Saturday, May 19, 2007

Immigration Reform Sets Wheels In Motion ...

Immigration Reform Sets Wheels In Motion
For Fulfillment Of Ancient End Time Prophecy

The immigration plan concocted by the Bush Administration and a coalition of conservatives and liberals will accelerate the globalization of the United States and begin ushering in America's place in the one world order-the beginning of the fulfillment of ancient prophecy found in the Bible's book of Daniel. While plans are already moving forward to make Mexico, the United States, and Canada a North American Union with common security and contiguous borders, the spear point of the plan rests on unimpeded migration between the nations. The Bush-Kennedy immigration reform plan is a major step in that direction.

The immigration reform proposal sets in motion a way for illegal aliens to receive amnesty and set themselves on a path to citizenship. A new security system would be put in place that allegedly would select immigrants based on their skills, education levels and job experience. The agreement would allow illegal immigrants to obtain a "Z visa" after paying fees and a $5,000 fine. This would put them on track for permanent residency, which could take between eight and 13 years. Many would be required to return to their home country for stints of one and two years. This complicated system may well result in no change at all for the 14 million illegals currently in the U.S. because there is no incentive to comply.

This program, coupled with the Bush Administration's Security and Prosperity Partnership, will serve as the framework for integrating the people, the economies, the security, and the trade between the current sovereign nations of Mexico, Canada and the United States. Implementation of the North American Union appears on the fast track and will be done with a series of agreements rather than any type of vote in Congress or approval by the citizens of America. Both political parties are on board with the NAU, although Democrats will take the country there faster and President Bush has accelerated the process more than any other American political leader.

The Bible says in Revelation that the anti-Christ will rise to power and have dominion over all the world. Clues to the sequence of events bringing about the rise of the anti-Christ are found in Daniel. Daniel 7:24 says, "The ten horns are ten kings who shall arise from this kingdom. And another (meaning the anti- Christ) shall rise after them." The one world order, according to this verse is divided into ten kingdoms and then the anti-Christ comes out of them. For there to be only 10 kingdoms on earth, the North American Union likely consolidates three nations into one. There is already a South American Union, European Union, and other regional "kingdoms" coming into place. You are watching prophecy in action.

Bill Wilson
Word of Life Ministry