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CHPP Daily Brief "Praying for All in Authority" Thursday, May 24, 2018

The Daily Brief
"Praying for All in Authority"
Thursday, May 24, 2018 

"Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven." (Matthew 6:10)

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North Korea Talks Collapse

North Korea Talks Collapse

1. Trump cancels Singapore nuclear summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un -

President Donald Trump canceled his historic nuclear summit with Kim Jong Un on Thursday, accusing North Korea of "tremendous anger and open hostility."

The meeting, which would have marked the first face-to-face encounter between a sitting U.S. president and a North Korean leader, was set for June 12 in Singapore.

"Sadly, based on the tremendous anger and open hostility displayed in your most recent statement, I feel it is inappropriate, at this time, to have this long-planned meeting," Trump wrote in a letter to Kim, which was released Thursday morning.

Stocks fell and gold rose after news of the cancellation broke.

Much of the letter was written in seemingly friendly terms, including praise for North Korea's recent release of three American prisoners. In contrast, Trump also appeared to issue a threat that conjured memories of his war of words with Kim last year.

2. The Text of President Trump's Letter to Kim Jong Un - The White House

His Excellency
Kim Jong Un
Chairman of the State Affairs Commission
of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea

Dear Mr. Chairman:
We greatly appreciate your time, patience, and effort with respect to our recent negotiations and discussions relative to a summit long sought by both parties, which was scheduled to take place on June 12 in Singapore. We were informed that the meeting was requested by North Korea, but that to us is totally irrelevant. I was very much looking forward to being there with you. Sadly, based on the tremendous anger and open hostility displayed in your most recent statement, I feel it is inappropriate, at this time, to have this long-planned meeting. Therefore, please let this letter serve to represent that the Singapore summit, for the good of both parties, but to the detriment of the world, will not take place. You talk about nuclear capabilities, but ours are so massive and powerful that I pray to God they will never have to be used.

I felt a wonderful dialogue was building up between you and me, and ultimately, it is only that dialogue that matters. Some day, I look very much forward to meeting you. In the meantime, I want to thank you for the release of the hostages who are now home with their families. That was a beautiful gesture and was very much appreciated.

If you change your mind having to do with this most important summit, please do not hesitate to call me or write. The world, and North Korea in particular, has lost a great opportunity for lasting peace and great prosperity and wealth. This missed opportunity is a truly sad moment in history.

Sincerely yours,
Donald J. Trump
President of the United States of America

3. North Korea 'destroys' nuclear test site as world's media watches - The Guardian UK

Pyongyang claims to have dismantled its only known nuclear test site, with journalists witnessing the explosions

[Editor's note: this news predates the President's letter, written today.]

North Korea claims to have dismantled its only known nuclear test site, detonating explosives and collapsing its entrances in front of international television crews in a highly symbolic move. Reporters at the scene described a series of explosions throughout the day, three of them in entry tunnels to the underground facility, followed by explosions that demolished a nearby barracks and other structures. The gesture is meant to reinforce the pledge by the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, to stop nuclear tests before a summit with Donald Trump on 12 June in Singapore.

Despite North Korea's desire to close the site, a war of words between Pyongyang and Washington this week cast a dark cloud over the summit, with both sides threatening to delay or pull out of the talks. "Pyongyang wants a spectacle that leaves an impression of good faith," said Mintaro Oba, a former US diplomat who worked on North Korea policy. "But its recent statements affirm the substantive questions of denuclearisation are going to be much tougher." (Read more)

4. North Korea minister slams Mike Pence for Libya comments - CNBC

Injecting greater uncertainty into the future of a planned June 12 meeting between Washington and Pyongyang, a senior minister from the rogue state has slammed Vice President Mike Pence for comparing North Korea to Libya. 

Speaking in May 21 interview on Fox News, Pence said the reclusive regime could end up like the North African country "if Kim Jong Un doesn't make a deal." He also warned Kim that it would be a "great mistake" to play Washington ahead of an anticipated meeting with President Donald Trump on June 12

In response, North Korean Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Choe Son Hui said in a Thursday statement carried by state-run news agency KCNA that "as a person involved in the U.S. affairs, I cannot suppress my surprise at such ignorant and stupid remarks gushing out from the mouth of the U.S. vice-president." (Read more)

5. Trump says North Korea summit still 'possible' after pullout, but warns US military 'ready if necessary'- Fox News

Minutes after pulling out of a highly anticipated summit with North Korea, President Trump said Thursday that the U.S. would continue its "maximum pressure campaign," and warned that the military was "ready if necessary" -- but made clear that a summit could still go forward if Kim Jong Un is willing to engage constructively.

