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The Daily Brief
"Praying for All in Authority"
Monday, October 15, 2018

"I have called upon You, for You will answer me, O God;
Incline Your ear to me, hear my speech."
(Psalm 17:6)

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"Standing United Together . . . Under the Cross of Christ"

Emergency need: David's Tent

Emergency - Need your comments BY MONDAY!!

A Message from Jason Hershey

On the mall in Washington, D.C.

Dear Sara,

Emergency! I need as many as possible to make a short comment to the NPS about new proposed regulations that would adversely affect Davids Tent DC.

Let the National Park Service know the depth of our conviction that we don't want any restrictions on worshipping Jesus on the National Mall.

I learned Friday of possible bombshell regulatory changes from the National Park Service (NPS) that could significantly jeopardize Davids Tent's right to continue. It could also create a scenario where the regulations could become so burdensome that we couldn't continue with not-stop worship on the mall.

Please comment to voice your concerns for Davids Tent DC. Here are three options to comment on:

First, a proposed cost is unconstitutional for a 1st amendment demonstration (which we are), creating an unfair platform where the rich could demonstrate but not the poor.

Second, a 30-day time limit could end what Davids Tent has been doing now for the past 3 years. A new time limit would require us to quadruple the amount of paperwork both on our end and for the park service.

Finally, if we have to move to a new location every 30 days that would increase our moving costs by $4,000 each month. This again is a financial strain that could shut us down.

Please pick a topic above and leave a comment on the NPS website on behalf of DavidsTent DC. Click the link to do that.

Here are links for talking about the PROPOSED NEW FEES AND REGULATIONS. Go here or go here.
Please make your comments with HONOR of the NPS, with kindness, gratitude for their hard work, and in compassion rather than harsh, short, terse or pithy. The NPS is not doing this maliciously targeting DTDC! They have been so good to us! This would affect all.

Their office fields over 7000 permit applications per year. In an age when everyone is demonstrating something, protesting something and seeking to have their voice heard, the NPS is carrying a burden for our country to hopefully do that in a peaceable way on the real estate that is perhaps the Grade A choice for those demonstrations.

Though we strongly oppose these rule changes we understand they are looking for a bottle of Rolaids from the overwhelming burden of the continual avalanche of demonstrations. A Jesus Revival would help that! A 24/7/365 prayer vigil would be fitting. Wink Wink Wink!

To be clear, if the rules would change and make it illegal for us to continue. Does that mean I take the tent down? Maybe not. There are options. Jesus is either King and Worthy of it, or He isn't. Which one is it?

For now, let's do all we can to stay legal, by preserving the regulations we now have. Please Please Please . . . write the NPS and please PRAY for this process.

For the worthy one!

Jason Hershey

Founder & Director of David's Tent DC

> > > Please note: David's Tent DC is currently on the National Mall at 7th street and Madison Dr. NW
Our mailing address is:
David's Tent DC
P.O. Box 15058
Washington, DC 20003

Focus on Israel

1. Netanyahu Threatens Hamas With 'Powerful Blows' Amid Latest Gaza Violence Flare-Up - Algemeiner

Following a weekend that saw around 15,000 Palestinian rioters wreak violence on the Gaza border, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a warning to Hamas on Sunday.

"Hamas, apparently, has not internalized the message," Netanyahu said of the Gaza-ruling Islamist terror group at a weekly cabinet meeting in Jerusalem. "If they do not stop the violent attacks against us, they will be stopped in a different way and it will be painful - very painful. We are very close to a different kind of activity, an activity that will include very powerful blows," the prime minister continued. "If it has sense, Hamas will stop firing and stop these violent disturbances - now." At least seven Palestinians were killed on the border on Friday.

(Read more)

2. With Goal of Thwarting Hezbollah Attacks, Israel Completes Building of New Wall on Part of Lebanon Border - Algemeiner

The Israeli Defense Ministry recently completed the construction of a nine-meter high concrete wall - topped by steel fencing - along a 12-kilometer stretch of the Israel-Lebanon border, the Hebrew news site Walla reported on Sunday. According to the Walla report, the new barrier will make it more difficult for Hezbollah fighters to conduct cross-border attacks.

Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah has threatened that in a future war with the Jewish state, members of his group will take over Israeli military posts and border communities. The building of the wall has increased the sense of security felt by local residents, and will enable the construction of homes closer to the border, the report said.

