Saturday, May 11, 2019

CHPP Daily Brief: Legislative Snapshot Saturday, May 11, 2019

The Daily Brief:
Legislative Snapshot
Saturday, May 11, 2019

" . . . honor the king." (I Peter 2:17)

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"Standing United Together . . . Under the Cross of Christ"

The Equality Act: DANGER!

Prayer & Action: the 'Equality Act' Is Much Worse Than We Thought, It's the 'Most Serious Threat to Life and Liberty to Ever be Proposed by Congress'

HR 5 (The Equality Act) amends the Civil Rights Act of 1964 by striking the word "sex" and inserting "sex, sexual orientation, gender identity" as protected classes throughout the federal code. In addition, the terms "sexual orientation" and "gender identity" will be defined to mean "pregnancy, childbirth, or a related medical condition." In other words, under the terms of this bill, "pregnancy, childbirth or a related medical condition... shall not receive less favorable treatment than other physical conditions."

Specifically, HR 5 also expands the definition of public accommodations to include places or establishments that provide "(1) exhibitions, recreation, exercise, amusement, gatherings or displays; (2) goods, services or programs and (3) transportation services."

Any time "sex discrimination" has been previously added to federal law, Congress has secured rules to ensure that it does not require the funding of abortion or override conscience laws. Before HR 5, every time sex discrimination is written into law, it is written to exclude abortion. HR 5 would preempt these laws. It also prohibits the Religious Freedom Restoration Act as a defense to the application of the law. That means there is no religious or conscience protection against forcing a religious organization or health care worker to provide or participate in abortion. Any denial of abortion would be considered discrimination.
The "Equality Act's" broad definition of a public accommodation to include health care providers applies explicitly to all health care providers, including individuals and entities who object to abortion, and implicitly, possibly applying to non-physical entities like state governments that determine health care coverage under Medicaid.

As such, this provision puts in jeopardy both longstanding federal conscience laws providing for protections for abortion objectors, and even the Hyde Amendment, prohibiting taxpayer funding for abortion. Language contained in the legislation could be used to force health care professionals and hospitals to perform abortions, regardless of if this would violate their conscience. In addition, the pro-life protections in current federal and state law would also be put at risk. So, under this umbrella of "discrimination," any American who doesn't want to fund, offer, perform, or participate in abortion-on-demand will have no real choice.

HR 5 recently passed in the House Judiciary Committee and is expected to go to the House floor for a vote next week. The battle over HR 5 will occur in the Senate, where the bill number is S. 788.
"The so-called 'Equality Act' is worse than what we thought," said Mat Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel. "The bill goes far beyond LGBT to include abortion and much more. This bill is the most serious threat to life and liberty to ever be proposed by Congress." (Breaking Christian News) Read more.

> > > To learn much more about this bill, please see our special section, below, titled: "Equality Act Dangers." This vote in the House Chamber is expected to take place this Tuesday, May 14th. PLEASE CALL YOUR MEMBER OF CONGRESS AND ASK HIM OR HER TO OPPOSE PASSAGE OF H.R. 5: "The Equality Act".

- Father God, we are grieved that this wicked bill has now passed out of the House Committee and is headed to the floor for a vote by the full Congress next week. Together, we ask You to forgive House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and many others, who have been working to write this bill and to see it pass. Father God, they know not what they do.

Lord God, together, we take up the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God, and we come against the passage of H.R. 5 into law, as its language does not align with Your Word. We thank You, Holy One, that the victory is the Lord's, and we stand aligned with You to see this evil piece of legislation be defeated this week in Congress. In Your name, amen.

Verses to Decree in UNISON:

1. "Take counsel together, but it will come to nothing;
Speak the word, but it will not stand,
For God is with us."

(Isaiah 8:10)

2. "You will also declare a thing,
And it will be established for you;
So light will shine on your ways."

(Job 22:28)

3. 'This far you may come, but no farther, And here your proud waves must stop!' (Job 38:11)
4. "And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death." (Rev. 12:11)
5. "If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you,
ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you."
(John 15:7)

Franklin Graham Confronts Nancy Pelosi

Franklin Graham: 'Crisis' is on you, Speaker Pelosi

Evangelist Franklin Graham has a message for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.

That "constitutional crisis" she and her fellow Democratic Party members have been talking about? It's all on her.

