move of Your Spirit over our courts, to reverse their support of Obamacare.

- "There is a generation whose teeth are swords, whose fangs are knives, devouring the oppressed from the land and the needy from among mankind." (Proverbs 30:14)

The Middle East in Focus

This week, for all the headlines cited below, please join us in proclaiming THIS DECREE:

"For the LORD will not forsake His people for His great name's sake, because it has pleased the LORD to make you His people." (1 Samuel 12:22)

1. Israel warns Assad: Attack us, we'll hit you personally - Jerusalem Post

The government sent a message to Syrian President Bashar Assad in recent days, warning him that if he started a war with the Jewish state in order to divert attention from domestic problems, Israel will target him personally, Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Jarida reported on Tuesday.

2. US Senate: Cut aid if PA declares state - Ynet News

The US Senate approved a bill Wednesday that calls for suspension of American aid to the Palestinian Authority if it insists on carrying out a plan to gain UN recognition for its statehood declaration in September.

3. Report: Jordan to oppose PA statehood bid - Ynet News

A senior Jordanian official says the Hashemite kingdom will vote against a Palestinian statehood bid scheduled to be put before the UN General Assembly in September.

The Daily Jot

The Heartbeat of America and the rights of pre-born citizens

The Declaration of Independence expressly states as a foundational precept to government that "all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." It further states the social contract basis for government "That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed." Here we have two concepts at play that are integral to the debate over what can be considered an illegal or in the very least an errant decision by the US Supreme Court in allowing any type of abortion.

First, if all men are created, and they are endowed at the time of that creation with the unalienable Right to Life, then it is impossible to separate the point of creation, which begins life, and the unalienable Right of that Life. The foundational core of the Supreme Law of the United States as found in the Constitution is that Life is an unalienable Right. Any court ruling against such Life is breaking the law it is required to uphold. In America, there have been over 40 million citizens whose lives were snuffed out by the Supreme Court's allowance of legitimized murder--citizens who could in no way protect themselves from the actions of those who conducted or allowed this murder.

Which brings us upon the second point. Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. In an open and free society, there is true democracy. That is, majority rule without regard for law. If a majority consisting of brown eyed people want to kill all those with blue eyes there is nothing to prevent it. Conversely, if green eyed and blue eyed people were in the majority and wanted to kill all the brown eyed people, they could do it. This is why government is instituted with just powers which come in the form of laws. Every citizen gives up a certain amount of liberal freedom to be protected by laws administered justly by the government. Where is the protection for the pre-born?

The Supreme Court in 1973 failed to protect this innocent and defenseless people group leading to the establishment of an entire multi-billion dollar abortion industry. The Ohio House of Representatives Tuesday passed legislation that would restore at least some rights to this unprotected class by making abortion illegal once a heartbeat is detected. When signed into law, it will surely test the decision that erased an entire generation of Americans. Jeremiah 2:34 says, "Also in thy skirts is found the blood of the souls of the poor innocents: I have not found it by secret search, but upon all these." In America this is so true. May the actions in Ohio convict the nation that no more will innocent blood be shed by the canceling of the rights of the pre-born.

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson

Obama Demands Tax Hikes!

In his first press conference in weeks, Obama came out swinging and left no doubt that tax increases are a key demand to any debt limit deal. While the president gave lip service to tackling entitlement spending, he also said, " . . . we're going to have to tackle spending in the tax code."

Such absurd euphemisms indicate how conservatives are winning the battle of ideas. Obama will not utter the phrase "tax increases," and he knows spending is unpopular, so he wants to "tackle spending in the tax code." What on earth does that mean? How does the tax code spend money?

Obama wants you to believe that the government "spends" when you get a tax cut. This only makes sense if you start out with the assumption that all money belongs to the government and not the individual who earned it.

But don't worry. The president has his proposals to solve our debt crisis. He returned to the theme of class warfare, this time throwing out a new focus group tested applause line: "Ask Republican constituents if they're willing to compromise their kids' safety so some corporate jet owner continues to get a tax break."

Really? We have a $1.5 trillion deficit and Obama rushes to the microphones to complain about tax breaks for corporate jet owners? I'm not sure that strategy is going to work. One veteran journalist wrote: "If Obama's news conference accomplished anything on Wednesday afternoon, it underscored, in striking tones, his strategy for winning the debt ceiling fight with Republicans: Make it a clash of classes. . . In Obama's world, Democrats are for kids and Republicans are for corporate jets."

My staff has been furiously searching the Internet to find out exactly how much money the government is "spending" on tax breaks for corporate jet owners. Unable to find the figures, we have asked our friends on Capitol Hill.

But since the president raised the issue at his press conference today, it must be a huge sum that would go a long way toward closing our budget gap. Why hasn't anyone thought of it before? Probably because it wouldn't amount to a drop in the bucket. It is just one more example of Obama's deceptive and disingenuous rhetoric. (Gary Bauer)

The Good News Corner:

Texas Moves to Defund Planned Parenthood, Test Administration

Summary: Days after a federal judge put on hold Indiana's decision to deny Planned Parenthood of state and federal funds, the Lone Star state moves to take away some of the abortion seller's funding -- and put the Obama administration in a precarious position.
Undeterred by a federal judge's decision on Friday to temporarily block the enforcement of Indiana's ban on all health-care contracts with any "entity" that performs abortions, Texas is moving forward with proposed changes to the state's family planning services. The Lone Star state's Health and Human Services Commission made changes to its Medicaid-waiver program -- which is not only different than Indiana's program, but it also falls outside of the administration's abortion provisos that protect the likes of Planned Parenthood.

If the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services decide to play hardball and add the Medicaid waiver program to its "free choice of providers" requirements -- not to mention 72 percent of Americans who don't want to subsidize abortion -- Texas could lose $150 million in federal Medicaid funding.

In an opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal, Americans United for Life Action's President and CEO Charmaine Yoest, along with Denise Burke, the group's vice president of legal affairs, noted that the administration's response to Texas will be revealing.

"Will it again, in defiance of the will of the American people, join forces with Planned Parenthood to protect the abortion industry's government funding?" they asked. "Or, true to its claims during last year's health-care debate, will its priority instead be access to health care for thousands of low-income Americans?"


Read AULA's opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal.
[Source: Citizenlink]

Worship with Us Today!

"Even So"

Even so come, Lord Jesus . . . take your bride away. How my soul longs to be with you night and day.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

CHPP Daily Brief - June 29, 2011

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The Daily Brief - Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"When your judgments come upon the earth, the people of the world learn righteousness." (Isaiah 29:9b)

The Daily Brief

1. Federal Appeals Court Upholds Obama Health Care Law - Fox News

Obama's controversial health care law got a major boost Wednesday when the first ruling by a federal appeals court affirmed that Congress can require Americans to have minimum insurance coverage. A conservative law center had challenged the measure, arguing on behalf of plaintiffs who said potentially being required to buy insurance or face penalties was subjecting them to financial hardship. They warned that the law was too broad and could lead to more federal mandates. Read more.

