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CHPP Daily Brief "Praying for All in Authority" Tuesday, September 12, 2017

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The Daily Brief
"Praying for All in Authority"
Tuesday, September 12, 2017

"The LORD is in his holy temple: let all the earth keep silence before him." (Habakkuk 2:20)

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1. Today's Weather Report - ABC Action Weather/Tampa

Local Tampa meteorologist Dennis Phillips just said:

"There is no way IRMA has diminished so quickly, except that a lot of prayers have gone up. 24 hours ago, we were looking at the worst storm in history. Now it is lessening and the eye has collapsed . . . It has dropped to a Category 2 and lessening, and now it is going up the coast. We are in a much better position."

(Reported on FB by Pastor Gene Lewis; address unknown)

- Hallelujah, Lord! Let the people see Your Hand revealed in this continuing saga, amen. Although much of the infrastructure has been knocked out and streets are now heavily flooded in many coastal cities, nevertheless, we praise You for the rapid deceleration of this weakening storm. Hallelujah, Lord and amen!

- "Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord!"
(Psalm 150:6)

2. Irma whips Southeast: 3 dead in Georgia, 1 in South Carolina - ABC News

Irma weakened to a still-deadly tropical storm as it swirled beyond Florida Monday, killing at least three people in Georgia, flooding the coast, sending trees crashing onto homes and forcing the world's busiest airport in Atlanta to cancel hundreds of flights.

The former hurricane remained an immense, 415-mile (668-kilometer) wide storm as its center moved on from Florida Monday afternoon, giving its still-formidable gusts and drenching rains a far reach.

Some 540,000 people were ordered to evacuate days earlier from Savannah and the rest of Georgia's coast. Irma sent 4 feet of ocean water into downtown Charleston, South Carolina, as the storm's center passed 250 miles (400 kilometers) away. City officials urged residents to stay off the streets as 3 feet (0.91 meters) of water above dry ground is expected overnight. (Read more)

- Father God, as Tropical Storm Irma now moves inland, we continue to lift all the prayers before Your Throne of Grace that have been uttered for the State of Florida. Come, Lord Jesus, we pray, amen.

- "Will You not Yourself revive us again, That Your people may rejoice in You?" (Psalm 85:6)

3. More than 12 million without power in Florida as Hurricane Irma's effects linger - Washington Post

As Hurricane Irma dissipated into a tropical storm on Monday, Florida's residents emerged to streets littered with debris and downed trees while nearly two-thirds of the state was left without electricity.

The once-powerful storm left trailer homes sliced open like ripe melons, boats tossed upside down on roadways and centuries-old trees strewn across power lines. As it trailed off on Monday, Irma's rains caused floodwaters to rise from Jacksonville, Fla., to Charleston, S.C., continuing to impact a massive area of the American southeast.

But it could have been much worse.

That was the grateful mantra on the lips of many on Monday, even as an estimated 12 million Floridians prepared for a dark night without air conditioning in the muggy post-storm swelter. Though there was significant property damage in the Florida Keys and in some parts of southwest Florida, officials said it was remarkable that so far they are investigating just a small number of fatalities that came as the storm made landfall. It was unclear how many were directly related to the storm.

But in the face of cataclysmic warnings and worries - including a mass exodus from Florida's most-populous area - Irma largely spared many of the major cities predicted to be in its path. Some, including Tampa and Orlando, escaped relatively unscathed. Others, such as Jacksonville, experienced unlikely - and record-breaking - effects. (Read more)

- Again, Lord, we praise You for restraining the force of this storm, as predicted. We ask for grace for the power companies that are now working nonstop to restore power to the millions who are sitting at home tonight in the dark, and ask that Your peace rest upon each one, in Your name, amen.

- "The Lord will give strength to His people; The Lord will bless His people with peace." (Psalm 29:10,11)

4. Irma unleashes record flooding in Jacksonville, 'incredible' floods in Charleston - Fox News

Irma's powerful winds triggered strong damage in the areas where the storm made a direct hit -- but for cities including Jacksonville, Fla., and Charleston, S.C., it unleashed pushing massive amounts of storm surge. In fact, the storm surge flooding in Jacksonville broke a record, according to the National Weather Service.

Florida Highway Patrol tweeted that "Now is NOT the time to go sightseeting" in Jacksonville, and that dangerous conditions still persist throughout the city.

