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CHPP Daily Brief - April 30, 2010

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The Daily Brief - Friday, April 30, 2010

"All the days ordained for me were written in your book
before one of them came to be." (Psalm 119:16)

Announcing our Publishing Schedule for Next Week:

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Our regular publishing schedule will resume on Monday, May 10th.

Today's Daily Brief

1. Fla. Senate Passes Abortion Ultrasound Bill - NewsMax

The Florida Senate voted up an amendment requiring women who are seeking abortions to pay for ultrasound exams, according to a report in the Orlando Sentinel.

• Pray that hearts are open to the heartbeat of the children in the womb. The gift of life is not ever to be ignored for the cry of innocence will prevail in our Father's heart.

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you. " Before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations." (Jeremiah 1: 5)

2. Arizona immigrant law energizes Hispanics, Democrats - Reuters

U.S. Hispanics and Democratic lawmakers furious over Arizona's harsh crackdown on illegal immigrants expect huge weekend rallies across the United States, piling pressure on President Barack Obama to overhaul immigration laws in this election year.

• Pray that the truth go forth concerning our borders and that the land be open for law and order.

Oh how I love your law! It is my meditation all the day. You through Your commandments, make me wiser than my enemies: for they are ever with me. ( Psalm 119: 97,98)

3. Ahmadinejad to Attend Nuclear Disarmament Conference May 3 in NY - The Israel Project

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is expected to speak at the UN's Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference on Monday (May 3) in New York, according to Iranian and U.S. officials. The announcement comes as the United States continues its push for a fourth round of sanctions at the UN Security Council to stop Iran's nuclear program.

Ahmadinejad applied for a visa to attend the conference, which the State Department said it will likely grant. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will also address the conference, but a State Department spokesman said Clinton does not plan to meet with Ahmadinejad or Iran's foreign minister, who is also expected to attend.

The NPT Review Conference, held every five years since the treaty's enactment in 1970, is intended to safeguard nuclear weapons and encourage disarmament. Said U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice, "Iran is obviously, in any case, in the backdrop when in consideration of the NPT is occurring because it remains in violation of its international obligations."

• Pray and agree over this situation declaring the following scripture. This scripture says it all.

Let the lying lips be put to silence; which speak grievous things proudly and contemptuously against the righteous. (Psalm 31:18)

4. Greece's Debt Crisis: The End of the Euro? - CBN News

The future of the euro currency may be in danger. One of Europe's top officials said the Greek debt crisis is "spreading like ebola." Without a massive bailout, Greece will default on its debt and other countries could be next.•

• Lord, as man looks to money; we look to you. We trust in you for all things and you will supply all of our needs. Let us not forget that all these signs are just the beginning.

• The nations have sunk down in the pit which they made, In the net which they hid, their own foot is caught,

The Lord is known by the judgment He executes; The wicked is snared in the works of his own hands. (Psalm 9: 15,16)

5. Iran, Egypt ready for battle at U.N. nuclear meeting - Reuters

Iran and Egypt are gearing up for battle against the United States and its allies over Israel and developing countries' rights to atomic technology at a major meeting on the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

• Father, we thank you for the privilege to stand guard against the enemy for all those that try to persecute your people. We pray that deliverance come upon those that continue to come against righteousness. We declare loving kindness break through the barriers of hatred to bring forth love.

Vindicate me, O God, And plead my cause against the ungodly nation: Oh, deliver me from the deceitful and unjust man! ( Psalm 43:1)

The Middle East in Focus

This week, for all the headlines cited below, please join us in proclaiming THIS DECREE:

" . . . I will plant them upon their land, and they shall no more be pulled up out of their land which I have given them, says LORD your God." (Amos 9:15)

1. Israel official: Accepting Palestinians into Israel better than two states - Ha'aretz

Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin said Thursday that he would rather accept Palestinians as Israeli citizens than divide Israel and the West Bank in a future two-state peace solution.

2. Jerusalem fears UN may recognize PA state - Jerusalem Post

While Israel and the Palestinian Authority are finally expected to begin US-mediated indirect "proximity" talks in the very near future, concern is growing among some in the Israeli government that the PA is planning to marginalize the diplomatic process and instead unilaterally seek UN recognition for a Palestinian state along the pre-1967 lines.

3. Egyptian envoy: Peace with PA possible within year - Ynet News

Egypt's Ambassador to Israel Yasser Rida expressed his optimism Wednesday regarding the prospects of signing a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians.

4. Report: Obama promised Abbas a Palestinian state within two years - Ha'aretz

Hussein Obama told Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas that he was committed to seeing the creation of a sovereign Palestinian state within two years, an Egyptian official told the Arabic-language daily Al-Hayat on Thursday.

CAIR v. NDP: Round Two

CAIR Challenges NDP Cannon Observance

Demands that the Task Force Rescind Franklin Graham's Invitation as a Speaker

After successfully banning Rev. Franklin Graham from a prayer event at the Pentagon, Muslim activists are trying to bully him out of a second March 6 appearance. Next stop? The U.S. Capitol, where Congressmen are putting the finishing touches on their National Day of Prayer event in the Cannon House Office Building. It, too, features Rev. Graham--and despite outcry from the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), Rep. Robert Aderholt (R-Ala.) says it will stay that way.

Through an office spokesman, the Congressman from Alabama said he refused to bow to pressure and rescind Graham's invitation.

One of the many leaders to condemn the District Court ruling that struck down the National Day of Prayer, Rep. Aderholt has sponsored two House resolutions in the last week--one condemning the Judge Barbara Crabb's decision and the other supporting the "constitutionality and historical importance" of the National Day of Prayer. Ben Franklin was such a staunch believer in prayer that he called--not for one day of it--but 365! "I therefore beg leave to move that henceforth prayers imploring the assistance of Heaven, and its blessings on our deliberations be held in this Assembly every morning before we proceed to business." Citing the long tradition of corporate prayer, Rep. Aderholt said no one should "meddle with" its significance.

Meanwhile, the group trying to do just that released this statement: "A congressional prayer observance should reflect the best of our nation's ideals. Speakers such as Franklin Graham reflect a message of religious intolerance, rather than the... American message of differing faiths united in shared support of our nation's founding principles." Of course, there's no mention of the fact that those "founding principles" happen to be Christian ones. Fortunately, there are men and women on Capitol Hill who are doing all they can to counter this attack--not on religion--but Christianity. Let Congressman Aderholt know you appreciate him and that you are praying for him. (Family Research Council)

To read CAIR's press release, go here.


Stand in agreement with this promise from the Word of God for this year's National Day of Prayer Observance in the Cannon House Office Building:

"For the eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him." (2 Chronicles 16:9)

The Daily Jot

White House usurps Congressional authority using executive order to establish Soviet-style deficit panel

After overseeing the biggest deficit busting spending spree in American history, the top budget advisor for the White House lectured the first meeting of the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform on--fiscal responsibility. Reuters reports that White House budget advisor Peter Orszag told the 18 member commission that out of control deficits could also "require increased borrowing abroad which will mortgage our future income to foreign creditors." He said the government must change its policies to deal with the record national debt. This is like a kid breaking a window with a baseball and lamenting to his parents by saying, "Someone threw a baseball through the window."

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke told the group that the tax code should be reformed. He said that the nation needs a credible plan for "reducing deficits to sustainable levels over time." This is all bureaucratese for tax increases to feed the Fed's shell game on loaning America's money to--America. Without this scheme, there would be no interest on America's money and there would likely be no deficit. Indeed, this is a case where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, but, hey, we are all going to have socialist health care. There is a simple economic concept that the communists in the White House and Congress do not want to understand--you don't spend more than you have.