- Father, we pray that this decision will be appealed to the Supreme Court and will be reversed. Have Linkmercy on our leaders and judges for abandoning freedom in favor of socialist goals. Keep our eyes fixed on You as the enemy of our souls continues to try to destroy America. We place our nation and our trust in You alone!

- "My eyes are ever toward the Lord, for He will pluck my feet out of the net." (Psalm 25:15)

2. Obama Says He Doesn't Have to Answer Whether War Powers Resolution Is Constitutional - CNS News

Obama told reporters he does not have to answer the question of whether the War Powers Resolution is constitutional. "There may be a time in which there was a serious question as to whether the War Powers Resolution was constitutional. I don't have to get to the question," Obama said during a White House news conference Wednesday. Read more.

- The law is the law is the law. Not to obey the law -- whether you are a president or a mere citizen -- is to move in a spirit of lawlessness. Pray that sanity will be restored in the decision-making at the highest level of our government. As a civilzed nation, we can do no less.

- "Every one who commits sin is guilty of lawlessness; sin is lawlessness." (I John 3:4) Read more about the question of lawlessness in our nation.

3. Durbin Introduces Napolitano to 'Hundreds' of Illegal Aliens-at Capitol Hearing - CNS News

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) introduced a crowd of what he described as "hundreds" of illegal aliens to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and others attending a congressional hearing on Tuesday to discuss the DREAM Act, a bill Durbin is sponsoring that would give illegal aliens who came to the United States as minors a path to citizenship provided they meet certain conditions. Read more.

- Once again, the key word here is: ILLEGAL. Either there is a law on the books to deal with this problem, or there isn't. Today, there is. Pray that Congress comes to its senses and votes to defeat the DREAM Act. Let all illegal aliens return to their homeland and then re-enter America according to the legal process of amnesty. Pray!

- "You therefore, beloved, knowing this beforehand, beware lest you be carried away with the error of lawless men and lose your own stability." Bold(2 Peter 3:17)

4. Court Tests Broadcast Profanity, Nudity Limits - Bloomberg

The U.S. Supreme Court, accepting a case that will reshape the speech rights of broadcasters, agreed to decide whether federal regulators are violating the Constitution by imposing fines for on-air profanities and nudity.

- Here we go again. Not too many years ago, this issue never would have even reached the doors of the Supreme Court, nor be heard by its judges. But this is a new day. Lift up the nine justices of the United States Supreme Court as they deliberate this case. May they judge wisely!

- "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom." (Proverbs 9:10)

5. Los Alamos Nuclear Lab Under Siege From Wildfire - ABC News

A wildfire near the desert birthplace of the atomic bomb advanced on the Los Alamos laboratory and thousands of outdoor drums of plutonium-contaminated waste Tuesday as authorities stepped up efforts to protect the site and monitor the air for radiation.

- Cry out for mercy in the midst of judgment. Pray for unusual strength, tenacity, and insight to be granted to every worker and every firefighter that is working to keep this situation under control. Mercy, Lord!

- "In my distress I called to the LORD; I cried to my God for help. From his temple he heard my voice; my cry came before him, into his ears." (Psalm 18:6)

6. Hess Oil Donates $1 Million to ND Flood Recovery - Plains Daily

Hess Corp. CEO and Board Chairman John Hess met with Senator John Hoeven today and pledged $750,000 to the Minot Area Community Foundation and $250,000 to the North Dakota Community Foundation to assist North Dakotans suffering loss and damages as a result of this spring's unprecedented flooding disasters.

Hess has also offered a matching gift program for its employees making personal donations to the state's two relief organizations, as well as to the American Red Cross North Dakota Flood Relief. Read more.

- Offer praise for this good news for the good citizens of Minot, ND. Hess is not the only private corporation that has stepped up to the plate in this crisis. ING, for example, is also donating $50,000, as are several other companies. Still other corporations are hauling in shipments of bottled water to offset the city's continued BOIL WATER order. Offer praise for the generous spirit of our people. We WILL survive!

- "Thy people shall volunteer freely in the day of Thy power." (Psalm 110:3 NAS)

7. North Korea to Chair UN Disarmament Conference - Fox News

Watchdog group calls on U.S., European governments to protest appointment of North Korea to presidency of U.N. Disarmament Conference, saying it is akin to asking the 'fox to guard the chickens.'

- The nations have now turned against Israel, and they are being visited with a spirit of madness. God's word is true and does not lie. Pray for a miracle of divine intervention at the United Nations, that this decision can be overruled quickly. Pray!

- "It will come about in that day that I will make Jerusalem a heavy stone for all the peoples; all who lift it will be severely injured. And all the nations of the earth will be gathered against it. In that day," declares the LORD, "I will strike every horse with bewilderment and his rider with madness." (Zech. 12:3,4)

The Middle East in Focus

This week, for all the headlines cited below, please join us in proclaiming THIS DECREE:
"For the LORD will not forsake His people for His great name's sake, because it has pleased the LORD to make you His people." (1 Samuel 12:22)

1. Quartet meeting to attempt to restart talks likely in July - Jerusalem Post

Talks are underway to convene a Quartet meeting at the foreign ministerial level in mid July to propose a formula for peace talks that could coax Israel and the Palestinian Authority back to the negotiating table, thereby keeping the PA from taking its bid for statehood to the UN in September, Israeli officials said Tuesday.

2. Netanyahu: I want to hear Abbas say he will accept a Jewish state - Jerusalem Post

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu called on Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to recognize Israel as a Jewish state on Tuesday, saying "Just say the six words -- 'I will accept the Jewish state."

3. Israel Preparing for September West Bank Violence - NewsMax

Israel's military is making intensive preparations for an outbreak violence in the West Bank over a U.N. vote in September on recognizing a Palestinian state, Israeli military officials said Monday.

4. Egyptian curricula states Jews, Christians are infidels - Jerusalem Post

Egypt's school curriculum, laden with anti-Semitic and anti-Christian sentiment, must undergo drastic reform to comply with international standards, according to a new report to be presented this week at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

The Daily Jot

The "peace of Islam" and Iran's nuclear program

Mohamed ElBaradei spent a dozen years as head of the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency. During that time, he continuously made excuses for Iran's nuclear program, stalling actions at the UN Security Council to prevent Russia, China and North Korea from assisting Iran in building a nuclear weapon. He even won a Nobel Peace Prize for it. He insisted that Iran was not building a nuclear weapon. Today, ElBaradei is working closely with the umbrella front for terrorist organizations (and the White House Middle East peace partner), the Muslim Brotherhood, as he vies for the presidency of Egypt. Now Iran is testing missiles capable of delivering nukes to Israel and US assets in the Middle East.

The British Foreign Secretary has announced that Iran has conducted secret tests of missiles capable of delivering nuclear warheads in breach of UN resolutions. William Hague said, "Iran has also been carrying out covert ballistic missile tests and rocket launches, including testing missiles capable of delivering a nuclear payload in contravention of UN resolution 1929." This is no big revelation. It is also no big revelation that Iran is processing uranium at a rate far higher than needed for any peaceful use--unless, of course, Iran has been honest all along with its intent of the nuclear program--that it was using the nuclear program to spread the "peace of Islam" worldwide.