"Our military, which is by far the most powerful anywhere in the world ... is ready if necessary," Trump said. "Likewise, I've spoken with South Korea and Japan, and they are not only ready should foolish or reckless acts be taken by North Korea, but they're willing to shoulder much of the costs associated by operations if such an unfortunate situation is forced upon us," he added. He said that the "very strong sanctions" and the "maximum pressure campaign will continue."

However, the president clearly left open the possibility of the scheduled summit taking place, despite his letter to Kim Jong Un canceling talks following threats of nuclear action from the rogue regime. "Hopefully," he said, "everything is going to work out well with North Korea. A lot of things can happen, including the fact-it's possible the existing summit could take place, or a summit at a later date." Trump added: "Nobody should be anxious. We have to get it right." (Read more)

- Father God, if we ever needed to be able to pray to You in the Spirit, that time is now. We come before Your Throne of Grace, and by Your mercy, we are not shaken in this time of shaking. We loose our tongues before You, praying only that Your will be done on earth now, as it is in heaven; and we ask Your guidance to continue to lead our President and all of his key advisors in all matters related to North Korean policy. We pray for peace, in Your name, amen.

"Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven." (Matthew 6:10)
Focus on Israel

1. Will Switzerland also move embassy to Jerusalem? - Israel National News

The Federal Democrat Union of Switzerland (UDF) party has brought a petition to the Swiss Foreign Ministry calling on them to move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Over 20,000 people signed the petition including activists from the Lev HaOlam Organization, which fights against anti-Israel boycotts. The UDF is a conservative, nationalist party in Switzerland and was founded in 1975. Its members note that since the party's founding it has acted to move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The current Party President is Hans Moser. In the party's guidelines it explains that it is driven by Biblical values and as a result it has taken conservative positions on issues involving family and education. In a speech by the Party President, Hans Moser explained, "Jerusalem is the capital of Israel since the founding of the state in 1948. Despite that, the embassies of Switzerland and other countries are in Tel Aviv. An embassy should be in a country's capital where the government is established and this would be the most logical thing to do."

(Read more)

2. Israel bombs Hamas targets in response to Gaza border breach - Israel Hayom

Israeli aircraft attacked Hamas infrastructure in Gaza early Wednesday after a group of terrorists entered Israel and torched a military post.

An IDF tank responded to the border breach by firing on a Hamas observation post. The IDF said it hit one of Hamas' attack tunnels and "military targets belonging to the Hamas terror organization's naval force."

Gaza residents reported Wednesday that a boat moored in Gaza City had been destroyed in the strikes. There were no reports of casualties. The Gazans said the vessel had been due to sail out to meet a flotilla en route to Gaza.

Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said Wednesday that the strikes had destroyed another Hamas tunnel.

(Read more)

3. Secret info on Israel's submarine fleet said lost by contractor - Times of Israel

Military and civilian police are investigating the possible loss or theft of a USB drive containing classified information on the Israeli Navy's submarine fleet, according to a Tuesday report. An employee of the Haifa-based military contractor Rafael Advanced Defense Systems told her bosses that she had lost the USB drive after taking it home from the office some two weeks ago, Hadashot news reported. The removal of the drive from the Rafael office likely constitutes a serious security breach.

There was no word on what type of information had gone missing or if the woman would face disciplinary action or criminal prosecution for losing the information.

(Read more)

4. Liberman announces ambitious plan to protect north - World Israel News 

It sounds good - even excellent. As reported by Army Radio Wednesday, Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman has presented a comprehensive plan to protect hundreds of thousands of Israeli citizens in the part of the country threatened by Hezbollah, Syrian and even Iranian missiles. The only catch, however, is a big one: the budget for Liberman's plan has yet to be allocated.

The plan, called "Shield of the North," would not be small potatoes, as the cost is estimated at NIS 5 billion over five years. Municipalities are supposed to help build 200,000 private bomb shelters in people's homes, and 550 public shelters, while 800 schools and kindergartens, 65 welfare institutions, and dozens of medical clinics' protection will be seriously upgraded. So where will the money come from to pay for this? The Defense Minister's office explained, "The plan for the protection of the north will be reviewed for approval of the Cabinet in June, and then they will have to find a budget source."

