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CHPP Daily Brief "Praying for All in Authority" Thursday, May 30, 2019

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The Daily Brief
"Praying for All in Authority"
Thursday, May 30, 2019 

"Let God arise and His enemies be scattered!" (Psalm 68:1)

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"Standing United Together . . . Under the Cross of Christ" 


Press Secretary Sarah Sanders responds to the end of the Special Counsel investigation

This morning, Special Counsel Robert Mueller announced the completion of his investigation with a short, prepared address from the Department of Justice headquarters.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders issued the following statement:

"The Special Counsel has completed the investigation, closed his office, and has closed the case. Mr. Mueller explicitly said that he has nothing to add beyond the report, and therefore, does not plan to testify before Congress. The report was clear-there was no collusion, no conspiracy-and the Department of Justice confirmed there was no obstruction. Special Counsel Mueller also stated that Attorney General Barr acted in good faith in his handling of the report. After two years, the Special Counsel is moving on with his life, and everyone else should do the same."

After a two-year, $35 million investigation that involved 500 witnesses, 500 search warrants, and 2,800 subpoenas, the Special Counsel's office found no evidence that President Donald J. Trump, any member of his campaign team, or indeed any American citizen conspired with Russia to influence the 2016 presidential election.

It's time to move forward. Mueller announced that he will step down from his role at the Department of Justice now that his investigation is complete, and he concluded today's remarks by calling on Americans to unite against a real threat: "multiple, systematic efforts" by a foreign government to interfere with our country. 

"That allegation deserves the attention of every American," he said.

From day one, President Trump has taken action to defend America from Russian meddling. The Trump Administration has maintained the closure of 2 Russian compounds-and the expulsion of 35 diplomats-in response to Russian interference in the 2016 election. Last April, the Administration also imposed sanctions against 7 Russian oligarchs, 12 companies they own or control, and 17 senior Russian officials to ensure the oligarchs who profit from Russia's destabilizing activities face consequences.

"We have been far tougher on Russia than anybody-anybody," the President says.

President Trump knows that a strong, united, and energy-independent America is the last thing Russia wants to see. An internally divided, dysfunctional Washington, on the other hand, would give Moscow the victory it craves. Which path will Congress choose?

Focus on Israel

1. BREAKING: Netanyahu Fails to Form Gov't, New Election Called for Sept 17 - World Israel News

After receiving an extension from President Reuven Rivlin, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu failed to form a coalition of 61 Knesset members needed to establish a government.

While 65 members of Knesset recommended that Netanyahu be entrusted with the formation of the new government after winning the April elections, he was unable to bridge the differences among his potential coalition partners.

Israeli lawmakers took the unprecedented step of dissolving the Knesset, throwing the country back into another election season just weeks after a national election.

After a 12-hour debate, lawmakers approved a measure by a vote of 74 to 45 to dissolve the 21st Knesset and hold new elections on September 17. The Likud-sponsored bill was supported by fellow right-wing parties Yisrael Beitenu, United Torah Judaism, Shas and the Union of Right-Wing Parties as well as two Israeli Arab parties, Ra'am Balad and Hadash Ta'al.

(Read more)

2. Deri: I was wrong, I apologize to Netanyahu - Israel National News

Shas chairman Aryeh Deri expressed his disappointment on Wednesday night over the conduct of Yisrael Beytenu, which led to the dissolution of the 21st Knesset.

"The Prime Minister, with his great wisdom, understood from day one that Liberman does not intend to join the government and that he only wants to gain time and not allow the Prime Minister to form this government," Deri told Arutz Sheva.

He admitted, "I convinced the Prime Minister with great fervor that this is not right and that it is worthwhile to try to negotiate and listen to the demands. We agreed that there will be a special measure in the government for Liberman and a different measure for the other parties, and we will not ask to be equal partners in order to allow him to be a part of it."

(Read more)

3. Gantz Will Continue To Lead Blue And White If There's Another Election - Jerusalem Post A short-lived fight at the top of Blue and White ended on Wednesday when the party's No. 2, Yair Lapid, told Channel 12: "If elections are declared, Gantz will lead Blue and White again."

The fight began when Lapid refused to answer a question on Army Radio about whether Gantz would continue leading the party. Yediot Aharonot later quoted Lapid telling confidants: "I don't promise to continue being his No. 2."

Blue and White MK Moshe Ya'alon objected to Lapid's behavior.

"I was sorry to hear what Lapid said," Ya'alon told Army Radio. "Blue and White is about putting the country first and setting egos aside. From my standpoint, we will be running again under the leadership of Gantz."

