Thursday, August 16, 2007

Abortionists Seek to Avoid Ban by Killing Baby First

To steer clear of the federal partial-birth abortion ban, abortionists are injecting preborn babies with a lethal drug dose before aborting them, according to The Boston Globe. The National Abortion Federation is training doctors to inject potassium chloride into a preborn baby's heart. Since the procedure kills the baby while in the mother's womb, abortionists argue they cannot be prosecuted under the ban.

Dr. Gene Rudd with the Christian Medical Association called it an appalling situation. "In an effort to technically circumvent the partial-birth abortion ban," he told Family News in Focus, "abortionists have basically moved the death of the baby by just a few inches and a few minutes." He also points out that if potassium chloride gets into the mother's system, it could place her health at risk. "We have breached a major tenet of medical ethics," Rudd explained. "We're not really doing what's in her best interest. We're doing what's in the physician's best interest."

Denise Burke, staff counsel for Americans United for Life, pointed out that potassium chloride is also used to execute death row inmates. "It is ironic that they're using drugs to end an innocent life," she said, "using the exact same drugs that we use to execute prisoners who've had all their due process rights." (Focus on the Family: Family News in Focus) ·

While we rejoice at the wonderful news of the conversion of former abortionist Dr. Patti Gibbink to faith in Jesus Christ, we yet cry out for the souls of the many other abortionists in this nation who are caught in this cycle of death -- that of the babies they are killing, and that of their own souls in the process. Pray for the souls of these many others; may our dear Lord yet find the mercy in His heart to bring them to salvation, while there is yet time.

" . . . while we were yet in sin, Christ died for us." (Romans 5:8)