Thursday, August 23, 2007

NAU Meetings Held in Canada This Week

[Please note: on Monday and Tuesday this week, President Bush interrupted his vacation to join the presidents of Mexico and Canada in a series of closed-door meetings to discuss the development of the North American Union. Please find below Bill Wilson's report on those meetings, and on the reactions to them in Congress and elsewhere.

You can also learn more about the facts regarding the planned North American Union by going to two websites, below, and using their own search engines. Simply type in the words: North American Union, or NAU, and these excellent sources will cite numerous other articles on this topic.

Those sources are: Intercessors for America and WorldNetDaily].

Bush Meets In Secrecy To Accelerate North America Union

President George W. Bush is in Canada holding closed door meetings with Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Mexico's President Felipe Calderon about the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), AKA, the North American Union. This time, the meetings, however, will be surrounded with hundreds of protesters who are concerned about the ongoing efforts of the three countries to enact a Council on Foreign Affairs roadmap for the SPP which calls for the implementation "by 2010 of a North American economic and security community, the boundaries of which would be defined by a common external tariff and an outer security perimeter."

WorldNetDaily has reported that 22 members of the U.S. House of Representatives have put the President on notice that they believe he is weakening national security by pursuing open borders with Mexico and Canada. The parting shot of the letter, according to WorldNetDaily, warned the president "not to pledge or agree to any further movement in connection with the SPP at the upcoming North American summit." Indeed, the SPP has caught the attention of Congress as California Republican Duncan Hunter in July amended legislation to prohibit the use of federal funds to participate in anything related to the SPP.

Citizen action group Judicial Watch has sued the Department of Commerce for refusing access to meetings and records of the North American Competitiveness Council, an official tri-national working group of the SPP. Judicial Watch is asking the court to issue an emergency temporary restraining order, mandating that Judicial Watch be allowed to attend the North American Competitiveness Council meeting that is being held in conjunction with the President's SPP visit to Canada. Most disturbing is a document from one of the meetings exposed by Judicial Watch that said the SPP vision of North America was appealing, but working on specific infrastructure would bring more support using the strategy of "evolution by stealth."

The federal government propaganda machine is working overtime to dispel the idea that it is secretly scheming with leaders of Canada and Mexico to develop a North America Union which unlawfully and unconstitutionally undermines the sovereignty of the United States. The more that is learned of the SPP, however, points to many organizations and policies that already are working to establish the North American Union through "evolution by stealth." All citizens must demand transparency on this issue. Jesus said in John 3:20, "For every one that does evil hates the light, neither comes to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved." Evil men love secrecy. The SPP must be exposed.

(Source: The Daily Jot; Monday, August 20, 2007)

Bill Wilson

Word of Life Ministry

Secret memo: One-world agenda dominates SPP summit

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PREMEDITATED MERGER - Secret memo: One-world agenda dominates SPP summit Document reveals plan for meeting of U.S., Mexico, Canada leaders - By Jerome R. Corsi: The memo states "the most dynamic element on the plenary agenda was a meeting with the NACC, the body created by the Leaders in 2006 to give the private sector a formal role in providing advice on how to enhance competitiveness in North America." The NACC consists of 30 multinational business corporations that advise SPP and set the action agenda for its 20 trilateral bureaucratic working groups. - According to the memo, the NACC made recommendations in three areas: border-crossing facilitation, standards and regulatory cooperation, and energy integration. The memo suggested NACC members were getting impatient, charging the speed of SPP regulatory change was too slow. The members complained of "the private sector's seeming inability to influence the pace of regulatory change 'from the bottom up.'" - WND has reported that as many as 10,000 protesters plan to assemble in Quebec to show opposition to the summit. - WND also has previously reported that under SPP, the military of the U.S. and Canada are turning USNORTHCOM into a domestic military command structure, with authority extending to Mexico, even though Mexico has not formally joined with the current U.S.-Canadian USNORTHCOM command structure. Read More