(Read more)

4. Jerusalem to host 'unprecedented' Israel-Russian-US security summit - Times of Israel

Jerusalem will host next month an unprecedented trilateral meeting of top security officials from Israel, Russia and the US, the White House announced on Wednesday.

"In June, United States National Security Adviser Ambassador John Bolton, Israeli National Security Adviser Meir Ben-Shabbat, and Russian Secretary of the Security Council Nikolay Patrushev will meet in Jerusalem, Israel, to discuss regional security issues," the White House press secretary said in a statement issued minutes before the Knesset voted to disband and to set new elections for September 17.

Minutes after the vote, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu referred to the planned meeting, stressing its unique nature and importance for Israel's national security.
(Read more)

5.Jordan's King tells Kushner Palestinians must have a state - CNN

Washington (CNN)Jordan's King Abdullah drew a red line on the plan that the Trump administration is expected to unveil to attempt to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, telling White House senior adviser Jared Kushner Wednesday it must be based on a two-state solution that gives Palestinians a capital in East Jerusalem. Kushner is traveling in Morocco, Jordan and Israel this week to meet with officials and drum up support for the long-awaited plan's economic portion, which will be unveiled during a June conference in Bahrain.

King Abdullah, who acts as custodian of Muslim holy sites in Jerusalem, has not committed to attend the conference.
(Read more)

The Daily Brief

1. Mueller's statement fuels impeachment push on Capitol Hill -
Washington Times

Calls for Democrats to ramp up impeachment proceedings grew louder Wednesday after special counsel Robert Mueller said he couldn't clear President Trump of crimes. Rep. Jerrold Nadler, chairman of the Judiciary Committee, said he saw in Mr. Mueller's statement an invitation to Congress to act.

Mr. Nadler would be the person leading any impeachment, and he said what Mr. Mueller laid out confirms the president did commit "crimes," which Congress has a duty to punish. "Given that special counsel Mueller was unable to pursue criminal charges against the president, it falls to Congress to respond to the crimes, lies and other wrongdoing of President Trump - and we will do so," the congressman said.

Key Republicans, though, said Mr. Mueller's statement Wednesday was no different than what he'd said in his original 448-page report, and which led Attorney General William P. Barr to declare the matter over. "The report shows that there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and any member or operative of the Russian government," said Sen. Lindsey Graham, South Carolina Republican and chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. He had a chance to declare Mr. Trump obstructed justice but didn't do so, instead leaving that decision to Mr. Barr, who cleared the president. (Read more)

- Father God, although we don't know the motives of Bob Mueller, we can see the impact of his words creating more division in our nation and difficulties for President Trump. We ask You to heal our divisions and bring an end to the harassment of President Trump.

- Surely the arm of the Lord is not too short to save, nor his ear too dull to hear.(Isaiah 59:1)

2. AG Barr Battles Intel Community And FBI. Illegal Surveillance Had Been Going On For Years. - SaraACarter

President Donald Trump's orders to declassify secret documents pertaining to the FBI's investigation into his campaign in 2016, came after weeks of battles between Attorney General William Barr and senior officials within the bureau, CIA and other agencies, sources with knowledge told

"We are heading toward a gigantic, gigantic fight," said Joe DiGenova, former U.S. Attorney. "The intelligence community, which includes the FBI, is in full resistance to disclosing what they did during the presidential campaign."

John Durham is charged with this investigation and DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz is expected to release his report on the FBI's handling of the investigation into Trump within weeks. These investigation will hold those in the intelligence and law enforcement community accountable, depending on what evidence is discovered. (Read more)

- Almighty God, we pray every federal employee who has misused their authority will be permanently removed from government, and where appropriate, prosecuted. Help Attorney General Barr get all the information he needs to do this important work.

- Kings detest wrongdoing, for a throne is established through righteousness. (Proverbs 16:12)

3. Christopher Steele Will Not Cooperate With US Attorney's Investigation - Daily Caller

Christopher Steele, the author of the anti-Trump dossier, will not cooperate with an investigation led by John Durham, the U.S. attorney in Connecticut, The FBI relied heavily on Steele's dossier to obtain surveillance warrants against former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

Barr has said that he is concerned about the FBI's use of Steele's document, which had several of its core allegations debunked by the special counsel's report. Steele alleged in his dossier that the Trump campaign took part in a "well orchestrated conspiracy" with Kremlin operatives to influence the 2016 election. But special counsel Robert Mueller was unable to establish such a conspiracy.