What the American people must understand is that this government is against them. This so-called bipartisan commission is the one that Congress voted not to have, but the man who occupies the Oval Office ignored the wishes of Congress and used executive order to establish this commission. He already has told the commission that he will endorse its findings, including tax increases and cuts in retirement benefits. In other words, this commission is going to be used to usurp the power of Congress to institute more socialism. Your freedoms and rights are at stake every time these Marxists open their mouths either to declare another lie or to feed off of your hard working enterprise.

Now here is the tough one: Unless Americans turn from their wicked ways--including electing wicked and immoral people to office, the economy and foreign affairs of this nation will continue to squeeze the people like grapes in a winepress of wrath. Romans 14:11 says, "For it is written, as I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God." As Christians, it is our spiritual and civic duty to be salt and light to this dark and dying world--to this nation under duress. Our faith may soon be tested beyond anything this generation has had to endure. But what of those who have no faith? We must share ours by being the messengers of the gift of salvation.

Bill Wilson
Word of Life Ministry

Obama v. Israel

Obama Administration: "Time For Israel To Fall In Line With U.S.Agenda"

Former US Ambassador to Israel Martin Indyk on Wednesday (April 21) told Israel's Army Radio that the time has come for the Jewish state to fall in line with American foreign policy, or risk ruining its relationship with Washington. "The shift in America's Middle East interests means that [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu must make a choice: Take on the president of the United States, or take on his right wing," said Indyk, who today is Vice President for Foreign Policy at the Brookings Institution in Washington and remains a top advisor to Hussein Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Indyk was referring to Netanyahu's decision last week to reject Hussein Obama's demand that he freeze all Jewish construction in parts of Jerusalem claimed by the Palestinians. Obama presumably made the demand when the two leaders met behind closed doors at the White House last month. Netanyahu did agree to a number of other "confidence-building" gestures toward the Palestinians, but insisted that no Israeli leader could ever deny Jews the right to build in their own capital. Indyk said that kind of attitude is going to do permanent damage to the traditionally-strong Israel-US relationship. The time has come, insisted Indyk, for Israel to choose between its relations with the West and its millennia-old dreams of resettling all of its God-given lands.

Indyk noted that Washington views Israeli settlements as detrimental to US national interests in the Middle East, and Israel's insistence on maintaining those settlements, including Jewish neighborhoods in eastern Jerusalem, has resulted in a "serious crisis." He went on to suggest that Israel is obligated to fall in line with American interests since Israel is the beneficiary of so much US goodwill. "If Israel is a superpower and does not need $3 billion in military assistance and the protection of the US, and the efforts of the US to isolate and pressure Iran, than go ahead and do what you like. If you need the US then you need to take American interests into account," said Indyk.
In response, Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon, a former ambassador to the US, reminded Indyk that Israel, too, has national interests. "We must ensure Israel's future as a Jewish state," Ayalon told a gathering of the Israel Bonds delegation in Jerusalem. "We desire peace, but not at the costs of Israel's national interests." Ayalon said that the unprecedented US pressure being applied on Israel is ultimately going to backfire, and is actually putting true peace further out of reach. (Israel Today)

Please pray with us today:

Dearest Lord. This is not America's heart to come against Israel. Mr. Indyk is a modern day "rabshekah." It is the heart of the evil one set to destroy all that is good that You have created, including the "Apple of Your Eye," Israel. If unrepentant, may those in America who come against Your chosen nation go the way of the 165,000 Assyrians and Sennacherib who did not listen to counsel from Your people and tried to storm and conquer Jerusalem. Thank You Lord, that the enemy is showing his big, ugly teeth so that now You can show Your Mighty Arm!!! In Jesus' Name we pray for the salvation and protection of Israel and for her kinsman redeemer, America. Amen.
"Then the Rabshekah stood and called out with a loud voice in Hebrew, and said, 'Hear the words of the great king, the king of Assyria! Beware lest Hezekiah persuade you, saying, "The Lord will deliver us." Has any one of the gods of the nations delivered its land from the hand of the king of Assyria?'''

"And so it was, when King Hezekiah heard it, that he tore his clothes, covered himself with sackcloth, and went into the house of the Lord. So the servants of King Hezekiah came to Isaiah. And Isaiah said to them, 'Thus you shall say to your master, "Thus says the Lord: 'Do not be afraid of the words which you have heard, with which the servants of the king of Assyria have blasphemed Me. Surely I will send a spirit upon him, and he shall hear a rumor and return to his own land; and I will cause him to fall by the sword in his own land. The the angel of the Lord went out, and killed in the camp of the Assyrians one hundred and eighty-five thousand.'" (Isaiah 36:13,18 and Isaiah 37: 1,6,7 and 36a NKJV)

Obama v. Netanyahu

Obama team plotting overthrow of Israel's Netanyahu

The administration of Hussein Obama has launched what officials termed a psychological warfare campaign meant to topple Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Sources in the administration and Congress asserted that the White House and State Department have sought to destabilize Netanyahu's government by forcing him to agree to an indefinite freeze on Jewish construction in the West Bank and most of Jerusalem as well as the establishment of a Palestinian state by 2012. They said the campaign sought to replace Netanyahu with opposition leader and former foreign minister Tsipi Livni. "Bibi is extremely vulnerable to pressure," a source familiar with the White House effort said. "We know this from his first term in office and believe he will collapse this time as well."

The sources said the administration's strategy aimed to de-legitimize Netanyahu in his government and right-wing constituency. They said Hussein Obama and his aides have sought to portray Netanyahu as a weak and unstable politician who will destroy relations with Washington as Israel seeks U.S. support for a military option against Iran. There seems to be a general belief in the circle around the president that the democratically-elected government in Israel is drunk at the wheel," Steven Rosen, a veteran pro-Israeli lobbyist now with the Middle East Forum, said. "They clearly will use pressure tactics to bring Israel around." (World Tribune) Read more

The Obama administration is playing with arrogant fire, as it works to bring down Israel's Netanyahu government. . . . Obama may well think that he is all-powerful and holding some kind of divine right to dictate to Israel, and to replace her duly elected leader with his choice. It would appear that the God of Israel is sending him a message from the bottom of the ocean. The repercussions of Obama's actions will bring massive destruction to the USA. The consequences of this arrogant manipulation of Israel will continue to spill forth uncapped; destroying the economy, health, and prosperity of the States, if he doesn't turn away from this course. First the spreading destruction and then the burning destruction will come.

--Pray that Obama and his cronies will wake up and get a clue, before it is too late.
--Pray that American citizens and Congressmen will suddenly develop as sincere fear of the God of Israel, and see the handwriting of God on the wall.
-- Pray that they repent and wisely bring great pressure upon Obama to back off of his anti-Israel agenda.

Every day the patience of the Lord lessens in the face of this arrogant manipulation, control, and hatred of Israel by the US government.

The Good News Corner

Troopers allowed to pray 'in Jesus name' Governor's order reverses policy that censored chaplains

State trooper chaplains in Virginia are being told they can pray "in Jesus name" again just two years after then-Democratic Gov. Tim Kaine affirmed a measure ordering them use only "nonsectarian" prayers or quit. According to Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt of the "Pray in Jesus Name" organization, the new governor, Republican Bob McDonnell, has restored the rights of six state police chaplains "to pray publicly 'in Jesus name.'" "This victory comes after our two-year campaign for Jesus name," Klingenschmitt said. (World Net Daily)

Worship With Us Today!

How He Loves Us by David Crowder

Worship with us today, by going here.

