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CHPP Daily Brief "Praying for All in Authority" Monday, May 7, 2018

Please offer a prayer today for the
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The Daily Brief
"Praying for All in Authority"
Monday, May 7, 2018

"And He will be the stability of your times, A wealth of salvation, wisdom and knowledge; The fear of the Lord is his treasure." (Isaiah 33:6)

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Iran Updates

1. Tehran terrified, US expert says - Jerusalem Post

The Iranian regime is "quaking in its boots," after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed secret nuclear-program documents appropriated by the Mossad, an ex-Pentagon Iran expert told The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday.

Harold Rhode spent 28 years at the Pentagon and studied in Iran before the 1979 revolution there. The fluent Farsi speaker, who is now associated with the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, said his view stems from a wave of recent Iranian infighting.

He said when things are not going well in Iran, Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps officials and rival ayatollahs start attacking each other in a public blame game that expresses how exposed and vulnerable they feel their rule has become.

Rhode named senior Ayatollah Abdollah Javadi-Amoli from northern Iran who has been lashing out at rivals, saying their corruption was bringing down the regime.

Israel "humiliated the Iranian government by capturing all of this material," Rhode said, and many Iranians were laughing at the Islamic regime on social media. (Read more)

2. The night is darker just before dawn - Israel National News

Israel's discovery and removal of the Iranian warehouse documents occurred during the darkness of night.

Imagine the scene. Almost no Iranians know what that building contains. In February 2016, the Israeli Mossad finds out what that building stores and starts to monitor it.

Then Israeli agents raid it one night last January, remove the original documents on the Iranian atomic program and snatch them to Israel. Everything happens during the same night.

US President Trump had been informed of the operation by Mossad chief Yossi Cohen, who was on a visit to the White House in January. The documents are in Persian and night and day a team of Israeli experts got to work and translate them. A few days ago, Benjamin Netanyahu revealed them to the world.

The night is darker just before dawn. This is never as true as it is for Israel, the night it stole Iranian atomic secrets or it bombed the Syrian reactor. Instead, I fear that Europe's night will last longer than expected. (Read more)

3. WATCH: Israel detects unusual activity at Iran uranium enrichment plant - World Israel News

Activity that appears to be in violation of the Iran nuclear deal was detected by Israeli satellites, which indicates that Iran may be reactivating its uranium enrichment facility. (Read more)

4. Report: Iran Planning To Launch A Barrage Of Missiles Against Israel - Jerusalem Post

Iran is preparing a barrage of missiles to launch against Israeli military positions from Syrian territory, Hebrew media reported Sunday, citing defense officials.

Iran plans to avenge alleged Israeli strikes on its bases in Syria, Ma'arivdefense analyst Alon Ben David said, by targeting military targets in northern Israel.

As of now, Israel isn't "on the eve of war against Iran," he said, "but the Iranians do want revenge for their losses." (Read more)

5. The IDF's eyes on Syria: the new system forewarning of Iranian retaliation - Ynet News

The MSS is comprised of a series of poles affixed with state of the art radars and advanced cameras capable of shooting in both day and nighttime conditions, allowing the operation room's lookouts to scan and observe not only the Golan across the border, but also deep within Syria-and all with a flick of their joysticks. Deployment of the army's first MSS in the Syrian Golan was not coincidental. Hezbollah made a play for precisely that region four years ago but was thwarted by offensive actions-both overt and covert-attributed to the IDF. . . .

Since then, the war-torn country's various rebels groups-from the Islamic State through the successors of Al-Qaeda and the Free Syrian Army-have taken over most of the strip of land near the border Syria shares with Israel. While Assad is growing ever bolder in light of his impending Russian-assisted victory in the civil war, the Syrian Golan has still been rather low on his priorities list. While regime forces have even succeeded in taking the Syrian Hermon ridge in the past few months, they have yet to begin a significant maneuver southward, to the Heights' plains. . .
The system is so smart, in fact, it can recreate the path a Syrian vehicle took near the village of Hader, for instance, which ended up attracting the lookout's attention. The lookouts' keyboards are cutting-edge and tiny, and their joysticks are also smoother to control. A lookout constantly jumps from one point to another-examining a Syrian outpost and then zooming in on an Assad poster on the wall of a regime soldier's booth, with a tarp covering an armored vehicle not far away. (Read more, including fascinating details of the lives these watchmen are living while on duty to protect Israel, by going here.)

6. End of Days Expert on Iran: 'Things Are About to Get Biblical!' - BIN

As Iran and Israel come into direct conflict in Syria and world leaders wonder what to do about Iran's nuclear program, Rabbinic authorities look to prophecy to find clear answers for a developing situation that one end-of-days expert says is "about to get Biblical." The gravity of the rising tensions between Israel and Iran was described by an unnamed senior US official in an interview with NBC News. "On the list of the potentials for most likely live hostility around the world, the battle between Israel and Iran in Syria is at the top of the list right now," the official said.

