Friday, February 9, 2007

Free World Asleep While Evil Axis Advances

Unless the United States, Europe and Israel awake from their numb slumber and take strong united action, the evil axis of Russia, China and Iran will tighten their noose around the free world and pull it tight so swiftly that it may be too late to counter. Russia’s military spending, development and deployment has tripled in the past five years. China’s military also has grown exponentially and its satellite attack capability changes the balance of world military power. Iran, with the aid of China and Russia, is expanding its support of global terrorism on a daily basis. These allies are a dynamic force that is moving ahead in their diabolical agenda faster than the West is willing to recognize.

Middle East News Line reports that Israeli military officials are expressing concern that advanced Chinese missile technology is being funneled to Iran either through China or through North Korea. They say that Iran has been financing North Korean missile and strategic weapons development based on Russian and Chinese technology. Israeli Defense Minister Amir Peretz is concerned that Iran’s quest to acquire an independent space-launch capability, such as that displayed by China when it launched an attack against a weather satellite earlier this month, could invoke “extreme scenarios in which our space assets could become paralyzed by enemy action.”

Iran’s tentacles stretch far beyond supplying weapons, money and personnel to terrorists in Iraq fighting against the United States. Iran, through Syria, is supplying the terrorist group Hezbollah with weapons that are being deployed along the Golan Heights border with Israel. Iran is supplying weapons and cash to Hamas terrorists in Israel. Iran is also aiding al Qaeda in its efforts in other parts of the world. And Iran is supplying Shiite terrorists in remote places like Yemen with grenades, rockets and anti-tank missiles.

Meantime, the United States is putting diplomatic pressure on Europe to take stronger measures against Iran through economic sanctions. But European countries, led by France, do not see the need to cut off billions of dollars in trade with Iran just to slow down its nuclear development or the spread of worldwide terrorism. Indeed, the United States, Europe and Israel continue to trade with China and Russia knowing full well that these countries are allied with Iran in its nuclear and missile development as well as in supporting terrorism. Revelation 18:17 speaks of the fall of the great trading nation Babylon, which was given over to “the hold of every foul spirit”, saying “For in one hour so great riches is come to naught.” Could this be a warning to those who embrace the money from these evil nations more than righteousness?

Bill Wilson
Word of Life Ministry

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