Saturday, June 16, 2007

Hate Crime Laws Intimidate Church Into Silence


Learn What the Federal Thought Police Have in Mind for You

Advocates of a sweeping national "hate crimes" law are on the verge of victory in the U.S. Congress. With massive funding from the homosexual lobby, these advocates are moving one step closer to the day when the federal government will be able to investigate, and punish, politically incorrect speech and thoughts.

Think "it can't happen here"? In October 2004, a small group of Christians, now known as the "Philadelphia 11," were arrested and spent a night in jail for preaching the Gospel at a "gay pride" event. They were charged with a "hate crime" under Pennsylvania law. Though the case was ultimately dismissed, the Christians had no support from the ACLU and other self-described champions of free speech. More and more, the political left is protecting the First Amendment rights only of speakers they agree with.

Hate crimes laws now threaten free speech and religious liberty nationwide. They have the potential to "shut down churches and send pastors to prison for simply reading a part of the Bible," as Dr. D. James Kennedy has warned. If hate crime laws proliferate, the freedom to speak one's mind will be limited to those who celebrate and promote homosexuality. (Family Research Council, 6/13/07)

[Reported by: Intercessors for America]

· Continue in prayer, without ceasing, over these initiatives, which may crop up at any time in Congress, either in the form of the current Hate Crime bill, or as an amendment to ongoing appropriations bills. Note: the Hate Crime Bill is now in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

· "This far and no further, and here shall your proud waves be STOPPED." (Job 38:11)