Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Iran in the News

Iran in the News

"Therefore the Lord says, The LORD of hosts, the Mighty One of Israel, "Ah, I will rid Myself of My adversaries, And take vengeance on My enemies." (Isaiah 1:24)

1. Kuwait reviews readiness for likely US-Iran war- Agence France Presse

The Kuwaiti government on Wednesday briefed MPs on contingency plans to face a possible breakout of hostilities between the United States and Iran over the latter's nuclear programme, a senior minister and lawmakers said. A government emergency team explained to parliament's foreign relations committee the possibility of Kuwait coming under attack or being targeted by terrorists if Washington strikes Iran, committee chairman Mohammed al-Sager told reporters. Around 15,000 US troops are stationed at several bases in the emirate. The largest is at Arifjan, near the border with Saudi Arabia.

2. Ahmadinejad Rival Chosen As Tehran Mayor - AP

The moderate-leaning mayor of Iran's capital was re- elected Wednesday in a city council vote that signaled waning support for President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, whose allies campaigned hard against the choice. Mayor Mohammad Bagher Qalibaf is considered a likely rival to Ahmadinejad in the 2009 presidential election. The mayor is a conservative who backs the Islamic government, but also a pragmatist who has stressed efficiency over hard-line ideology in running Tehran.

3. Congress: India Builds Military Ties with Iran - Middle East Newsline

Congress has determined that India was developing military relations with Iran despite a nuclear agreement with the United States. Members of the House and Senate said India was establishing defense and military cooperation with Iran in wake of a U.S. nuclear agreement with New Dehli. They have raised the prospect that Iran could benefit from U.S. missile technology sold to India.

4. Iran: More Sanctions Won't Stop Nuclear Work - Reuters

Iran's president on Saturday told major powers considering United Nations sanctions they could 'issue resolutions until you get tired', making clear the country would press ahead with its disputed nuclear program. But amidst a deepening standoff between Tehran and the West, Iran's foreign minister reportedly welcomed a Swiss proposal for talks on Tehran's atomic ambitions, even though the country has repeatedly rejected demands it halt uranium enrichment.