Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Iran in the News

Iran in the News

“He shall deliver you in six troubles, yes, in seven no evil shall touch you.” (Job 5:19)

1. Iran Resumes Payments to Russia for Nuclear Power Plant - Fox News

The Russian state-run company building Iran's first atomic power plant said Monday that Tehran has made its first payment toward the long-delayed construction of Bushehr plant since a dispute over financing halted construction.

2. UK has Proof of Sailors Innocence - Financial Times

UK officials said that if the personnel are not returned in the next few days, Britain will go public with what it says are proofs they were in Iraqi waters when apprehended by the Iranians, rather than, as charged by Tehran, in Iranian territory.

3. China, Russia put more pressure on Iran - MSNBC

The presidents of Russia and China on Monday called on Iran to fulfill the U.N. Security Council’s demands over its disputed nuclear program -- a sign of impatience from Iran’s two closest allies over its continued defiance.

4. Sanctions hit Iran's Revolutionary Guards - USA Today

The Bush administration is using the nuclear standoff with Iran to target the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, accused by the United States of backing extremists in the Middle East, carrying out terror attacks and arming Iraqi militia groups.