This is something that Western diplomats have misinterpreted for nearly a decade--the so-called "peace" of Islam. Though many who know and understand Islam can readily say it, it is amazing that diplomats and politicians have no understanding of it. The "peace of Islam" means that the world would come under submission to Islam, hence bringing the peace of Islam to the world. This is how in Islamic eschatology the Islamic Mahdi (which coincides with the Christian anti-Christ) rises to power and subdues the world. Iran's dictator Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been speaking this for years, and sees himself as an apocalyptic agent chosen to usher in the Islamic end times.

It is amazing that former President George W Bush would proclaim that Islam is a religion of peace. That the man now occupying the Oval Office would follow suit and actually partner with the terrorist supporting Muslim Brotherhood to "reform" the Middle East in the name of Islamic peace. Further, it is clear now that ElBaradei is an agent for Islamic peace, rather than true peace. The end time scenario is shaping up quickly and Christians must understand something that diplomats and politicians do not: The peace of Islam is a worldwide Caliphate as administered by Sharia law. It is the antithesis of every thing Christian. As Jeremiah 8:11 warns of those, "saying peace, peace, when there is no peace."

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson

An Historic Pro-Life Day in Ohio

Today, Ohio made history as the Ohio Legislature passed three significant pieces of pro-life legislation. Thanks to your phone calls and emails to your legislators, H.B. 78, Ohio's ban on late term abortion, sponsored by State Representatives Kristina Roegner and Joe Uecker, passed the Ohio House by a margin of 64-32. H.B. 79 , a provision to opt Ohio out of taxpayer abortion coverge under the new federal health care law, sponsored by Representatives Danny Bubp and Joe Ueker, passed by a vote of 62-35.

Ohio's Heartbeat Bill, H.B. 125, sponsored by State Rep. Lynn Wachtmann, passed the Ohio House by a margin of 54-43. This legislation goes farther than any previous pro-life legislation to date. It will restrict abortion when a baby's heartbeat can be detected. Numerous pro-life organizations throughout the state, along with pro-life legislators, worked on the passage of this legislation.

OCA President Chris Long made the following statement, "These successes are due to the efforts of pro-life Ohioans who for years have prayed, voted, and lobbied for the unborn. Their voices were heard on behalf of the unborn innocent, and that message is resonating with members of the Ohio Legislature and is evidenced by this strong pro-life legislation." (Ohio Christian Alliance)

Prayer Request:

Offer a great chorus of praise for tihs victory in Ohio, but the fight is not yet over. This bill must next go to the State Senate for passage; then to the Governor's desk.

Continue to stand with the saints in Ohio as they work to gain this historic victory for life. Amen.

" . . . he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus." (Phil. 1:6)

The Good News Corner:

10-year-old is tornado's 'miracle kid' survivor

Angels Calmed Survivor in Joplin, MO Tornado

"When Grandma told us to pray, I saw angels protecting us." -Mason Lillard

Joplin, MO)-Locals are calling 10-year-old Mason Lillard the "Miracle Kid" of the Joplin tornado.

According to a report in The Effingham Daily News (CNHI), Mason was waiting in a pick-up truck with her grandparents outside Home Depot when the twister hit. Her grandmother, Sharon Lillard, pulled her grandchildren close to her, but the truck was lifted in the air and when it crashed back on the ground an iron bar had pierced the trucks roof and impaled Mason.

"I told the kids we have to pray that someone finds us quick, and in no time, they did," said Sharon Lillard.

Dr. Raymond Vetch, the surgeon at Joplin's Freeman Hospital who removed the iron rod, was quoted as saying the rod sliced through Mason's body, entering the shoulder and extending out her side. "If it would have angled just an inch, it would have destroyed her spinal cord," he said. "The other direction, it would have gone through her liver. The injury was unfortunate, but it was fortunate, the way it tracked."

Reeves, a firefighter with the Quapaw, Okla., Fire Department, said his rescue crew found Mason pinned inside her grandparents' pickup truck at Home Depot the night of the tornado.

"She was a little trooper," said Reeves. "You knew she was scared, but she was so brave."
According to the report, Mason called the experience "kind of scary, a little bit," but said she was calmed by angels she saw near herself and her cousin.

"When Grandma told us to pray, I saw angels protecting us," she said.

"I think God has big plans for her," said Sharon Lillard.

"She's our feel-good story," said Jeff Reeves, chief of the rescue crew that pulled her from the twister's rubble on May 22.

"After seeing so much bad that night, we're glad things went well for her and her family."
[Source: Susan Redden - The Effingham Daily News] Read more, including the story of Mason's cousin, Lage, who was in the truck, too, and is now recovering from a head injury. Let's all pray with them for a full recovery from these wounds; and let's continue to pray for all who survived that night in Joplin. God's angels were surely' with them!] [Reported by: Teresa Neumann, Breaking Chrisitan News (6/29/11) ]

Worship with Us Today!

" Be Still My Soul" by Selah

Sit back . . . relax . . . enter into His presence . . . and worship Him . . .

"Be still my soul, the winds and waves still know
His voice Who ruled them while He dwelt below . . .
Oh, what peace we often forfeit,
Oh, what needless pain we bear,
all because we do not carry
everything to God in prayer . . ."

Be still my soul.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

CHPP Daily Brief - Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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Capitol Hill Prayer Partners
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The Daily Brief - Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"When your judgments come upon the earth, the people of the world learn righteousness." (Isaiah 29:9b)

The Daily Brief

1. Afghanistan's Intercontinental Hotel Under Attack by Suicide Bombers - Fox News

The popular Intercontinental hotel in Kabul has come under a suicide bombing attack Tuesday, a U.S. official told Fox News. The attack is still ongoing.

Afghanistan news agency TOLOnews is reporting at least 10 people have been killed. That number has yet to be independently confirmed.

Afghan officials say four suicide bombers and four gunmen attacked the hotel. Multiple explosions have been heard on the property.

- Father, we pray for all those in harms way. Protect the officials and guests at this hotel. We pray the plan of the enemy will cease, In the Name of Jesus! May the enemy withdraw and fall back, and be confounded, In Jesus Name.

- Contend, O Lord, with those who contend with me; fight against those who fight against me! Draw out also the spear and javelin and close up the way of those who pursue and persecute me. Let them be turned back and confounded who plan my hurt! Let them be as chaff before the wind, with the Angel of the Lord driving them on! (Psalm 35: 1-5)

2. Fear and trembling in Saudi Arabia - Jerusalem Post

Saudi Arabia's Harrat Lunayyir lava field doesn't seem the kind of place that would generate much concern from anyone. Rocky where it isn't covered by sand, the area is bereft of vegetation and human habitation. Summer temperatures can exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit. True, it is pockmarked with cones formed by eruptions, but those were formed quite a long time ago. But, correctly or not, many Saudis worry about Harrat Lunayyir. Two years ago the area was shaken by a so-called swarm of over 30,000 mini-earthquakes, which geologists say was caused by magma flows deep underground. The swarm left a five-mile long fissure and forced some 40,000 people to evacuate their homes. Read more.

