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CHPP A Prayer for the Midterm Elections Thursday, October 11, 2018

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A Prayer for the Midterm Elections

Thursday, October 11, 2018

And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony, and they did not love their life even when faced with death. (Rev. 12:11)

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"Standing United Together . . . Under the Cross of Christ"


"Prayer from the Courts of Heaven - Concerning the Midterm Elections"

Robert Henderson, Midlothian, TX

Please pray this prayer being sensitive to the Holy Spirit, pausing where you need to, as well as adding your own words from the Holy Spirit's unction. Also, I would suggest that it be prayed every day until the midterm elections.

Remember, we have a right to petition from His courts and see nations change!

Prayer for the Midterm Elections

Prayer for the Midterm Elections

Lord, we humbly come before Your courts of Heaven and petition You on behalf of the United States of America. As we (Americans) approach the midterm elections in our nation we are in jeopardy of Your purposes being thwarted. We come before You and ask that You would have mercy on the nation of the United States of America. We ask that there would be a sweeping election of representatives who would stand for Your agenda within the US.

We ask that from district to district, region to region and state to state those who carry Your heart, morality, ethics and desire shall be elected.We ask that President Donald J. Trump would have the men and women in Congress that are necessary to fulfill Your purpose in him and through him. We ask, Lord, that Your name would be glorified again within the United States of America and the values cherished by You would be upheld and re-established in our nation.

Not Sitting Idly by Any Longer

Not Sitting Idly by Any Longer

We realize that we have granted the devil the legal right to possess these seats in the spirit world. He has set within these seats those who will do his will. Lord, we repent for any and all our sins of commission and omission that have allowed this. Lord we repent for not praying for those who are in authority as we ought to (1 Timothy 2:1-2). We have been disobedient and have not taken our place in the spirit world seriously. Forgive us for this negligent activity.

May we take our place in the realm of the spirit in prayer and no longer abdicate it. May we be empowered by You to pray effectively for these seats and those who are to be in them.
Lord, we repent for not being active in the political process and abdicating our rights to vote responsibly. We ask for You to forgive us and even those before us. We ask for the Blood of Jesus to speak for us and the current occupants of these seats to be removed and filled with representatives who will return to Your purposes and Your will in the earth. Lord, we ask that those who represent Your heart would sit again in these seats of government!

Forgive Our Complacency

Forgive Our Complacency

Lord, we have made money and greed our motivation and have allowed the devil to possess these seats. We have been a people of entitlement and have voted for those who promised us the most, regardless of their world-views and policies. We repent and ask for You to forgive us. May the Blood of Jesus speak on our behalf. We repent for being selfish and self-centered and allowing it to produce our world-view.
Lord, we ask that you would deliver the culture of the United States of America from the socialist mentality that is driving it today. We ask that the heart of the culture would shift. Lord, let the powers of darkness that are fashioning the minds of this people be broken, even as we repent on behalf of ourselves and this culture. Lord, we ask that the covering over the people's minds to be destroyed according to Isaiah 25:7, "And He will destroy on this mountain the surface of the covering cast over all people, and the veil that is spread over all nations."
Let every veil and covering, warping the minds of people in our nation, now be destroyed in Jesus' name!

Forgive Us for the Shedding of Innocent Blood

Forgive Us for the Shedding of Innocent Blood

Lord, we also repent for abortion and the blood of the innocent being spilled, which is empowering altars in the spirit realm that empower principalities over culture. We ask Lord that Your Blood would speak instead. Let the altars and their voices in the spirit realm be silenced by Your Blood and its voice (Hebrews 12:24).

Lord, allow every mindset created by these voices against You within the US culture begin to fall. The powers of darkness that have created these mindsets in culture, let them lose their power and rights. As we repent Lord, have mercy on us and revoke the rights of these demonic entities that have shaped the thinking of culture. Let the minds within the nation of the United States be freed!
We ask Lord, according to Daniel 7:25-26, that every intent of the anti-Christ spirit to change times and laws now be frustrated. Even as was promised, let the court of Heaven be seated and let this demonic powers' rights be taken away and destroyed.
Lord, we ask that the United States of America would be freed from this influence and its destiny be restored. We ask this Lord for the sake of Your purposes in America and the nations of the world. Let God arise and His enemies be scattered!
Psalm 68:1-2, "May God arise, may his enemies be scattered; may his foes flee before him. May you blow them away like smoke-as wax melts before the fire, may the wicked perish before God."

Let There Be a Stirring!

Let There Be a Stirring!

Now Lord, cause a stirring in the hearts of those who agree with Your heart. Let them arise and vote in these midterm elections on November 6, 2018. We ask that all passivity would be broken and removed. We ask that hearts are freed and moved to take a stand for You and Your purposes in America.Provoke the hearts of all, including the complacent, and let them arise and vote in Jesus' name!

We ask, Lord, that there would be a decision rendered from Your court that would dissolve the rights of the adversary and cause his influence over the minds of the culture of the United States to now be suspended, and even destroyed. Allow the midterm elections to seat people intent on upholding Your virtues and reclaim the destiny of America as it is written in the books of Heaven. Arise O God, and have mercy on us as we pray from Your courts! In Jesus' name, amen!

Robert Henderson
Robert Henderson Ministries


Soros Groups Use Hurricane Michael to Push Florida 'Voting Rights Crisis' Scheme, which has been massively financed by billionaire George Soros, is peddling a petition sponsored by another Soros-backed group claiming that Florida voters "could be disenfranchised" if the state does not extend the deadline for new voters to register.

"We need to shine a nationwide spotlight on this voting rights crisis-because we can't let any eligible voter lose their right to be heard in our democracy," reads the petition, which echoes similar calls from Democratic candidates in Florida.