Rabbi Pinchas Winston, a prolific author on end-of-days subjects, agreed with that assessment though he expressed it in Rabbinic terms."Things are about to get Biblical," Rabbi Winston told Breaking Israel News. "Some people thought the Bible was dead. They thought they could sit back and relax. That is clearly not the case in Syria and soon, that will be clear to everyone."

The concern that Israel and Iran may become enmeshed in a war in the near future is due to recent escalation of Israel's conflict with Iran from indirect aggression to direct confrontation. On Sunday, an airstrike allegedly carried out by the Israeli Air Force against a military base near Hama in Western Syria killed over 20 military personnel and destroyed a shipment of arms recently delivered from Iran to forces of President Bashar al-Assad. The Iranian ISNA news agency reported that 18 Iranians including a commander, were killed in the airstrike. This is the second time in one month that Israel has reportedly struck a Syrian base manned by Iranian personnel.

In what seems to be political preparation for a war with Iran, the Knesset passed a law on Monday giving the prime minister authority to declare war or to order a major military operation after consulting with the minister of defense. Before this law was passed, a vote by the full cabinet was required to initiate such military actions. (Read more)
- Father, we pray for Your perfect timing as the events You proclaimed through Your prophets come to pass.

- Therefore, son of man, prophesy and say to Gog: 'This is what the Sovereign Lord says: In that day, when my people Israel are living in safety, will you not take notice of it? (Ezekiel 38:14)

Focus on Israel

1. Bridges for Peace: Israel Prayer Update - Friday, May 4, 2018

To read this update, please go here.

2. Fires Started by Kites from Gaza Carrying Burning Fuel Scorch Southern Israel - The Israel Project

A blaze started by kites carrying burning fuel have ignited fields in southern Israel, requiring ten teams of firefighters to fight them, The Times of Israel reported Wednesday.

The fires were the largest since Palestinians participating in riots led by the terrorist group Hamas started adopting the tactic. The area affected by the fires were fields located near Kibbutz Be'eri close to Israel's border with Gaza.

The fires burned for hours and consumed dozens of acres of grasslands and agricultural fields. As of late Wednesday, the firefighters were reported as only beginning to get the fires under control.

The Israeli security forces have yet to develop a strategy to fight this tactic, referred to by the Times as "arson-by-kite," effectively. The threat to Israel from the fires belie claims of Hamas that the riots are non-violent. (Read more)

- Intercede for the Israeli farmers who are losing their crops because of the Hamas "arson-by-kite" attacks. Pray for the firefighters who have to protect the land and people of Israel from this vicious type of terror. Ask God to grant them wisdom to develop methods to curb these blazes.

- You drew near on the day I called on You, and said, Do not fear! (Lam. 3:57)

(Prayer offered by BFP)

3. Paraguay's President Announces Plans to Move Embassy to Jerusalem - Jerusalem Post

Paraguay's President Horacio Cartes announced on Friday his plan to move the country's embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, The Jerusalem Post reported Sunday.

The President made the announcement at a special celebratory event in Asunción to mark Israel's 70th anniversary. Cartes didn't specify the exact date for the embassy's relocation, but pledged it would happen by the end of the government's term, when he leaves office in mid-August.

It is not unclear if Cartes consulted with President-elect Hugo Velázquez before announcing the move. (Read more)

- Pray for God's favor over the logistics, planning and execution involved in the decision various countries have taken to relocate their embassies to Jerusalem. Pray that Christians around the world will recognize God's love for Jerusalem and Israel and urge their leaders to support Israel.

- "Yet I have chosen Jerusalem, that My name may be there . . . " (2 Chronicles 6:6a)

(Prayer offered by BFP)

4. Netanyahu: Conflict with Iran better now than later - Times of Israel

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday that while Israel is not interested in a military escalation with Iran, if there has to be a fight he would prefer it be now rather than later.

The comments came amid escalating tensions between Jerusalem and Tehran as the Islamic Republic has sought to expand its foothold in neighboring Syria, raising fears it could use bases for attacking Israel. (Read more)"

5. Six Hamas members killed as large explosion rocks central Gaza - Times of Israel A large blast rocked the central Gaza Strip on Saturday, killing at least six members of Hamas's military wing, the terror group said. The Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, said the fatalities were its members. It blamed Israel for the explosion, without providing details or proof. (Read more)

6. New Report Warns: At Interpol, Palestinian Authority Will Pursue Political Warfare Against Israel, Domestic Opponents - Algemeiner

The Palestinian Authority will use its recently-granted membership of Interpol - the global association of national police forces headquartered in the French city of Lyon - to both pursue its political war against Israel and harass domestic opponents of its policies, the author of a new report on the issue warned on Friday. The decision at Interpol's General Assembly in September 2017 to grant membership to the PA was a "serious error," Ted R. Bromund - a senior research fellow at the Washington, DC-based Heritage Foundation - told The Algemeiner. (Read more)

The Daily Brief

1. Major quake hits Hawaii, prompts further volcano eruptions - Yahoo

A magnitude 6.9 earthquake shook Hawaii's Big Island on Friday, prompting fresh eruptions from a volcano that has been spewing lava near residential areas, forcing hundreds of people to flee. The US Geological Survey said the quake struck at 12:32 pm (2232 GMT) and was centered on the south flank of the Kilauea volcano, which first erupted on Thursday after a series of tremors. "This is in almost exactly the same location as the deadly 1975 M 7.1 quake," USGC said in a tweet. That quake killed two people and injured 28.

Another 5.7-magnitude tremor had hit the island earlier on Friday and authorities said they expect more seismic activity. The quakes have prompted the Kilauea volcano, one of five active on the island, to erupt.

Officials urged any remaining residents to evacuate and warned of extremely high levels of toxic fumes. "Hawaii Fire Department reports extremely dangerous air quality conditions due to high levels of sulfur dioxide gas in the evacuation area," the Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency said.

Big Island resident Janice Wei, who moved to Hawaii from California -- known for its own high earthquake risk -- said the eruption was almost a "relief." "We've been waiting for big movement from the crater, after so many small earthquakes," she told AFP. Geologist Janet Babb of the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory told AFP that scientists had been following an "intrusion of magma" down the rift zone since Monday afternoon in anticipation of a possible eruption. Hawaii Island, or the Big Island, is the largest of the eight main islands that comprise the Pacific US state, an archipelago that includes hundreds of smaller volcanic islands. (Read more)

- Father in heaven, there will be many like signs occurring between now and the time of the Lord's return. We pray and trust that God in all Your holiness will pour out the Holy Spirit upon all people to turn their hearts from sin to salvation through the Blood of Jesus. We pray in the Name of Jesus.

- "That if you shall confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus, and shall believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved, For with the heart man believes unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation." (Romans 10:9-10)

2. Judge Mulls Dismissal Of Manafort Charges, "Sharply Questioned" Mueller Overreach - ZeroHedge

Like most motions to dismiss, Paul Manafort's was initially viewed as a long-shot bid to win the political operative his freedom and get out from under the thumb of Special Counsel Robert Mueller. But after today's hearing on a motion to dismiss filed by Manafort's lawyers, it's looking increasingly likely that Manafort could escape his charges - and be free of his ankle bracelets - because in a surprising rebuke of Mueller's "overreach", Eastern District of Virginia Judge T.S. Ellis, a Reagan appointee, said Mueller shouldn't have "unfettered power" to prosecute over charges that have nothing to do with collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians.

Ellis said he's concerned Mueller is only pursuing charges against Manafort (and presumably other individuals) to pressure them into turning on Trump. The Judge added that the charges brought against Manafort didn't appear to stem from Mueller's collusion probe. Instead, they appeared to be the work of an older investigation into Manafort that was eventually dropped. "I don't see how this indictment has anything to do with anything the special prosecutor is authorized to investigate," Ellis said at a hearing in federal court in Alexandria, Virginia, concerning a motion by Manafort to dismiss the case.

It got better: Ellis also slammed prosecutors saying it appeared they were using the indictment of Manafort to pressure him to cooperate against Trump. Manafort, 69, has pleaded not guilty and disputes Mueller's assertion that he violated U.S. laws when he worked for a decade as a political consultant for pro-Russian groups in Ukraine. Ellis has given prosecutors two weeks to show what evidence they have that Manafort was complicit in colluding with the Russians. If they can't come up with any, he may, presumably, dismiss the case.

Ellis also asked the special counsel's office to share privately with him a copy of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosentein's August 2017 memo elaborating on the scope of Mueller's Russia probe. He said the current version he has been heavily redacted. At that point, should nothing change materially, Manafort may be a free man; needless to say, a dismissal would set precedent and be nothing short of groundbreaking by potentially making it much harder for Mueller to turn other witnesses against the president. (Read more)

- Father God, we thank You for the courage and integrity displayed last week by Judge T.S. Ellis. We praise You for the action he has taken in this case, and ask that You protect him and his household in the days ahead, in Your name. Amen.

- "You shall appoint for yourself judges and officers in all your towns which the LORD your God is giving you, according to your tribes, and they shall judge the people with righteous judgment." (Deut. 16:18)

3. Comey's memo leak contact worked at FBI for over a year, defended him in media on Clinton probe - FoxNews

The Columbia law professor James Comey used as an intermediary to help leak details of sensitive memos worked as an FBI "special government employee" for at least 19 months - during which time he repeatedly defended the FBI director in media interviews amid the Hillary Clinton email probe. Fox News first reported last week that Daniel Richman was hired as a "special government employee," or SGE. Records reviewed by Fox News now show he signed the agreement as early as June 30, 2015. The former director previously told Fox News that Richman left the FBI in February 2017, meaning he served there for well over a year. During this time, a review of media reports between July 2015 and February 2017 shows Richman gave multiple interviews defending Comey's handling of the Clinton email case, including the controversial decision to reopen the probe shortly before the presidential election. He was typically identified as a law professor, and sometimes as a policy adviser to Comey.

