Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Peace Of Jerusalem Arab Style

The Peace Of Jerusalem Arab Style

The more the Arabs attempt to polish their concepts for peace in the Middle East, the more apparent is their heart’s desire of eliminating Israel from the face of the earth. The news media and the U.S. State Department is applauding a re-launch of the Arab Leagues’ “Arab Initiative” peace plan for Israel, which was soundly rejected in 2002 by Israel—mainly because it called for Israel to shrink its borders back to pre-1967 levels, give up the holy city of Jerusalem, and allow so-called “Palestinian refugees” the right of return. Nothing has changed in five years, except that the U.S. State Department under the leadership of the Bush Administration has encouraged this peace initiative to be reintroduced.

The Arab Initiative was brought forth by Jordan’s King Abdullah. He said, “Peace between the Arab states and Israel cannot be reached until Israel works constructively and seriously and demonstrates her respect and commitment to the Arab Initiative, a unanimously approved proposal. In this context, we appreciate the American Administration's role in recent weeks in activating the peace process to achieve the establishment of the Palestinian state on Palestinian soil. The Arab Peace Initiative shows the Arab World's clear intentions and desire to realize a just and comprehensive peace.”

In Abdullah’s remarks we see certain Arab concepts of peace. One is that Israel, not the Palestinians or Arabs, must work constructively with the Arab states. Another is that the U.S. has encouraged the Arabs to push for a Palestinian state on Palestinian soil. And the other concept is an Arab worldview of a “just and comprehensive peace.” These translate into demands that Israel give in to the Arab plan; that the U.S. will pressure Israel to consider it; and that a “just and comprehensive peace,” as Abdullah put it, means the ultimate elimination of Israel because the Arab Initiative calls for repopulating pre-1967 Israel with over two million Arabs and the establishment of yet another hostile nation on Israel’s borders.

Democratically elected terrorist group Hamas says it is against the plan because it would have to recognize Israel’s right to exist. Democratically elected terrorist group Fatah takes a longer range view—recognize Israel and then drive her into the sea from a position of strength—Fatah’s stated goal in its charter. The Bush Administration has bungled the Middle East by supporting the election of terrorists and calling for a shrinking of Israel’s borders. Israel needs to decide its own destiny because it has no true friends. And that’s not good for America. Jeremiah 6:14 says, “They have healed also the hurt of the daughter of My people slightly, saying peace, peace when there is no peace.”

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Bill Wilson
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