Thursday, February 8, 2007

Chambers Trading Priorities

  • House Completed: First 100 Hours, FY2007
  • House Next: Iraq
  • Senate Completed: S. 1 (Ethics Reform), H.R. 2 (Minimum Wage)
  • Senate Next: FY2007, Human Life, Iraq (?)
  • Conference: Minimum Wage
Since the last update: The House has finished its First 100 Hours agenda, and passed H.J.Res. 20, the spending bill to finish out Fiscal Year 2007. The Senate passed S. 1, Ethics Reform, without Section 220 (praise the Lord!), passed H.R. 2, the minimum wage increase, and has begun voting on Iraq resolutions.

This week has been quiet in the House (most of the activity early in the year is in committee), and the Senate was to begin debating Iraq in earnest which seems to be picking up again.

Next week the House takes up Iraq for three days, and other matters, while the Senate may debate Iraq more, and also has to pass the spending resolution to replace the one that expires next Thursday, February 15.

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