Wednesday, May 30, 2007

U.S. Al Qaeda Leader Lists Demands

There seems to be a lot of momentum right now to negotiate our way out of war. We sat down with Iran this week. We are pressuring Israel to make more concessions to the Palestinians. The White House recently completed a deal with North Korea. The list goes on and on.

Today we got the reaction to all this talk from Adam Gadahn, a California- born convert to Islam who is the public face of Al Qaeda in the U.S. He said on an Internet videotape that unless we meet Al Qaeda's demands we will "experience things which will make you forget about the horror's of September 11th, Afghanistan and Iraq, and Virginia Tech."

He then listed Al Qaeda's demands that included removing every U.S. soldier from any Muslim land, ending all support for Israel, banning all American Jews from leaving the U.S. to live in Israel, the release of all Muslim prisoners held by us or anyone else, etc, etc, etc.

If anyone believes that answering these demands would end the war with Islamofascism, they are naïve. Iran's "president" has already demanded that we convert to Islam or die. And how long would it be before they demanded we turn American Jews over to the jihadists? If we think this challenge can be solved by diplomats instead of warriors, we have a dark future ahead.

(Source: Gary Bauer; End of Day; 5/30/07)