"For once, I agree with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi - our country is in a constitutional crisis," Graham, the CEO of the Samaritan's Purse global Christian ministry, said on Facebook.

"However, I strongly disagree with her on the cause. I put the blame at her feet and those in the Democratic Party who follow her, along with many in the media," he wrote.

"For the last two years all we have heard about was Russian collusion. After the Mueller report was released, Speaker Pelosi and her followers just cannot accept the fact that no collusion was found. She is the leading cause of this crisis. It might be good for Speaker Pelosi to listen to her fellow Democrat, Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard from Hawaii's 2nd congressional district, who said after the Mueller report was released - It's time to move on!"
The Democrats' declaration of a "constitutional crisis" came this week after a House committee voted to hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt of Congress.

While Barr was under no legal obligation to release Mueller's report, he released nearly all of it, with the exception of material protected in the interest of national security and ongoing investigations, and grand jury proceedings.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., demanded, however, that he provide that material to Congress.

When Barr refused, Democrats voted for the contempt citation.

Nadler also then claimed there is now a "constitutional crisis," and Pelosi said,"Yes, I do agree with Chairman Nadler, because the administration has decided that they are not going to honor their oath of office."

However, she would not say whether or not she will hold a House vote on the Barr citation from Nadler's committee. (WorldNetDaily) Read more.

The California Cabal


The Four Families of California
& The Private Company That Controls The Internet

Exposing 4 families who've ruled California politics for 80 years, and Obama's transfer of Internet control from US Government to independent California company

For 80 years the Brown, Newsom, Pelosi, and Getty families have ruled over the State of California. Turning it into the economic and social disaster that we see today.

And in On October 1, 2016, right before Donald Trump won the election, President Obama transferred full control of the internet from the U.S. Government, to an independent California non-profit organization called ICAAN.

In a cyberwar scenario, the U.S. government may not have control over the internet. (Source:; others)
Please watch this video by going here.

- Lord God, we praise You that You are in control, even when it seems otherwise. We lift up the people of the State of California, who have been living under this regime of tyranny for many, many years. Abba Father God, these poor people have had their own resources stolen and destroyed by this cabal.

Lord God, because You forgave these four families, named in this article, when You hung on that Cross, we too choose to forgive. We now ask that, by Your mighty hand, You break up this cabal, obliterate their power, and restore to the people of California what is rightfully theirs. We stand in the gap for these evil ones, and we repent of their sins.

We pray, too, for America's internet: that it be released from their control and brought back under the control of the American people. We praise You, O God, for hearing our prayers, amen and amen.

- ". . . nothing is too difficult for Thee." (Jeremiah 32:17)

The Daily Jot

Thursday, May 9, 2019

The perils of Pakistan, nation building and persecution

Christians around the world are rejoicing that Asia Bibi, a Pakistani Christian, is now at a safe haven in Canada after a decade-long ordeal that found her on death row for blasphemy of Islam. Bibi was sentenced to hang in 2010 for allegedly blaspheming Mohammad after an argument while picking berries in 2009. In October 2018, Pakistan's Supreme Court acquitted her based on insufficient evidence after intense political pressure from the world community, including Christian organizations. This is an example of the consequences of America's nation building under the Bush Administration in 2008 and as continued by the next president. It should serve as a reminder that Islam and freedom are incompatible.

Let's roll back the clock to December 2007, when for several months The Daily Jot pointed toward Pakistan as the new front in the war of Islamic aggression. The assassination of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto indicated that Pakistan's nuclear arsenal was a target of al Qaeda and the Taliban. The Bush Administration pushed hard to "democratize" Pakistan to protect an already $10 billion nuclear investment in the Islamic country. The new democratically-elected government of Pakistan in March 2008 was the fifth "democracy" aggressively supported by George W. Bush where the end result was a Sharia law-based Islamic government with verbal agreements and some vague constitutional language to allow religious freedom.

America traditionally upheld religious freedom all around the world--that is, until Bush and the previous Administration began nation building in Islamic countries. The US insisted that religious freedom language was in the constitutions of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt, Pakistan and so on. The problem, however, is that these constitutions also carried language that established Islam as the religion of the land. Islam, as an official religion, will not co-exist with Christianity or Judaism by virtue of Islam's theology. Therefore, no matter the toothless, symbolic language on religious freedom, Islam, and all that it is, became the official religion. All laws and religions must submit to Islam.