Since Richman's time at the bureau, Republican lawmakers have taken interest in his role - specifically in helping Comey leak the contents of at least one memo documenting his private discussions with President Trump to the media, after Richman left the bureau. Richman first emerged last year during Senate testimony as the former FBI director's contact for getting that information out to the media, to kick-start the Russia special counsel investigation. During his Senate Intelligence Committee testimony in June 2017, after his firing, Comey did not volunteer that Richman was also an FBI employee. During a recent interview on Fox News, Comey said "it wasn't relevant" because Richman left the FBI in February 2017. Comey said he had no other special government employees, and Richman's job dealt with terrorist communications as well as law enforcement data. The leaders of the House judiciary and oversight committees, meanwhile, are asking the Justice Department to turn over documents about Richman's FBI status and his handling of the memos.(Read more)

- Father God, we pray that the hidden shall be revealed and the lies and corruption be uncovered. We ask that the entire empire of hate crimes from the past administration be exposed and brought down as the God of heaven binds the deception from the roots upward. Your power is sufficient, Lord God. We pray in the Name of Jesus.

- "The Lord God reigns, let the people tremble: He sits between the cherubim: let the earth be moved." (Psalm 99:1)

4. NBC News Issues Massive Correction After Officials Say Trump Lawyer Wasn't Actually Wiretapped - FreeBeacon

NBC News issued a correction Thursday afternoon backtracking on an earlier report that claimed federal officials wiretapped the phones of President Donald Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen. In a lengthy editor's note at the start of the article, now titled "Fed monitored Trump lawyer Michael Cohen's phones," NBC News explained the error. The original report, titled "Feds tapped Trump lawyer Michael Cohen's phones," was widely covered throughout the day, with media outlets like MSNBC often discussing the ways the ultimately-errant revelation could impact the Trump administration.

Earlier today, NBC News reported that there was a wiretap on the phones of Michael Cohen, President Trump's longtime personal attorney, citing two separate sources with knowledge of the legal proceedings involving Cohen. But three senior U.S. officials now dispute that, saying that the monitoring of Cohen's phones was limited to a log of calls, known as a pen register, not a wiretap where investigators can actually listen to calls. NBC News has changed the headline and revised parts of the original article. (Read more)

- Father God, we pray that You will take control over the media and only allow the truth to be published. Reign supreme over the news that is read by the people. Bind the shadow government under the power of the Blood of Jesus and break their control. We pray in the Name of Jesus.

- "O God, send out Your light and Your truth: let them lead us; let them bring us into your holy hill, and to Your tabernacle." (Psalm 43:3)

5. Why the Justice Department Is Defiant - Wall Street Journal

The feud that has simmered for months between Congress and the Justice Department erupted this week into a cage match. That's because the House is homing in on the goods. Until this week, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and fellow institutionalists at the department had fought Congress's demands for information with the tools of banal bureaucracy-resist, delay, ignore, negotiate. But Mr. Rosenstein took things to a new level on Tuesday, accusing House Republicans of "threats," extortion and wanting to "rummage" through department documents.

Mr. Rosenstein isn't worried about rummaging. That's a diversion from the department's opposite concern: that it is being asked to comply with very specific-potentially very revealing-demands. Two House sources confirm for me that the Justice Department was recently delivered first a classified House Intelligence Committee letter and then a subpoena (which arrived Monday) demanding documents related to a new line of inquiry about the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Trump investigation. The deadline for complying with the subpoena was Thursday afternoon, and the Justice Department flouted it.

We can't know the precise motivations behind the Justice Department's and FBI's refusal to make key information public. But whether it is out of real concern over declassification or a desire to protect the institutions from embarrassment, the current leadership is about 20 steps behind this narrative. Mr. Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Andrew McCabe -they have already shattered the FBI's reputation and public trust. There is nothing to be gained from pretending this is business as usual, or attempting to stem continued fallout by hiding further details.

This week's events-including more flat-out subpoena defiance-put a luminous spotlight on Speaker Paul Ryan. The credibility of the House's oversight authority is at stake. Mr. Ryan's committee chairmen have done remarkable work exposing FBI behavior, and they deserve backup. The quickest way to get Justice and FBI to comply with these legitimate requests is for Mr. Ryan to state strongly and publicly that he has zero qualms about proceeding down the road of contempt or impeachment if House demands are not met. This is the people's government, not the Justice Department's. (Read more)

- Almighty God, we ask that Your hand be extended toward our Congress and the Justice Department and the House regarding the ungodly motives to infiltrate the confidential workings of each entity. Father God, cut off the evil hand of darkness whose motive is to discredit all parts of our government for the sake of revenge. We pray in the Name of Jesus.