(Read more)

3. 'Close Abbas in his Ramallah headquarters' - Israel National News

Professor Moshe Sharon, an expert on Islam, on Sunday heavily criticized the conduct of the defense establishment on the Gaza border, hinting its actions showed defeatism on the part of Israel.

"Israel is not doing enough in Gaza. A situation has been created in which Palestinians break through the fence, enter IDF posts, and then loot and burn them. The solution to this situation is that whoever breaks through a fence - is killed. It used to be that way, but today we're afraid of our own shadow," Sharon told Arutz Sheva.

"We need to act to ease the rules of engagement. It's not just a need, there's no choice," he opined.

(Read more)

4. Hamas: Peace will not come with a diplomatic price tag - Israel National News

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh said the terror organization is interested in reaching a peace deal with Israel, but only if Hamas in a place of strength and do not have to compromise diplomatically. In an Istanbul speech, Haniyeh said, "We are working with several parties, including Egypt, Qatar, and the United Nations, in order to reach understandings which will allow us to achieve calm with Israel, in exchange for an end to the siege on Gaza.

"Any [agreement] . . . is intended to end the siege on Gaza. It will not come with a diplomatic price tag, it will not be part of the 'deal of the century,' and it will not come at the expense of the unity between the West Bank and Gaza." Haniyeh also called for the Arab and Islamic nation to strengthen the "Palestinian nation's" stance and protect their "national rights."

(Read more)

5. Ancient city of Hebron to see first Israeli construction in 16 years - World Israel News

On Sunday, Oct. 14, the Israeli government approved a budget of roughly $6 million for a 31-unit housing complex to be built in the city of Hebron, located in the hill country of Judea. It is the first approved construction in 16 years.

Yishai Fleisher, international spokesman for the Hebron Jewish community, praised the government's decision. "The Jewish community of Hebron thanks the Government of Israel for its determined decision to build, in a joint effort, the City of the Patriarchs of the Jewish people, as a victorious answer to all deniers of Jewish history. We deeply thank all the ministers who helped make this important decision happen," he said. Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman also hailed the decision as an "important milestone."

"A new Jewish neighborhood in Hebron, for the first time in 20 years! Instead of a military camp, we will build a new neighborhood, with space for 31 apartments, 2 kindergartens and a dormitory," Lieberman said in a statement.

(Read more)

The Daily Brief

1. Religious Freedom Advocates Celebrate Christian Pastor's Release From Turkish Prison -

Advocates of religious freedom celebrated Christian Pastor Andrew Brunson's release from Turkish custody on Friday morning, following his nearly two-year imprisonment on false espionage and terrorism charges. Pastor Brunson's release was a "really great result," said Family Research Council (FRC) Vice President for Policy Travis Weber during a conference call on Friday.

Weber, who was present for Brunson's hearing in the Turkish court, spoke to from Izmir, Turkey. He stressed that although Brunson was found guilty, his homecoming is "what we're celebrating today."

He also emphasized the necessity of protecting religious freedom. "Christians should support religious freedom in society for all people of all faiths," he said. Brunson, who has lived in Turkey for 23 years as the pastor of the Izmir Diriliş (Resurrection) Church, was arrested in October 2016 on the charges of "support of a terrorist organization" and "political or military espionage," according to the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF). (Read more)

- Father in heaven, what a mighty God we serve that raised Pastor Brunson out of Turkey. We ask that all the wonderful things that this pastor did for the people in Turkey for 23 years will be rewarded him as a faithful servant of the Lord. We thank You, Father.

- "I will say to the north, Give up; and to the south, Keep not back: bring my sons from far and my daughters from the ends of the earth." (Isaiah 43:6)

2. Trump's list: 289 accomplishments in just 20 months, 'relentless' promise-keeping - Washington Examiner

The Trump administration's often overlooked list of achievements has surpassed those of former President Ronald Reagan at this time and more than doubled since the last tally of accomplishments after his first year in office, giving President Trump a solid platform to run for re-election on.