Attacks against Christians in the Middle East caused the Christian church to go so far underground that the US State Department said it couldn't find them. We rejoice that Asia Bibi is released. Also remember that our own government policy of appeasing Islam likely contributed to her horrible and tortuous ordeal, and to the persecution and deaths of Christians in other Islamic countries. These presidents claim they are Christian, but their policies were responsible for the suffering of Christians around the world. Titus 1:10 begins, "For there are many unruly and vain talkers and deceivers. " And in verse 16 concludes: "They profess that they know God; but in works they deny him, being abominable, and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate." Draw your own conclusions, Asia Bibi knows first hand.

Have a blessed and powerful day,

The Daily Jot Staff

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Commerce Policy

House Republican plans discharge petition on Green New Deal

Health Care Policy

What We Learned at the House Hearings on Medicare for All

Pending Activity

Committee Activity

FY20 Labor, Health and Human Services, Education (LHHS) funding bill passes committee

House panel cites Barr for contempt over redactions in Mueller report

House Intelligence subpoenas DOJ for full Mueller report and underlying intel materials

Schiff weighs fining Trump officials $25,000 per day

Floor Outlook

McConnell eyes end-of-month deadline as disaster aid hits new 'obstacles'

Pelosi says Congress no closer to vote on Trump USMCA trade deal

Pelosi hints at more contempt charges against Trump administration officials

Senate Floor
Senate Floor Schedule
Program for Monday: Senate resumes consideration of the nomination of Michael J. Truncale, to be United States District Judge for the Eastern District of Texas, and votes on the motion to invoke cloture thereon at 5:30 p.m.

Senate began consideration of nominations:

Senate began consideration of the nomination of Michael J. Truncale, to be United States District Judge for the Eastern District of Texas.

Senate began consideration of the nomination of Kenneth Kiyul Lee, of California, to be United States Circuit Judge for the Ninth Circuit.

Senate began consideration of the nomination of Wendy Vitter, to be United States District Judge for the Eastern District of Louisiana.

Senate began consideration of the nomination of Brian J. Bulatao, of Texas, to be an Under Secretary of State (Management).

Senate Committees
Senate Committee Meetings Schedule

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Energy and Natural Resources
Hearings to examine the importance of and path to achieving mineral security, including
S. 1052, to authorize the Office of Fossil Energy to develop advanced separation technologies for the extraction and recovery of rare earth elements and minerals from coal and coal byproducts, and
S. 1317, to facilitate the availability, development, and environmentally responsible production of domestic resources to meet national material or critical mineral needs.

Hearings to examine 5G, focusing on national security concerns, intellectual property issues, and the impact on competition and innovation.

Hearings to examine challenges in the retirement system.

Hearings to examine fixing a broken budget and spending process, focusing on the perspectives of two former Chairmen.

Energy and Natural Resources
Subcommittee on Public Lands, Forests, and Mining
Hearings to examine
S. 242, to require the Secretary of Agriculture to release reversionary and reserved interests in certain land in the Coconino National Forest in the State of Arizona,
S. 258, to prohibit oil and gas leasing on the National Forest System land in the Ruby Mountains Ranger District located in the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest, Elko and White Pine Counties, Nevada,
S. 434, to provide for a report on the maintenance of Federal land holdings under the jurisdiction of the Secretary of the Interior,
S. 490, to designate a mountain ridge in the State of Montana as "B-47 Ridge",
S. 499, to amend the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act to apply to territories of the United States, to establish offshore wind lease sale requirements, to provide dedicated funding for coral reef conservation,
S. 526, to withdraw certain Bureau of Land Management land from mineral development,
S. 1079, to provide for the withdrawal and protection of certain Federal land in the State of New Mexico, and
S. 1262, to designate certain land administered by the Bureau of Land Management and the Forest Service in the State of Oregon as wilderness and national recreation areas, to withdraw certain land located in Curry County and Josephine County, Oregon, from all forms of entry, appropriation, or disposal under the public land laws, location, entry, and patent under the mining laws, and operation under the mineral leasing and geothermal leasing laws.

Commerce, Science, and Transportation
Subcommittee on Aviation and Space
Hearings to examine the emerging space environment, focusing on operational, technical, and policy challenges.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Subcommittee on Department of the Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies
Hearings to examine proposed budget estimates and justification for fiscal year 2020 for the Department of Agriculture Forest Service.

Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs
An oversight hearing to examine financial regulators.

Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs
Business meeting to consider
S. 411, to establish a Counterterrorism Advisory Board,
S. 1275, to require the collection of voluntary feedback on services provided by agencies,
S. 580, to amend the Act of August 25, 1958, commonly known as the "Former Presidents Act of 1958", with respect to the monetary allowance payable to a former President,
S. 347, to designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 40 Fulton Street in Middletown, New York, as the "Benjamin A. Gilman Post Office Building",
S. 1196, to designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 1715 Linnerud Drive in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, as the "Fire Captain Cory Barr Post Office Building", S.Con.Res.15, expressing support for the designation of October 28, 2019, as "Honoring the Nation's First Responders Day",
H.R. 995, to amend chapter 3 of title 5, United States Code, to require the publication of settlement agreements,
H.R. 1079, to require the Director of the Office of Management and Budget to issue guidance on electronic consent forms,
H.R. 1608, to amend the Federal Advisory Committee Act to increase the transparency of Federal advisory committees,
H.R. 1654, to amend title 44, United States Code, to modernize the Federal Register,
H.R. 1590, to require an exercise related to terrorist and foreign fighter travel,
H.R. 540, to designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 770 Ayrault Road in Fairport, New York, as the "Louise and Bob Slaughter Post Office",
H.R. 828, to designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 25 Route 111 in Smithtown, New York, as the "Congressman Bill Carney Post Office",
H.R. 829, to designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 1450 Montauk Highway in Mastic, New York, as the "Army Specialist Thomas J. Wilwerth Post Office Building",
• an original bill entitled, "Improve Data on Sexual Violence Act",
• an original bill entitled, "Repeal Insurance Plans of the Multi-State Program Act",
• an original bill entitled, "Supply Chain Counterintelligence Training Act of 2019",
• an original bill entitled, "Construction Consensus Procurement Improvement Act of 2019",
• an original bill entitled, "Representative Payee Fraud Prevention Act of 2019",
• an original bill entitled, "Early Participation in Regulations Act of 2019",
• an original bill entitled, "Stopping Improper Payments to Deceased People Act",
• an original bill entitled, "Setting Manageable Analysis Requirements in Text Act of 2019",
and the nominations of
James A. Crowell IV, and Jason Park, both to be an Associate Judge of the Superior Court of the District of Columbia,
Ron A. Bloom, of New York, and
Roman Martinez IV, of Florida, both to be a Governor of the United States Postal Service,
Dale Cabaniss, of Virginia, to be Director of the Office of Personnel Management, and
Michael Eric Wooten, of Virginia, to be Administrator for Federal Procurement Policy.

Subcommittee on Department of Defense
Closed hearings to examine an intelligence program update and global threat assessment.

Subcommittee on Financial Services and General Government
Hearings to examine proposed budget estimates and justification for fiscal year 2020 for the Department of the Treasury.

Commerce, Science, and Transportation
Business meeting to consider
S. 384, to require the Secretary of Commerce, acting through the Director of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, to help facilitate the adoption of composite technology in infrastructure in the United States,
S. 737, to direct the National Science Foundation to support STEM education research focused on early childhood,
S. 1228, to amend the Communications Act of 1934 to provide for enhanced penalties for pirate radio,
S. 1289, to require the Secretary of Commerce to conduct an assessment and analysis of the effects of broadband deployment and adoption on the economy of the United States, and
S. 1294, to require Federal agencies with jurisdiction over broadband deployment to enter into an interagency agreement related to certain types of funding for broadband deployment.

Environment and Public Works
An oversight hearing to examine the Council on Environmental Quality.

Foreign Relations
Hearings to examine the future of arms control post-Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty.

Indian Affairs
Business meeting to consider pending calendar business;
to be immediately followed by an oversight hearing to examine legislation.

Rules and Administration
An oversight hearing to examine the Election Assistance Commission.

Small Business and Entrepreneurship
Hearings to examine reauthorization of the Small Business Administration's innovation programs.

Energy and Natural Resources
Subcommittee on Water and Power
Hearings to examine issues and challenges at the Power Marketing Administrations.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Energy and Natural Resources
Hearings to examine the Department of Energy's carbon capture, utilization, and storage programs, including S. 1201, to amend the fossil energy research and development provisions of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 to enhance fossil fuel technology.

