Friday, June 22, 2007

Good News For America

While liberals in Congress insist the war in Iraq is "lost" and a "grotesque mistake," the first major operation of the surge ordered by President Bush is underway in Diyala province, north of Baghdad. Our soldiers are going on the offensive, routing Al Qaeda terrorists, but the fighting is fierce. Here's a description from Brigadier General Mick Bednarek: "It is house to house, block to block, street to street, sewer to sewer."

These thugs are fighting to death, which is actually a good thing because if they don't "cut and run" like cowards, I have full confidence in our military to eliminate them. Reports today suggest nearly 70 Al Qaeda fighters have been killed, and every one of these thugs that our troops kill is one fewer homicide bomber, one fewer jihadist coming here and plotting another 9/11.

Our soldiers are fighting vicious enemies who would love nothing more than to bring America to its knees. They are defending our freedom, and their mission is a noble cause -- not a "grotesque mistake." Every red-blooded, patriotic American should be able to comprehend that, and politicians who don't or can't shouldn't be in public office!

In his most recent column, retired Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters offers this assessment of the current offensive: "And let's not lose sight of our own national-security priority, which is defeating al Qaeda. Terror International is having a really bad time in Iraq these days: More and more Sunni Arabs are breaking with al Qaeda and its affiliates over their insufferable brutality. The Baquba-area operations involve former enemies now fighting on our side against the foreign terrorists. That's not just good news for Iraq. It's good news for America."