Thursday, June 21, 2007

Gary Bauer: Fund Fatah?

Carter's love affair with Hamas is moronic, but what can one say about the rush by the Bush Administration and Prime Minister Olmert of Israel to "bet the farm" on the better dressed thugs in Fatah, led by Holocaust denier Mahmoud Abbas? Fatah has the same goal as Hamas - the military and/or demographic destruction of Israel. It just prefers it be done through negotiations for now.

Under Fatah's leadership, Palestinian poverty has grown and lawlessness has increased, in spite of the 60,000 uniformed gunmen it employs. Thousands of those gunmen cut and ran in Gaza last week in the face of the more militant Hamas fighters. Yet the Bush Administration, the European Union and the Israeli prime minister apparently agree that supporting this Palestinian mafia is the way to peace. They are now going to pour millions more of your tax money into Fatah's coffers, where it will predictably disappear. How long will we allow delusions to slap around reality?

(Source: Gary Bauer, End of Day, 6/20/07)