Business meeting to consider
S. 1328, to designate foreign persons who improperly interfere in United States elections as inadmissible aliens, and
S. 1321, to amend title 18, United States Code, to prohibit interference with voting systems under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

Veterans' Affairs
Hearings to examine the nomination of James Byrne, of Virginia, to be Deputy Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

Foreign Relations
Hearings to examine certain nominations.

House Floor
House Floor Schedule
MONDAY, MAY 13, 2019
On Monday, no votes are expected in the House.

TUESDAY, MAY 14, 2019
On Tuesday, the House will meet at 12:00 p.m. for Morning Hour debate and 2:00 p.m. for legislative business, with votes postponed until 6:30 p.m.

Suspensions (13 bills)

  1. H.R. 299  Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act of 2019, as amended (Rep. Takano Veterans Affairs)
  2. H.R. 2379 To reauthorize the Bulletproof Vest Partnership Grant Program, as amended (Rep. Pascrell Judiciary)
  3. H.R. 1999 FLAG Act of 2019 (Rep. Jeffries Judiciary)
  4. H.R. 1594 First Responder Access to Innovative Technologies Act (Rep. Payne Homeland Security)
  5. H.R. 1313 Transit Security Grant Program Flexibility Act (Rep. King (NY) Homeland Security)
  6. H.R. 1437 Securing Department of Homeland Security Firearms Act of 2019 (Rep. Correa Homeland Security)
  7. H.R. 1912 DHS Acquisition Documentation Integrity Act of 2019 (Rep. Torres Small Homeland Security)
  8. H.R. 1892 Quadrennial Homeland Security Review Technical Corrections Act of 2019 (Rep. Watson Coleman Homeland Security)
  9. H.R. 2066 DHS Intelligence Rotational Assignment Program of 2019 (Rep. Gallagher Homeland Security)
  10. H.R. 2578 National Flood Insurance Program Extension Act of 2019 (Rep. Waters Financial Services)
  11. H.R. 389 Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Rewards Act (Rep. Lynch Financial Services)
  12. H.R. 1060 BUILD Act (Rep. Loudermilk Financial Services)
  13. H.R. 1037 Banking Transparency for Sanctioned Persons Act of 2019 (Rep. Riggleman Financial Services)
On Wednesday, the House will meet at 10:00 a.m. for Morning Hour debate and 12:00 p.m. for legislative business.

H.R. 312 Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe Reservation Reaffirmation Act (Rep. Keating Natural Resources) (Subject to a Rule)

Suspension (1 bill)
  1. H.R. 375 To amend the Act of June 18, 1934, to reaffirm the authority of the Secretary of the Interior to take land into trust for Indian Tribes, and for other purposes (Rep. Cole Natural Resources)
On Thursday, the House will meet at 10:00 a.m. for Morning Hour debate and 12:00 p.m. for legislative business. On Friday, the House will meet at 9:00 a.m. for legislative business, with last votes expected no later than 3:00 p.m.

H.R. 987 Strengthening Health Care and Lowering Prescription Drug Costs Act (Rep. Blunt Rochester Energy and Commerce) (Subject to a Rule)

H.R. 5
Equality Act (Rep. Cicilline Judiciary) (Subject to a Rule)

Legislative Program for next week

House Majority Leader Hoyer:

The House will also consider H.R. 312, the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe Reservation Reaffirmation Act. That will be considered under a rule.

In addition, the House will consider H.R. 987, the Strengthening Health Care and Lowering Prescription Drug Costs Act. This legislation is composed of seven bills that would protect and expand affordable healthcare and lower prescription drug costs. The legislation consists of separate bills from the Energy and Commerce Committee to ban junk health plans, bring generic prescription drugs to market more quickly, provide funding for States to establish State-based marketplaces under the Affordable Care Act, require and provide funding for outreach and enrollment, and fund the navigator program that assists Americans during the open enrollment period.

All of these bills will be directed at trying to reverse some of the steps that have been taken to undermine Americans' access to affordable, quality healthcare.

Lastly, Madam Speaker, the House will consider H.R. 5, the Equality Act. LGBT Americans and their families deserve to be protected against all forms of discrimination no matter where they live. This legislation would ban discrimination against LGBT people in housing, employment, education, jury service, credit and financing, and public accommodations.

