Sunday, March 18, 2007

Update: Patriots Outnumber Antiwar Activists in D.C.

This on-site report of the FACTS of yesterday's antiwar march in Washington was submitted by:

Michael Payne
Take A Stand Media Ministries
P.O. 1721
Winchester, Va. 22604

As I arrived at the Foggy Bottom metro station in the company of 3 men from Yorktown Va. whom I met on the train, we emerged onto the street to be greeted by a large group of vets preparing to march toward the Wall. We arrived to the area first having to pass by the anti-war group on our way to the staging area on the knoll next to the Wall. As we gathered men, women and some teens streamed in, veterans of all wars especially Vietnam. The pro-troop rally continued to build. Thousands of United States flags both large and small snapped in the wind. The anti-war group massed on the lawn to the 'left' of the Lincoln Memorial. The Pro-troop supporters lined the parade route, massed along the walk in front of the Vietnam Wall, lined the streets along Constitution Av and around a thousand stood on the knoll overlooking the Wall as the Troops were lifted up and patriotic songs were played.

There were maybe 2-3,000 people at the Sheehan party with a larger number of patriotic Pro-troop supporters showing overwhelming support and resolve for our troops. There is no way to give a head count of the Pro-troops side for they were every where. My estimate would be a 25% larger number in support of the war/troops than the anti-war group.

The coverage by the press is the same tactics -- different liars -- 40 years later. The Patriotic took the ground, won the battle and were reported as defeated, just like during Vietnam. Our troops and citizens of the U.S. are entitled to the truth not craftily spun lies of biased reporters with an agenda. The elements of weather were the same for both sides as is the case in battle. The patriotic fielded a larger army, took the victory and were labeled as again the loser.

Fact is there were 25% more there to support the Troops and what they do than there were against. When the press tells you only part of the facts laced with lies to support their pre-concieved bias then they are part and parcel to the lie being spun . . . They continuously bring the same slanted bias out of Iraq from un-identified sources, note the unofficial estimate of 10-20 thousand by Park Police yesterday.

Pray for our troops, their families, this United States and that the lies of satan be exposed by the light.

GOD BLESS you and your families.