Saturday, December 2, 2006

$165 Million WorldNetDaily Suit Smashes Previous Record

The national media is ignoring a massive First Amendment related court action filed by Clark Jones, a Tennessee Democratic fund-raiser for former vice president Al Gore. The record-breaking $165 million lawsuit is filed against WorldNetDaily news service (WND) and two freelance writers Charles C. Thompson II and Tony Hays, who wrote a comprehensive investigative series exposing Al Gore's record of corruption in Tennessee during the 2000 presidential campaign. If damages are awarded, this judgment would be the largest of any held up in such a court proceeding.

WND was named as defendant in the action, along with the two journalists who wrote a series of 18 investigative reports during the 2000 presidential race, most of them documenting allegations of corruption involving then-Vice President Gore and others in Gore's home state. Some Tennessee observers believe the series had such an impact that it was responsible for Gore losing the state – and thus the presidential election. Had Gore won his home state, the disputed Florida vote would have been meaningless and Gore would have had enough electoral votes to become president. The lawsuit stems from the investigative reports, which ran from September to December 2000, that included information about Jones, a Savannah, Tennessee auto dealer, Democratic activist and friend of Al Gore. (

• For the Glory of God and His Truth to always be revealed, please pray that this lawsuit, threatening the First Amendment, be dropped! Pray that the workers of iniquity be stopped! Ultimately, we know that the Father of Truth wins and that the father of lies loses! • " 'These are the things you shall do: speak each man the truth to his neighbor; give judgement in your gates for truth, justice and peace; let none of you think evil in your heart against your neighbor; and do not love a false oath. For all these are things that I hate,' says the Lord." (Zechariah 8: 16-17 NKJV)