Full floor colloquy on next week's House schedule

Text of Bills for the Week of May 13, 2019

Equality Act Dangers

7 Reasons Why the Equality Act Is Anything But

The Equality Act Accelerates Anti-Christian Bias

BP This Week: The Danger of the Equality Act

The Orwellian Dangers of the "Equality Act"

The Equality Act: Bad Policy that Poses Great Harms

A dangerous attack on religious liberty and free speech

House Committees
House Committee Meetings Schedule
Monday - May 13, 2019

Voting Rights and Election Administration in Alabama
Subcommittee on Elections (Committee on House Administration)


Tuesday - May 14, 2019

• H.R. 5 - Equality Act;
• H.R. 312 - Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe Reservation Reaffirmation Act;
• H.R. 987 - Strengthening Health Care and Lowering Prescription Drug Costs Act

Committee on Rules

Compartmented FY 2020 - Budget Request (Closed)
Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence


Wednesday - May 15, 2019

Markup of
H.R. 542, (Miss. Rice) The Supporting Research and Development for First Responders Act;
• H.R. 1158, (Mr. McCaul) The DHS Cyber Incident Response Team Act;
• H.R. 2083, (Mr. Correa) The Homeland Procurement Reform Act;
• H.R. 2383, (Mrs. Demings) The Secure Communities and Safe Schools Act;
• H.R. 2476, (Mr. Thompson) The Securing American Non-Profit Organizations Against Terrorism Act;
• H.R. 2539 (Ms. Barragn) The Strengthening Local Transportation Security Capabilities Act of 2019;
• H.R.2589, (Mr. Green of Tennessee) The Unifying DHS Intelligence Enterprise Act;
• H.R. 2590, (Mr. Katko) The DHS Overseas Personnel Enhancement Act of 2019;
• H.R. 2609, (Mr. Crenshaw) The DHS Acquisition Review Board Act of 2019;
• H.R. 2621, (Mr. Rose) The Homeland Security Assessment of Terrorists Use of Ghost Guns Act.

Committee on Homeland Security

The Economic and Health Consequences of Climate Change
Committee on Ways and Means

FY 2020 - Defense Subcommittee Markup [Closed]
Subcommittee on Defense (Committee on Appropriations)

"Accountability and Oversight of the Federal Communications Commission."
Subcommittee on Communications and Technology (Committee on Energy and Commerce)

Executive Privilege and Congressional Oversight
Committee on the Judiciary

DOD Inspector General Report on Excess Profits by TransDigm Group, Inc.
Committee on Oversight and Reform

To Review USDA Farm Bill Conservation Programs
Subcommittee on Conservation and Forestry (Committee on Agriculture)

Promoting Economic Growth: A Review of Proposals to Strengthen the Rights and Protections for Workers
Subcommittee on Investor Protection, Entrepreneurship, and Capital Markets (Committee on Financial Services)

Examining Mid-Semester School Closures Impact on Student Veterans
Subcommittee on Economic Opportunity (Committee on Veterans' Affairs)

"Status of the Boeing 7373 - MAX"
Subcommittee on Aviation (Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure)

Advancing the Next Generation of Solar and Wind Energy Technologies
Subcommittee on Energy (Committee on Science, Space, and Technology)

U.S. Department of the Interior Budget and Policy Priorities for FY 2020.
Committee on Natural Resources

Keeping Our Promise to Americas Seniors: Retirement Security in the 21st Century
Committee on the Budget

"Examining the Older Americans Act: Promoting Independence and Dignity for Older Americans."
Subcommittee on Civil Rights and Human Services (Committee on Education and Labor)

Member Day Hearing: Committee on Small Business
Committee on Small Business

FY2020 - Energy and Water Development, and Related Agencies Subcommittee
Subcommittee on Energy and Water Development, and Related Agencies (Committee on Appropriations)

Assessing the Use of Sanctions in Addressing National Security and Foreign Policy Challenges
Subcommittee on National Security, International Development, and Monetary Policy (Committee on Financial Services)

FY2020 - Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies Subcommittee
Subcommittee on Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies (Committee on Appropriations)

Fiscal Year 2020 - Department of Veterans Affairs Budget Request for the Veterans Health Administration
Subcommittee on Health (Committee on Veterans' Affairs)

Confronting White Supremacy (Part I): The Consequences of Inaction
Subcommittee on Civil Rights and Civil Liberties (Committee on Oversight and Reform)

Legislative Hearing on H.R. 2532, the Tribal Heritage and Grizzly Bear Protection Act (Rep. Grijalva)
Subcommittee on Water, Oceans, and Wildlife (Committee on Natural Resources)

