Friday, May 11, 2007

Hezbollah South Of The Border

Hezbollah South Of The Border

Yesterday, I reiterated my belief that the upcoming debate on immigration reform must be conducted in the context of the post- 9/11 world we are living in, and a disturbing report by NBC News and Telemundo further reinforces that point.

According to their report, Hezbollah is thriving in an area of South America known as the "Triple Frontier," where the borders of Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina meet. The region has a large Arab Muslim population that fled the Middle East, but brought with it its hatred for Jews and America.

In 1992 and 1994, two attacks against Jewish targets in Buenos Aires killed more than 100 people. An investigation concluded that the attack was ordered by then Iranian President Ali Hashemi Rafsanjani in retaliation for Argentina suspending its cooperation with Iran's nuclear program.

The report also noted that a 2004 CIA threat paper, "singles out the Mexican border as an especially inviting target for Hezbollah operatives." According to the CIA, "Many alien smuggling networks that facilitate the movement of non-Mexicans have established links to Muslim communities in Mexico."

(Source: Gary Bauer; End of Day; 5/10/07)