According to Hadashot News, the budget is expected to come from a source outside the Defense Ministry. However, the Finance Ministry refused to comment, although it recently came up with funding to start addressing the problem, which has not been a secret. Two days ago its representative told the Knesset Finance Committee that NIS 150 million was budgeted this year for protecting the north.
(Read more)

5. New Judeo-Christian 'Biblical Bloc' to Run for Knesset - Jewish

For the first time in Israel, a Judeo-Christian party is planning a run to the Knesset come next elections, having been approved by the party registrar as the "Biblical Bloc," Ma'ariv reported Wednesday. The party was established by Dennis Avi Lipkin, a Flushing, NY-born graduate of Beit Hamidrash Lelimudei Hayadut Conservative seminary, who today lives in the settlement of Kedar in Gush Etzion and lectures in evangelical communities across the United States. 

The new party says it will work to strengthen Israel by formulating a program to improve public relations around the world, recruiting Jewish and Christian speakers and training them to improve Israel's image in the world, and protect Western democracy. 

According to Lipkin, his target audience includes hundreds of thousands of Christian or a-religious individuals who immigrated to Israel from Russia, as well as Christian Arabs. He expects to receive three or four Knesset seats.
(Read more)

6. US Ambassador 'pretty confident' Israeli-Palestinian peace deal can be reached - Jerusalem Online

US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman says he is "pretty confident" that a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians can be negotiated.

In an interview with Hadashot news that aired on Wednesday, Friedman said he believes the Palestinians are capable of pressuring their leadership to move forward on a deal with Israel. "I think that if we are able to propose something over the next few months that offers a better, more optimistic, more promising future to the Palestinian people, I believe that, if people are interested in this, the leadership will have no choice but to pursue it."

Friedman said he is "concerned and disturbed" by recent remarks made by Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas, including personal insults directed at him, but added, "I have a very think skin."
(Read more)

7. Many more headlines re: Israel news with prayers included - Laura Densmore

To read Laura's report today, please go here.
The Daily Brief

1. 'Every Life Has Meaning': Trump Addresses Campaign for Life Gala - CBN News

President Donald Trump delivered the keynote address at the 11th annual Campaign for Life Gala Tuesday evening. "As the Lord says in Jeremiah, 'Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you. Before you were born I set you apart," Trump told the crowd. "When we look into the eyes of a newborn child, there is no doubt we see the beauty of the human soul and the mystery of God's great creation. We know that every life has meaning and that every life is totally worth protecting." President Trump highlighted his numerous pro-life measures, including a new proposal aimed at protecting unborn babies in the Title X Family Planning Grant Program. "For decades, American taxpayers have been wrongfully forced to subsidize the abortion industry through Title X funding so today, we have kept another promise," Trump added. "My administration has proposed a new rule to prohibit Title X funding from going to any clinic that performs abortions."

The president also encouraged the audience to continue to fight for life by electing pro-life leaders. "Every day between now and November we must work together to elect more lawmakers who share our values, cherish our heritage, and proudly stand for life," Trump said. "The story is, '18 midterms, we need Republicans." The event is sponsored by the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List. "President Donald Trump is governing as the most pro-life president in our nation's history and Susan B. Anthony List is honored to receive him at our annual Campaign for Life Gala," said SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser. "President Trump has diligently and successfully gone about fulfilling his promises to the pro-life voters who worked so hard to elect him, and it has been a privilege to stand with him to defend the innocent unborn." Majority Whip Steve Scalise also delivered remarks and Kellyanne Conway, counselor to the president, received SBA List's 2018 Distinguished Leader Award. (Read more)

- Father, we are grateful for leadership that loves and defends life! We pray all candidates running for office and judges within our judiciary will be convicted about the sanctity of life and rights of the unborn.

Then those who heard it, being convicted by their conscience, went out one by one, beginning with the oldest even to the last. (John 8:9)

2. Harvard Law Professor Laurence Tribe Warns Dems Pushing Trump Impeachment: 'You Have to Shoot to Kill' - Mediaite

Harvard Law professor Laurence Tribe appeared on CNN's New Day to discuss his new book, To End a Presidency: The Power of Impeachment, and the #Resistance Twitter influencer warned Democrats against throwing down the impeachment card too hastily. CNN's Chris Cuomo noted that Tribe's book "comes with a note of political caution," that "Democrats shouldn't be rushing down the road of impeachment."

Tribe explained that the impeachment is not about "garden variety crime," but "abusing the authority that we give to high officials like the president." The professor went on to give examples of offenses that Trump could commit that would not constitute crimes, but would be impeachable, including failing to protect the country in favor of enriching himself personally. "But it will be available only if we don't use it loosely, and ring the bell every time something looks amiss," Tribe said. "You can't be the boy who cried wolf and have a viable impeachment power. You can't use it over and over again against the same president."