As Trump nears the two-year mark of his historic election and conducts political rallies around the country, during which he talks up his wins in hopes it will energize Republican voters, the administration has counted up 289 accomplishments in 18 categories, capped by the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

They include 173 major wins, such as adding more than 4 million jobs, and another 116 smaller victories, some with outsize importance, such as the 83 percent one-year increase in arrests of MS-13 gang members. "Trump's successes in reducing the cost of taxes and regulations, rebuilding our military, avoiding wars of choice and changing the courts rival those of all previous Republican presidents," said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform. (Read more)

- Father in heaven, we thank You for giving President Trump the wisdom, strategy and intelligent boldness to stand for the truth and not waiver. Guard him from all the many satanic attacks from the enemies of goodness and righteousness by the Blood of Jesus. For we pray this in the Name of Jesus.

- "For this God is our God forever: He will be our guide even unto death."
(Psalm 48:11)

3. Hurricane Michael aftermath: Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida suffers "widespread catastrophic damage" - CBS News

Tyndall Air Force Base in Panama City, Florida, suffered "widespread catastrophic damage" from Hurricane Michael, officials said Thursday. The base is closed indefinitely while the damage is being assessed.

"At this point Tyndall residents and evacuated personnel should remain at their safe location," said Col. Brian Laidlaw, 325th Fighter Wing commander. "We are actively developing plans to reunite families and plan to provide safe passage back to base housing."

Tyndall said roofs were ripped from buildings and there was significant structural damage. Aerial video showed at least one display model of a fighter jet flipped over. The video also shows damage to a hangar and some planes that appear to be damaged from falling debris. (Read more)

- Father God, we see that a storm of this size is also a matter of national security. We ask for a quick restoration of this military base; and for improved procedures in days ahead to prepare for disasters. In Your Name, amen.

- "Call to Me and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and mighty things, which you do not know." (Jeremiah 33:3)

4. Hillary Clinton loses security clearance after server scandal - Washington Times

Hillary Clinton has given up her security clearance in the wake of the scandal over her handling of secret information on her email server, the Senate Judiciary Committee revealed Friday. Chairman Charles E. Grassley also revealed top Clinton aide Cheryl Mills and four others no longer have clearance.

Mrs. Clinton's clearance expired at the end of August. The others lost their access privileges in September. The State Department, in a letter to Mr. Grassley, had said Mrs. Clinton and her aides retained clearance in order to conduct research after she left office. The names of the four additional aides besides Ms. Mills were redacted from the State Department letter that the committee released. (Read more)

- Father in heaven, we praise You for stopping one of the avenues of the enemy who has maneuvered to destroy America. It is the Lord who has intervened. It is God who will not be stopped as He goes forth to eradicate injustice and evil out of our country. Thank you, Lord. In the Name of Jesus we pray.

- "O clap your hands, all you people; shout unto God with the voice of triumph. For the Lord most high is terrible; He is a great King over all the earth. He shall subdue the people under us, and the nations under our feet." (Psalm 47:1-3)

5. Trump, Congress Boost Pressure on Saudis Over Missing Writer -

The United States is ramping up pressure on Saudi Arabia over the disappearance of a prominent writer, with President Trump "demanding" information and pledging to "get to the bottom of it," while the U.S. Senate initiates a process that could lead to sanctions on senior Saudi officials. National Security Advisor John Bolton, White House senior advisor Jared Kushner and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have all spoken since Tuesday with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, pressing him for answers about the fate of Jamal Khashoggi.

The wrangle could impact relations with a key but frequently troubling Mideast ally, a kingdom whose rivalry with Iran aligns closely to the Trump administration's priority of isolating the Tehran regime, but whose human rights and religious freedom records remain among the world's worst.

The former newspaper editor had been living in the U.S. for the past year, having fled Mohammed bin Salman's crackdown on purported corruption. A former advisor to members of the ruling family, his writings - including columns for the Washington Post - had become strongly critical of the government's policies. Khashoggi disappeared after entering the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on October 2, apparently to obtain documents for a planned marriage. His Turkish fiancée Hatice Cengiz, who waited outside, says he never emerged from the building.

Cengiz says he first visited the consulate on September 28 without incident, and was then given an appointment to return on October 2. Citing unnamed security sources, Turkish media say a group of Saudi officials flew into Istanbul on several charter flights on October 2, entered the consulate while Khashoggi was inside, and flew out hours later. Turkish officials have claimed he was murdered inside the building - a charge strenuously denied by Saudi Arabia. Saudi media outlets are alleging a conspiracy of slander by enemies supportive of the Muslim Brotherhood - to whom Khashoggi was sympathetic - and Qatar.