- "And I said, Hear, I pray you, Is it not for you to know judgment? Who hate the good, and love the evil who pluck off their skin from off them, and their flesh from off their bones." (Micah 3:1-2)

6. Ex-Dem IT aide Imran Awan's case hit with repeated delays, as feds probe new allegations - FoxNews

The federal court case against Imran Awan, the former IT aide to congressional Democrats, has been hit with repeated delays over the last six months -- a situation fueled by allegations in the media that, according to his attorney, have piqued the curiosity of prosecutors. Since November, a judge has postponed Awan's court hearing in U.S. District Court five times at the request of the prosecution and defense. The latest postponement came Thursday, when the judge pushed Friday's scheduled hearing to June 7. A grand jury in August returned an indictment in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia charging Awan and his wife, Hina Alvi, with a total of four counts, which included federal bank fraud and conspiracy. Awan has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

The Daily Caller has published extensive reports on Awan's case. In a recent story reported from Pakistan, a reporter interviewed a person they said is Awan's father's ex-business partner. That person reportedly claimed Awan's father once transferred a USB drive to a former head of a Pakistani intelligence agency. Awan and other IT aides for House Democrats originally had been on investigators' radar for months over concerns of alleged equipment theft, access to sensitive computer systems and more, according to reports dating back to early 2017. Wasserman Schultz has blamed the "right-wing media circus fringe" for the attention on Awan, suggesting it's all part of an effort to distract from the investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 campaign and possible ties to Trump's team. (Read more)

- Father God, we pray that You will send out Your warring angels to disintegrate the powers of darkness and evil that is at work in this court case. We pray in the Name of Jesus.

- "And God will render unto the guilty and to all the inhabitants to recompense all their evil that they have done in this court case in your sight, says the Lord."
(Jeremiah 51:24)

7. Black male support for Trump doubles after Kanye tweets, poll finds - Washington Times

A new poll shows that there was a significant uptick in support for President Trump among black males following tweets from hip-hop mogul Kanye West appearing to back the president. According to a Reuters poll taken April 29, 22 percent of black males approved of the president's job performance, up from 11 percent one week earlier. Seven percent of the demographic also reported having "mixed feelings" about the president, up from 1.5 percent. Seventy-one percent of the cohort still said they disapproved of Mr. Trump's performance in office. Support among black females remained relatively steady over that same span, increasing slightly from 6 to 9 percent.

Overall, the Reuters poll found 41 percent of the country approved and 54 percent disapproved of Mr. Trump's job performance. Mr. West recently tweeted a picture of himself wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat. In a widely shared tweet on April 25, he said "the mob" can't make him not support the president. (Read more)

- Father God, we are so thankful for Kanye West and his bold personal testimony of his approval of President Trump. We pray more and more people will support him as they are moved by the Holy Spirit. Bless our President, dear Jesus, bless him abundantly in every way that he brings glory to the Name of God. In Jesus' Name we pray.

- "And said, I beseech You, O Lord God of heaven, the great and terrible God, that keeps covenant and mercy for them that love Him and observe his commandments." (Nehemiah 1:5)

8. House chaplain retracts resignation, and Speaker Ryan lets him remain in post - USA Today

House Speaker Paul Ryan reversed his decision to oust House chaplain Patrick Conroy on Thursday after Conroy challenged his forced resignation and essentially dared Ryan to fire him. In a remarkable two-page letter to Ryan, Conroy disputed the speaker's public explanation for removing him and said he wanted to retract the resignation letter he submitted at Ryan's direction last month. Hours after Conroy's letter became public, Ryan said he accepted Conroy's retraction and "decided that he will remain in his position as Chaplain of the House." The Wisconsin GOP leader defended his original decision, saying it "was made in what I believed to be the best interest of this institution."

Ryan asked Conroy to resign in mid-April - a move that has sparked a backlash in both parties and across religious lines among lawmakers who felt blindsided by the House speaker's decision and felt Conroy was treated unfairly. Conroy, in his letter on Thursday, said that Ryan never spoke with him directly about his ouster. He said Ryan dispatched his chief of staff, Jonathan Burks, to ask for his resignation. When Conroy asked why, "Mr. Burks mentioned dismissively something like 'maybe it's time that we had a chaplain that wasn't a Catholic,'" Conroy stated in the letter.

In a statement Thursday, Burks disputed Conroy's account. "I strongly disagree with Father Conroy's recollection of our conversation," Burks said. "I am disappointed by the misunderstanding, but wish him the best as he continues to serve the House."

- Father God, so often, Your ways are past finding out . . . and this episode seems to be a demonstration of that truth. Whatever has caused this temporary chaos in the Office of the Chaplain of the United States House of Representatives, we are grateful that it has now been put to rest. We ask that your mantle of peace would now rest upon Father Conroy, Speaker Ryan, and all others who serve us in that chamber in Congress, in Your name, amen.

- "Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid." (John 14:27)

9. John Kerry talking with international leaders about preserving Iran nuclear deal: Report - Washington Examiner

Former Secretary of State John Kerry is actively working to keep the Iran nuclear deal in place as U.S. weighs the future of the deal, according to a new report. Kerry, who served as the nation's top diplomat under former President Barack Obama, was an instrumental leader in the development of the 2015 Iran deal, which put Iran's nuclear program on ice in exchange for relief from crippling sanctions.

The Boston Globe reports Kerry met with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif to examine how to preserve the deal. Additionally, he has met and spoken with several European officials on the matter, including German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and French President Emmanuel Macron. President Trump has indicated that he plans to pull out of the Iran deal, provided it is not altered. However, European allies though have urged him to remain in the agreement. The report comes after Trump blasted Kerry at the NRA convention on Friday, noting that Kerry was " (Read more)

- Father in heaven, stand with President Trump as he plans to pull out of the Iran deal which was made during the past administration so that he can sever those ties. Let all who attempt to carry forth their own agenda from the past be met with failure and defeat. We pray in the Name of Jesus.