Steele was interviewed twice in the special counsel's investigation, and submitted answers in writing to the Senate Intelligence Committee. But he has avoided the public spotlight since the dossier was published by BuzzFeed on Jan. 10, 2017.
(Read more)

- Father, we pray Christopher Steele's testimony will be compelled to settle the issues regarding spying and seeding disinformation about President Trump and his campaign.

- As for a rogue, his weapons are evil; he devises wicked schemes to destroy the afflicted with slander, even though the needy one speaks what is right. But the noble man devises noble plans; and by noble plans he stands. (Isaiah 32:7-8)

4. Brennan, Clapper Call Border Crisis 'Nonexistent Threat' in Lawsuit Against Border Wall - Epoch Times

Sixty-two former government officials submitted a brief to a California district court on May 13 in support of a lawsuit against President Donald Trump, who wants to use Defense Department funds to help build a wall on the southern border.

The brief is signed by a who's-who of officials from the Obama era, including John Brennan, James Clapper, John Kerry, Susan Rice, Samantha Power, Janet Napolitano, Leon Panetta, and Chuck Hagel. The 62 officials argue that the border crisis is a "nonexistent threat" and "a manufactured crisis that rests on falsehoods and fearmongering."

Former Acting ICE Director Tom Homan said that if illegal aliens aren't caught by Border Patrol, there's no record of them even being in the country. "And that's what's concerning. The whole world knows our southern border is in chaos, the whole world knows if you want to come to United States illegally, now's the time to come because of what's going on at the border," Homan told The Epoch Times on May 24.

The brief signed by the 62 former government officials was part of a lawsuit brought by the Sierra Club. On May 24, San Francisco District Judge Haywood S. Gilliam Jr. placed an injunction on the Trump administration using Defense Department funds for border fencing, saying "irreparable harm" would ensue if the administration moved forward before a full hearing takes place. (Read more)

- Father, this is a lawsuit intended to enable lawlessness. Deliver us from this cabal of troublemakers!

- He who troubles his own house will inherit wind, and the foolish will be servant to the wisehearted. (Proverbs 11:29)

5. DHS Signs Memorandum of Cooperation with Guatemala to Confront Irregular Migration and Combat Human Smuggling - Just the Real News

Acting Secretary Kevin K. McAleenan has formalized an agreement between the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Ministry of Government of Guatemala with the signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation (MOC). The agreement, which will expand areas of collaboration between the United States and the Northern Triangle country to target human smuggling and trafficking networks, marks the start of the Acting Secretary's four-day trip to participate in bilateral and multilateral meetings with officials representing the governments of the Northern Triangle countries. 

"I am proud to sign this agreement with Minister Enrique Antonio Degenhart," said Acting Secretary McAleenan. "Through our continued collaboration and partnership, the U.S. and Guatemala are formalizing a number of initiatives to improve the lives and security of our respective citizens by combating human trafficking and the smuggling of illegal goods, helping to limit 'push' factors that encourage dangerous irregular migration to the U.S., perpetuating the ongoing crisis at or border." 

According to the MOC, both countries have agreed to take concrete actions necessary to combat the scourge of human trafficking and smuggling, interdict illicit drug trafficking, and target illegal trade and financial flows. This will include law enforcement training and collaboration to improve criminal investigations. (Read more)
- Father God, we pray the government of Guatemala will follow through with their commitments to combat human trafficking and drug smuggling into the United States.

- Let no one seek his own good, but that of his neighbor. (1 Corinthians 10:24)

6. Donald Trump: Roy Moore Cannot Win 2020 Senate Election - Breitbart

President Donald Trump said on Wednesday he has nothing against Roy Moore but that he cannot beat Democrat Sen. Doug Jones in the 2020 Senate race. "Roy Moore cannot win, and the consequences will be devastating," Trump said, pointing to the danger of Republicans possibly losing the seat in Alabama if Moore runs again. 

Moore lost to Jones in 2017 during a special election to fill the seat previously held by Sen. Jeff Sessions before he was appointed as attorney general in Trump's administration. Moore previewed another run for Senate, warning his possible Republican rival for the nomination, Bradley Byrne, that if he ran, he would beat Doug Jones. 

Trump warned that the consequences are greater in the 2020 election, as it is a full six-year term. "If Alabama does not elect a Republican to the Senate in 2020, many of the incredible gains that we have made during my Presidency may be lost, including our Pro-Life victories," he said. (Read more)
- Father, we honor Roy Moore for standing up for life and for Your law, especially when it mattered. We pray he will do what is best for Alabama and ultimately, what is best for our nation.