Praise our King!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

CHPP Daily Brief - April 29, 2010

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The Daily Brief - Thursday, April 29, 2010

Today's Daily Brief

1. Obama Pledges All-Out Response to Oil Spill - Associated Press

President Obama pledged an all-out response Thursday to the massive oil spill now expected to reach the Gulf Coast within a day and dispatched top officials to the region to help coordinate defenses against the potential environmental disaster. Obama promised to deploy "every single available resource" to the area and ordered his disaster and environmental leaders to go. The Navy is sending 66,000 feet (20,000 meters) of inflatable boom and seven skimming systems, and using its bases in the region as staging areas for the operation.

- Pray that blind eyes will be opened and people will turn to the Lord Jesus Christ as we continually watch His Judgments come forth.

- "And the second angel sounded, and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea; and the third part of the sea became blood. And the third part of the creatures which were in the sea and had life died; and the third part of the ships were destroyed." (Rev. 8: 8-9)

2. The U.S. House is voting today on a bill that allows the government in Puerto Rico to ask its residents if they want to change the island's commonwealth status, in what critics are saying is a backdoor attempt to force Puerto Ricans into choosing U.S. statehood.

For more information on this bill, visit Eagle Forum at: To watch a video of Glenn Beck's commentary on this bill, go here.

- This bill, H.R. 2499, obviously has huge implications for the future of the people of the territory of Puerto Rico and for our nation. Please research all facts carefully (including how their statehood would impact future elections) and pray accordingly. The action on this bill today in the House is just the first of many steps in the process of passing this legislation out of Congress. Pray that when, and if, it reaches the Senate, the LORD would raise up 41 senators to block this move by means of a filibuster. Pray!

- "This far you shall come, but no further, and here shall your proud waves stop." (Job 38:11)

3. Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Desert Cross - Intercessors for America

In a 5 - 4 majority opinion filed today, the United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of the continued display of a lone cross in a lonely stretch of the Mojave Desert memorializing veterans of World War I. Atheist organizations had long attacked this tribute to fallen soldiers of World War 1 as unconstitutional.Various Christian legal organizations filed briefs with the Supreme Court arguing that the cross did not violate the First Amendment, as the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals had found.

Joining in the majority were Justices Kennedy, Roberts, Alito, Scalia and Thomas. Justices Stevens, Ginsburg, Sotomayor and Breyer filed dissenting opinions.

- Offer thanksgiving for the Supreme Court's ruling in favor of religious freedom. Pray that this ruling will help set a precedent and carry weight in future cases.

- "For the eyes of the Lord are toward the righteous, and His ears attend to their prayer." (I Peter 3:12)

4. GOP's Graham: No immigration bill until 2012 - Washington Times

Sen. Lindsey Graham, the sole Republican working on a bill to legalize illegal immigrants, in effect put the bill on the shelf on Tuesday, saying that a debate now would destroy any prospects for passage and that the issue needs to wait until 2012. The remarks likely signal the end of any serious chance for broad immigration legislation to pass this year, since Mr. Graham, South Carolina Republican, was the best hope for a partnership with President Obama and Democrats who want to write a bill. "It is impossible for me and any other serious Democrat to get this body to move forward until we prove to the American people we can secure our borders," Mr. Graham told Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, who was testifying at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. "I believe we can do it by 2012 if we're smart," he said.

- Once more, offer praise . . . this time that this complex bill, covering this complex issue, will be delayed until further research can be done on its impact, and until our national borders are made secure. Praise the Lord.

- "The effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much." (James 5:16)

5. Moscow markets cruise missile launched from a freight container - DebkaFile

This relatively cheap, extra-smart, easy-to-use Club-K Container Missile System, which Moscow has put on the open market, allows cruise missiles concealed in freight containers to be launched from a prepositioned or moving land or sea platform. It is virtually undetectable by radar until activated. No wonder, Iran and Venezuela were keenly interested when the Club-K was put on the market at the Defense Services Asia exhibition in Malaysia this week for $15 million.

Western military experts are calling it a "real maritime fear for anyone with a waterfront." The container-cum-missiles, carried by a ship, fishing vessel or truck can approach a targeted coast, highway or international railway and strike behind the target's missile defenses without alerting radar monitors or even surveillance drones and satellites.

- Pray that these missiles fail; and pray that Moscow actually loses money on this deal. Nothing is too difficult for God!

- "For nothing is impossible with God." (Luke 1:37)

The Middle East in Focus

This week, for all the headlines cited below, please join us in proclaiming THIS DECREE:

" . . . I will plant them upon their land, and they shall no more be pulled up out of their land which I have given them, says LORD your God." (Amos 9:15)

1. Bibi be gone: Obama team plotting overthrow of Israel's Netanyahu - World Tribune

The administration of President Barack Obama has launched what officials termed a psychological warfare campaign meant to topple Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

2. Israel Weighs Iran Military Strike - NewsMax

Echoing sentiments earlier expressed by Defense Minister Ehud Barak, Israeli Ambassador to Washington Michael Oren indicated Tuesday night that a military strike on Iran's nuclear facilities was on the table.

3. Hezbollah vows to continue amassing 'arms of resistance' - Ha'aretz

A Hezbollah member of parliament in Lebanon has vowed that the militant Shi'ite group will continue to build its arsenal, media reports said Wednesday.

4. Egypt: Lebanon in 'panic' over fear of Israeli attack - Ha'aretz

"Complete panic" is reigning in Lebanon because of fears of an Israeli attack and another war, Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit said in a closed meeting earlier this week, sources say.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

CHPP Daily Brief - April 28, 2010

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The Daily Brief - Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be." (Psalm 119:16)

Today's Daily Brief

1. Oklahoma enacts tough abortion laws requiring ultrasounds - AFP

Oklahoma lawmakers overrode their governor's veto Tuesday to enact tough abortion laws that force women to undergo invasive ultrasounds and allow doctors to withhold test results showing fetal defects.

Abortion-Rights Group Sues to Block Okla. Bill - ABC News

The Oklahoma Senate voted Tuesday to override Gov. Brad Henry's veto of two abortion bills, including one that an abortion-rights group has said would be among the nation's strictest measures against the procedure.

- Father, we thank you Lord that you have placed officials in authority who have a righteous heart. We pray that more leaders in government and churches will rise up against this abomination of killing your precious creations from the moment of conception to natural death. All life deserves honor and respect.

- Deliver those who are drawn toward death, And hold back those stumbling to the slaughter. If you say, "Surely we did not know this," Does not He who weighs the hearts consider it? He who keeps your soul, does He not know it? And will He not render to each man according to his deeds? (Proverbs 24:11, 12)

2. Efforts to Contain Slick Falter - Wall Street Journal

Officials were considering setting fire to a giant oil slick in hopes of preventing it from lapping onto the environmentally sensitive Gulf of Mexico shoreline in the wake of an offshore drilling disaster.

- Father God, we pray for revelation to the officials dealing with this oil spill on how to stop the spread, which could affect hundreds of species of wildlife. We pray for protection over those who are diligently working on this serious problem.

- You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance. (Psalm 32:7)

3. Kidnappings, Home Invasions Sparked Ariz. Law - NewsMax

The frustration had been building for years in Arizona with every drug-related kidnapping, every home invasion, every "safe house" discovered crammed with illegal immigrants from Mexico.

- Lord, grant wisdom to the Arizona lawmakers as the heated debate continues over this immigration law. We pray this law be implemented with care and caution.

- Counsel and sound judgment are mine; I have understanding and power. (Proverbs 8:14)

4. Goldman Is Bruised, Defiant in Senate - Wall Street Journal

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. endured a day-long thrashing from lawmakers over its tactics in dodging the mortgage market crash, in a spectacle that highlighted the gap between Washington's and Wall Street's narratives of the financial crisis.

- Father, thank you for revealing yet another fraud in the marketplace. We pray integrity and honest business practices would spread across the marketplace. Let businesses hold each other accountable for their performances.

- Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed: (Luke 12:15)

5. Report: Iran's uranium supply nearly out - Ynet News

As the United States encounters difficulties pushing sanctions against Iran through the United Nations Security Council, reports of the rogue country's efforts to get its hands on uranium from world sources have increased. The American weekly Time Magazine reported Tuesday that nuclear experts believe Iran's uranium supply is nearly run out.

- Father, we declare Iran will be blocked from obtaining uranium for the purpose of making weapons. Foil their plans on every side and destroy their ability to produce weapons.

- Behold, all they who are enraged and inflamed against you shall be put to shame and confounded; they who strive against you shall be as nothing and shall perish. (Isaiah 41:11)

The Middle East in Focus

This week, for all the headlines cited below, please join us in proclaiming THIS DECREE:

" . . . I will plant them upon their land, and they shall no more be pulled up out of their land which I have given them, says LORD your God." (Amos 9:15)

1. Israel warns against giving Iran too much time - Washington Post

The United States is "doing the right thing" by pursuing a diplomatic solution to the threat that Iran may soon gain a nuclear weapon, but the world cannot afford to wait too long, Israel's defense minister said Tuesday.

2. Sarkozy: Netanyahu's foot-dragging on peace process is unacceptable - Ha'aretz

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has told his Israeli counterpart Shimon Peres that he is disappointed with Benjamin Netanyahu and finds it hard to understand the prime minister's diplomatic plan. Sarkozy made his comments at the Elysee Palace two weeks ago.

3. Gates, Barak: Syria providing Hezbollah with missiles - Ynet News

Syria and Iran are providing Hezbollah with rockets and missiles of ever-increasing capability, US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said Tuesday following a meeting with Defense Minister Ehud Barak. He added that the Shiite organization was at a point where it "has far more rockets and missiles than most governments in the world."

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

CHPP Daily Brief - April 27, 2010

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Franklin Graham and the Pentagon
Schumer Awakens From His Slumber
Another Look at Obamacare
A Look Back in History
The Good News Corner
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The Daily Brief - Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be." (Psalm 119:16)

Today's Daily Brief

1. Clinton Raises Prospect of 'Regional Conflict' Over Iran - Financial Times

Hillary Clinton, US secretary of state, has warned of the risk of regional conflict if new United Nations sanctions are not imposed on Tehran's nuclear program, telling the Financial Times that "ignoring the threat posed by Iran will put the world in a more precarious position within six months to a year". Senior Pentagon officials last week said Iran could develop enough fissile material for a bomb within a year, although it would probably take three to five years for Tehran to develop a serviceable weapon.

· Heavenly Father, we lift up this situation to you; intervene and stop the plans and actions of Iran to develop enough material for a nuclear bomb. We bind these governments and terrorists. We command their plans to fail, and pray confusion and division in their camps so they will never succeed!

· The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms; He will thrust out the enemy from before you, and will say, 'Destroy!' Then Israel shall dwell in safety (Deuteronomy 33:27, 28)

2. Oil Spill Likely to Reach Land in Days - Wall Street Journal

The giant oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is likely to reach land as early as Saturday, despite massive containment efforts, a federal official charged with tracking the slick said Monday. The company is continuing with backup plans, bringing in two drilling vessels that might be able to stem the flow by injecting special heavy liquids into the well. Mr. Suttles said drilling the relief wells and shutting down the well in this manner would take two to three months.

Wildlife is already starting to be affected, and three sperm whales have been spotted in the area that is covered by an oily sheen.

· Heavenly Father we depend on you for our protection. We pray the Hedges of Protection will once again be restored around our nation and everything that pertains to us. Let our spiritual leaders call for prayers and fasting to restore those Hedges. Let us be mindful of your mercies!

· Have You not made a Hedge around him, around his household, and around all that he has on every side? You have blessed the work of his hands, and his possessions have increased in the land. (Job 1:10)

3. Republican Rejection of Finance Bill May Open Party to Attacks - Financial Times

Senate Republicans blocked debate over new financial rules on the eve of a congressional hearing involving Goldman Sachs Group Inc., a move that may open the party to attacks that it's soft on Wall Street. Democrats failed on a 57- 41 vote yesterday, with 60 votes needed, to overcome unanimous Republican opposition and begin consideration of the bill calling for the biggest restructuring of financial market oversight since the 1930s.

· Lord, we pray these actions by our officials to gain control over every institution in our nation will be thwarted. Let the parties not be political - but honestly concerned to give us laws that are not overpowering for citizens and businesses. Let there be no abuse of power. Turn our nation to conservative again.

· There are many plans in a man's heart, Nevertheless the Lord's counsel - that will stand. (Proverbs 19:21)

4. US Senator Probing 2008 Financial Meltdown Blasts Goldman Sachs - VOA

A U.S. senator probing America's 2008 financial crisis says one of the nation's best-known investment houses marketed complex financial products to clients, while investing in instruments that would rise in value if those very same products failed. Democratic lawmakers seek to advance a bill to overhaul the U.S. financial industry after a crisis that accelerated the nation's plunge into economic recession and led to massive government bailouts of the private sector.

· Father God, we pray all the hidden things will be revealed in these financial institutions and our government. Let dishonorable people be exposed and removed from places of authority.

· You have set our iniquities before You, Our secret sins in the light of Your countenance . . . So teach us to number our days, That we may gain a heart of wisdom. (Psalm 90:8, 12)

5. A Bumpy Economic Recovery, with Hope in Midwest, South - USA Today

Only 41 of 135 metropolitan areas in the Northeast and West were in recovery in February, according to Moody's By contrast, two-thirds of the 249 metro areas in the Midwest and South were on the upswing based on the February data, the latest available.

· Lord, we pray during these times of hardship, people will find comfort and direction and provision through you. Let there be testimonies of your lovingkindness and miracles! Give the people a heart of compassion towards one another.

· For the Lord God is a sun and shield; The Lord will give grace and glory; No good thing will He withhold From those who walk uprightly. (Psalm 84:11)

6. Tornado Survivors Recount God's Protection - One News Now

A Mississippi man says he prayed to God under a communion table as his church was blown to pieces around him by a tornado on Saturday. Yazoo County Coroner Ricky Shivers -- a Baptist deacon -- says he was in his truck when the twister picked it up and flipped it four times. Shivers says he told God that if it was his time to die, he was ready.

· Heavenly Father, we give you the praise, glory and honor for these people who were spared. We pray those affected in this storm and other storms will have all the help they need. Send them provisions and people to minister to them.

· I have not hidden Your righteousness within my heart; I have declared Your faithfulness and Your salvation; I have not concealed Your lovingkindness and Your truth From the Great Assembly. (Psalm 40:10)

7. Obama Renews Vow of New Beginning with Muslims - Reuters

Hussein Obama on Monday renewed his commitment to a "new beginning" with the Muslim world, vowing no let-up in U.S. efforts to promote Middle East peace, curb militant violence and boost economic development.

"Despite the inevitable difficulties, so long as I am president, the United States will never waver in our pursuit of a two-state solution that ensures the rights and security of both Israelis and Palestinians," Obama pledged. But he offered no new initiative to revive long-stalled peace talks.

· Lord, God, we are a Christian nation and we pray that our courts and citizens will declare and proclaim that fact. We will have no foreign gods before us, and we will bless and not divide Israel.