The City of Jacksonville tweeted that the flooding "is an incident of historic proportions. The St. Johns River has not seen these flooding levels since 1846."

Meanwhile, Charleston's downtown streets were experiencing "incredible flooding," according to the NWS. The surge in Charleston came from the Atlantic Ocean, and forecasters predicted that the water would push about a mile inland. (Read more)

- Father God, we pray today for Your people in these flood-prone areas. Keep them safe we pray, amen.

- "When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you." (Isaiah 43:2)

5. Trump says churches should get FEMA funds for hurricane relief- Reuters

President Donald Trump said on Friday that churches in Texas should be able to receive money from the Federal Emergency Management Agency for helping victims of Hurricane Harvey. Trump tweeted: "Churches in Texas should be entitled to reimbursement from FEMA Relief Funds for helping victims of Hurricane Harvey (just like others)".

Trump's tweet followed a lawsuit filed by three Texas Churches seeking federal aid to repair severe damage to their structures by Harvey. It was not clear whether the churches had provided aid to victims.

In the complaint filed on Monday in federal court in Houston, the Texas churches said they would like to apply for aid but it would be "futile" because FEMA's public assistance program "categorically" excluded their claims, violating their constitutional right to freely exercise their religion. (Read more)

- Father, we agree that churches who expend so much on hurricane relief should be given help to replenish their finances. But we also ask for the gift of faith for these brothers and sister who step up to help, for the Government is not our God, You are.

- "Some trust in chariots, and some in horses; be we will remember the name of the Lord our God." (Psalm 20:7)

6. Hurricane Irma: Cops warn looters they're making 'fairly bad life choice' - Fox News

Police in Fort Lauderdale said nine were arrested in connection to a sportswear store burglary. The group, which was filmed by a local news station, allegedly stole sneakers. Police Chief Rick Maglione warned people in the statement that "Going to prison over a pair of sneakers is a fairly bad life choice" and residents should instead "Stay home and look after your loved ones and be thankful they are all safe." The Miami-Dade Police Department also said on Twitter that there were 28 arrests for looting.

Similar warnings were issued by other police departments across the state. "Any looters who come to Pembroke Pines will be greeted by our officers. Choose wisely and stay home," wrote the Pembroke Pines Police Department. The Broward County Sheriff's Office, meanwhile, wrote: "ATTENTION LOOTERS; Every incident will be investigated. Evidence collected will be used to pursue charges after the fact." (Read more)

- Father, may the culture of entitlement that supports these actions be destroyed, and purged from America. We ask that Your Spirit bring truth to each and every color, every ethnic background, every human being in the United States.

- "Speak each man the truth to his neighbor; give judgement in your gates for truth, justice and peace." (Zechariah 8:16)

7. Aircraft Carrier is Rushed to the Hurricane-Battered Keys - AP

Authorities sent an aircraft carrier and other Navy ships to the Florida Keys to help with search-and-rescue operations Monday as a flyover of the hurricane-battered islands yielded what the governor said were scenes of devastation.

"My heart goes out to the people in the Keys," Gov. Rick Scott said. He added: "I just hope everyone survived." He said boats were cast ashore, water, sewer and power were knocked out, and "I don't think I saw one trailer park where almost everything wasn't overturned." The scale of the damage inflicted by Irma began to come into focus as the hurricane weakened to a tropical storm and finally pushed out of Florida, but not before dealing a parting shot by triggering severe flooding around Jacksonville in the state's northeastern corner. (Read more)

- Lord, we feel for the people devastated by this monster storm. We ask that Your Spirit move mightily across the state, granting grace and hope to the people of the region. Let there be miracles in the midst of trouble, and hope in the place of despair.

- "To give them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness." (Isaiah 61:2b,c)

8. Praying God's Word in Times of Crisis - Intercessors for America (IFA)

In times of disaster, crisis, or emergency, God is with us. Pray His Word as He meets us where we are.

To access this valuable guide to prayer, go here.

- Father, we thank You that the staff at IFA has taken it upon themselves to produce this valuable prayer guide for use by the Body of Christ. We bless their ministry in the Name of the Lord, amen.

