Wednesday, May 30, 2007

China Military Doctrine Changing Toward Preemption With Russian Help

The Chinese military doctrine is rapidly changing from a defensive "engage only if attacked" principle to one of an offensive preemptive strike first utilizing a combination satellite destruction tactics, computer warfare and long-range nuclear missile attack capabilities via mobile launchers such as submarines, according to the most recent report to Congress by the Pentagon. The analysis found in the annual report entitled "Military Power of the People's Republic of China 2007," gives a chiling assessment of how China has increased its military spending, improved its technology and long-range strike capacity, and has shifted its doctrine toward one of preemption rather than defense.

The report indicates that the Chinese military analysts believe China is the sixth most powerful nation in the world. And Chinese military strategists apparently have adjusted their military doctrine to reflect the country's world position. The report stresses, "PLA (People's Liberation Army) operational concepts seek to prevent enemy forces from massing and to keep the enemy off balance by seizing the initiative with offensive strikes. According to PLA theorists, an effective defense includes destroying enemy capabilities on enemy territory before they can be employed."

The Pentagon report concludes, "China's acquisition of power projection assets, including long-distance military communication systems, airborne command, control, and communications aircraft, long-endurance submarines, unmanned combat aerial vehicles, and additional precision-guided air-to-ground missiles indicate that the PLA is generating a greater capacity for military preemption. PLA training that focuses on "no-notice," long range strike training or coordinated air/naval strikes against groups of enemy naval vessels could also indicate planning for preemptive military options in advance of regional crises."

China's successful January tests of destroying low orbit satellites-the type that the United States uses to direct sophisticated combat communications and operations-is part of the new Chinese doctrine. And, as with most areas of disruption in the world at this point in history, Russia is not only behind the weapons and nuclear buildup of Islam, but also that of China. The report says, "Russia remains China's primary weapons and materiel provider, selling it advanced fighter aircraft, missile systems, submarines, and destroyers." Revelation 16:12 speaks of the river Euphrates being dried up "that the way of the kings of the east might be prepared." It appears the kings of the east are also preparing.

Bill Wilson

Word of Life Ministry