· I will also gather all nations, and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat; and I will enter into judgment with them there On account of My people, My heritage Israel, Whom they have scattered among the nations; for they have also divided up My land. (Joel 3:2) Babylon shall become a heap, a dwelling place for jackals, an astonishment and a hissing, without an inhabitant. (Jeremiah 51:37)

The Middle East in Focus

This week, for all the headlines cited below, please join us in proclaiming THIS DECREE:

" . . . I will plant them upon their land, and they shall no more be pulled up out of their land which I have given them, says LORD your God." (Amos 9:15)

1.'Al-Qaida terrorists may pose as Ethiopians to sneak into Israel' - Ha'aretz

The Yemen-based arm of Al-Qaida is examining the possibility of infiltrating terrorists into Israel disguised as Somali refugees crossing the border from Egypt or even as new immigrants from Ethiopia.

2. After three millennia in exile, Bnei Menashe lost tribe heads home - London Times

When Tzvi Khaute landed at Tel Aviv for the first time, he wanted to kiss the earth. Alas, the modern airport was all tarmac and stone, so he kissed the first soil he came across, in a flowerpot. Thousands of diaspora Jews from around the world make aliyah -- the migration to Israel -- every year, but for Tzvi and his fellow Tibeto-Burmese immigrants from the far northeast of India, the journey was particular freighted with symbolism. They believe they are descendants of one of the ten lost tribes of Israel, sent into exile by the Assyrians almost 800 years before the Romans destroyed the temple in Jerusalem.

3. Egyptian FM calls Israel 'enemy' - Ynet News

Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit referred to Israel as an "enemy" during a press conference in Beirut on Saturday.

4. Abbas: I don't want to declare unilateral statehood - Ha'aretz

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Monday said he opposes the unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state, in an exclusive interview on Channel 2 news.

5. Mitchell to arrive in Israel Thursday - Ynet News

Special US envoy to the Middle East George Mitchell is slated to arrive in Israel on Thursday, Jerusalem officials said.

The Daily Jot

Repeating the Pilgrim's Mistakes of Communism From 400 Years Ago

There are many states lining up to oppose the federal government's socialized healthcare mandate. If there ever was an issue that marked the historic beginnings of the federal government becoming the enemy of the people, this is it. On one side, the communists that occupy our government are pulling the compassion strings of American's hearts, saying that everyone has a right to health care. On the other side, the communist regime will ration care and dismantle the very best health care system in the world. There is no American citizen that is denied reasonable, life sustaining health care in this nation. The system may need reform, but it is not in need of destruction.

This is not about health care, it is about government control over the financial and physical lives of every individual in the nation. This is where the guarantees of free speech and freedom of religion come into play. The exercise of worship is not connected to the compulsory government conduct of social justice--this is reserved for the church. Jesus said in Luke 4:18,19, "The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because He hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the broknenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised, to preach the acceptable year of the Lord."

From a Christian worldview, it is Christ's people, not a centralized government, that must minister to the poor, and provide healing, restoration, comfort and vigilance over Liberty. The earliest account of American history provided by Mayflower leader William Bradford indicates that the ability to worship freely was the central theme of the Pilgrims. And in that, he writes, "We are knit together as a body in a most strict and sacred bond and covenant of the Lord, of the violation whereof we make great conscience, and by virtue whereof we hold ourselves straitly tied to all care of each other's good." And they proved this when they were dying sometimes two or three per day in their care for one another's health.

Bill Wilson
Word of Life Ministry

Franklin Graham and the Pentagon

Military Won't Take Graham at Faith Value

Almost nine years after 9-11, the Pentagon is the site of a new attack--this time on religious freedom. After a few days of speculation, the military advanced its policy of political correctness to bar Rev. Franklin Graham, son of the evangelist Billy Graham, from speaking at the Pentagon's National Day of Prayer event.

Apparently an outside group had complained about Graham's statements about Islam and the evil perpetrated under its banner. Their concerns were fueled by his unapologetic view that only Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.

As political correctness envelops the nation under this administration's watchful eye, Christianity is being tossed from the public square. Military spokesman Col. Tom Collins tried to defend the decision by saying, "We're an all-inclusive military." But to be "inclusive," as the Pentagon defines it, is to exclude Christianity. Contrary to what Col. Collins says, this has nothing to do with tolerance and everything to do with the military's new hostility toward the Gospel. Franklin Graham is a man of courage and integrity whose biblical beliefs should not preclude him from sharing the message of Jesus Christ.

Under President Obama, we're witnessing the First Amendment, designed to protect the religious exercise of Americans, retooled into a sword designed to sever America's ties with orthodox Christianity. As believers, we cannot sit idly by and watch our freedoms be swept away. When I was disinvited from a prayer luncheon at Andrews Air Force base, it was because I made comments supporting the law banning gays from the military. Some dismissed that as a result of my involvement in public policy. Rev. Graham, whose ministry has served to the physical and spiritual needs of millions of people (including Muslims!) around the globe, was making some key distinctions between Christianity and the religion that flew radicals into the Pentagon.

Schumer Awakens From His Slumber

New York Senator Charles Schumer, a loyal and liberal Democrat, fired a warning shot at the White House yesterday. Referring to the Obama Administration's treatment of Israel, Schumer said, "This has to stop." Schumer was interviewed on a New York radio show and said, "I told the President, I told Rahm Emanuel and others in the administration that I thought the policy they took to try to bring about negotiations is counter-productive..Palestinians don't really believe in a state of Israel."

Schumer blasted the State Department's "terrible" suggestion that American support for Israel depended on "the pace of [peace] negotiations." Schumer said, "That is the dagger because the relationship is much deeper than the disagreements on negotiations, and most Americans - Democrat, Republican, Jew, non-Jew - would feel that."

Senator Schumer also warned, ". . . right now there is a battle going on inside the administration, one side agrees with us, one side doesn't, and we're pushing hard to make sure the right side wins."

There isn't much that Chuck Schumer and I agree on. But on this issue New York's senior senator and I wholeheartedly agree. America and Israel share a common bond, face the same Islamofascist enemy and must stand united. I will never abandon the Jewish state, and I will continue to speak out against the evils of anti-Semitism and Islamic jihadism. (Gary Bauer; End-of-Day; 4/23/10)

Another Look at Obamacare

ObamaCare = Higher Taxes & Broken Promises

The Obama White House got slammed yesterday by two government agencies charged with analyzing the costs of ObamaCare. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services reported yesterday that the healthcare "reform" legislation will not, as President Obama repeatedly promised, reduce healthcare costs. To the contrary, it will "increase national health care spending by $311 billion" over the next decade.

Previously, anyone who said that more government intervention would lead to higher costs was accused of making "bogus" and "wild" claims. But according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, it was Barack Obama who was making bogus claims.

In addition, the Congressional Budget Office reported that fines stemming from the individual mandate would raise nearly $4 billion in tax revenue in one two-year period. But the CBO also noted that 76% of those affected by the individual mandate to purchase health insurance will make less than $120,000 a year.

As Senator Charles Grassley explained, "The mandate is a tax increase that hits middle-class America the hardest. And these people make less than $250,000, which breaks the president's pledge to not raise taxes on individuals earning less than $200,000 and families earning less than $250,000 a year."

Whether it's Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton or Barack Obama, the liberal agenda never changes. It always ends in broken promises, bigger government, higher taxes and increased spending. (Gary Bauer; End-of-Day; 4/23/10)

A Look Back in History

Roots of Islamic fundamentalism lie in Nazi propaganda for Arab world, book claims

The roots of Islamic fanaticism can be traced to Adolf Hitler's radio messages broadcast around the Arab world during the Second World War, according to a new book. "Your only hope for rescue is the destruction of the Jews before they destroy you!" Hitler said in a 1942 message, one of thousands broadcast across the Middle East in an attempt to woo the Arab world. In a broadcast aimed at provoking an anti-Semitic uprising in Egypt, he said: "A large number of Jews who live in Egypt, along with Poles, Greeks, Armenians and Frenchmen, have guns and ammunition. "Some Jews in Cairo have even asked the British authorities to set up machine guns on the roofs of their houses," he claimed.