- "For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil." (Ecclesiastes 12:14)

10. Trump: We Have a Date, Location for North Korea Meeting - FreeBeacon

President Donald Trump announced on Friday that the United States and North Korea have agreed to a date and location for the anticipated historic between the leaders of the two countries. "We're having very substantive talks with North Korea," Trump said before he departed for Andrews Air Force Base. "I think you're going to be seeing very, very good things. And also the trip is being scheduled. We now have a date. And we have a location. We'll be announcing it soon."

After months of increasing tensions between the two countries, then-CIA Director Mike Pompeo made a surprise visit to North Korea and met with leader Kim Jong Un. Following a historic April meeting between Kim and South Korean President Moon Jae-in, Trump was set to meet with Kim in the coming weeks over what the U.S. hopes will be a start to the regime abandoning its rogue nuclear weapons program. Trump also commented on recent reports that North Korea is prepared to release three American prisoners. "And a lot of things have already happened with respect to the hostages," Trump said. "And I think you're going to see very good things." (Read more)

- Almighty God, let the glory of the Lord descend upon all those involved in this very important meeting. We pray deception will be blocked from the minds of the North Koreans and they come forth with a solid and honest determination to end their rogue nuclear weapons program. And Father God, release these three American prisoners along with any others that have been confined in Korean prisons. We pray in the almighty Name of Jesus Christ.

- "Be not conformed to this world: but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect will of God." (Romans 12:2)

11. 'A Divided Church Cannot Call a Divided Nation to Unity': Hundreds Pray in US Capitol on National Day of Prayer - CBN News

Hundreds of faith leaders gathered inside the US Capitol Thursday to pray for unity in the country on the National Day of Prayer. "Unity is only accomplished by God, and Jesus wants us to live in unity," said Pastor Ronnie Floyd, president of the National Day of Prayer Task Force. "A divided church cannot call a divided nation to unity."

In an emotional moment, the crowd got on their knees while Pastor Frank and Sherri Pomeroy of Sutherland Springs, Texas, who lost 26 members of their church in a mass shooting last fall, including their 14-year-old daughter, prayed against hate in the country. "All the victims from our church we knew personally, and we have not a doubt where they are," said Sherri Pomeroy. "There is cohesion within our family that is stronger now than it ever was before. And it was through the grace and mercy of an almighty God that brought that to be," Frank Pomeroy said. "By looking up we move forward, and by moving forward we lift up Christ."

The Pomeroys say from the ashes glory is rising, and that they still feel the prayers from around the country comforting them following the tragedy. And while they miss their daughter Annabelle dearly, they're comforted knowing she's in a better place. "She loved God and she loved her church family fiercely," said Sherri. "She would not have been able to deal with the loss of her church family, so God took her with them."

Also speaking at the event was fired-up evangelist Priscilla Shirer, who warned Christians to be constantly aware that the enemy is working overtime to bring disunity to the church. "He is hoping that we won't recognize his work behind the scenes," said Shirer. "Division is always one of the signatures of the enemy's presence." Shirer says Christians have got to stop being divided and distracted by unimportant matters, and work together for the good of the kingdom of God. "Unity is a matter of urgent gospel priority," Shirer said. (Read more)

- Father, once again, we thank You for the blessing You bestowed upon us during the National Day of Prayer last week. And now, we ask for the gift of grace to fall upon us, that we might all be able to continue to walk in the spirit of true unity that was called forth for Your people. In Your Name, amen.

- "And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns." (Phil. 1:6)

The Daily Jot (Part One)

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Yes being Yes and No being No

NOTE: When writing about God and Jesus, The Daily Jot means YHVH as God and Yeshua Ha Mashiach as Jesus--the actual original names and the true nature and character of them. Thursday, May 3, 2018 While President Donald Trump's job approval ratings hoover around 49-50%, the media attacks keep coming. Attempt after attempt to erode any support for the president is made everyday by a very biased news media. I remember last year at this time they were talking Korea. Everything that Trump was doing with North Korea was going to get us into a nuclear war. At family gatherings, the talk was about how Trump was going to awaken the nuclear power of the East to attack America. Of course, the crazy little guy in North Korea wasn't helping matters by threatening America with both his words and his underground tests. But Trump held the course amidst the criticism from all the experts.

Now even the news media is having to scratch their heads and begrudgingly admit that Trump's nontraditional approach at foreign policy has paid dividends with North Korea. Trump taunted the North Korean leader over the twitter-sphere about the size of our nuclear weapons compared to the size of theirs. He said things that made everyone uncomfortable given the high stakes of nuclear devastation. US territories, such a Guam were on high alert. Hawaii was even nervous about North Korea's ability to strike the island state. But Trump continued with his brash tweets in what appeared to be very uncharacteristic of a US president handling a diplomatic crisis.