- "His Word, when spoken forth, does not return void!" (Isaiah 55:11)

9. Just As Hurricane Hits Florida, Trump Bows His Head & Does Something Incredible - TeaParty.org

Hurricane Irma already looks to be one of the most destructive natural disasters in American history. As President Trump and his administration prepared for this hurricane, the president did something unexpected. While meeting with his cabinet at Camp David on Wednesday, President Trump bowed his head in prayer, according to a Tweet from Donald Trump. The prayer itself was led by Vice President Mike Pence. (Read more)

- Father God, we praise You that this most powerful man, President Donald Trump, knows to come to You to seek Your wisdom, and Your guidance, for only You have the power to rule and to reign. We praise God for the humility of President Donald Trump.

- "Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall lift you up." (James 4:10)

Focus on Israel

1. WATCH: Israel Remembers 9/11 in World's Only Memorial Outside USA United with Israel

The only memorial for the victims of 9/11 outside the US is in Jerusalem.

It lists each name among the 3,000 victims of the horrific Islamic terror attacks in New York City and Washington, D.C., on Sept. 11, 2001.

The Jewish state mourns the deaths of thousands of innocent people who lost their lives to the four attacks coordinated by Al-Qaeda that claimed 2,996 lives, wounded over 6,000 others and caused over $10 billion in damage.

(Read more)

2. Why You Should Know About Israel's Air Attack in Syria and Why You Should Care - United with Israel

Perhaps you didn't hear about Israel's alleged air strike on a Syrian military installation this week, but the incident has significant global ramifications about which you should be aware.

In Israel, it's always reported that incidents like these are "alleged" to be carried out by Israel because in most cases, Israel neither officially confirms nor denies any responsibility. This is part of a culture where all military items go through a censor, so making statements affirming that Israel did something like this is typically not allowed. Not doing so also allows Israel's enemies the wiggle room that, though they may know full well that something might have Israeli fingerprints all over it, barring public confirmation lets them weigh whether any response is wise, making bombastic public declarations, taking action, or even acknowledging that their defenses have been breached. Sometimes it's just best that things are left unsaid, assuming Israel is involved, as the effect is clear all the same.

(Read more)

3. Israeli Aid Groups Ready to Help with Hurricane Irma Disaster - United with Israel

With a 12-member team of volunteers currently working in the clean-up operation following Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas, the Israeli ZAKA Search and Rescue organization is also establishing command centers in advance of the expected damage from Hurricane Irma in Miami, Florida.

As millions of residents are fleeing the hurricane, tens of volunteers from the ZAKA International Rescue Unit, Hatzalah Miami and the Amudim organization have established two command centers to offer assistance to the local communities when weather conditions allow.

The command centers are equipped with generators, sleeping bags, tinned food, water and all the relevant specialist search, rescue and recovery equipment.

(Read more)

4. Top IDF brass tells US Israel can't handle Iran alone - YNET News

The IDF's former deputy chief of staff, Maj.-Gen. Yair Golan told a security conference in Washington DC Friday Israel will not be able to fight against Iran without US assistance, according to reports on the website DefenseNews. In order to achieve victory over Iran in any possible future military showdown, American help would be essential, he reportedly said during his speech at the Washington Institute.

We cannot fight Iran alone," Golan was reported as saying in the online publication. "They can affect us; we can affect them. It's all about attrition. But if you want to gain something which is deeper, we cannot do it alone. This is a fact of life. It's better to admit that."

(Read more)

5. Deri interrogated for 7 hours: 'Everything will be fine' - Israel National News

Interior Minister and Shas leader Aryeh Deri was questioned for seven hours Monday by the police Lahav 433 unit. Deri was questioned by the unit for the third time.

"I have now finished another investigation," said Deri on Twitter after leaving the Lahav 433 office in Lod. "Again, I answered all the questions in great detail. With G-d's help, everything will be good, and it will be a wonderful day for the entire Jewish people.
(Read more)

6. J Street U to Push Resolution Calling for End to 'Israeli Occupation of Palestinian Territory' - Free Beacon

A campus activist network will push student governments and university administrations this year to pass a resolution calling for "an end to . . . the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory."

J Street U, the university wing of a group that positions itself as pro-Israel and anti-boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS), has drafted a motion "for ratification by student government and implementation by [administrators]" that would "affirm their support for a two-state resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which will ensure a future of peace and dignity for both peoples."

The draft resolution, which was viewed by the Washington Free Beacon, is titled "Invest in Israel; Invest in Two States" and urges the campus community to recognize the "two-state solution as the only viable solution for the end to the occupation of the West Bank by Israel."

