Saturday, June 30, 2007

Russia Expands its Borders through the Artic

Russian Invasion of the North Pole Has Prophetic Impact

Russia's blatant move to expand its borders through the Arctic is indicative of a quest for worldwide power that may propel the nation toward fulfillment of ancient prophecies that place it as a leader of all the armed forces against Israel. Russian scientists have returned from a six-week mission in the Artic to claim that the 1,220-mile long underwater Lomonosov Ridge is geologically linked to the Siberian continental platform - and similar in structure. The Russians are refuting a United Nations convention that says no nation can claim jurisdiction over the Arctic seabed because the geological structure does not match the surrounding continental shelves. Currently, Russia, Canada, the U.S., Norway and Denmark are limited to a 200 mile economic zone around their coasts.

The reason Russia is going public with its claim is that geologists believe the arctic ridge has ten billion tons of gas and oil deposits and significant sources of diamonds, gold, tin, manganese, nickel, lead and platinum. According to a story in Britain's Daily Mail, the Russian claim has diplomats in an uproar. The U.S. State Department dismissed the claim as unacceptable. A Canadian diplomat was surprised. But a British diplomat gave keen insight when he told the Daily Mail that "Putin wants a strong Russia, and Western dependence on it for oil and gas supplies is a key part of his strategy. He no longer cares if it upsets the West."

Russia is once again making a play to establish its own one world order. Its alliances with oil producing Arab and Islamist states indicate that the strategy is to control the world's natural resources in order to control the world's political environment. Certainly, Russia has shown that it doesn't care if parts of Europe freeze in the winter, so long as it is paid its own asking price for natural gas which is often linked to the political goals of its trading partners. Russia has been busy signing gas and oil exploration and development agreements with Middle East nations, and its relationship with Iran hinges on arms and nuclear technology in exchange for oil and gas.

Ezekiel 38:9 speaks of Gog, modern day Russia attacking Israel, "you will ascend, coming like a storm, covering the land like a cloud, you and all your troops and many peoples with you." Included on the list of Russian allies in the attack against Israel are Iran and the nations of Northern Africa. Russia believes that Israel should not exist, and it arms and politically sides with terrorist groups whose mission is to destroy Israel. For Russia to be so bold as to openly attack Israel, Russia must believe it can do so without reprisal. One way to ensure its path is to have leverage over all the nations. Part of Russia's current plan is to leverage all the energy resources in the world against those who would support Israel. This is how prophecy is unfolding before your eyes.

Bill Wilson

Word of Life Ministry