Then came the Olympics, where the two Koreas made a showing together on opening night. This followed by a thaw in relations, a possible meeting between the two leaders of North and South Korea-which actually occurred last week. Overtures were that there would be peace in the region; that North Korea would end its aggression and nuclear program. All the while, the Trump team was working in the background to pull together details of a summit between Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. This week, there are signals of diplomatic breakthrough as North Korea reportedly has relocated three detained Americans from a labor camp to a hotel-a sign that they may be soon be released.

There has been a sea change in progress with this rogue nation. Headlines over the last nine months have gone from North Korea demanding the US surrender to them to missile testing to the US sending warships and warning against anymore tests to the Olympics to peace between North and South to signs of releasing Americans detained in North Korea. All the while, Trump has continued to turn up his unconventional pressure. Trump has a long way to go toward maturing his public persona, but he is very direct with what he says. We in America have grown so accustomed to leaders who sugarcoat all that they do, that we bristle at the first sign of direct-speak. Jesus said in Matthew 5:37, "Let your 'yes' be 'yes,' and your 'no,' 'no.' For whatever is more than these is from the evil one." This is a good example for all to follow.

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!

Bill Wilson

The Daily Jot (Part Two)

Friday, May 4, 2018

National identity and personal salvation

There was a story last week that socialist Senator Bernie Sanders was going to introduce a bill to provide guaranteed government jobs for everyone in America. Rasmussen Reports conducted a poll of 1,000 likely voters and found that 46% supported the idea. This is true socialism-you and I would be forced to pay enough taxes to support guaranteed jobs for everyone. Someone might say this is biblical because in Acts 4:32 the early church "were of one heart and of one soul: neither said any of them that any of the things which he possessed was his own; but they had all things common." This was voluntary, not compelled by the government. It, therefore, was not socialism, but rather Christian care for one another.

That even Christians would think it OK for the government to give everyone jobs and those who don't have government jobs would be forced to pay for it is an indication that there is no longer much national identity as an American. What made America great in the past is that as a free people, we had the courage to stand against such tyranny not promote it. It came from within the heart and soul of being an American. This rugged individualism and independence characterized Americans. Where has it gone? Our national identity was that of a Christian nation. Even if not all the people were Christian, they recognized that Christian morals were an acceptable and preferred qualification for leadership. The vacuum of leadership politically and spiritually in this nation has left much of it a dry, amoral place of apathy.

The Apostle Peter wrote in 1 Peter 4:17-19, "For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God; and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God? And if the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear? Wherefore let them that suffer according to the will of God commit the keeping of their souls to him in well doing, as unto a faithful Creator." The Apostle Paul wrote in Romans 10:13-14, "For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher?"

Jesus said in Matthew 24:23, "Then if any man shall say unto you Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not." Our national identity and, more importantly, our personal salvation is diluted tremendously if we, as Peter put it, "scarcely be saved." If America's preachers are so intent on preaching/teaching a self indulgent, extra Biblical and emotional version of the Christ, then what Christ are we following--the real Son of God, crucified and risen, for our sins, or some humanist version of Christ that fits a social or political extra-biblical gospel? It is here, not on the national policy front, that we as a people have lost our identity. This should be a serious personal consideration that gives weight to the working out of salvation with fear and trembling.

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!

Bill Wilson

This Week's Bible Study (Torah)


This week, our regular Torah editor, Laura Densmore, has had to be out of the office, so we turn to our friends at Glory of Zion Ministries as we continue to study the Torah. Below please find an excerpt from this week's study. Also please note: this bulletin includes an excellent article by Rick Ridings, "Vision of Shifting Nations into Sheep Nations." Go here.


From ancient times there has been a weekly portion (Parashah) from the first five books of Moses (The Torah) and an ending (Haftarah) from the Prophets read on the Sabbath in synagogues around the world. This portion is given a Hebrew name drawn from the opening words of the Torah passage. An illustration of this practice appears to have been recorded in Luke 4:16 where Yeshua (Jesus) arrived in the synagogue in Nazareth and was asked to read the portion (Isaiah 61) from the Prophets. We have found that in perusing these weekly readings, not only are we provided opportunity to identify in the context of God's Word with millions of Jewish people around the world, but very often the Holy Spirit will illumine specific passages pertinent that week in our intercession for the Land and people of Israel. The Haftarah, unless otherwise noted, will be that read in Ashkenazy synagogues around the world. The references for all texts are those found in English translations of the Scriptures.

The Parashah for this week 29 April-5 May 2018 is called Emor-"Say!":

TORAH: Leviticus 21:1-24:23
HAFTARAH: Ezekiel 44:15-31

This week's portion focuses first upon the importance of priests being set apart, clean in their services to the LORD and in the picture they present before the people. In their work on behalf of life and wholeness, they are not to defile themselves with that which is dead or deformed or impure. As those representing man made in the image of God, the priests are themselves not to bear any outward marks, natural or inflicted, of that image having been marred. In every way these priests (though themselves sinners) were called to represent outwardly the perfection of Yeshua, the Great High Priest who was to come,
"For it was indeed fitting that we should have such a high priest, holy, innocent, unstained, separated from sinners, and exalted above the heavens . . . Now the point in what we are saying is this: we have such a high priest, one who is seated at the right hand of the throne of the Majesty in heaven, a minister in the holy places, in the true tent that the Lord set up, not man." (Hebrews 7:26, 8:12)
(Read the full study for this week by going here.)