"If you're going to shoot him, you have to shoot to kill," Tribe said. "And that requires an overwhelming majority of a bipartisan kind. Otherwise you're just going to nick the guy, and make him feel empowered and vindicated." (Read more)

- Father, we pray Professor Tribe will be shocked by his own words towards President Trump. Help him to repent and apologize.

Professing to be wise, they became fools. . . (Romans 1:22)

3. DOJ Document Reveal Set for Thursday - CNS News

At Tuesday's White House press briefing, spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked about Thursday's scheduled meeting at the Justice Department, where House intelligence committee Chairman Devin Nunes and House oversight committee Chairman Trey Gowdy will finally get a look at documents explaining how the Trump-Russia probe started.

"I can tell you the President asked Chief of Staff Kelly to set up the meeting," Sanders told reporters. "It is scheduled to take place on Thursday of this week. "The individuals that are expected to attend are Chairman Nunes, Chairman Gowdy, FBI Director (Christopher) Wray, DNI Director (Dan) Coates and DoJ Official Ed O'Callaghan (Rod Rosenstein's deputy). No one from the White House staff will attend," Sanders said. She said even John Kelly is not expected to be there.

A reporter asked Sanders why no Democrats will be at the meeting when the long-requested classified documents are revealed. "We'll keep you posted," Sanders said. "To my knowledge, the Democrats have not requested that information. So I would refer you back to them on why they would consider themselves randomly invited to see something they've never asked to." (Read more)

- Father, we ask You will to prepare Representatives Nunes and Gowdy to ask the right questions and get full disclosure regarding all documents, known and unknown.

Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; so be shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves. (Matthew 10:16)

4. FBI Agents Want Congress To Issue Them Subpoenas So They Can Reveal The Bureau's Dirt - Daily Caller

Many agents in the FBI want Congress to subpoena them so they can reveal problems caused by both former FBI Director James Comey and former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, three people in direct contact with active field agents tell TheDC. "There are agents all over this country who love the bureau and are sickened by [James] Comey's behavior and [Andrew] McCabe and [Eric] Holder and [Loretta] Lynch and the thugs like [John] Brennan-who despise the fact that the bureau was used as a tool of political intelligence by the Obama administration thugs," former federal prosecutor Joe DiGenova told The Daily Caller Tuesday. "They are just waiting for a chance to come forward and testify."

Ahead of the release of the Department of Justice (DOJ) inspector general report on how the FBI handled the Clinton email investigation, TheDC spoke with Digenova, a former Trump official who maintained contact with rank and file FBI and a counter-intelligence consultant who conducted an interview with an active special agent of the FBI's Washington Field Office (WFO). TheDC independently confirmed the veracity of the consultant's position and access, and reviewed detailed transcripts of his Q&A with the special agent, who requested the arrangement due to internal dragnets and fear of vicious retribution. These agents prefer to be subpoenaed to becoming an official government whistleblower, since they fear political and professional backlash, the former Trump administration official explained to TheDC.

The subpoena is preferred, he said, "because when you are subpoenaed, Congress then pays for your legal counsel and the subpoena protects [the agent] from any organizational retaliation . . . they are on their own as whistleblowers, they get no legal protection and there will be organizational retaliation against them. The administrations are so politicized that any time a Special Agent comes forward as a whistleblower, they can expect to be thrown under the bus by leadership. Go against the Muslim Brotherhood, you're crushed. Go against the Clintons, you're crushed. The FBI has long been politicized to the detriment of national security and law enforcement." (Read more)

- Father, we pray these agents will receive subpoenas and be able to tell their stories to the American people.

But the ones that fell on the good ground are those who, having heard the word with a noble and good heart, keep it and bear fruit with patience. (Luke 8:15)

5. Human Rights Activist Files RICO Suit Against Fusion GPS Founders - Daily Caller

Thor Halvorssen, the president of the Human Rights Foundation, claims that Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch, two former Wall Street Journal reporters who founded Fusion, engaged in a conspiracy to retaliate against him for blowing the whistle on one of Fusion's clients, a Venezuelan power plant company called Derwick Associates. The two Fusion founders were hired to produce a dossier and a media campaign "to depict Halvorrsen as a pedophile, heroin addict, and embezzler of the Foundation's money," reads Halvorssen's lawsuit, which he filed under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) statute.