- Lord, we know in Your Word there will be mighty and violent earthquakes in various places. We pray mercy upon those who will be in the midst of the great misery and anguish of that land.

- There will be mighty and violent earthquakes, and in various places famines and pestilences; and there will be sights of terror and great signs from heaven. (Luke 21:11)

3.a.) Iran reveals underground ballistic missile silos - Jerusalem Post

Iran unveiled underground ballistic missile silos for the first time on Monday in a warning to the world of its ability to protect its missiles and secretly store them in hidden locations throughout the country.

b.) Iran to hold 10-day military exercise in response to growing U.S. presence in region - Ha'aretz

Iranian state television says Tehran will hold 10 days of ground, naval and missile exercises starting this week.

- Father, let this nation be snared in the work of their own hands. Arise, O Lord, put them in fear. Make them to know their frail nature.

- The nations have sunk down in the pit that they made; in the net which they hid is their own foot caught. (Psalm 9:15)

4. Supreme Court overturns California ban on violent video game sales or rental to kids - AP

The Supreme Court says California cannot ban the rental or sale of violent video games to children. The high court agreed Monday with a federal court's decision to throw out California's ban on the sale or rental of violent video games to minors. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Sacramento said the law violated minors' rights under the First and Fourteenth amendments. The law would have prohibited the sale or rental of violent games to anyone under 18. Retailers who violated the act would have been fined up to $1,000 for each infraction. Read more.

- Father, this ruling is insanity. May God rule and overrule this bad ruling, and may He save the children.

- Deliver those who are drawn away to death, and those who totter to the slaughter, hold them back from their doom. (Proverbs 24:11)

5. New York Gay Marriage Vote Alters Political Battle Lines - Wall Street Journal

New York's decision to permit same-sex marriages sets the stage for battles in half a dozen other states and could propel gay rights as a political wedge issue in the 2012 elections. The new battle lines were already being drawn as states such as Minnesota prepared to take on the same-sex marriage issue in the near future and as the New York law put fresh pressure on President Barack Obama to articulate a clearer position on the topic. Read more.

- Father, give us men and women who are not afraid to take a stand on this issue. Men and women who are not concerned with their political reputation and the polls. Raise up these men and women even now, and fill them with skillful and godly Wisdom.

- Through skillful and godly Wisdom is a house (a life, a home, a family) built, and by understanding it is established (on a sound and good foundation). (Proverbs 24:3) -

The Middle East in Focus

This week, for all the headlines cited below, please join us in proclaiming THIS DECREE:

"For the LORD will not forsake His people for His great name's sake, because it has pleased the LORD to make you His people." (1 Samuel 12:22)

1. EU leaders call US bluff on 1967 borders in Israel - EU Observer

EU countries have called on the US to get behind an initiative to revive Middle East peace talks based on a format disliked by Israel.

2. IDF: Some flotilla activists planning to kill soldiers - Jerusalem Post

IDF sources said Monday night that new intelligence information obtained in recent days shows that participants of the flotilla planning to break Israel's sea blockade over the Gaza Strip later this week plan to kill IDF soldiers who board their ships.

3. Security cabinet approves plans to stop flotilla - Jerusalem Post

While the organizers of the Gaza-bound flotilla said in Athens Monday that the passengers are taking to sea "without weapons," government sources said Israel had information that some of the passengers had hid chemicals, such as sulfur, on the boats to be used against IDF soldiers.

4. How did Israeli helicopters almost get sold to Iran? - Jerusalem Post

A Defense Ministry probe has cleared Israeli authorities of any wrongdoing in the alleged attempted sale of helicopters -- formerly used by the Israel Air Force -- by Spanish businessmen to Iran.

5. Cave Researchers Explore Stream-Filled Cavern at Entrance to Jerusalem - Science Daily

Hebrew University of Jerusalem researchers have conducted an initial survey of what appears to be an important, ancient water source in a cave that was been discovered during excavation work for a new train station being constructed at the entrance to Jerusalem.

The Daily Jot

What to do, what to do?

We had a saying on the farm that went something like this: "The cattle are already out of the barn." It meant that whatever you were trying to do was either in vain or would take a lot longer than you think, if you were even able to accomplish it. This is how many would describe our nation right now. That the demons of humanism and their resulting damage are so numerous that there is no way to reestablish Godly order. In other words, you won't be able to get the cattle back in the barn. Many are turning to declarations, covenants, anything they can to stir the hearts of Christians and countrymen to get things back on track. While perhaps well intended, do not be deceived into thinking they will do much good.

I would venture to assert that at the time of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the disciples thought the world was against them. The Romans had taken the Messiah and killed him. There was danger in the air for anyone who was associated with Jesus. His followers were huddled together in a little room in Jerusalem wondering what would happen next. They ate together, they stayed together, they prayed together. Acts 2:1 says, "And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place." And the Holy Spirit came upon them resulting in the speaking of many languages and the communication of the gospel to those in Jerusalem. Thousands came to the Lord.

You see, it is not about anything but Christ. Satan may dress up this doctrine or that to bring you into deception and distract you from the purpose God has intended for you. But in the end, you cannot go wrong by going with the Holy Scriptures. There are so many distractions from doing good to doing nothing. There are declarations, covenants, proclamations, organizations, movements, and so on. But there is nothing like the Holy Scriptures. 2 Timothy 3:16 says, "All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness." The bottom line: if it is not backed up by the Holy Scripture in its context, it is not of God.

This said "that we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive. (Ephesians 4:14)" Proverbs 28:21 says, "To have respect of persons is not good: for for a piece of bread that man will transgress." Point here is do not put your hope in men and their doctrines, but by all things measure against the plumb line of God--the Holy Scriptures. Also, do not be emotional. Proverbs 28:26 says, "He that trusts in his own heart is a fool: but whoso walks wisely, he shall be delivered." The path--the way, the truth and the life--is Jesus Christ. Your depth of relationship with Him will give you strength and direction.

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson

The Good News Corner:

MAS' Activist Wing Closes Shop

The Muslim American Society (MAS) announced the closure of its activist wing, the MAS Freedom Foundation ("MAS Freedom"), in a press release issued Friday due to a lack of funding.

Headquartered in Alexandria, Va., MAS was founded as the United States chapter of the Muslim Brotherhood, a global Sunni revivalist movement that seeks to establish an Islamic caliphate governed by Sharia or Islamic law.

The MAS website describes MAS Freedom as its "national grassroots advocacy arm" that seeks to "build an American Muslim community that is politically empowered, civically engaged, fully protected in the areas of civil and human rights, and able to contribute to the advancement of society, both in the United States and the world."

. . . In November 2008, a federal jury found the Islamist charity and several of its leaders guilty of funneling millions of dollars to Hamas.

The organization also has experienced a leadership vacuum since MAS Freedom's executive leader Mahdi Bray suffered a stroke late last year. Read more.
[Source: The Investigative Project]

Worship with Us Today!

"Crimson" by Nicole Nordeman

"One choice, one tree, one fall for humanity . . ."

"One price, one tree, one drop of crimson covers me."