Trump disclosed Wednesday that Cengiz had appealed in writing to him and First Lady Melania Trump, and that they have invited her to the White House. "It's a very serious situation for us and for this White House," Trump told reporters, describing the allegations as "a terrible thing." (Read more)

- Father, we bring this tangled mess before Your Throne of Grace, trusting You to grant President Trump Your wisdom in knowing the next steps to take. Our prayer also is in agreement with that of Pastor Andrew Brunson in the Oval Office on Saturday, asking for that wisdom, in Your Name, amen.

- "But if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all generously and without reproach, and it will be given to him." (James 1:5)

6. Saudi Arabia Says It Will Hit Back Twice As Hard Against Any Sanctions Over Khashoggi - The Daily Caller

Saudi Arabia issued a staunch warning Sunday to any country considering punishing them over their potential role in the disappearance of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi.

n a statement titled "Official Source: KSA [Kingdom of Saudi Arabia] confirms its total rejection of any threats and attempts to undermine it," Saudi Arabia said "that if it receives any action, it will respond with greater action."

"The kingdom affirms its total rejection of any threats and attempts to undermine it, whether by threatening to impose economic sanctions, using political pressures, or repeating false accusations that will not undermine the Kingdom and its staunch positions and Arab, Islamic and international status, the outcome of these weak endeavors, like their predecessors, is a demise" it reads. (Read more)

- Once again, Father God, we bring this looming crisis before Your Throne of Grace, asking for Your intervention in the midst of this dialogue. We thank You that it is written that "The king's heart is like channels of water in the hand of the Lord; He turns it wherever He wishes." (Proverbs 21:1), so we commend the hearts of the kings of Saudi Arabia and the United States to You, asking only that Your will be done. In Your name, amen.

7. Anti-Trump EVANGELICAL SABOTEURS Launch Nationwide Bus Tour To Flip Congress -

Evangelical Christians who oppose President Donald Trump have launched a cross-country bus tour to help dislodge the Republican Party's control of Congress during this year's midterm elections. Driven by the belief that Republican lawmakers have failed to advocate for core Christian values, the "Vote Common Good" bus tour will hit more than 30 congressional districts where Democratic challengers are hoping to unseat Republican incumbents.

Doug Pagitt, a Minneapolis pastor and the executive director of Vote Common Good, said progressive Christians are disturbed at what they view as Republican lawmakers' failure to "restrain and resist" the Trump administration's worst impulses.

"Evangelicals care about the least of these, and I believe them when they say it," Pagitt told HuffPost, referring to a Bible passage instructing Christians to care for vulnerable groups. "But then they vote for politicians that invoke policies that don't care for the least of these."

Pagitt believes many evangelicals are torn between longtime loyalty to the Republican Party and their own personal dismay at GOP policies that contradict the Bible's call to welcome the stranger and care for the marginalized. "What we're doing is trying to give courage to people whose hearts are already opened, whose beliefs have already shifted, to say that they can vote and act according to their own beliefs," Pagitt said.

The 14-state bus tour kicked off in Allentown, Pennsylvania, last Tuesday, with a scheduled stop in Holland, Michigan, on Monday. The bus will visit key Midwestern and Southern states ― and is scheduled to spend six days in Texas, where Democratic Rep. Beto O'Rourke is vying for Republican Sen. Ted Cruz's seat. The tour is scheduled to end in Fresno, California, on Nov. 2 ― days before the midterm elections.(Read more)

- Almighty God, we cry to You to stop this bus tour dead in their tracks that they go no further in their attempts to dislodge the Republican Party's control of Congress. What God has given to the Republicans will stay with the Republicans and we ask that the Blood of Jesus protect them to the end and beyond. We pray in the Name of Jesus.

- "The Name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run into it, and is safe." (Proverbs 18:10)

8. Miracle Escape for Space Station Astronauts as Rocket Fails Mid-Launch: 2 Spacemen Hurtle Back to Earth in Harrowing "Ballistic Re-Entry" and Survive - Daily Mail UK

Nick Hague and Russian Aleksey Ovchinin were forced to return to Earth and landed in Kazakhstan when the booster stopped working during stage-one separation on their Soyuz rocket at approximately 50km (164,000ft) above the Earth. Search and rescue teams were scrambled to the touchdown location as NASA revealed the descent meant the Russian-built Soyuz MS-10 spacecraft had to take 'a sharper angle of landing compared to normal'.

