Friday, January 5, 2007

A Promise To Keep

In his column today, Bob Novak explains that an upcoming vote on embryonic stem cell research will provide insight into whether pro-lifers do in fact have a place in today’s Democrat Party. Placed near the top of their agenda, the embryonic stem cell bill, which would use tax dollars to fund embryonic stem cell research, was vetoed last year by President Bush. With the new Democrat majority in Congress, however, Novak ran the numbers and determined that the bill has a decent shot of garnering enough support to override another Bush veto.

In the Senate, all eyes will be on Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey, Jr., who promised to vote against the embryonic stem cell bill last year during his campaign against Rick Santorum, a race in which Casey captured 36 percent of the state’s pro-life vote. Will Casey stay true to his pro-life promise? Or, will he succumb to intense pressure from anti-life Democrat Party leaders? Stayed tuned.