Monday, June 27, 2011

CHPP Daily Brief - June 27, 2011

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The Daily Brief - Monday, June 27, 2011

"When your judgments come upon the earth, the people of the world learn righteousness." (Isaiah 29:9b)

The Daily Brief

1. New York governor signs law approving gay marriage - Jerusalem Post

Governor Andrew Cuomo made same-sex marriages legal in New York on Friday, a key victory for gay rights ahead of the 2012 presidential and congressional elections. New York will become the sixth and most populous US state to allow gay marriage. State senators voted 33-29 on Friday evening to approve marriage equality legislation and Cuomo, a Democrat who had introduced the measure, signed it into law.

NY Legislature legalizes gay marriage - AP

New York lawmakers narrowly voted to legalize same-sex marriage Friday, handing activists a breakthrough victory in the state where the gay rights movement was born. New York will become the sixth state where gay couples can wed and the biggest by far. "We are leaders and we join other proud states that recognize our families and the battle will now go on in other states," said Sen. Thomas Duane, a Democrat.

- God, signing this measure into law has opened the door inviting the spiritually blind to walk in degradation, accepting a reduction in rank, dignity, standing, losing their honor of a sound reputation, accepting humiliation, and moral and intellectual decay which eventually leads a soul to eternal damnation unless they repent. This is a breakthrough victory for activists who are advocates of satan. Who were the doorkeepers who opened this door and made it a law? These are the ones who like Pilate in the Bible have blood on their hands and they likewise must repent of this sin before Almighty God. Father, break and bind this evil under the blood of Jesus. Loose the power of holy love over each of them who will turn back to God and denounce this lifestyle. In Jesus Name.
- "Take heed that no man deceive you." (Matthew 24:4)

"God be merciful to me a sinner." (Luke 18:13)
"For Jesus, the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost." (Luke 19:10)

2. After New York Vote, Bachmann Suggests Constitutional Amendment Against Gay Marriage - Fox News

Fresh off a formidable showing in an Iowa preference poll of 2012 Republican presidential candidates, Rep. Michele Bachmann on Sunday said that as president she would offer a federal constitutional amendment to list marriage as solely between a man and a woman. However, the Minnesota congresswoman said it's also up to the states to decide whether they permit same-sex marriage. Read more.

- Offer praise that the issue of same-sex "marriage" is now becoming a talking point among the candidates. Let the people choose: will we live and rule according to biblical standards, or will we continue to move adrift in the sea of humanistic thought? The Lord is watching . . .

- "When your judgments come upon the earth, the people of the world learn righteousness." (Isaiah 26:9b)

3. House rebukes Obama but won't halt funds for Libya - AP

Challenging presidential power, a defiant U.S. House voted overwhelmingly Friday to deny Obama the authority to wage war against Libya. But Republicans fell short in an effort to actually cut off funds for the operation in a constitutional showdown reflecting both political differences and unease over American involvement.

- This is an example of "one step forward . . . two steps back." With this action, Congress has waived its authority to enforce the War Powers Act, allowing this president free reign to do as he pleases with our troops overseas. This action is setting a very dangerous precedent. Ask our Lord to forgive our elected officials in the House of Representatives. May He move upon their hearts to fully enforce the law by withholding funds for this illegal operation in Libya. Pray!

- "Simply let your 'Yes' be 'Yes,' and your 'No,' 'No'; anything beyond this comes from the evil one." (Matthew 5:37)

4. Tax Dispute Stalls Debt Talks - Wall Street Journal; AP

The drive for a major deficit-reduction deal entered a new phase Thursday when Republican negotiators pulled out of bipartisan talks, leaving it to Obama and House Speaker John Boehner to resolve the toughest issues. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R., Va.) said he was backing out of the talks for now because the group had reached an impasse over the question of whether tax increases should be included in the deal.

On Friday, struggling to break a perilous deadlock, Obama took direct control of national debt-limit negotiations with both Republicans and Democrats. With the White House warning the nation's economic stability is at stake, it's one of the most severe tests yet for Obama.

Read more from the Wall Street Journal.

Read more from the Associated Press.

- Although the president may think he can solve this impasse, the truth is that only our Heavenly Father is the One who can sort out this mess. The time for the blame game has now come and gone; and the time for bold solutions to our debt problem is at hand.

Repent for our lifestyles of greed and overspending, which has led to this crisis, and ask God to forgive the elected officials who have taken advantage of the public trust to fund frivolous earmarks. Thank God, under Whom this nation was founded, that He does graciously and generously bestow His wisdom upon all who ask. May those who lead find the grace and humility to bow before the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, asking that this wisdom be granted unto us. In His Name, amen.

- "If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you." (James 1:5)

5. Chinese company eyes Boise - Idaho Statesman

As economic power shifts to Asia, Idaho's location makes it a prime site for an industrial foothold. A Chinese national company is interested in developing a 10,000- to 30,000-acre technology zone for industry, retail centers and homes south of the Boise Airport. China National Machinery Industry Corporation (Sinomach for short) plans to construct a "technology zone" south of Boise Airport which would ultimately be up to 50 square miles in size. The company has also sent delegations to Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania this year to talk about setting up research and development bases and industrial parks. Read more.

- Pray that the public be made aware of this new maneuver by China to acquire land on our soil. Ask that hearings be held in Congress, to verify the legality of this action and to set legal boundaries where needed. A nation's sovereignty is sacred. Let not any foreign state violate our own honor. Amen.

- "For the eyes of the LORD are on the righteous, And His ears are open to their prayers . . . " (1 Peter 3:12)

6. US recruiting station in the sights of Muslim converts - Arab Herald

Two men have been arrested in the US over a plot to attack a US military recruiting station. The men were charged in the city of Seattle over attempting to murder US employees, conspiracy to use grenades and other offenses. They were found with machine guns and grenades. Abu Khalid Abdul-Latif, 33, of Seattle, and Walli Mujahidh, 32, of Los Angeles, were arrested on Wednesday evening. The men were arrested by police who had been tipped off by a third man who the others had allegedly attempted to involve. Read more

- God, we praise You for sending this third man who tipped off the feds and we thank You God for giving him the strength to walk away and not become involved in this mission of death. Bless him, Lord. And we ask that more come forth to avert disaster so that innocent lives will not be killed. God, we ask that an all-out effort be set in place to prevent any further attacks on these recruiting stations in the United States. Drive out the enemy wherever he may be. Cleanse our land of corruption and evil. In Jesus Name.

- "Neither shall they defile themselves anymore with their idols, nor with their detestable things, nor with any of their transgressions: but I will save them out of all their dwelling places, wherein they have sinned, and will cleanse them: so shall they be my people, and I will be their God." (Ezekiel 38:23)

7. ALERT: 'The United States of Islam' - Memri

Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman Calls on Arab Youth to Launch a Revolution in the West & Establish a Global Islamic State

"The Muslim Brotherhood is organized in 80 countries, and they and the Islamists have a right to establish a global movement, much like global socialism or Zionism . . ." "Why Shouldn't We Have A Country Called 'The United States Of Islam' . . . I Propose That the Arab Peoples . . . Take To the Streets With the Slogan 'The Arab People Wants To Remove the Borders [Between Its Countries]' Read more.

