Friday, June 15, 2007

Thugs On The March

The events of the last 24 hours should be a wake-up call for those who still think we can talk ourselves out of war or simply walk away from the conflict. Gaza, just as we and others predicted, is rapidly becoming "Hamasistan," an Islamofascist terror state.

Israel, under pressure from the world community and from the U.S., withdrew from Gaza just 21 months ago. The withdrawal was supposed to pave the way for peace and the much sought after, but purely mythical, "Palestinian State." The result instead is a "civil war" between the average thugs of Fatah and the really bad thugs of Hamas. Not surprisingly the worst thugs are winning. Hamas now controls virtually all of Gaza and is prepared to implement its Islamofascist agenda.

In Lebanon, once an example of how tolerance might work in the Middle East, Syria has been systematically assassinating any Lebanese politician with the temerity to believe in the sovereignty of his own nation. The latest victim is Walid Eido, who, along with his son, was murdered by the ubiquitous weapon of choice of the enemies of freedom today, the car bomb.

Meanwhile the U.N. and other assorted diplomats haven't been able to conduct an investigation of the first assassination, let alone the six that have taken place since. Keep in mind that this is the same Syria that Republican James Baker said we need to negotiate with and that Democrat Nancy Pelosi did negotiate with. It didn't work.

In Iraq, Al Qaeda blew up what little was remaining of the Golden Dome Samara shrine in an effort to stoke the fires of more strife between Sunnis and Shiites. Finally, in Israel, a Palestinian woman associated with Islamic Jihad was nabbed on her way to Tel Aviv to blow up a restaurant. She was pregnant at the time - with her ninth child.

Pelosi and Reid announced today their plan to push another series of votes to force the U.S. to "redeploy" out of Iraq. With murderers on the march, all the Left can think of is how to ensure the failure of the U.S. at war.

Where do they think we will be able to redeploy to? . . . And will someone please explain to me how we are supposed to negotiate our own destruction?

(Source: Gary Bauer; End-of-Day; June 13, 2007)