But the Nazi's wartime broadcasts had remained a largely hidden chapter in the history of the war until the transmissions were unearthed by a US scholar, who believes they have fuelled continuing unrest in the Middle East. "The conflict between Israel and the Palestinians would have been over long ago were it not for the uncompromising, religiously inspired hatred of the Jews that was articulated and given assistance by Nazi propagandists and continued after the war by Islamists of various sorts," said Jeffrey Herf, a history professor at the University of Maryland. (Daily Telegraph - London)
Read more.

The Good News Corner

Louisville Sluggers for Decency

Just when we thought nothing good could possibly come out of these courts, the Kentucky Supreme Court delivered a huge victory for local families. With more than 175 sexually-oriented businesses to its name, Louisville used to be the Midwest's " Sin City." That all changed when a local church got fed up with having their community worn down and unregulated. With help from our friend Phil Burress, Southeast Christian Church launched ROCK (Reclaim our Culture Kentuckiana) at Southeast Christian Church. Together, the group started attending hearings, talking to city officials, and testifying in cases over sexually-oriented businesses. "It's almost like a tea party for decency," said one businessman. In just six years, they've chased 112 shops out of town.

And after this week's ruling, there will certainly be more. Angry with the tighter scrutiny, the local adult industry sued to overturn the 2004 ordinances--and lost. All seven justices on the high court found the city's rules "lawful," shocking the state's ring of filthy businesses. Among other things, the provision bans "alcohol sales inside clubs with nude dancing, limits hours of operation, creates a six-foot buffer zone between stage dancers and customers." It also forces these locales to pay annual fees and fill out a battery of paperwork. Congratulations to a community that not only had the courage to stand up, but the will to keep standing even when things got tough! (Family Research Council)

Worship With Us Today!



Worship Him now with all your might!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

On Capitol Hill This Week; Vol. XVII, No. 11

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• On Capitol Hill This Week; Vol. XVII, No. 11

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On Capitol Hill This Week Volume XVII, Number 11a
April 26, 2010

"All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be." (Psalm 119:16)



Can you imagine walking into your child's classroom and meeting a teacher dressed in drag? Neither can Congresswoman Judy Biggert (R-Ill.). She's part of a growing number of Republicans who are suddenly undecided about the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) after signing on to support it.

Like many other GOP cosponsors, Rep. Biggert is having second thoughts now that Democrats are trying to tack on a provision that would force businesses to hire and protect cross-dressers. "It's just in the schools. I worry about teachers," Congresswoman Biggert told Roll Call.

With this radical new addition, GOP backing for the bill is slipping. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) is strongly opposed to the transgender protections, promising that he would change his vote from "yes" to "no" if the language isn't scrubbed. It "changes the equation," he said. His colleague Rep. John Campbell (R-Calif.) agreed. "They probably lose me if they do. That just moves it too far. This is a very small number of people that do a very extreme surgery. I think employers have an argument [there]."

"Children need a stable and secure environment in which to learn-ENDA threatens that," said Andrea Lafferty, Executive Director of the Traditional Values Coalition. "Instead, it protects what is listed in the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders as a mental illness, Gender Identity Disorder (GID). Teachers have a direct, daily influence on children and to employ such individuals while at the same time overriding the laws of 38 states is unacceptable and dangerous."

Do your part to stop this bill in its tracks. Log on to our new Fight ENDA website and order a copy of FRC's revealing new documentary, "ENDA: The End of Religious Freedom in America?" Then, pick up your phone and call your Congressmen. Let them know that our rights should be dictated by the Constitution, not a fringe group's sexual preferences. [For more information, you can also visit] (Family Research Council and Traditional Values Coalition)

- The House Committee on Education and Labor was supposed to have had a vote on ENDA this week, but it did not happen. . . Please pray that this monstrosity of a bill will never see the light of day. Cry out for those trapped in this kind of perverted sexual phenomenon for truly our God is One who can and will deliver..

- And so it was that all who saw it said, "No such deed has been done or seen from the day that the children of Israel came up from the land of Egypt until this day. Consider it, confer, and speak up!" (Judges 19:30)


Republican lawmakers stuck together Monday in preventing a massive financial regulatory bill from proceeding in the Senate, despite efforts by Democrats to portray the GOP as supporters of Wall Street -- not Main Street.

In a key test vote Monday evening on the financial regulatory bill, all Republican senators -- and one Democrat -- voted to block debate on the legislation. Sen. Oylmpia Snowe, R-Maine, and Sen. Ben Nelson, D-Neb., were among the lawmakers who objected to the bill moving forward. All 41 Republicans voted to prevent the debate from starting in order to give Banking Committee Ranking Republican Sen. Richard Shelby, R-Ala., a chance to continue negotiations on a compromise with committee chairman Chris Dodd, D-CT.

Obama said shortly after that he was "deeply disappointed" that Senate Republicans voted to block debate on the bill. (Fox News) Read more.

- Gracious Father, we come before You and ask that You will guide and direct those who seek to honor You and Your Ten Commandments in the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives. We ask that the 41 Republican Senators who are voting together to block the passage of the Democratic sponsored financial overhaul legislation will be successful, and that this will result in a true scrutiny of and positive change in financial industry regulation. We pray for their protection and that public opinion will be influenced positively for them by Your Holy Spirit. Please stop the spirit of pharaoh and his policies from increasing infringement on every aspect of American life. In Jesus' Name we pray. Amen.

- "We are hard-pressed on every side, yet not crushed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed--knowing that He who raised up the Lord Jesus will also raise us up with Jesus." (2 Corinthians 4: 8, 9 and 14a NKJV)


Goldman Sachs is preparing its most detailed defense yet to allegations that it misled clients in its mortgage securities business, arguing that it was unsure whether housing prices would rise or fall and did not take any action at odds with the interests of its clients.

An internal Goldman document, prepared for senior executives and obtained by The Washington Post, addresses the criticism that the bank invested its own money betting against the housing market while simultaneously urging clients to invest in securities that would increase in value only if the housing market did.

A Senate subcommittee's investigation finds that Goldman Sachs spread risk throughout the financial system by creating risky mortgage-related investments and taking out big bets against housing market. (Washington Post)

- Heavenly Father, we ask that financial powerhouse, Goldman Sachs, will tell the truth about creating housing investment opportunities, while at the same time, creating investment opportunities designed to harm those same investors. For example, they took "liar's loans (mortgages)," had them rated as AAAA, and sold them to investors. Goldman made money selling them to the investors. Then, an in-house fund, bought a "short" or bet that they would crash and lose money, those very same stocks. Goldman won on both ends. Their "so-called loses" were dwarfed by enormous profits. End of story, they hurt many people, some sophisticated investors, for their own greed and benefit. Help Lord, Jesus. May those harmed in all of the financial downturns seek Your help and not man's. In Your Name we pray. Amen.

- "And He found in the temple those who sold oxen and sheep and doves, and the money changers doing business. When He had made a whip of cords, He drove them all out of the temple, with the sheep and the oxen, and poured out the changers' money and overturned the tables." (John 2:14-15 NKJV)


Immigration Bill Stalled, Too

Two of Obama's top domestic policy initiatives - energy and immigration - appeared on the brink of collapse on Saturday after a Republican senator at the center of both efforts threatened to jump ship in a dispute with Democrats over timing.

Graham was irate that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) unexpectedly told fellow Democrats this week that he planned to move an immigration bill in the Senate before the climate bill, an action widely seen as a nod to Latino voters who could make or break Reid's reelection bid, and which Graham said would cripple the energy bill's chances.

