Monday, January 29, 2007


Global Warming Being Used To Expand One World Order

Global warming is being used by socialists and communists to gain control of worldwide natural resources and international corporations as a funding mechanism for expanding global social democracy. Scientists as well as media and politicians are willing accomplices. Democratic congressmen are calling for special commissions to determine ways to stop this so-called threat to mankind. Former Vice President Al Gore has staked his recent political career on global warming. The news media is sounding a high pitch warning on global warming. There is an all out campaign to convince Americans that global warming will destroy mankind and that Americans are the most to blame.

Recently, The Weather Channel’s most prominent climatologist, Heidi Cullen, who hosts a weekly global warming program, suggested that the American Meteorological Society revoke its "Seal of Approval" for any television weatherman who questions that human activity is creating a climate catastrophe. But James Spann, an operational meteorologist for 29 years, says that the warming seen in the past decade is cyclical, citing the heat wave of the 1930’s as an example. Following the money, Spann says billions of dollars of grant money is lining the pockets of those supporting man-made global warming. He claims scientists, politicians, and even Cullen get paid handsome sums to support global warming.

Spann’s theory seems plausible as scientists are beating a loud drum saying more must be done to stop global warming, which means more research money for long periods of time. But even scientists who support global warming are not convinced the weather models depicting global warming are accurate. For example, the scientist who claimed global warming caused Hurricane Katrina now says that there is uncertainty in the model upon which she based the claim. When leftists promote such a concept with such furious vigor, it is good to take a step back and find out why they want critics silenced, billions of dollars mandated for research, and companies regulated and taxed for an unproven concept.

Maurice Strong, who made his money in oil and utilities and is a business partner of billionaire socialist George Soros, is considered the godfather of the global warming movement. He organized the Conference on Human Environment in 1972 and the Earth Summit in 1992 which laid the groundwork for the Kyoto global warming treaty—which is a globalist power grab to tax corporations and countries for their emissions. Strong has a long and illicit history with the United Nations promoting globalism and is being investigated in the U.N. Oil for Food scandal. In short, global warming is being used to expand globalism. Jesus said in Matthew 24:4, “Take heed that no man deceive you.”

Bill Wilson

Word of Life Ministry