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More Daily Features

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Prayers for the Persecuted Church

"Remember the prisoners, as though in prison with them, and those who are ill-treated, since you yourselves also are in the body." (Hebrews 13:3)

Please visit the website for International Christian Concern to lift up prayers for the persecuted around the world, every day. Their link is: -- or go here to connect. Thank you for interceding for our brothers and sisters who are suffering in Asia, the Islamic World, and the Far East.

Classic Hymns


"Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles . . For just as the sufferings of Christ flow over into our lives, so also through Christ our comfort overflows." (2 Corinthians 1:3,5)


Jesus, lover of my soul, let me to Thy bosom fly,
While the nearer waters roll, while the tempest still is high.
Hide me, O my Savior, hide, till the storm of life is past;
Safe into the haven guide; O receive my soul at last.

Other refuge have I none, hangs my helpless soul on Thee;
Leave, ah! leave me not alone, still support and comfort me.
All my trust on Thee is stayed, all my help from Thee I bring;
Cover my defenseless head with the shadow of Thy wing.

Wilt Thou not regard my call? Wilt Thou not accept my prayer?
Lo! I sink, I faint, I fall-Lo! on Thee I cast my care;
Reach me out Thy gracious hand! While I of Thy strength receive,
Hoping against hope I stand, dying, and behold, I live.

Thou, O Christ, art all I want, more than all in Thee I find;
Raise the fallen, cheer the faint, heal the sick, and lead the blind.
Just and holy is Thy Name, I am all unrighteousness;
False and full of sin I am; Thou art full of truth and grace.

Plenteous grace with Thee is found, grace to cover all my sin;
Let the healing streams abound; make and keep me pure within.
Thou of life the fountain art, freely let me take of Thee;
Spring Thou up within my heart; rise to all eternity.


Please go here.

About the Author:

Words: Charles Wes­ley, 1740

Melody: Jo­seph Par­ry, 1879

About the Hymn:

Charles Wesley was preach­ing in the fields of the par­ish of Killy­leagh, Coun­ty Down, Ire­land, when he was at­tacked by men who did not ap­prove of his doc­trines. He sought re­fuge in a house lo­cat­ed on what was known as the Is­land Barn Farm. The far­mer's wife, Jane Low­rie Moore, told him to hide in the milk­house, down in the gar­den. Soon the mob came and de­mand­ed the fu­gi­tive. She tried to qui­et them by of­fer­ing them re­fresh­ments. Go­ing down to the milk­house, she di­rect­ed Mr. Wesley to get through the rear win­dow and hide un­der the hedge, by which ran a lit­tle brook. In that hid­ing-place, with the cries of his pur­su­ers all about him, he wrote this im­mor­tal hymn. De­scend­ants of Mrs. Moore still live in the house, which is much the same as it was in Wes­ley's time.

Some have called this the fin­est hymn in the Eng­lish lang­uage.

Signs and Wonders

Hawaii's volcanic eruption has destroyed at least 26 homes, officials say

Lava erupting from Hawaii's powerful Kilauea volcano has now destroyed at least 26 homes, more than double the previous figure, officials announced Sunday, citing grim findings from an aerial survey by the fire department.

Scientists reported lava spewing more than 200 feet into the air. More than 1,700 people have evacuated, and some said they may have to stay away from their homes for a long time. There was no initial word of anybody injured.

(Read more and watch video here.)

"I will show wonders in the heavens above and signs on the earth below, blood and fire and billows of smoke." (Acts 2:19)

The Good News Corner

Israel Preparing for "Nationality Law" That Asserts Israel is a Jewish State with State Symbols and Hebrew as Official Language

The author of the bill, Knesset Member Avi Dichter of the Likud Party, opened the session by saying that "the Nationality Law is the insurance policy we will leave behind for future generations. The State of Israel is the nation-state of the Jewish people."

(Israel)-[] On Monday night, the Knesset plenum passed the first reading of the proposed "Nationality Law," which seeks to canonize "Israel as the Nation State of the Jewish People." Sixty-four Knesset members voted in favor of the law, and 50 parliamentarians opposed.

In addition, the law would enshrine the state's Jewish symbols and the designation of Jerusalem as its capital. The law designates Hebrew as the country's official language, with Arabic maintaining a special status to be utilized for the provision of state services to Arabic speakers. It also sets the Hebrew lunar calendar as the country's official calendar, and makes Independence Day and other Jewish holidays, events and memorial days into national law. (Read more)

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> > > As we meditated upon this milestone, we were visited by the hush of the Holy Spirit, so we waited upon Him for a word. Our Lord reminded us that, in His own week of working, that after six days . . . He RESTED.

Abba shared with us that we have now entered a NEW SEASON in our readings . . . one that would include a "seventh day rest" for the people of God.

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