- Yes, the Lord will give what is good; and our land will yield its increase. 
(Psalm 85:12)

7. Harris Would Mandate States Receive DOJ Approval for New Pro-Life Laws- FreeBeacon

Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris is set to unveil a new policy which, if implemented, would require the Department of Justice to approve new state laws regarding abortion. Harris will outline the plan in greater detail during an MSNBC town hall on Tuesday. The proposal would mandate "states and localities with a history" of restricting abortion to "pre-clear any new law" with the DOJ to ensure "it comports with Roe v. Wade." 

By using the Women's Health Protection Act along side Roe as the standard for DOJ pre-clearance, Harris's plan would ensure almost no future pro-life measure could be implemented. The act, previously introduced by Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) and co-sponsored by Harris-along with nearly every other 2020 Democrat, is radically far-reaching. 

Effectively it would strike down prohibitions on abortion after 20 weeks, regulations protecting individuals or institutions from being forced to perform abortions, and laws preventing abortion on the basis of sex or fetal disability. (Read more)
- Father God, we pray whoever wins the 2020 election will not see the federal government as the vehicle to implement ungodly policies.

- Evil plans are an abomination to the Lord, but pleasant words are pure. 
(Proverbs 15:26)

8. $19 billion disaster aid bill blocked again in the House by GOP dissenter - FoxNews

The House on Tuesday again failed to approve a $19.1 billion disaster aid bill after a single GOP congressman dissented -- just days after it was unexpectedly stalled by another Republican holdout, Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Ky., objected. 

"The issue here is $19 billion. It is the definition of the swamp," Massie said. The bill had cleared the Senate 85-8 earlier last week, but the House attempting to move the measure via unanimous consent means that it required everyone present had to agree to it. ""Major legislation that spends taxpayer dollars should be discussed, debated, and members should cast a vote. That is how our system is set up," he said in a statement. "That is how it is supposed to operate." 

Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., said the House would try again Thursday to get the measure passed. But, if it is blocked again, the House is expected to wait until after June 4 to approve the bill via a roll call vote. (Read more)
- Father, we pray for regular order in Congress, especially where spending taxpayer monies are concerned.

- Who is wise? Let him give heed to these things, And consider the lovingkindnesses of the Lord. (Psalm 107:43)

9. "Americans' View of Job Market Hits New High" - Gallup

Americans' confidence in the U.S. job market is the highest in Gallup's trend originating in 2001, with 71% in May saying now is a good time to find a quality job. This represents a significant improvement from March and April, when 65% each month rated the job market favorably. 

The longer-term picture shows that Americans' positive perceptions of both the economy and the job market are substantially improved today over the prior decade, particularly from 2008 through 2011, as the country was entering and then recovering from the recession and global financial crisis. 

Notably, perceptions that the job market is good have improved more sharply than overall perceptions that the economy is in excellent or good shape, suggesting that other aspects of the economy are more troublesome in Americans' minds, perhaps involving wage growth or trade -- issues that continue to garner media attention. (Read more)
- Father, we thank You for the peace and prosperity of our nation. We pray our people will use this season to build up their families and be generous towards the work of Your Kingdom.

- Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom which cannot be shaken, let us have grace, by which we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear. (Hebrews 12:28)

10. Chinese Video Urges War With U.S. - FreeBeacon

China's Communist Party-controlled media stepped up a war of words with the United States recently urging an escalation of the ongoing trade dispute into a full-scale conflict. "China must be prepared to fight a protracted war," states a four-minute, anti-American video posted five days ago on a Chinese video-sharing service.

"Trump's 'outrageous and selfish' strategy might work for smaller countries, but it will never work for China," the video warns. "To quote a well-written article in the Global Times: If the Americans want to fight, we will fight them until the end! And we will fight until the Pacific Ocean splits into two!" Global Times is the Communist Party of China's nationalistic and anti-U.S. news outlet.

Guo Wengui, a dissident Chinese billionaire, said broadcast of the warlike video appears to be part of a national propaganda campaign in China by the Communist Party. Guo urged the White House National Security Council, Pentagon and U.S. intelligence agencies to closely study the video for clues to future Chinese actions. "This is not a joke from the CCP because they are really embedding a kind of a message in this video to prepare to confront the U.S.," he said. (Read more)

- Father, we pray the people of China will reject the idea of war with the United States. Penetrate their society with Truth and the power of Your love for them.

- For he has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves (Colossians 1:13)

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