The bill would encourage a repudiation of BDS by university trustees and students as counterproductive to the goal of reaching a two-state settlement, while also apportioning considerable blame for the ongoing conflict to Israel's "occupation" of East Jerusalem and the West Bank-areas that include Judaism's holiest sites-since the 1967 Six-Day War.

Also in the draft is a nod to ending "violence, terror, incitement," though the text makes no mention of who it considers responsible for terror and incitement in the region.
(Read more)

The Daily Brief

1.Trump presides over 9/11 ceremonies, vows 'America does not bend' - Fox News

President Trump commemorated the Sept. 11 attacks for the first time as commander-in-chief on Monday, leading a moment of silence and sharing words of strength on the 16th anniversary of that tragic day.

"We can never erase your pain, but we can honor their sacrifice by pledging our resolve to do whatever we must to keep our people safe," Trump said, speaking to hundreds of family members gathered at the Pentagon.

The president, a New Yorker, was joined by first lady Melania Trump to observe a moment of silence first at the White House in remembrance of the nearly 3,000 American lives lost in the attacks -- when hijackers led by Usama Bin Laden crashed airplanes into New York City's World Trade Center, the Pentagon and a field near Shanksville, Pa.

The moment of silence at 8:45 a.m. commemorates the moment the first plane, American Flight 11, struck the north tower of the World Trade Center. The second plane, United Flight 175, struck the south Twin Tower at 9:03 a.m. 16 years ago. The president and first lady then visited the Pentagon to observe another moment of silence led by Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joseph Dunford. The president laid a wreath at the Pentagon to honor the victims.

"We never asked for this fight but we are steadfastly committed to seeing it through," Mattis said at the Pentagon. "We Americans are not made of cotton candy. We're not seaweed drifting in the current. We are not intimidated by our enemies." Mattis added: "Mr. President, your military does not scare." (Read more)

- Lord, we are so thankful for leadership that loves America and remembers what actually happened 16 years ago. We ask that You help all Americans, young and old remember and understand the demonic powers that were at the heart of that loss of life.

- "Yet let him remember the days of darkness, for they will be many." (Eccl 11:8)

2. Over 1,000 People Gathered at Ground Zero Today to Honor 16th Anniversary of 9/11 - Christian Headlines

oday marks the sixteenth anniversary of the horrific 9/11 terrorist attacks. Over 1,000 people gathered at the Ground Zero Memorial in New York City to mourn the victims and honor their lives.

ABC News reports that one man who stood at the Memorial today is Rob Fazio. Fazio's father was one of nearly 3,000 people who died in the attack. "I'll come every year for the rest of my life," he said. "It's where I get my strength."(Read more)

- Father, sixteen years later, we each can still remember vividly where we were exactly when we received news that the towers fell. We will never forget!

Father, let us recall the teachings of Rabbi Jonathan Cahn that, instead of saying "We will rebuild," we must first come to You, in repentance . . . then asking Your help to rebuild. Lord God, in this time of natural disasters, help us to never forget that lesson, too. In Your name, amen.

- "Come, let us return to the LORD. He has torn us to pieces but he will heal us; he has injured us but he will bind up our wounds. After two days he will revive us; on the third day he will restore us, that we may live in his presence." (Hosea 6:2,3)

3. Vice President Pence: Flight 93 Heroes "Might Well Have Saved My Own Life That Day" - Fox News

While President Donald Trump observed a memorial service for 9/11 at the Pentagon in Washington, DC, Vice President Mike Pence and his wife Karen attended a ceremony in Shanksville, PA, where the hero-victims of Flight 93 collaborated to stop the terrorists who had hijacked the plane, ultimately sending it crashing into the ground.

"I will always believe that I, and many others in our nation's Capitol were able to go home that day to hug our families, because of the courage and selflessness of the heroes of Flight 93. So, for me it's personal." (Read more)

- Father, we, too, were on the Hill that morning, heading into the halls of Congress to stand watch yet another day, which is our mission. How we praise God for those courageous passengers on Flight 93! May we someday meet them in heaven, amen.

- "The Lord will rescue me from every evil attack and will bring me safely to his heavenly kingdom. To him be glory for ever and ever. Amen." (2 Timothy 4:18)

4. Couple Who Survived 9/11 From the 81st Floor of World Trade Center Recall God's Grace and Holy Spirit Power - Breaking Christian News

Jean and Dan Potter live a peaceful life in a quiet, suburban town in New York. It's a stark contrast to 15 years ago, when the couple was living in a Manhattan apartment just a few blocks from the World Trade Center.