Halvorssen's case rests on the theory that Derwick and Fusion GPS engaged in a conspiracy to intimidate a whistleblower, which Halvorssen considers himself to be because he has provided information about an alleged Derwick bribery scheme to federal authorities. "It's time Glenn Simpson, Peter Fritsch and the Venezuelans who own Derwick pay for what they did to Thor Halvorssen. Fusion GPS is a smear operation which tried to ruin his career," Foster, the lead attorney for Halvorssen, said in a statement. "It has consistently tried to destroy others while it hides behind reporters and its clients' law firms. Our hope is that this litigation will bring it all to light." (Read more)
- Father, we ask for You to bring justice to those who slander for financial gain.

Let evil recoil on those who slander me; in your faithfulness destroy them. 
(Psalm 54:5)

6. House votes to ease regulation of banks, sending bill to Trump - The Hill

The House on Tuesday passed a bill to loosen federal regulations on the banking sector, securing an election-year legislative accomplishment that is likely to be touted by members of both parties. The 258-159 House vote sends the bill to President Trump, who has pledged to sign it. "We've been losing a community bank or credit union every other day in America, and with it the hopes and dreams of millions," said Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-Texas), chairman of the House Financial Services Committee. "But today, that changes. Help is on the way."

While the legislation falls well short of Trump's campaign pledge to "dismantle" Dodd-Frank, it also includes significant changes to the law that have long been sought by U.S. banks and credit unions. The final compromise will leave most of Dodd-Frank in place for the foreseeable future, while still providing benefits for all but some of the largest U.S. banks. Banks below the new $250 billion threshold will no longer be automatically subject to yearly Federal Reserve stress tests or higher capital requirements meant to ensure large firms are able to weather severe financial crises.(Read more)
- Father, we thank You for this important legislation, lifting the regulatory burden off small banks and credit unions that serve our rural communities.

So it will be in that day, that his burden will be removed from your shoulders and his yoke from your neck, and the yoke will be broken because of fatness. (Isaiah 10:27)

7. House overwhelmingly passes bipartisan prison reform bill - New York Post

The House by an overwhelming 360-59 vote passed a bipartisan reform bill Tuesdaythat provides more education for federal prisoners and gives them a second chance after their release. Authored by Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-Brooklyn) and Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.), the First Step Act would authorize $250 million over five years to develop and expand programs that reduce recidivism and give incentives for good behavior. The bill would also boost current inmates' chances for a GED, vocational and college courses as well as substance abuse and mental health help, Jeffries told lawmakers on the House floor.

The bill earned diverse support from conservative groups - like the Charles Koch Institute and the Faith and Freedom Coalition - as well as progressive leaders like commentator Van Jones and his Dream Corps' #cut50 initiative. The legislation is a priority for the White House, thanks to the advocacy of Jared Kushner, who saw how his father, Charles, was treated in federal prison. "America is a nation that believes in the power of redemption," Trump said Friday. "America is a nation that believes in second chances, and third chances, in some cases. And, I don't know, I guess even fourth chances."

"We know that over 90 percent of all prisoners within the Bureau of Prisons will be released someday," said Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.), the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. "That is an indisputable fact. We also know that without programming and intervention, which can train prisoners to be better citizens, not better criminals, prisoners are more likely to recidivate."

The Charles Koch Institute released a poll last week that found 80 percent of managers, human resource professionals and employees surveyed are willing and open to working with individuals with a criminal record. "We are hopeful that with the business community's belief in second chances, and reforms to our prison system, the US will see a reduction in the recidivism rate through the removal of these barriers to opportunity, said Charles Koch Institute's senior research fellow, Vikrant Reddy. (Read more)
- Father, we pray for every person incarcerated in our prison systems. May each consider their ways, come to their senses, seek and find restoration in You.

But when he came to his senses, he said, I will go to my father, and will say to him, "Father, I have sinned and am no longer worthy to be called your son; make me as one of your hired men."' His father saw him and felt compassion for him, and ran and embraced him' (Luke 15:17-20, excerpt)

8. House passes 'Right to Try' bill for dying patients - Washington Times

The House passed a bill Tuesday that lets dying patients try medicines that haven't won full regulatory approval, handing President Trump the bipartisan win he had demanded during his State of the Union speech this year. Backers said the legislation could give hope to people in desperate situations, offering them the chance to try experimental treatments as long as they accept the risks. "There's no downside to this," said Rep. Joe Barton, Texas Republican. The bill passed 250-169, with about two dozen Democrats joining the GOP, and heads straight to Mr. Trump, after clearing the Senate last year.

