Thursday, August 16, 2007

Iranian Revolutionary Guard - A Terrorist Organization

The Far Reach Of Terrorist Support Soon To Be Revealed

The Bush Administration will soon designate as a terrorist organization the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Iran's powerful military/political force. The move will allow the U.S. government to crack down on businesses that do business with the Revolutionary Guard and will allow the U.S. to track and freeze assets and finances of the Revolutionary Guard.

The Revolutionary Guard and its special unit, the Qods Force, have been confirmed to be assisting the terrorists in both Iraq and Afghanistan in killing American soldiers. The Revolutionary Guard in Iran is a 125,000-strong military group that is apart from Iran's conventional forces. The Guard supports terrorists around the world, according the Bush Administration, and has recently been involved in supplying roadside bombs, training, weapons and financing for terrorists fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. According to the Washington Post, who broke the story, "The main goal of the new designation is to clamp down on the Revolutionary Guards' vast business network, as well as on foreign companies conducting business linked to the military unit and its personnel. The administration plans to list many of the Revolutionary Guards' financial operations."

This is the insidious nature of the Islamic jihadist movement. There are para-military forces throughout the world. Some are claiming to be peaceful Muslim communities, who raise money through charity and then funnel the money into the hands of terrorist organizations that are many parts removed and difficult to trace. Others are Muslim-owned businesses whose profits and dealings provide support for the vast Islamic terrorist network. Many of them appear legitimate, friendly, and peaceful, but beneath the veneer they are joyfully funding the worldwide terrorist machine.

Islam, no matter how it is presented, is the antithesis of represented government and freedom. That the U.S. government is prepared to designate the leading political and military machine in Iran as a terrorist organization is a not-so-subtle indicator that Iran's government is a terrorist government. Taken a step further, those doing business with Iran, especially in arming it, are supporting terrorism and that would include Russia and China. But Americans will soon find that the terrorist structure reaches deep into the entire Muslim community, peaceful or not. Jeremiah 51:14 is a clear warning to all who love freedom, "Surely, I will fill you with men as with locusts and they shall raise a battle cry against you." Beware of satanic cults who use freedom of religion to advance their evil deeds.

Bill WilsonWord of Life