Wednesday, April 25, 2007

More Effforts to Restrain Grassroots Lobbying

More Efforts to Restrain Grassroots Lobbying

Dr. Dobson informed his radio listeners this week that an effort is afoot to bring a surprise bill to the House floor that would contain language similar to that removed from S.1. earlier this year - language that would radically hinder organizations like FRC from getting information to you about legislation and urging you to contact your Senator or Congressman. Failure to follow expensive requirements that would also hinder speedy and timely communications to grassroots would prove costly, carrying fines up to $100,000. Another bill, H.R. 984, intended to require greater transparency by Congress and the Executive Branch will require burdensome regulations to manage communications from individual citizens sharing their views with Congressional or Executive agencies.

· May God intervene, as he did with S.1. to gut or kill H.R. 984 and any other bills intended to silence or restrain grass roots citizens and organizations like FRC that serve them. (1 Sam 2:7-10; Ps 144:5-8)

(Source: Family Research Council: Prayer Targets)