Jean worked on the 81st floor of the first tower hit on the morning of 9/11.

"All of a sudden, this massive explosion rocked the building, and we literally swayed from side to side," Jean told CBN News. "And what first came to me is, 'This is not your time. We are with you. Your brother is with you.' I lost my brother in 1999." (Read her story here.)

- Father God, we so praise You because You ARE a miracle working God! Amen!

- " . . . I will show you miracles." (Micah 7:15)

5. UN Security Council approves new sanctions against North Korea - Fox News

The United Nations Security Council on Monday unanimously approved new sanctions against North Korea in a weakened resolution that won't ban oil imports or an international asset freeze on the government or dictator Kim Jong Un, which the Trump administration had wanted.The resolution bans the regime from importing all natural gas liquids and condensates, and caps Pyongyang's imports of crude oil at the level of the last 12 months. It also limits the import of refined petroleum products to 2 million barrels per year.

The sanctions also ban all textile exports and prohibit all countries from authorizing new work permits for North Korean workers, both of which are sources of hard currency for the regime.

"This resolution sends a very clear message to North Korea that the Security Council is united in condemning North Korea's violations and demanding North Korea give up its prohibited nuclear and ballistic missile programs," the U.S. mission to the U.N. responded. U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley tweeted after the vote: "The UN Security Council unanimously adopted the strongest sanctions ever against North Korea: #15-0".

Ahead of the vote, North Korea vowed the United States would face "pain and suffering," and vowed it was "ready and willing" to retaliate if any new sanctions were approved by the U.N. (Read more)

- Lord though diplomatic ideas are the name of the international game, we also know that only You can change the hearts of the leadership of such a rogue nation.

- "Can the Ethiopian change his skin or the leopard change its spots? Then may you also do good who are accustomed to do evil." (Jeremiah 13:23)

6. The Latest: Supreme Court issues temporary refugee ban order - Akron Beacon Journal/AP

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy has issued a temporary order allowing the Trump administration to maintain its restrictive policy on refugees for the time being. The order is in response to the administration's request for the high court to block a lower court ruling that could allow up to 24,000 refugees to enter the United States.

Kennedy ordered challengers to the administration's refugee ban to submit written arguments in support of the lower court ruling by midday Tuesday.

The appellate ruling would allow refugees to enter the United States if a resettlement agency in the U.S. had agreed to take them in. The ruling would have taken effect Tuesday without the high court's intervention. (Read more)

- Father we ask that this plan be allowed to stay in force to protect our citizens against those who would harm us.

- "For the ways of man are before the eyes of the Lord, and He ponders all his paths." (Proverbs 5:21)

7. 'No-Cost' Abortions for Harvey Victims? Fmr. Planned Parenthood Director Calls Out Women's Clinic - CBN A Texas-based feminist organization that provides comprehensive gynecology services is offering no-cost abortions for people affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Whole Woman's Health wrote in a post on their website, "Unfortunately, we know all too well that abortion can be difficult to access in some parts of the country, especially in Texas. There are already so many barriers to access this necessary procedure, and natural disasters stand in the way of women getting to their appointment and/or being able to afford care. "They went on to state, "To ensure our patients get the compassionate, quality abortion care they deserve, we're providing no-cost abortions for those affected by Hurricane Harvey."

The move was praised in pro-choice circles, but former Planned Parenthood Director Abby Johnson told Townhall the offer may not be about "compassion" but about what's lucrative. "I hardly believe they are doing this out of charity and for no money at all because remember, the abortion industry does nothing for free. Most likely, they are billing these 'free abortions' to their anonymous donor who gives all National Abortion Federation-affiliated faculties up to $23 million per year for low income women to have abortions," said Johnson, author of Unplanned: The Dramatic True Story of a Former Planned Parenthood Leader's Eye-Opening Journey across the Life Line.

Johnson called it a ploy out of Planned Parenthood's playbook, noting that the abortion provider offered the same free services in 2005 during Hurricane Katrina. "Did we collect non-perishable food items for those who had been displaced? Nope. We decided that we would offer victims of Katrina free abortions. That's right. Free abortions. Except they were not totally free. We never did anything for free and were paid one way or another," wrote Johnson. "In this case, the bulk of the money for these 'free abortions' came from the Lilith Fund, a nonprofit based in Texas that raises money for abortions, and private donors," she added.