Republican votes are essential to pass either measure, and Graham was seen as the White House's beachhead in a GOP caucus that has widely opposed Obama's initiatives. Losing Graham's support could effectively doom both issues this year. Along with months of work with Kerry and Lieberman on the climate bill, Graham has joined with Sen. Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) to draft an immigration bill.

Close observers of the climate negotiations were stunned. "This is a bizarre and crazy implosion," said Frank Maisano, an energy lobbyist for Bracewell and Giuliani in Washington. "It certainly leaves the process in disarray at a time when we thought they were about ready to move to the next level."

Opponents of the bill were giddy. Patrick Creighton, a spokesman for the free-market Institute for Energy Research, said: "Chalk this up as a win for the American people." (Los Angeles Times) Read more.

- It is truly amazing to pray for all in authority, and then to sit back and watch as our Lord moves the chess pieces around to bring forth His will. Offer praise for the collapse of these two bills, in one day, and ask continued wisdom for the U.S. Senate as they weigh these issues in the days ahead. Pray!

- "In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps." (Proverbs 16:9)


Would make Puerto Rico our 51st State!

ProEnglish has learned House Democratic leaders plan to bring H.R. 2499, the Puerto Rico Democracy Act, to the floor of the House of Representatives for a vote next week! H.R. 2499 is "stealth legislation" designed to make Spanish-speaking Puerto Rico the 51st state.

That is the only reason why the bill requires Puerto Ricans to vote on the question of statehood again, after they rejected it in three previous nation-wide elections.

This time, however, H.R. 2499's voting process is rigged in favor of statehood!
ProEnglish opposes H.R. 2499 because it does not make Puerto Rico adopt English as the language of its government as a prerequisite for statehood. Therefore if Puerto Rico is admitted as a state it will destroy our nation's unity in English and transform the U.S. into an officially bilingual country like Canada, with Spanish as our second 'official' language. (ProEnglish)

- Please pray in the spirit over this bill. If this is not in the will of God, and for the best Interests of our nation, it will not pass.

- " . . . pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests."
(Eph. 6:18)


Declaring that the Pentagon and Justice Department had failed to cooperate in Congress' efforts to understand what took place, Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I-CT) and the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs issued subpoenas to Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Attorney General Eric Holder, demanding documents about Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, the Muslim Army psychiatrist charged with killing 13 people and injuring 32 during a Nov. 5 shooting spree at Fort Hood, Texas.

Among the documents the committee is seeking: any that show what the Joint Terrorist Task Force in San Diego and the National Terrorism Task Force in Washington knew about Hasan's e-mail exchanges with Anwar al-Awlaki, a Yemen-based, U.S.-born imam with links to three of the Sept. 11, 2001, hijackers.

Sen. Lieberman, the committee's chairman, said the panel wants to determine how Hasan could communicate with Awlaki, speak regularly to colleagues and patients about his doubts that American Muslims should take part in military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, and be the subject of persistent concern among his supervisors and still not be investigated by the military or FBI. Instead, he was sent from Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington to Fort Hood to counsel soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Congress and the White House are in a showdown as the subpoena gives Gates and Holder until next Monday to provide the documents. (Intercessors for America)

- Pray that the truth is revealed and established in this matter. Pray that, by God's grace, those with pre-emptive powers will use them before another incident is allowed to occur. Pray that any and every infiltrator be captured and prosecuted promptly. Intercede to a Higher Authority to uproot and expose hidden links to this day of disaster for the American people, especially our military.

- "For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places." (Ephesians 6:12)


A U.S. lawmaker is seeking to revoke the American citizenship of radical cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, who is known for his inflammatory anti-American teachings and his communications with Maj. Nidal Hasan, the suspected shooter in the Fort Hood rampage in November. Rep. Charlie Dent, R-Pa., introduced a resolution Wednesday urging the Obama administration to strip al-Awlaki of his American citizenship, arguing that the cleric voluntarily renounced his citizenship by recruiting terrorists.

"As recent reports highlight, the U.S. government views al-Awlaki as a proven threat, and will take him dead or alive," Dent said in a written statement, referring to Obama's approval of the targeted killing of al-Awlaki. "Being a citizen of the United States of America is more than a right; it's a responsibility." "By his own actions, al-Awlaki has voluntarily surrendered his citizenship, and we should take the necessary steps to acknowledge that," he said. "Further should al-Awlaki be captured, his rights should be limited to those of an alien held abroad in military detention." (Fox News) (Read more)

- Offer praise for this act of courage on the part of Congressman Dent. Ask our Lord to place His angels around this Member of Congress, his staff, and his family; and pray that this resolution passes and that al-Awlaki's citizenship IS revoked.

- "Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows." (Gal. 6:7)

On Capitol Hill This Week Volume XVII, Number 11b



The Obama administration will appeal a court decision that found the National Day of Prayer unconstitutional. A federal judge in Wisconsin has ruled the National Day of Prayer that Congress established 58 years ago amounts to a call for religious action. About two dozen members of Congress have condemned the ruling and pressed for an appeal.

In a notice filed Thursday, the Justice Department said it will challenge the decision in the U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago.President Obama is the principal defendant in the lawsuit. The case was brought by atheists and agnostics who argue that the National Day of Prayer violates the separation of church and state. The administration says the law simply acknowledges the role of religion in the United States. (Associated Press)

- We praise God for this great victory, and we stand in the place of alignment and of blessing of Obama in this decision. May our Lord grace each attorney within the DOJ who will be preparing to file this appeal with His wisdom in doing so. In Jesus' Name, amen.

- "If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him." (James 1:5)


Decision Casts a Dark Shadow over America's Future

Nihad Awad, a founder of the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and its chief public spokesman, was the first to start taking a victory lap and announced that evangelist Franklin Graham was "disinvited" from a National Day of Prayer ceremony at the Pentagon.

Federal Bureau of Investigation wiretaps introduced at the federal Holy Land Foundation trials in 2008 include Nihad Awad participating in a secret meeting of Hamas leaders and activists in Philadelphia. Awad was, at that time, working for the Islamic Association for Palestine, another Hamas front group according to the FBI. CAIR was identified as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation case, the largest terrorism funding case in America's history.

"This attack on Franklin Graham and Christians was engineered by CAIR and it has the fingerprints of Barack Obama's White House all over it," said Traditional Values Coalition Executive Director Andrea Lafferty.

"Nihad Awad and CAIR offer us a preview of what America will be like if they are ever successful. Playing by their rules - shariah law-there is no separation of church and state. There is one state religion and Islam is it. There is zero tolerance for anything at variance with Islam, particularly if it's Christian or Jewish." (Traditional Values Coalition) Read more.

- Pray that full exposure of the Islamic agenda, with all of its links and tentacles, will come to light and shock the American people awake. Intercede that our Lord will put all foes of America under his feet and that nothing will ever shake, move, or replace the Constitution from this land. Ask for a solution and a conclusion of this chapter in American History, for political correctness is a cover for something much more sinister and dangerous, as we have seen in so many cases of late. Pray that God not only rule in our midst, but over-rule on these issues, permanently.

- "You know how my father David could not build a house for the name of the Lord his God because of the wars which were fought against him on every side, until the Lord put his foes under the soles of his feet. But now the Lord my God has given me rest on every side; there is neither adversary nor evil occurrence." (1 Kings 5:3-4)


Franklin Graham Included in Visit

Obama made a pilgrimage Sunday to Billy Graham's mountainside home, concluding his North Carolina vacation with his first meeting with the ailing evangelist who has counseled commanders in chief since Dwight Eisenhower.

The 48-year-old president made the short drive to Montreat from Asheville, where he spent the weekend, to see the 91-year-old Graham and son Franklin, also an evangelist.