Sen. Joe Donnelly, an Indiana Democrat facing a tough re-election battle, trumpeted his role in authoring the bill. "I look forward to President Trump signing it into law as soon as possible," he said. Under the bill, the FDA would be notified if a patient tries a new treatment, and it would collect data on poor outcomes. But the agency would no longer have a supervisory role over people who use the bill's "alternative pathway" to obtaining the treatments through their doctors and drug companies. The bill doesn't force companies to provide the treatments to those who request them, however.

Dozens of patient-advocacy groups opposed the bill. They said a bigger problem, which the bill doesn't tackle, is pharmaceutical companies denying requests for access to drugs outside of their normal clinical trials. (Read more)
- Father, we pray the Right to Try legislation will give patients and families renewed hope and lead to the saving of many lives.

Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons. Freely you received, freely give. (Matthew 10:8)

9. Eye-popping surge of illegal immigrants abducting children - Washington Times

The government warned federal judges in 2016 that their attempts to create a catch-and-release policy for illegal immigrant families would lead to children being "abducted" by migrants hoping to pose as families to take advantage. The court brushed aside those worries and imposed catch-and-release anyway. Two years later, children are indeed being kidnapped or borrowed by illegal immigrants trying to pose as families, according to Homeland Security numbers, which show the U.S. is on pace for more than 400 such attempts this year. That would be a staggering 900 percent increase over 2017's total.

"The eye-popping increase in fraud and abuse shows that these smugglers know it's easier to get released into America if they are part of a family and if they bring unaccompanied alien children," said Katie Waldman, a Homeland Security spokeswoman. "These loopholes make a mockery of our nation's laws, and Congress must act to close these legal loopholes and secure our borders."

Attempts to smuggle children are by no means new, but there does seem to be a shift. Cases reviewed by The Times from earlier this decade usually involved a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident smuggling for pay or as a favor to a particular child or family. In the latest rash of cases, however, it is illegal immigrants who are doing the smuggling and using the children for their own benefit, hoping to appear more sympathetic to American law enforcement to try to earn easier treatment. (Read more)
- Heavenly Father, we lift up these little ones who are being used by adults to gain entry into the United States. We pray each one will be united or reunited with loving parents and we pray those who are gaming the system will be found out.

Whoever conceals their sins does not prosper, but the one who confesses and renounces them finds mercy. (Proverbs 28:13)

10. USS Fitzgerald commander says Navy staged public smear campaign in deadly collision - Washington Times The Navy commander facing court-martial for a deadly collision last year in the Pacific that sparked major questions about the Navy's leadership and readiness of the fleet is not going down without a fight. The defense team for Cmdr. Bryce Benson, who commanded the USS Fitzgerald when it collided with Philippine-flagged shipping vessel off Japan last June, killing seven sailors, is digging in against charges of negligent homicide and other violations of military law and is accusing the Navy of prejudicing the case against its client. In a surprisingly confrontational one-page public statement released last week, Lt. Cmdr. Justin Henderson, the head of Cmdr. Benson's legal team, said the Navy's leadership has participated in a public smear campaign against his client. Although prosecutors have yet to file formal charges against Cmdr. Benson, including a possible charge of negligent homicide, the Navy officer will plead not guilty once the charges are officially filed, Cmdr Henderson told The Washington Times on Monday(Read more)

- Father, we pray for a full and complete investigation regarding these Naval accidents and their causes. We pray no one will be wrongfully convicted of crimes when the responsibility lies somewhere else.

Acquitting the guilty and condemning the innocent- the Lord detests them both. (Proverbs 17:15)
The Daily Jot (Part One)

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Of discernment and trust

Dad always said that we shouldn't discuss politics and religion with others-not in the sense of sharing Christ, but rather the divisive particulars of doctrine. Same with politics. Dad and Mom had many friends of different political stripes, but my parents were very conservative Republicans. I didn't know until much later in life the political persuasion of family friends. I will say that they all were very conservative, even though some were Democrats. "Best not to discuss politics and religion," Dad would say. Yet, at the dinner table growing up on our family farm in Ohio, we often discussed both. I got my grounding around that dinner table. It's where I learned discernment, and formed my internal justice meter.

