Thursday, February 22, 2007


CHPP wishes to encourage ALL of our Prayer Partners to go out this weekend and view "Amazing Grace" -- the amazing and inspiring story of William Wilberforce, a man who worked tirelessly to overturn the practice of slavery in the Enligsh Empire in the early nineteenth century. Below please find a commentary on this movie by Gary Bauer.

Amazing Grace

My friends, please make time to catch today’s Focus on the Family broadcast. My good friend Dr. James Dobson is devoting two days of his daily radio show to a discussion of William Wilberforce and his struggle to end slavery in England.

It took Wilberforce many, many years to change the hearts and minds of his countrymen. But listening to this broadcast, I came away encouraged about the ongoing effort to end abortion in America. You can find station listings or listen to Dr. Dobson’s show online at