Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Success in the Minority

Legislative Update

  • House: Minority Success with Motions to Recommit
  • House Next: Iraq Supplemental Appropriations, DC Voting Rights
  • Senate Completed: S. 4, 9/11 Commission Recommendations, Iraq votes
  • Senate Next: U.S. Attorneys, FY2008 Budget
  • Conference: Minimum Wage
Since our last update: The House has passed several bills, and the minority has enjoyed unprecedented success with procedural votes. The Senate wrapped up S. 4, the 9/11 Commission recommendations bill, and voted on Iraq resolutions without passing any. Both chambers have this week and next week left until the Easter recess. The Senate returns after one week, and the House returns after two weeks.

This week the House is taking up the Iraq supplemental spending bill this week, and DC Voting rights (H.R. 1433). Today, former Vice President Al Gore testifies about global warming. The Senate is dealing with a bill regarding U.S. attorneys (S. 214), and then moves on to the Budget for Fiscal Year 2008 (S.Con.Res. 21).

We are now 75 days into the 110th Congress and heading into Budget season. No major legislation has yet been sent to the President. There are some identifiable trends with the new majorities. On the horizon, there are a lot of bills to pray over with respect to human life and religious freedom such as efforts to liberalize the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy.