Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Iran Beginning To Control Power Structure In Middle East

Internatinal Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Chief Mohamed ElBaradei speaks at a briefing after an IAEA board of governors meeting in Vienna September 24, 2005. [Reuters]

Iran is now determining the power structure of the Middle East as it is arming and financing terrorist groups that strategically surround Israel and is working at breakneck speed in developing the ingredients for a nuclear bomb. In an interview with the London Financial Times, United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency chief Mohamed ElBaradei said Iran has mastered crucial nuclear technology since August and could be as little as six months away from being able to enrich uranium on an industrial scale. Nevertheless, ElBaradei maintains that Iran is five to six years away from making a nuclear bomb. Other estimates shorten that time frame to less than a year.

According to a compilation of various reports, Iran is also the coordinating and financing point for a host of terrorist organizations including al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and others. DEBKAfile reports that Syria, using Iranian money has acquired sophisticated shoulder fired anti-aircraft missiles from Russia and has turned them over to Hezbollah in Lebanon. On February 6, former Israeli Defense Force chief Moshe Yaalan revealed that Iran has provided funding for both Hamas and Fatah. Fatah is also supported by the United States and is the terrorist group/political party of the U.S. supported “Palestinian President” Mahmoud Abbas.

Israel is virtually surrounded by Iranian funded terrorist organizations. Former advisor to Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon Rani Levy told a breakfast group at the National Religious Broadcasters meeting in Orlando, Fl. that he cannot give one example around the the world where a country is surrounded by as much hate as is faced by Israel. Levy blames much of the problem on the U.S.-backed roadmap for peace, which he says is a fundamental mistake in giving land for peace. Levy says it sends the message to the terrorists that “If you inflict more terror on Isreal, Isreal will give up more concessions.” He said it is time for Israel to come to its senses and tell the world, including the United States, that Israel will no longer give up land for peace.

The regional instability and pressure Iran is causing will soon reach a breaking point. Insider sources are saying that Israel is planning a strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities. Russia Monday announced it was delaying construction on one of Iran’s nuclear plants, citing Iran had fallen behind in payments, but Russia may be protecting further investments in the event of military action against the plant. The U.S. has a large fleet in the Persian Gulf. These are all signs of a pending conflict. One way or another Iran’s apocalyptic desires may soon come to a head. Meanwhile, the diplomats continue to fall prey to Iran’s negotiations, delays, and promises of peace. Jeremiah 8:15 says, “We looked for peace, but no good came.”

Bill Wilson
Word of Life Ministry