The craft's landing engines and parachute system were said to have done their job as normal despite the enormous G-force acting on both the shuttle and crew during the landing. Rescue crews are now heading towards the emergency landing site in the barren Kazakh steppe to provide support for the crew. 'The capsule is returning via a ballistic descent, which is a sharper angle of landing compared to normal. Search and rescue teams are heading towards the expected touchdown location of the spacecraft and crew.' Cosmonaut Alexander Volkov commented: 'The guys are lucky that they remained alive. They had reached a good height so it was possible to descend in their capsule.' (Read more)

- Almighty God, we praise You for bringing this space rocket back without destruction to the capsule or crew. Nothing but the hand of God is responsible for this incredible miracle. Thank you, Lord, for Your great and marvelous protection of this rocket and the astronauts. In Your Name we pray, amen.

- "Arise, shine; for your light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon you. For, behold darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people but the Lord shall arise upon you, and His glory shall be seen upon you." (Isaiah 60:1-2)

The Daily Jot

Friday, October 12, 2018

Media bias a cloak of deception

In an era where there is news 24-7, thousands of news stories are covered every day from all around the world. That's a lot to think about as you are trying to discern how the world is going. But there is one thing for certain: the news media is no longer trustworthy to provide unbiased news coverage. Even the news that is said to be unbiased has its own bias. Reporters no longer, or very rarely, report the news, but insert their opinions on what the news event means. A recent study indicates from June 1 through September 30, the networks spent only 14 minutes on the administration's economic achievements, including the positive effects of the tax cuts and deregulation, plus historic job growth.

As the election approaches, the media continues to pound the President and anyone who doesn't agree with the leftist agenda by parroting opposition talking points. Media Research Center (MRC), a media watchdog, analysts reviewed all 1,007 evening news stories (1,960 minutes of airtime) about the Trump administration on ABC, CBS and NBC from June 1 to September 30, tallying the coverage of each topic and all evaluative comments made by anchors, reporters and non-partisan sources (such as voters or experts). MRC reports the broadcast networks have continued to hammer Donald Trump and his team with the most hostile coverage of a President in TV news history--92 percent negative, vs. just eight percent positive.

A 2014 study by Indiana University and quoted by the New York Times indicated that only 7% of journalists identified as Republicans. In 2015 over 30 "journalists" left their jobs to work for the previous "president's" Administration, and many "journalists" had spouses that worked there. When the media supports a particular political agenda (surveys indicate the media votes over 90% for Democrats) it has lost all objectivity, resulting in the public receiving mass weaponized deception. It is up to the people, therefore, to stand for their First Amendment rights by discerning the truth, separating the fiction from the facts, and vocalizing the distrust. Above all we must stand for and demand the truth.

When the free press becomes exclusive of its belief system and political views, it no longer represents a free press. It becomes a voice for that belief system and a propaganda arm of those running that system. This has happened in America. The socialist revolutionary minions are trying to overthrow America and the media is helping them do it. We should not be influenced by these evildoers. As Solomon prayed in 1 Kings 3:9 saying, "Give therefore your servant an understanding heart to judge your people, that I may discern between good and bad," so should we seek such wisdom and discernment to judge truth from lies. As you should know, the truth can be found, but you have to seek after it.

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!

Bill Wilson

News from the 9th Circuit

Trump Taking Hatchet To Historically Liberal 9th Circuit Court, Snubs Harris and Feinstein

One of the most underreported success stories of President Donald Trump's tenure in office thus far has been the plethora of judicially conservative judges he has nominated and seen confirmed to fill vacancies on various U.S. circuit and district courts across the nation, as that has significantly shifted the judicial branch toward the right. Fox News reported that Trump just nominated three more conservatives to fill vacancies on the liberal-dominated 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Long derided as the "Nutty Ninth," the court oversees nine Western states, including California, and is one of the more influential courts in the country.

In naming those nominees, though, Trump broke with tradition and snubbed the two Democrat senators from California - Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris - which has them hopping mad.

As a traditional act of courtesy, presidents typically work closely with the senators of the home state of a judicial nominee, seeking their opinion and approval in what are known as "blue slips" that signal a senator's support for the nominee. With regard to these three picks for the 9th Circuit, Trump bypassed that step and nominated them even as Feinstein and Harris had signaled their disapproval.