The missive warns that voters could be "silenced" if the deadline isn't extended, arguing sections of Florida have been under a state of emergency. The deadline to register in Florida was yesterday, one day before the hurricane made landfall.

The petition was sponsored by Common Cause, which describes itself as a grassroots organization consisting of "more than 1 million powerful, fearless, ordinary Americans working together to build a democracy that works for us all."

Like, Common Cause is financed by Soros's Open Society Foundations.

Even though the deadline ended one day before the hurricane hit,'s petition claims that Hurricane Michael "will prevent many Floridians from accessing services, documentation, or resources they needed to register to vote."

Yesterday, the Florida Democratic Party filed a federal lawsuit asking the state to extend the voter registration deadline by at least one week. This despite the ability of Floridians to register online from any location and even though the hurricane does not impact the entire state.
Blaise Ingoglia, chairman of the Republican Party of Florida, noted that extending the deadline would allow new voters in Democrat-heavy jurisdictions unaffected by the storm to register past the state's deadline.

"It is absolutely reprehensible that the Florida Democrats would play political games on the eve of a potentially devastating hurricane, and waste taxpayer money by filing this lawsuit," Ingoglia further charged. (Breitbart) Read more.

Today's Daily Jot

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Discernment in an era of deception

Hillary Clinton was one of the Democratic Party spearheads against the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh. The hypocrisy should have been obvious. According to Attorney Larry Klayman, who represented many of Bill Clinton's accusers, Hillary Clinton started the "war room" during her husband's 1992 campaign " to destroy any woman that would challenge Bill Clinton, she had to destroy the women who she knew were gong to come forward and reveal the alleged sexual harassment and rape, and intimidation . . . to keep them quiet." Yet, when it's politically expeditious, Clinton says accusers "have the right to be believed." But this is just a small part of her legacy as the face of the Democratic Party.

Let's take a short inventory-the lies about the Benghazi killings being sparked by an anti-Muslim film; uranium sales to Russia that resulted in $145 million contributed to the Clinton Foundation and her husband's $500,000 speech in Moscow; Her campaign manager John Podesta receiving $35 million from an energy deal with Russia; the FBI report that she and Russian officials were involved in a bribery kickback scheme; the Saudi Arabia pay to play scheme resulting in over $20 million in donations to the Clinton Foundation; the Saudi prince admitting he funneled some $42 million in illegal campaign donations to the Clinton presidential campaign -- this is just the short list. And then there are the State Department emails.

When Clinton was Secretary of State she conducted government business over an unsecured email server housed in her closet. This resulted in the hacking of those emails, many of them classified, revealing not only secret information, but also the Democratic Party's dark underbelly of dastardly deeds against opponents and the American people. It demonstrates that Clinton and the Democratic Party were poor stewards of sensitive information and, therefore, too incompetent to hold the office of the Presidency. Second, they revealed the extent of the institutional graft and corruption of Clinton and the DNC. Clinton has fought to keep secret the information in those emails and even tried to delete them to prevent them from falling into the hands of FBI and Justice Department investigators.

Now, Judicial Watch, a government watchdog group, is calling on the Justice Department to open a new criminal investigation into Clinton and the emails because of the discovery of several thousand more documents, many classified, that Clinton tried to destroy or hide from investigators. Don't be surprised if someday the entire Russia investigation turns on Clinton and the Democratic Party for doing just what they accused Trump of doing. It is the DNA of corruption and revolution running deep in the socialist movement against America. From Kavanaugh to pay to play to many other terrible dealings, these things are exposed, but rarely amplified and often covered up. So when you hear accusations, have discernment. As Jesus said in Matthew 24:4, "Take heed that no man deceive you."

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!

Bill Wilson

Thoughts for Prayer Walking

Thoughts for Prayer Walking


Dear Friends,

We are now in the home stretch of the midterm elections, with only about four weeks to go until we all go to the polls to vote.

At this time, every second counts . . .

Here at CHPP, we are gratefully aware that many of you have "taken to the streets" in your neighborhoods to prayer walk your own cities. Thank you!

It is written: "Every place where on the soles of your feet shall tread shall be yours . . ." (Deuteronomy 11:24)

Hallelujah! What a PROMISE from the Word of God, which does not return void!

As we "walk the walk," we carry nothing with us, but in our hearts we sing the high praises of God over the land. And when we realize that it is written that "His Word, when spoken forth, does not return void!" (Isaiah 55:11) then we know the victory is ours to claim.

More thoughts:

As we claim the land, there are other sites we may wish to visit, too.

First, in each of your districts, you should find two members of Congress running for office. Each one has a campaign headquarters. Let's bless them with our feet!

Next, for incumbents who are running again, each one also maintains (usually three) District Offices -- three sites in three cities in your own congressional district -- which serve as "gates of authority" for your own member of Congress.

Congress provides funding in the annual budget so that these District Offices can be maintained, thereby allowing your member to serve you with your own needs. (This is much faster than making a trip to Washington!)

Let's bless those District Offices, too, as we prayer walk our region.

How to Find the Offices of your Members

Step One: Go here and type in your address. The names of your two senators and one member of Congress will then appear.

Step Two: Each member has his or her own website, which will be featured on the next page. Go to that website to find the locations of their working offices in your District.

Finally, Be Blessed!

May you each be richly blessed as you serve our Lord as Joshua did in his day, for every place the sole of HIS foot was given unto him, too!


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How to Subscribe

Capitol Hill Prayer Partners welcomes all who wish to pray for our leaders to join us in prayer for our nation. You may sign up to receive our alerts by sending an email to us at requesting that your name be added to our list of subscribers.

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