Monday, December 11, 2006


Both the House and the Senate are now out of session for the remainder of this year, which marks the close of the Second Session of the 109th Congress. The new, 110th Congress will convene its first session on Wednesday, January 3, 2007.

We will now adjust our own publishing schedule accordingly:

1. "On Capitol Hill This Week" (the OCAP) will next be pubished on Monday, January 8h, 2007.

2. A Legislative Update will be released next weekend, giving a wrap-up of the final activities of this session of Congress.

3. Another Legislative Update will also be published just before the New Year. This edition will focus on the anticipated first 100 days of the 110th Congress.

4. The Daily Briefs will continue to be posted through the end of this year, and on into the next year: Tuesday through Friday, as always.

In closing, we wish to recognize and thank the team of editors our Lord has raised up to pray over our alerts, and to bring forth His prophetic decrees over each news item. The "OCAP" team includes: Barbara M., VA; Joan S., OH; and Deb P., MT. Our Daily Brief editors are: (Tuesday) Anita D., TX; (Wednesday) Faye H., ID; (Thursday) Susan T., CO; and (Friday) Cindy M., MS. We appreciate your continued prayers over this anointed team, for their protection, grace and blessing now and in the New Year.