The decision to exclude Feinstein and Harris from the decision-making on the nominees who will reside on the court that oversees California likely came following the absolute debacle that was the confirmation process of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

The three conservative nominees named by Trump are Southern California attorneys Daniel Collins and Kenneth Lee and Assistant U.S. Attorney Patrick Bumatay. All three are reported to be members of the conservative Federalist Society and have worked for Republican administrations. The three men are in their 40s and 50s, relatively young by lifetime judicial appointment standards, meaning they'll sit on the influential court for decades if confirmed.

But Trump never sought a supportive "blue slip" from Feinstein or Harris for those three nominees, and both senators released statements that made their unhappiness with the situation abundantly clear.

Feinstein said in a statement, "Last night the White House moved forward without consulting me, picking controversial candidates from its initial list and another individual with no judicial experience who had not previously been suggested."

Her complaint was echoed by Harris' spokeswoman, Lily Adams, who said in a statement, "Instead of working with our office to identify consensus nominees for the 9th Circuit, the White House continues to try to pack the courts with partisan judges who will blindly support the President's agenda, instead of acting as an independent check on this Administration." (The Western Journal) Read more.

- Father God, we thank You for this breakthrough! For many years now, we have been crying out to You to move so that this court would be one that would rule in righteousness. We thank You for the bold courage demonstrated by President Trump, so that the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals might render its decisions based upon the Constitution, rather than upon the whims of mere men. In Your Name, amen.

- "Righteousness exalts a nation, But sin is a disgrace to any people."
(Proverbs 14:34)

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More Daily Features

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Prayers for the Persecuted Church

"Remember the prisoners, as though in prison with them, and those who are ill-treated, since you yourselves also are in the body." (Hebrews 13:3)

Please visit the website for International Christian Concern to lift up prayers for the persecuted around the world, every day. Their link is: -- or go here to connect. Thank you for interceding for our brothers and sisters who are suffering in Asia, the Islamic World, and the Far East.

Classic Hymns

Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus

"And I will shake all nations, and the desire of all nations shall come: and I will fill this house with glory, saith the Lord of hosts." (Haggai 2:7)


Come, Thou long-expected Jesus,
Born to set Thy people free;
From our fears and sins release us,
Let us find our rest in Thee.
Israel's Strength and Consolation,
Hope of all the earth Thou art;
Dear Desire of every nation,
Joy of every longing heart.

Born Thy people to deliver,
Born a child and yet a King,
Born to reign in us forever,
Now Thy gracious kingdom bring.
By Thine own eternal Spirit
Rule in all our hearts alone;
By Thine all sufficient merit,
Raise us to Thy glorious throne.


Please go here. (Sung by Chris Tomlin)

About the Author:

Words:Charles Wesley, 1745

Melody: Rowland H. Prichard, 1830

Signs and Wonders

By the numbers:

Michael ranked as 3rd-most intense hurricane to hit continental US

Last Wednesday afternoon, Hurricane Michael became one of the most intense hurricanes to ever strike the United States as it unleashed catastrophic winds and storm surge across the Florida Panhandle. "This is a worst case scenario for the Florida Panhandle," National Weather Service (NWS) Director Dr. Louis Uccellini said.

Hurricane Michael was just shy of Category 5 status when it made landfall near Mexico Beach, Florida, with maximum sustained winds of 155 mph and even higher wind gusts. When Michael made landfall, it had a minimum central pressure of 27.13 inches of mercury. This makes it the 3rd-most intense US land-falling hurricane with a pressure lower than Katrina and Andrew. (ACCUWeather) Read more.

'Like a Bomb Went Off'-Stunning Photos Reveal Utter Devastation Left by Hurricane Michael; Here's How You Can Help

The area where the nearly Cat. 5 storm made landfall-in Mexico Beach on the Florida panhandle-looked like a huge bomb had gone off, as it was mostly leveled, with piles of wood like 'pickup sticks' where houses used to be. A pastor of a church in nearby Panama City-also hard-hit by Michael-described to CBN News what many residents are feeling as they view what was once their home. "Everyone's still in shock, to be honest. Most people have never lived through anything like this and with this amount of damage. I think, really, people-we're used to having air conditioning, power, push a button and do whatever you need to do. Most people have never been through anything like this," said Pastor Cole Bailey of Lighthouse Church in Panama City Beach.
Click here to view the photos.
Churches and Relief organizations have already jumped into action, and there are opportunities for those of us who were not affected by the storm, to bring assistance and hope to those who were. Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here.