During the visit, which lasted about 30 minutes, Obama had a private prayer and conversation with Billy Graham. "He is extraordinarily gratified that he took the time to meet with him," White House spokesman Bill Burton said.

"The conversation was very cordial, very nice," the younger Graham said. "When the president got ready to leave, the president prayed for my father, my father prayed for him."

Graham said his father prayed for the nation and that God would give Obama wisdom in his decisions. The president prayed to thank God for Billy Graham's life, Franklin Graham said.
Obama confided, like other presidents before him, how lonely, demanding and humbling the presidency can be, Ross said.

"That is a discussion that Mr. Graham has had with previous presidents who realize not only the demands but the loneliness of the job. And they're humbled by that," Ross said. "The only way one can do [the job] properly is to draw on spiritual resources." (AP) Read more.

- Whatever the motive for this visit, one thing is for sure: the president has now heard the gospel. Pray that the seeds that were planted in his heart would not be stolen by the enemy, but would instead remain to bear fruit in season. Pray!

- "I urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone- for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. This is good, and pleases God our Savior, 4who wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth. " (I Timothy 2:1-4)


ARMED MAN ARRESTED AT N.C. AIRPORT AS OBAMA DEPARTS An armed man spotted at a North Carolina airport parking lot just after Air Force One departed Sunday told an officer he wanted to see the president and had a car equipped with police gear, including a siren and flashing lights, authorities said. Joseph Sean McVey, 23, of Coshocton, Ohio, is charged with going armed in terror of the public, a misdemeanor, said Asheville Regional Airport Police Capt. Kevan Smith.

At about 2 p.m., airport police saw McVey get out of a maroon car with Ohio plates and that he had a sidearm, Smith said. Both airport police and the Secret Service questioned him and he was taken into custody. The suspect was nowhere near the president's plane, which had just departed, and was in a rental car return lot that is open to the public, Smith said.

- Offer praise for the quick thinking of the Secret Service and local law enforcement personnel in this case. Continue to pray for the protection of Mr. Obama and his family in these perilous times.

- "Pray wiithout ceasing . . ." (I Thess. 5:17)


The White House employs people who have dodged the law (see tax evaders Timothy Geithner and Kathleen Sebelius), but rarely does it hire men like Timothy Olson who encourages Americans to break the law. Unfortunately, that's exactly what the Census Bureau's assistant division chief has done as part of his personal agenda to "queer the Census." As we reported last week, he is publicly lobbying for homosexuals to check "married" on their surveys even though there's no such thing as a same-sex "spouse" under U.S. law!

"We've been very public about our interaction with the gay community," Olson said. "I'm a gay man, and I head up the overall program. The Bush administration was very firm that the Defense of Marriage Act prohibited the Census Bureau from releasing any information about same-sex couples. The new administration reversed that." FRC's Peter Sprigg took on that notion in his new Washington Times op-ed, "Marriage law doesn't count at Census Bureau." As he says, the Obama administration doesn't have the power to unilaterally reverse statutory law. So why is it employing people who try? Good question. One that Congress ought to be asking as part of an investigation of Timothy Olson. (Family Research Council)

- Pray that Mr. Obama uses greater wisdom in his presidential appointees. Pray!

- "If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him." (James 1:5)


National Security Adviser James Jones apologized Monday for telling a joke last week that depicted a member of the Taliban getting tricked by a Jewish merchant looking to make a sale. "I wish that I had not made this off the cuff joke at the top of my remarks, and I apologize to anyone who was offended by it," he said in a written statement. Jones, a retired general, used the lengthy joke to break the ice before his address last Wednesday at an event honoring the 25th anniversary of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

Interestingly, it was not included in the official White House-provided transcript of the speech. Jones, in his written statement, said the joke "distracted from the larger message I carried that day: that the United States commitment to Israel's security is sacrosanct." (Fox News) Read more.

- Although some may feel that this "joke" is clever, nevertheless, government officials must be held to a higher standard of accountability in all they do and say in public. Bind the spirit of anti-semitism, wherever it is found; and forgive those who -- even inadvertently -- promote such thinking. Forgive . . and pray.

- "Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable-if anything is excellent or praiseworthy-think about such things." (Phil. 4:8)


Keeping a promise from his Cairo speech, Hussein Obama is hosting a gathering of business leaders from 50 majority Muslim nations and 200 top American firms for a two-day "Entrepreneurship Summit" which began yesterday here in Washington. The President has repeatedly declared that the U.S. is "no longer a Christian nation," and because Christian leaders have repeatedly received rude treatment by the U.S. government under the Obama administration, I have some serious questions about this summit.

Isn't it considered an establishment of religion to "reach out" to Muslims? Have U.S. taxpayers ever hosted a conference for entrepreneurship with Catholic Poland or Protestant Sweden, not to mention Jewish Israel? What provisions have been made to make sure that any deals made w ith so-called Shari'ah-compliant firms here or abroad do not pay zakat? (For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the term, zakat is a rake-off that goes to Muslim charities. These "charities" have been known to include Hamas, Hezbollah, and al Qaeda.)

Finally, are these Shari'ah-compliant firms prepared to do business with the one true entrepreneurial society in the Mideast--the Israelis? Few American businessmen comprehend the spiritual or national security concerns inherent in making Shari'ah-compliant contracts. Given how this event could rapidly advance Shari'ah law in the U.S., Obama owes the American people some answers. (Family Research Council)

- As Islam continues its insidious march across the U.S. landscape, it is wise to learn of its deceitful ways. Seek out all you can to learn about shariah law, and how it is slowly and carefully introduced into a culture, gradually taking it over to that only Islamic law and' business practices rule. Pray that our own business leaders not be deceived by these crafty ways, for they lead only to a system of slavery and bondage from which we must flee. Pray!

- "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge . . ." (Hosea 4:6)


Abbas invited to Washington before Mitchell returns

US special Mideast envoy George Mitchell wrapped up his latest diplomatic mission to Israel on Sunday without securing Palestinian agreement to begin indirect peace talks with the Netanyahu government, but there were signs he will return soon to announce an end to the diplomatic impasse.

Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas has been invited to Washington in a week, just after he is expected to receive backing at an Arab League summit on May 1 for entering the proposed "proximity talks" with Israel.

Meanwhile, Mitchell will return to the region next week for further discussions with Israeli and Palestinian officials. Both moves are taken as signs that he is making progress behind the scenes towards getting the PA to consent to renewed negotiations after more than a year of floundering efforts by the Obama administration. (ICEJ News)

- What a contrast between this administration and the last one! President Bush would not go near Mahmoud Abbas; but Obama is embracing him. God have mercy!

We thank God that He is the defender of Israel and that, when all nations turn against her, He will fight for his own. More and more, the Lord is Israel's only hope for survival -- and what a sure hope that is!!!

- "On that day, when all the nations of the earth are gathered against her, I will make Jerusalem an immovable rock for all the nations. All who try to move it will injure themselves." (Zech. 12:3)

This Week, Worship Our Lord As . . .

MAKER OF ALL THINGS (Yo-tsayr Ha-kol)

"He who is the Portion of Jacob is not like these, for he is the Maker of all things, including Israel, the tribe of his inheritance- the LORD Almighty is his name." (Jer. 10:16)

You, the Maker of all things . . . made me. Your hands fashioned me. You formed me in the womb. Since You created me, why should I not trust You with everything in my life? Thank You for giving me shalom -- peace -- in the midst of all that goes on within me. I surrender My life into Your hands, Maker of all things.

"Your hands made me and fashioned me." (Psalm 119:73)

(Taken from: Intimate Moments with the Hebrew Names of God, by Barri Cae Malin and Shmuel Wolkenfeld; Bridge-Logos Publishers; Gainesville, FL, 32614. ISBN: 0-88270-801-5)