- God, may the Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamists, with all their plans, be brought under the mighty hand of the Lord God of heaven, Creator of the world, the stars, the moon, the sun, and all the universe. You are God and beside You is none other. We lift up to You all this massive craziness and the designs of satan. Father, destroy this evil off the land. Speak to the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamists to GO down in absolute and total defeat where it is impossible for them to rise again. God, reach out to anyone who would turn their heart to You and save their soulsl by believing in Jesus as their personal Savior and Lord. In Jesus Name.

- "The strong among the mighty shall speak to him out of the midst of hell with them that help him: they are gone down, they lie uncircumcised, slain by the sword. Say unto them, As I live, says the Lord God, I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked: but that the wicked turn from his way and live: turn you, turn you, from your evil ways: for why will you die?" (Ezekiel 32:21, 33:11)

The Middle East in Focus

1. Hezbollah may transfer weapons cache if Assad falls - Jerusalem Post

A report in Le Figaro published Friday shed more light on a reported stash of Lebanese weapons destined for Hezbollah and hidden in Syria. In May, The Jerusalem Post reported that concern is growing among Western intelligence agencies that Hezbollah might try to transfer the advanced weaponry it reportedly maintains on Syrian soil if it feels that President Bashar Assad's reign is on the verge of ending. Read more.

- We know that weapons of mass destruction were moved into Syria from Iraq and Iran. Assad is a pathetic man who lusts for power in Syria, trying to convince America that he and his regime are friends to America but meanwhile taking all the money and weapons he can from radical Islamists. Pray that the Lord will raise up Syrians who know where the weapons are hidden Pray that intelligence from the West and Israel will be alert to the exposures of these weapons and that the weapons are destroyed before Hezbollah can retrieve them.

- "And they [Israel] shall dwell safely there, build houses, and plant vineyards, yes, they will dwell securely. when I execute judgments on all those around them who despise them. Then shall they know that I am the Lord their God." (Ezekiel 28: 26)

2. Report: NY Times, CNN, & CBS to Ride Along With Anti-Israel Gaza Flotilla
- The Blaze

A correspondent for the liberal magazine The Nation is reporting that CNN and CBS have sent camera crews to join the new Gaza flotilla preparing to set sail from Greece in order to break an Israeli navy blockade. He also says he's heard the New York Times has sent a reporter. . . While it's hard to blame reporters for seeking out a colorful story, they should realize by joining the activists on the boat they are actually making themselves a part of the story.

- No wonder Greece is having economic problems and great unrest in the streets of Athens! Greece has forgotten the Lord. Pray that all these plans for the flotilla will fall apart, that the money for sending the ship to Israel will dry up and any maritime journey,will encounter heavy seas, and that no American newspaper or any form of our media will be able to join the flotilla.

- " For the Lord your God is He who goes with you, to fight for you against your enemies , to save you." (Deuteronomy 20: 4)

3. Israel warns foreign journalists: Joining Gaza flotilla is illegal - Haaretz

Israel's Government Press Office issued a letter Sunday to foreign journalists, warning them that participating in the upcoming flotilla sailing to Gaza is illegal under Israeli law, and could result in anyone who joins the convoy being barred from Israel for up to 10 years. The letter, signed by GPO director Oren Helman, states that the flotilla "is a dangerous provocation that is being organized by western and Islamic extremist elements to aid Hamas." Read more.

4. Erdogan to garner support for Palestinian state - Ynet News

Turkish PM meets Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas, vows to help Palestinians achieve recognition and form their own state. Erdogan also said Turkey was prepared to contribute toward Palestinian efforts to form a unity gov't. "We don't want brothers to shed each other's blood," he noted. Abbas thanked the Turkish gov't and reaffirmed his commitment to Palestinian unity, saying, "there will be no turning back from the road to reconciliation."

- This meeting will be a black day for Turkey, for until Erdogan won the election as head, Turkey was a friend to Israel, allowing Israeli space to park the IDF's planes. Erdogan is a radical Islamist and a liar, for Islamists shed their 'brothers' blood' every day. As for Abbas' statement of 'no turning back' the Lord will turn back the enemies of Israel. Pray that this meeting never takes place and that no agreement between Turkey and the Palestinians can be reached nor confirmed.

- (to Israel) "To deliver you from the way of evil, from the man who speaks perverse things. From those who leave the path of uprightness to walk in the ways of darkness." (Proverbs 2: 12, 13)

5. U.S. Jews Not Able To Fly On Delta Flights To Saudi Arabia - Huffington Post

Jews and Israelis, or passengers carrying any non-Islamic article of faith, will not be able to fly code-share flights from the U.S. to Saudi Arabia under Delta Air Line's new partnership with Saudi Arabian Airlines that is set to begin in 2012. Read more.

- This despicable statement from Saudi Arabia is completely antithetical to Christian beliefs and to American values and to God's Word. Delta must cease its partnership with Saudi Arabia. Please contact your local Delta Airlines agent and let them know just how wrong you feel this agreement to be. Pray that God will settle this wrongdoing soon and will thwart this scheme of Islam and of Delta's arrangement with the country.

- "The Lord is high above all nations and His glory above the heavens." (Psalm 113: 4)

Flood Watch!

For all the news listed below, we offer this prayer:

- Lord, we come before you asking for your mercy in this flooding situation. We ask you to protect your own, and to also protect the two nuclear power plants in Nebraska from being flooded. You have promised in your word that when we pass through the flood you will be with us, and we will not drown. We pray for your people to not only survive, but are able to help rescue others. Lord, may we be like an ark of safety, ministering your love to those in need.

- "Therefore let all the faithful pray to you while you may be found; surely the rising of the mighty waters will not reach them. You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance." (Psalm 32:6,7)

1. Souris River Overcomes Levees, Floods Minot Homes - Christian Post

The epic Minot, North Dakota flood is in full-destructive force Friday, already flooding some 2,500 homes before the day ends. Another 1,500 homes, or a total of about 4,000 homes, are projected to be flooded by the end of Friday. About 11,000 people, or a quarter of Minot's population, have been evacuated.

2. Thousands evacuated after flooding in North Dakota - Telegraph UK

The National Weather Service predicted the river's crest later in the weekend would be two feet lower than earlier projected - welcome news in the battered community. The city's sewer system, which had been a concern, is still functioning as are the city's electric and water supplies.

3. Minot Under "BOIL Water" Orders - CHPP

Restaurants in Minot are now using paper plates and plastic utensils to avoid water usage. Coffee is no longer being served; just bottled water and juice. Meanwhile, the local news is reporting that, in the midst of this huge evacuation, no one was killed or even injured. And, the good citizens of Minot -- named by Departures Magazine to be the best place to raise a family in 2010 -- have turned to help each other in this desperate crisis.

For continued live coverage of this historic flood in Minot and the surrounding communities of the Souris Valley, go here.

