Friday, January 19, 2007

Congressman Battles North Americanization

Congressman Battles North Americanization
Introduces resolutions aimed at stopping SPP from integrating continent

Rep. Virgil Goode, R-Va., is preparing to introduce a series of House resolutions aimed at stopping the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America from integrating the continent into a trilateral U.S.- Mexico-Canada structure of administrative law. Goode also intends to block the previously undisclosed, but already signed, Social Security agreement to "totalize" U.S. Social Security benefits with legal and illegal Mexicans working in the U.S. "I hope our effort will be successful in stopping the implementation of the Security and Prosperity Partnership," Goode told WND. "If we are not successful in stopping SPP, we are going to see further erosion in the sovereignty of our country." As WND previously has reported, SPP has laid out plans for increased regulatory cooperation between the three nations in new, full-color, trilingual publications of the 2005 and 2006 SPP Reports to Leaders, which is archived in electronic form on the Department of Commerce SPP website.

Goode objected that the open borders philosophy of the Bush administration "will level down the United States. SPP will enhance neither the security of the United States nor the prosperity of our economy." Goode also told WND that he plans to re-introduce in the 110th Congress H.C.R. 487, a resolution he introduced previously to block both NAFTA Super Highways and the formation of a EU-style North American Union. In an e-mail to WND, Goode's office affirmed the re- introduction of H.C.R. 487 can be expected perhaps as early as today. "The NAFTA Superhighway will bring more trucks and vehicles from south of our border into our country," Goode explained to WND. "It will cost American jobs and decrease safety for our traveling public. The NAFTA Super Highway will end up opening further opportunities for illegals to be smuggled into the United States."

The House resolutions Goode already has introduced into the current Congress include:

-- H.C.R. 18. Expressing disapproval by the House of Representatives of the Social Security totalization agreement signed by the commissioner of Social Security and the director general of the Mexican Social Security Institute June 29, 2004. Introduced Jan. 4, it has been joined by 27 co-sponsors.

-- H.C.R. 22. Expressing the sense of Congress that the president should provide notice of withdrawal of the United States from NAFTA. Introduced on Jan. 10, it is co-sponsored by Rep. Walter Jones, R-NC.

(WorldNetDaily, excerpted; Jan. 17, 2007)