Below is a list of links to some of these organizations; and no matter what, let's be praying for the many whose homes and livelihoods have been obliterated by the hurricane.

Samaritan's Purse: Accepting both donations and volunteers

Salvation Army

Red Cross

Operation Blessing

(Source: Billy Graham Evangelistic Association; Breaking Christian News)
- Father, we continue to lift up the countless citizens in the Florida Panhandle and elsewhere in the southeast whose lives have been decimated by this powerful storm. We ask for miraculous sources of supplies to meet their physical needs, and for the healing balm of Gilead to minister to their souls, in Your name, amen.

- "Comfort ye, comfort ye my people, saith your God." (Isaiah 40:1)

The Good News Corner

5 Christian Movies Hitting Theaters Nationwide in 2019

The success of faith-based films in recent years has led to a resurgence of Christian movies being made in Hollywood. In 2018, the film "I Can Only Imagine" brought in $17.1 million domestically during its opening weekend, and over $83 million total, superseding expectations. And the movie "Paul, Apostle of Christ" was among the top 10 films at the Box Office during its opening weekend. 2019 is expected to be another blockbuster year for Christian films. Here's a list of five faith-based movies to watch for.

(Christian Post)
> > > To view this list, go here.

> > > We especially wish to commend the movie "Roe v. Wade" to you, about this infamous case before the Supreme Court in 1973, which has resulted in the deaths of tens of millions of unborn babies and in the injury of many mothers, also.

May God's sovereign purposes be released into the hearts and the souls of all who will view this movie, and may THRONGS be drawn to witness "Roe v. Wade."

We also wish to commend Dr. Alveda King for her leadership in producing "Roe v. Wade," along with Cathy Allyn and Mindy Robinson. Thank you, Dr. King!

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"Let It Rain" - Jesus Culture

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Capitol Hill Prayer Partners (CHPP) is a ministry which is positioned on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., helping members of the Body of Christ to "pray for those in authority over us" in our federal government. Our primary purpose is to offer intercession on site for the members of Congress and their staffs each day that the Senate and the House of Representatives are in session; and our chief prayer focus is that "God's will be done in earth, as it is in heaven." [Matthew 6:10].

Because Jesus Christ has shed His blood for all, we, too, pray for ALL, in a nonpartisan manner. Also, because the scriptures indicate that "the effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much" (James 4:17), we are confident that fervent prayer, offered in the halls of the highest chambers of government in our land, can avail much for America. Capitol Hill Prayer Partners welcomes those who feel called to join us, engaging in this strategic work of intercession for our nation: "For there is no power but of God; the powers that be are ordained of God." [Romans 13:1]


Capitol Hill Prayer Partners welcomes all who wish to pray for our leaders to join us in prayer for our nation. You may sign up to receive our alerts by sending an email to us at requesting that your name be added to our list of subscribers.

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We Welcome Your Gifts

We Welcome Your Gifts

Capitol Hill Prayer Partners (CHPP) is a 501(c)(3), tax- exempt, faith-based, ministry, dedicated to praying for our leaders (1 Tim. 2:1-4). CHPP relies solely on the gifts of our readers to continue this work; thus we greatly appreciate your help in supporting this publication. Offerings may be sent to: Capitol Hill Prayer Partners, P.O. Box 5152, Herndon, VA 20172-1970. Please make checks payable to: CHPP. THANK YOU!


Now you can also donate online by going here. Or . . . if you prefer, simply paste this link into your browser to access our secure online donor system:

"The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit." (Philippians 4:23)

Join our Bible Readathon!

Our Bible Readathon Continues

"Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path." (Psalm 119:105)
We are now reading the Word of God every night (except on Sunday mornings) from midnight to 6:00 a.m. EDT. We are reading through the whole Word, from Genesis to Revelation, and beginning again in Genesis when finished.

Our numbers of readers continues to grow over time. All are welcome to join!

Our conference number is: 712-432-0075.

The access code is: 206425#. Please call at any time from midnight to 6:00 a.m. EST. WELCOME!

[Note: we are reading from these versions of the Scripture: King James, New King James, New American Standard, and NIV.]

God bless you!