4. Gavins Point Dam about to explode - Hebrew Nation News

This YouTube reporter reported on 6/25/11 that the face of the Gavins Point dam in South Dakota is cracking. it appears that officials are going to blow part of it to relieve the pressure as charges have been set this past week. Right now, the dam is taking on more water than it can safely release.

Please keep the people in the Missouri river watershed basin in your prayers!If you know people who live in this region of the country, please PASS THIS ON!

5. Flood Berm Collapses at Nebraska Nuclear Plant - Fox News

A berm holding the flooded Missouri River back from a Nebraska nuclear power station collapsed early Sunday, but federal regulators said they were monitoring the situation and there was no danger.

The Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station shut down in early April for refueling, and there is no water inside the plant, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission said. Also, the river is not expected to rise higher than the level the plant was designed to handle. Read more.

Major Vote Today in Tennessee

New Evidence Ties Murfreesboro Mosque to Islamic Radicals

Plaintiffs in Middle Tennessee Muslim Brotherhood training center case ask court to revise order

Plaintiffs are asking the court to amend or revise its order to allow plaintiffs, which include a gold star family, a messianic jewish lady, an African American leader, and 14 next door neighbors of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro(""ICM"), to assert that approval of the Muslim Brotherhood training center is "spot zoning" of their residential zoning in violation of constitutional due process. In an earlier order, the Chancellor denied their "standing" to make the claim.

Also submitted is newly discovered evidence by internet expert Tim Cummings that two individuals listed as recommended reading by the Murfreesboro Imam - Yusuf Qaradawi and Dr. Jamal Badawi - are unindicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation criminal trial. That means the federal government has evidence that both of these individuals were providing "material support" - $12 million to Hamas in violation of federal criminal law. The ICM website listed Yusuf Qaradawi at the top of its "reading list," and posted a pamphlet by Dr. Jamal Badawi on " The Status of Women in Islam."

Plaintiffs are also moving to allow Gary Kreep admission as counsel with the U.S. Justice Foundation("USJF") of Los Angeles, California to assist the representation of Plaintiffs.

Please pray that Chancellor Corlew will grant the plaintiffs' motion and allow the constitutional claims to proceed and allow the USJF to intervene on our behalf.

Tom Smith
Attorney at Law
Franklin TN.

Please join us in prayer . . . especially tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. Central time.

" . . . if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven." (Matthew 18:19)

The Good News Corner

Miracle Recovery after Near Drowning

(Oregon, USA)-When Kari and Travis Blake of Raymond, Washington, took their children for a weekend vacation with friends on a beach in Coos Bay, Oregon, back in April, they had no idea it would become a nightmare that would leave their 7-year-old daughter's life hanging in the balance.

It also set up an incredible miracle that has left doctors astonished.

According to the Oregonian article written by Lori Tobias, the Blakes were keeping an eye on daughter Kya as she played on a huge log with a couple other girls. The enormous driftwood seemed immovable as small waves trickled in underneath it to the delight of Kya and her friends.
But, as Tobias points out in her report, it doesn't take much to move something that big with water-just about 4 inches can float a 5-ton log.

Kari Blake describes the horror that unfolded next . . .

"A big wave came in. We could see it coming and we all ran to them. It happened so fast. The water came in at about 2 1/2 feet high. Literally, there was one wave 1 to 2 inches and then, 2 1/2 feet."

The sneaker wave floated the log and rolled it pinning Kya underneath, face down.
"We couldn't budge it," Kari recalled. "The log was so big we couldn't see her face. We could see about half of her hand on one side and on the other we could see from the knees out. It was horrifying."

Others came to help and after digging desperately the adults were able to pull the little girl out from under the log.

She wasn't breathing.

Friends began CPR on Kya and finally, about 10 agonizing minutes after digging her out, Kya took a breath.

She was taken to the local hospital and then transferred via plane to Portland's Doernbecher Children's Hospital.

"Her brain was swelling, her lungs thick with sand. Her left femur was broken, an eardrum ruptured and there was a fracture at the base of her head where the log had settled," writes Tobias in her report.

Kya was said to have "almost died a couple times that first night," after which, she remained in a coma.

Doctors spoke to the Blakes about whether or not they would want their little girl to live the rest of her life without brain activity and on a feeding tube, and to consider alternatives, but Kya's parents were adamant.

"'We're going to keep staying positive. She's still here,'" they told the doctor.

It was on day 10 that hope arrived. After the doctor left the Blakes in the room with their daughter, a nurse hung back and told them that earlier, Kya had woken up and looked at her. She told them she had then asked Kya if she could hear her and she had responded by nodding her head.
Now, about 2 months after that horrible day, Kya is beginning to walk again, and aside from her lack of memory about the accident, her mother says she is the same little, giggling girl.

"She's completely there," say the Blakes.

Read this amazing story in its entirety at the source link provided.
[Reported by: Breaking Christian News]

Worship with Us Today!

"Unclouded Day" by Willie Nelson, Toby Keith, and Bebe Winans

"Oh, they tell me of the King and His beauty there, they tell me that my eyes shall behold where He sits on a throne that is whiter than snow in a city that is made of gold . . . "

"Oh, they tell me of a home where no storm clouds rise, Oh, they tell me of an unclouded day."

Friday, June 24, 2011

CHPP Daily Brief - June 24, 2011

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Capitol Hill Prayer Partners
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The Daily Brief - Friday, June 24, 2011

"Those who were rebuilding the wall and those who carried burdens took their load with one hand doing the work and the other holding a weapon." (Neh. 4:17)

The Daily Brief

1. Solar Flares Could Cripple Earth's Tech Infrastructure in 2013 - PC World

This week's solar flare will likely go unnoticed by most people on Earth, but NASA says that might not be the case two years from now, when a peak in solar activity could cause trillions of dollars in damage to our high-tech infrastructure.

- Father, we ask that you would use this occasion to attract people's attention to you, and your Word; and that they would seek you and come to know you personally. May the Heavens truly declare your existence and your glory! May your creation testify to its Creator, and One who is the Master Designer and Lover of us all! Amen!

- "I will show wonders in the heavens above and signs on the earth below,blood and fire and billows of smoke. The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and glorious day of the Lord. And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved." (Acts 2:19-21)

2. Multiple Ocean Stresses Threaten 'Globally Significant' Marine Extinction, Experts Warn - Science Daily

An international panel of marine experts warns in a new report that the world's ocean is at high risk of entering a phase of extinction of marine species unprecedented in human history.

- Lord, it seems that nature continues to show signs of aging and decay, as we race toward your return and redemption. Again, we know you are the God of Creation, and it responds to your voice. We pray for your mercy on our seas, and the life within them. We ask you to speak through these situations to draw people to you, their Redeemer. May they see that you are the Source of all life, and we ask for your mercy upon your creation. Amen

- "We know that the whole creation has been groaning and travailing as in the pains of childbirth right up to the present time. (Romans 8:22)

3. US to Lose Second Place in World Trade to India: Citi - CNBC

In less than 40 years India will overtake the US as the world's second-largest trading nation, pushing today's superpower into third place and Europe in to the little leagues, according to a new report by Citi.