Nowadays, it's very difficult to refrain from discussing religion and politics in public gatherings. The 24-hour "news" cycle, which really is a bombardment of editorial opinion disguised as news, has made it nearly impossible to avoid such conversations. The nation is truly polarized by this nonsense that countrymen allow themselves to believe. There is a lack of common sense. There is a lack of responsibility and ownership of one's own words and deeds. It's like the dad of the shooter in the most recent school massacre in Texas saying that his son shot up everyone in response to bullying. That's no reason to shoot anybody. I was bullied as a child, it didn't make me want to kill anybody. We talked it over at the dinner table.

All these crazy investigations over whether Russia influenced the election. It's nonsense, too. Nobody tells me how to vote. How about you? A bunch of crooks are trying to cover up their dealings by accusing others of what they were doing. Sure, a prosecutor can defend any charges against someone. That's why our laws say that we are innocent until proven guilty. Investigations after investigations are revealing little except about crooks trying to keep their power. People are sore about losing. Others are vindictive. Others have a political agenda that would undermine our freedoms. They are all working together for their own advancement. Like Deuteronomy 12:8, "every man did which is right in his own eyes."

There are a lot of problems in this world. They seem to get worse every day. It is the prophetic path to the return of the Messiah. We need to understand and discern the truth, even among the sources that we trust. As my friend Ronald Reagan used to say, "Trust, but verify." Let's also remember Proverbs 3:4-7,"So shall you find favor and good understanding in the sight of God and man. Trust in the LORD with all your heart; and lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct your paths. Be not wise in your own eyes: fear the LORD, and depart from evil." Pretty sound advice--maybe worth sharing when talking politics and religion around the dinner table.

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!

Bill Wilson
The Daily Jot (Part Two)

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Another prophetic thought on Turkey

We have been watching the actions of Turkey and its "president" Recep Tayyip Erdogan for quite some time as a prophetic indicator. The Islamic Caliphate/Ottoman Empire, headquartered in Turkey, was one of the longest lasting empires in history spanning 624 years from 1299 to 1923. Its control over the Middle East was far greater than the Roman Empire. Some scholars now believe that a revived Ottoman Empire is the one prophesied as the end-time antichrist system. The end time battle of Ezekiel 38 is led from specific locations in Turkey--Magog, Meshech, Tubal. Also Christ is quoted in Revelation 2:13 that Pergamos is "even where Satan's seat is...where Satan dwells." Pergamon is in Turkey.

Turkey is leading the media charge that Israel is a terrorist state because it "massacred" some 60 "Palestinians" on the day the US Embassy was dedicated. Erdogan is using the Jews to enrage the Muslim world against Israel. Erdogan claims Israel is no different than the Nazis because it killed Hamas terrorists trying to invade Israel's border with Gaza. Hamas admitted that of the 60 people killed, 50 were members of Hamas, who were instigating and leading the riots aimed at storming the Israeli border. Warning after warning was given that deadly force would be used if the invasion persisted. Erdogan led an Organization of Islamic Cooperation summit to condemn Israel and the US for the killings.

The Wall Street Journal is now reporting that Turkey's currency, the lira, fell as much as 5% on Wednesday and has lost as much as 20% of its value so far this year, "adding to a long decline that is forcing extreme monetary measures to compensate." WSJ reports, that Erdogan is to blame, "Turkey has been running a current-account deficit that is on trend to exceed 6% of GDP. With capital fleeing, Mr. Erdogan is getting higher interest rates in any case as the central bank tries to stem the lira panic. On Wednesday the bank lifted a key lending rate to 16.5% from 13.5%. Consider this the price of the lost credibility of Turkish institutions under Mr. Erdogan's increasingly authoritarian rule. Dictators are rarely good economic managers because they want to dictate fiscal and monetary policy as much as they do every political choice."

WSJ compared Turkey's financial woes to Argentina's. We know that Argentina has fallen into a deep state of financial despair. Could Turkey be headed in a similar direction? Now this is very subtle, prophetically. Speaking of Gog of Magog (Located in Turkey), Ezekiel 38:10-12 says, "Thus says the Lord God; It shall also come to pass, that at the same time shall things come into your mind, and you shall think an evil thought: And you shall say, I will go up to the land of unwalled villages; I will go to them that are at rest, that dwell safely, all of them dwelling without walls, and having neither bars nor gates, to take a spoil, and to take a prey." Financial desperation could be a reason to take a spoil from a prosperous land. We could be seeing the beginning of how that evil thought may develop.

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day! 

