Monday, January 22, 2018

CHPP A Call to Fast: Day Two Letters from Our Readers Monday, January 22, 2018

"For the Lord is our judge,
The Lord is our lawgiver,
The Lord is our king;
He will save us."

(Isaiah 33:22)

A Call to Fast: Day Two
Letters from Our Readers
Monday, January 22, 2018

"O Lord God of hosts, restore us; Cause Your face to shine upon us,
and we will be saved."
(Psalm 80:19)

United in the Kingdom of God . . . under the Cross of Christ

More Letters from our Readers!

More Letters from our Readers! -- YOU!

Today we are pleased to share more of the messages we are receiving, as we continue in prayer, fasting and repentance before our Lord, as He has directed us to do.

We thank our Lord for hearing our prayers, as we turn from the ways of man to move according to the ways of God . . . and as we ask Him to move upon the hearts of our leaders to do so, too.
As we now enter into Day Two of this time of fasting, let's also lift each other up, that we might all be strengthened and encouraged as we continue in this battle for the restoration of the soul of America. Thank you.

"He will be a . . . source of strength to those who turn back the battle at the gate."
(Isaiah 28:6)

From Pastor Jeff Daly

Message #1: From Pastor Jeff Daly, Founder
National Day of Repentance

God invented repentance as He invented forgiveness. Sincere repentance is not punishment, but a cleansing of old sin patterns, bringing us back to Him, personally and as a nation. Before judgment, God mercifully invites His people called by His name not just to humble themselves, and pray and seek His face, but actually to turn from their ways, to refocus and commit to following His standard in their conduct. As He sees many sincerely repenting, He hears from heaven, forgives sin, and heals the land.

The battle we face in our nation, and in other nations, is not just political. It's spiritual. When we use our spiritual "weapons" such as repentance, the enemy is defeated. Repentance as a spiritual weapon has not been used by our national leaders for one hundred years. In 1918, a national day of "humiliation, prayer and fasting" proclaimed by Congress and President Wilson helped end World War 1. Prior to 1918 such a spiritual weapon was used almost 800 times in our national history to call on God's blessings for this nation. We have forgotten our spiritual history!

Thus I thank God today for this call by Capitol Hill Prayer Partners for a time of prayer, fasting and repentance when our national government is stymied. We need the Living God to intervene and cut the "Gordian knot" of human government that doesn't rightfully honor Him. Prayer, fasting and repentance today by you and me will place our Lord once again into His rightful place in our nation as our Judge, Lawgiver, and King (Isaiah 33:22).

May many heed this excellent call by Capitol Hill Prayer Partners not just for prayer and fasting but also for repentance. May our national leaders join us in this Godly exercise. Let us never again forget this key weapon used so successfully so often before in our nation's spiritual history!

In His Grace,

Pastor Jeffrey Daly
Jesus Christ Fellowship
P.O. Box 246
Middletown, CA USA 95461

From Jo in Ohio

Message #2: From Jo in Ohio

Already Fasting!

Hi Sara!
I've been doing it with Jensen Franklin and Church . . . 40 churches in Nashville alone called him and said We are on board with you, well as many others.

Broke the fast this weekend for a delayed family Christmas party, as my sister came up from Georgia.

Back on it and will read through this.

Thank you!

Love, Jo

[Editor's comment: HALLELUJAH!]

From Lorraine (address not known)

Message #3: From Lorraine

Wanting to join with others in fasting . . .

Dear Sara,

I am saying thank you for leading. As in the song of Deborah, the leaders led! CHP Partners has been a major influence in my walk for a while now, therefore influencing those I influence. I was wanting to fast but wanted to join with others. Bless you and all those on the wall who are shifting our nation.


From an Anonymous Friend!

Message #4: from an anonymous friend

Father, pour out Your spirit upon us!

Father, we repent and earnestly and humbly seek You and Your will for us and our country. For it is not the President, it is not congress, . . . . . but YOU who must take control of this "Shut down!" We stand in the gap, fasting and praying, and repenting for the transgressions of our people. Give us the prayers of Your heart in continuing to seek Your Face in how You want us to proceed. Pour out Your Spirit upon us in this nation, exposing the lies that the enemy has us believing and revealing the truth in its place. Give us a GREAT love of the truth, and for living in and for the truth, and may our words and actions match, and reflect the change You have made in us as a people and as one nation UNDER GOD! In Jesus Name. Amen.

Tomorrow: Last Day to Share

Tomorrow: Last Day to Share . . .

We do have a few more messages here in my office, which we would like to share with you tomorrow, as we come to the end of Day Three of this call to fasting, to prayer and to repentance for our nation.

You are all welcome to share your own thoughts or responses to this call to prayer be contacting me at:
Any messages received by midnight tonight (Monday) will be posted on our last Special Edition, due out tomorrow (Tuesday).
Be blessed!

Sara Ballenger, President
Capitol Hill Prayer Partners