Examining the Impacts of Climate Change on Public Lands Recreation
Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests, and Public Lands (Committee on Natural Resources)


Thursday - May 16, 2019

Chinas Digital Authoritarianism: Surveillance, Influence, and Political Control (Open)
Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence

"Oil and Gas Development: Impacts of Water Pollution Above and Below Ground"
Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources (Committee on Natural Resources)

Justice Denied: Forced Arbitration and the Erosion of our Legal System
Subcommittee on Antitrust, Commercial, and Administrative Law (Committee on the Judiciary)

HIV Prevention Drug: Billions in Corporate Profits after Millions in Taxpayer Investments
Committee on Oversight and Reform

Oversight of the SBAs Women-Owned Small Business Federal Contract Program
Subcommittee on Contracting and Infrastructure (Committee on Small Business)

Overcoming Racial Disparities and Social Determinants in the Maternal Mortality Crisis
Committee on Ways and Means

Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers: Preparing America's Law Enforcement to Protect the Homeland
Subcommittee on Oversight, Management, and Accountability (Committee on Homeland Security)

Event Horizon Telescope: The Black Hole Seen Round the World
Committee on Science, Space, and Technology

CFPBs Role in Empowering Predatory Lenders: Examining the Proposed Repeal of the Payday Lending Rule
Subcommittee on Economic and Consumer Policy (Committee on Oversight and Reform)

Examining the Presidents Fiscal Year 2020 - Budget Proposal for the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and U.S. Geological Survey
Subcommittee on Water, Oceans, and Wildlife (Committee on Natural Resources)

The Future of Forecasting: Building a Stronger U.S. Weather Enterprise
Subcommittee on Environment (Committee on Science, Space, and Technology)

The Dangers of Reporting on Human Rights
Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights, and International Organizations (Committee on Foreign Affairs)

Military Personnel Management How Are the Military Services Adapting to Recruit, Retain, and Manage High Quality Talent to Meet the Needs of a Modern Military?
Subcommittee on Military Personnel (Committee on Armed Services)


Operation Restoration

Operation Restoration



Once each week, on Sunday mornings and for 24 hours, join with others in OPERATION RESTORATION . . .

"Operation Restoration"

This initiative is based upon the Move of the Spirit that was launched last month during Operation Refiner's Fire. The LORD has shown us that He has used those fires to ignite the FIRE of the HOLY SPIRIT to visit our people, which He now yearns to keep burning among our people until the day of His return!

"Operation Restoration" is based on the promise of Scripture, recorded in
2 Chronicles 7:14,15.

It is written:

. . . "and if My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

"Now My eyes will be open and My ears attentive to the prayer offered in this place."

This is a weekly Solemn Assembly, where saints can feel free to gather each Sunday, to offer prayers of repentance before our Lord, for the many sins our nation has committed before Him.

Abba so desires to hear our prayers . . . He is just waiting to heal us!

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Our Weekly Prayer Focus

(for the week of May 12 - 18, 2019)

Published by the National Prayer Embassy

Former U.S. Vice-President Joe Biden announced his candidacy for the Democratic Party nomination for U.S. President, joining a crowded field of about 20 other announced candidate. The first of 12 total debates among the democratic presidential candidates will take place June 26-27 in Miami, Florida. State primary elections begin in February next year in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina, followed by 12 states on Super Tuesday, March 3rd and the rest of the states through the Spring and Summer.

The general election will be held the first Tuesday of November, deciding the U.S. President, all the members of the House of Representatives, about one-third of U.S.Senators and many State Governors and other state and local offices. Some time ago one major Christian ministry in America announced a new emphasis on praying earlier, such as a year in advance, for upcoming elections. Another ministry helps mega-churches in swing states to compare their membership rolls to local voting records to encourage more Christians to register and vote. Let's pray about all this today:

"Father God, in the name of Jesus, we thank you for raising up those candidates for president, congress and the state and local offices who will do job possible for our nation. We thank You, Lord, on the basis of Your word in Daniel chapter 2:21 for removing any ungodly corrupt or incapable officials in our land and replacing them with God-fearing, honest and capable office holders. We thank You, Lord, for protecting all the candidates from assassination and we bind the evil spirits behind "Dirty Politics," in Jesus' name, Amen!"

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