Bill Wilson
Title X Regs - Update

HHS Announces Proposed Update to Title X Family Planning Grant Program 

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is issuing a proposal to update the regulations governing the Title X family planning program, which focuses on serving low-income Americans. The proposed update to the regulations ensures compliance with statutory program integrity provisions governing the program and, in particular, the statutory prohibition on funding "programs where abortion is a method of family planning." (42 U.S.C. § 300a-6) The proposed update to the regulations, which were last revised 18 years ago, would also make notable improvements designed to increase the number of patients served and improve their quality of care.

The Title X program serves approximately 4 million people annually, and the proposed update seeks to ensure a holistic and health-centered approach; safeguarding the short and long-term family planning needs of more women, men, and adolescents in need of services. It is of utmost importance that individuals in low-income communities receive comprehensive family planning services, and care that promotes the welfare of adults and youth. It is equally important that, as stewards of taxpayer funds, the Department assures that the program operates according to statutory requirements.
> > > To read the details of these updated regulations, please go here.

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Prayers for the Persecuted Church

"Remember the prisoners, as though in prison with them, and those who are ill-treated, since you yourselves also are in the body." (Hebrews 13:3) 

Please visit the website for International Christian Concern to lift up prayers for the persecuted around the world, every day. Their link is: -- or go here to connect. Thank you for interceding for our brothers and sisters who are suffering in Asia, the Islamic World, and the Far East.

Classic Hymns

(The Navy Hymn)

"Rescue me and deliver me in Your righteousness; turn Your ear to me and save me." (Psalm 71:2)


Eternal Father, strong to save, Whose arm hath bound the restless wave, Who biddest the mighty ocean deep Its own appointed limits keep; Oh, hear us when we cry to Thee, For those in peril on the sea!

O Christ! Whose voice the waters heard And hushed their raging at Thy Word, Who walked on the foaming deep, And calm amidst its rage didst sleep; Oh, hear us when we cry to Thee, For those in peril on the sea!
Most Holy Spirit! Who didst brood Upon the chaos dark and rude, And bid its angry tumult cease, And give, for wild confusion, peace; Oh, hear us when we cry to Thee, For those in peril on the sea!
O Trinity of love and power! Our family shield in danger's hour; From rock and tempest, fire and foe, Protect us wheresoever we go; Thus evermore shall rise to Thee Glad hymns of praise from land and sea.


The U.S. Navy Band Sea Chanters perform "Eternal Father, Strong to Save," the Navy hymn, at the commemoration of the 59th anniversary of the Korean War armistice at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Va. on July 27, 2012.

To listen to this hymn, please go here.

About the Author:

Words:Will­iam Whit­ing, 1860. 

Melody: John B. Dykes, 1861.

About the Hymn:

In America, "Eter­nal Fa­ther" is oft­en called the "Na­vy Hymn," be­cause it is sung at the Na­val Acad­e­my in An­na­po­lis, Ma­ry­land. It is al­so sung on ships of the Brit­ish Roy­al Na­vy and has been trans­lat­ed in­to French. It was the fa­vor­ite hymn of U.S. Pres­i­dent Frank­lin Roo­se­velt and was sung at his fun­er­al in Hyde Park, New York, Ap­ril 1945. The Na­vy Band played it in 1963 as U.S. Pre­si­dent John Ken­ne­dy's bo­dy was car­ried up the steps of the U.S. Cap­i­tol to lie in state. Roo­se­velt served as Sec­re­ta­ry of the Na­vy, and Ken­ne­dy was a PT boat com­mand­er in World War II.

Signs and Wonders

White House sinkhole: There's a sinkhole on the lawn. And it's growing.

For all the concern over leaks at the White House, a more pressing problem might be the sinkhole on the North Lawn that appears to be growing by the day. 

The pit in the ground, which was first reported by White House correspondents on site this week, appears to have opened just outside the press briefing room and deputy White House press secretary Hogan Gidley's office. 

Steve Herman, a reporter with Voice of America, tweeted that he first spotted the sinkhole last week. It has since grown, and another sinkhole has opened next to it.
Sinkholes, which have been known to swallow streets, cars and even homes, tend to occur when rainwater seeps into the soil and loosens the sediment enough to send it sinking into crevices beneath the surface. 

It was not clear what caused the emergence of the White House sinkholes, but the National Park Service tweeted that the recent spate of rain is likely partially to blame.
"We do not believe it poses any risk to the White House or is representative of a larger problem," NPS spokeswoman Jenny Anzelmo-Sarles wrote in a statement. "The National Park Service has been monitoring the situation and is bringing in some additional experts to help best determine a remedy." (Washington Post)
To view this sinkhole, go here.
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