Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Chuck Pierce: HOW TO PRAY! (for Iraq)


Chuck D. Pierce
May 3, 2007

Since Peter has given us the opinion of a missiologist, and since I have an intercessory burden for our nation and troops in Iraq, here are some areas that we can be concentrating on in prayer.

Read Psalm 2, Ephesians 2, and 1 Peter 2

Why do the Nations Rage? I see the Church needs to be on full alert at this time. I see this as a time of revelation. I see that the Lord is calling together spiritual counsels and releasing wisdom and direction into the earth realm. I see a need for apostolic leadership in cities to rise up. I see a need for full communication between God's intercessory prophetic dimension and apostolic leaders in the key cities of our nation. I see this is a time that we do not need to debate on whether we should support our government. This is a time that we need to obey the Word of God and pray for those in authority. This is not a time to get caught up in political dissension. Call forth to a Holy God for intervention! Perhaps a key to our nation is the prayers of the apostolic leaders of God's government.

Read Matthew 13 and 25

This is a time for the Church to repent of allowing a political spirit to bring dissension and divided us. I also see that we need to hear a clear message arise from our top officials. When the statue of Saddam Hussein fell, they declared, "We have won the war!" There needs to be a statement made to renounce this and then humbly ask for wisdom over how to redevelop a plan of recovery for the part of the world called Iraq. This declaration of victory has caused us lose power and credibility in the war. Desolation and destruction has come in to the midst of our troops who are battling so bravely against the terror of the future. We as a Church can come into agreement with the Throne Room of Heaven and release revelation to the earth so that civil government will gain clarity of God's purposes of justice in the earth realm. These are times to fully find our footing so we know how to stand in the future. I see if we gather the revelation God is releasing from heaven we can see God's plan shifted into place in the area of the world called Iraq. We can also secure the borders of our states. We must develop a Kingdom mentality.

Read Ezekiel 22, 33 and Daniel 7

I see that God has a plan to rise up the watchman anointing in every key city in our nation. I see the Church standing! If the Church does not find their firm footing at this time, we will see civil government moving outside of God's timing. Daniel 7:25 says, "He shall speak pompous words against the Most High, shall persecute the saints of the Most High, and shall intend to change times and the law." God has a perfect plan of victory, but we must reevaluate how we are watching and what we are seeing. The plan needs to mature. If this plan is moved upon and acted out prematurely, God's plan of justice will be postponed. We must surround God's plans with prayers and intercessions. We must renew our prayer life for this nation. If we do not see a shift soon, our voice as a nation will loose its credibility.

Read Daniel 10, 11, and Jeremiah 50, 51

Pray for the next three weeks. Will the nations rage? The answer is YES! However, never forget that there is a God on the Throne. His Son gave His life to save the people of the earth. He will always have the last word! Let's listen and stand carefully.


Chuck D. Pierce

(Source: Chuck Pierce: Prayer News Alert
May 3, 2007

"IRAQ: A Need for Understanding and Insight NOW!")