- Father, we thank you for allowing India to prosper to the point where they are able to trade with other nations. We ask for wisdom for our economic leaders to know how to proceed in our ability to pool our resources to effectively and efficiently take care of our own needs, and yet share/trade with other nations, and thereby be a blessing in the earth. Amen

- "If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask of God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you." (James 1:5)

4. Congressional Budget Office warns of debt explosion - Washington Post

The national debt will exceed the size of the entire U.S. economy by 2021 -- and balloon to nearly 200 percent of GDP within 25 years -- without dramatic cuts to federal health and retirement programs or steep tax increases, congressional budget analysts said Wednesday.

- Lord, we come to you as our Provider. We thank you that you have promised to meet all our needs, if we follow you and your Word. We repent for our disobedience in the area of finances. Where you have told us not to owe anyone anything, except to love them. We, as a nation, have been consumed with entertainment and "things", and have borrowed against the future. Forgive us Lord, and help us to turn this around with your help, as we reassess our priorities.

- "Keep out of debt and owe no man anything, except to love one another; for he who loves his neighbor has fulfilled the Law." (Romans 8:13)

5. Study: $1400 Tax Hike Needed to Fund US Pensions - CNBC

U.S. state and local governments will need to raise taxes by $1,398 per household every year for the next 30 years if they are to fully fund their pension systems, a study released on Wednesday said.

- Lord, again we come to you asking for your wisdom in this situation. Help our federal, state, and local government bodies to throw themselves on your mercy and ask for your wisdom. Please show them where they can cut wasteful spending, and prioritize in wise ways to avoid raising taxes, or cut back vital programs. May they be humble before you and repent for their foolishness in spending.

- "Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord, our God." (Psalm 20:7)

6. Sirens Blare as Flooding Hits North Dakota - ABC News

Sirens are blaring at this moment in Minot, N.D., as the overflowing Souris River floods over the top of local levees five hours before the evacuation deadline for 11,000 residents. Farther south, the overflowing Missouri River has put two nuclear power plants at risk, necessitated evacuations and produced a travel nightmare as interstate highways shut down.

- Lord, we come before you asking for your mercy in this flooding situation. We ask you to protect your own, and to protect the two nuclear power plants from being flooded. You have promised in your word that when we pass through the flood you will be with us, and we will not drown. We pray for your people to not only survive, but are able to help rescue others. Lord, may we be like an ark of safety, ministering your love to those in need.

- "Therefore let all the faithful pray to you while you may be found; surely the rising of the mighty waters will not reach them. You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance." (Psalm 32:6,7)

The Middle East in Focus

This week, for all the headlines cited below, please join us in proclaiming THIS DECREE:

"Not unto us, O LORD, not unto us, but unto Your name give glory, for Your mercy, and for Your truth's sake. Why should the nations say, Where is their God? But our God is in the heavens. He has done whatever He has pleased." (Psalm 115:1-3)

1. Israel served as 'main course' at EU dinner, official says - Jerusalem Post

Quartet envoys are expected to meet in Brussels at the end of the week amid increasing concern in Jerusalem that the EU hopes to avert a Palestinian statehood bid at the UN in September by, as one senior Israeli official said on Wednesday, "giving something" significant to the Palestinians.

2. Netanyahu: Abbas must say he accepts 'the Jewish state' - Jerusalem Post

On the eve of a meeting of Quartet envoys in Brussels to review ways to restart the Israeli-Palestinian diplomatic process, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Thursday night that the end to the conflict will begin with the Palestinian leaders uttering six simple words: "I will accept the Jewish state."

3. Hamas, Fatah deflect blame for failed Palestinian unity - Jerusalem Post

Hamas on Thursday accused Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas of backtracking on the Egyptian-sponsored reconciliation agreement between the two sides.

The Daily Jot

Clinton to the people's chamber: Whose side are you on?

Congress is laying the groundwork for a vote on whether it will fund the White House's war in Libya. There are members of Congress in both political parties against the Libyan hostilities. On June 22, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was in Jamaica for a conference where she was asked a question about America's involvement in Libya. Her reply was astonishing because it clearly revealed the mentality of this Administration. She asked Congress whose side it was on?--the side of dictator and terrorist Moammar Qadhafi or the Libyan people. And she firmly implied that the White House stood for the LIbyan people. This is what she said:

"I say with all respect that the Congress is certainly free to raise any questions or objections, and I'm sure I will hear that tomorrow when I testify. But the bottom line is, whose side are you on? Are you on Qadhafi's side or are you on the side of the aspirations of the Libyan people and the international coalition that has been created to support them? For the Obama Administration, the answer to that question is very easy." The Libyan people, according to the White House and Mrs. Clinton are represented by the Muslim Brotherhood, al Qaeda, and former leaders of the Libya Islamic Fighting Group, which was designated in 2008 by her own State Department as "the most serious threat to US interests and personnel in Libya."

When the Founding Fathers established the three branches of the federal government, they wanted the US House of Representatives to be the "People's House." They therefore vested certain enumerated powers in the House, including the responsibility to declare war and to appropriate funds for war. These representatives were elected every two years to keep them close to the people. When the Secretary of State asks Congress, "Whose side are you on?" the proper answer would be that of the American people, not the Libyan people. The Libyan people never elected the Congress or this Administration. Clinton's taunting of Congress should be quite revealing to the discerning American.

Actually, the American people should be asking the question as to who's side this Administration is on. Clinton's top aide has family ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood is now this Administration's Middle East "peace partner." It is an amazing thing when our government is partnering with the very organization that has public plans to overthrow it. Notwithstanding, the Muslim Brotherhood's core principle of establishing Sharia Law is the antithesis of everything American and Christian. I believe I see whose side the White House is supporting. I am with Joshua who said in Joshua 24:15, "as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." So should be the response of the People's House.

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson

The Good News Corner

Divorce Loses its Appeal

Divorce is no longer "cool."

That's the message of a New York Times article published today, "How Divorce Lost Its Groove."
"The shift in attitudes and behavior is very real," Andrew Cherlin, a sociology professor at Johns Hopkins University, told The Times. "Among upper-middle-class Americans, the divorce rate is going down, and they're becoming more conservative toward divorce."

Cherlin said it's part of a generational shift -- today's parents have reflected on their parents' divorces and said, "Not me."

Writer Claire Dederer agreed.

In the 1970s, "the feminists, the hippies, the protesters, the cultural elite all said, It's OK to drop out," she writes. In contrast, "We made up our minds, my brother and I and so many of the grown children of the runaway moms, that we would put our families first and ourselves second. . . We would stay married, no matter what."

The Times cites the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia, which has found that just 11 percent of college-educated Americans divorce within the first 10 years of marriage, compared with almost 37 percent for the rest of the population.

"There has been a striking shift in both beliefs and behavior toward marriage among educated and affluent Americans," W. Bradford Wilcox, an associate professor of sociology at the University of Virginia and director of the National Marriage Project, told The Times. "There's a tacit or explicit recognition among well-educated parents that their kids are less likely to thrive if Mom and Dad can't be together." (CitizenLink)

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