Saturday, May 19, 2007

Evangelical Christians Support Jerusalem

The International Christian Embassy, an evangelical group based in Jerusalem, spoke out on Tuesday [May 15] against the decision by United States and European officials to boycott Jerusalem Day celebrations. Many officials decided not to attend the celebrations in honor of the 40th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem due to concerns that their attendance would offend local Arabs, who claim much of Jerusalem as their own.

Reverend Malcolm Hedding, director of the Embassy, called the reunification of Jerusalem "one of the clearest cases of historic justice ever." In a letter to Jerusalem Mayor Uri Lupolianski, Hedding supported Jewish settlement in Jerusalem and called the refusal to recognize Jewish sovereignty in the city "a perverse and immoral act."

(By Arutz Sheva, May 16, 2007)

Prayer Focus:
There has been so much joy in the streets of Jerusalem this week, yet, according to a poll, 58% of the Israeli public is willing to divide it for a workable "peace" plan. Pray that Jerusalem will never be divided and that it will recognized as the capital of Israel.

"Look upon Zion, the city of our appointed feasts; your eyes will see Jerusalem, a quiet home, a tabernacle that will not be taken down; not one of its stakes will ever be removed, nor will any of its cords be broken." (Isaiah 33:20)

[Reported by: Bridges for Peace]