Whole Woman's Health made a name for itself in both pro-life and pro-choice circles during the 2016 Supreme Court case Whole Woman's Health v. Hellerstedt. In that case, Texas state law required facilities performing abortions to have admitting rights to a nearby hospital and have a facility comparable to a surgery center. Clinics claimed that requirement put an unconstitutional burden on those seeking abortions. The court ruled on the side of Whole Woman's Health.(Read more)

- Lord, the name "Lilith" is a reference to a demon. We rebuke the spirit of murder and bind it up by the power of the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ, and pray under the Blood of Jesus that You will cancel this entire plan.

- "And He said to them Go. So when they had come out, they went into the herd of swine. And suddenly the whole herd of swine ran violently doe the steep place into the sea and perished in the water." (Matthew 8:32)

8. Antifa throws smoke and projectiles at police at Portland rallies; 7 arrested - Fox News

Antifa demonstrators hurled smoke and projectiles at police officers during rallies in downtown Portland on Sunday, injuring at least two, according to police. The Rally and March Against White Nationalism, which was organized by the Portland Stands United Against Hate group, started off at a park on the waterfront with speakers leading demonstrators in song and prayers, Fox 12 reported.

After police changed the planned route of the march to avoid violence, tensions built up between the demonstrators and an opposing group, Patriot Prayer, also scheduled to hold a rally. Police said demonstrators threw projectiles and smoke bomb - and knocked down a fence that police had put up. They also said seven suspects were in custody.

Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson originally planned to hold a larger rally in Portland but it was moved to nearby Vancouver, Wash., to try and keep it safe and family-friendly, according to Fox 12.

Patriot Prayer bills itself as a peaceful First Amendment advocacy group that appears in locations where there have been past confrontations over free speech. (Read more)

- Lord, the Antifa Groups are domestic terrorists who disrupt and harm people and property in an effort to shut down Christians and Conservatives. We pray that You will cut this movement off at its roots, that every demonic spirit behind it be bound and the Holy Spirit be loosed upon them to change their hearts.

- "You have delivered me from the violent man." (Psalm 18:48c)

9. No Muzzle for the Preacher - Intercessors for America

Not content to simply give churches they [atheists] despise a wide berth, they've gone to court to force the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to serve as grand inquisitors, to examine a pastor's sermons for any hint of commentary that could be construed as political. This clearly violates the very principle they claim to honor, the separation of church and state.

The Freedom from Religion Foundation argues that "most social and moral progress has been brought about by persons free from religion," and is suing President Trump and IRS Commissioner John Koskinen for failing to enforce the Johnson Amendment, which since 1954 has directed churches to vet sermons for political content or risk losing their tax-exempt status. Last week, lawyers for the Rev. Charles Moodie of Chicago, and Rev. Koua Vang and Rev. Patrick Malone and his Holy Cross Anglican Church of Wisconsin, filed a memorandum with the U.S. District Court for Western Wisconsin in support of the Trump administration's asking that the atheists' suit be dismissed. (Read more)

- Pray for an increase in liberty to preach the uncompromised Word of God without fear of retribution from any governing body or agency.

- "The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me, Because the LORD has anointed me To bring good news to the afflicted; He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, To proclaim liberty to captives And freedom to prisoners . . ." (Isaiah 61:1)

10. BREAKING: Immigration Official Comes Forward, Drops Truth Bomb about DACA - TeaParty.org

According to a former immigration official, the Obama administration never acted to prevent widespread DACA abuse. Matt O'Brien, the former manager of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) investigation unit, recently told reporters that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program is rife with fraud. As reported by Breitbart, O'Brien stated, "Based on what I had seen and what I discussed with my colleagues, the fraud rate is 40 to 50 percent. It's possible that it was higher." (Read more)

- Father, we praise You that this whistleblower has come forth to give us the facts regarding the use of funds for the DACA program. We ask that You protect him now, in Your name, amen.

- "He shall give His angels charge over you, To keep you in all your ways." (Psalm 91:11)

The Daily Jot

Monday, September 11, 2017

Of hurricanes and prophetic events

The news media is quoting several liberals saying that the devastation experienced by the recent hurricanes is "nature's" judgment on Florida and Texas for electing Donald Trump president. Other leftists were wishing Trump's home in Florida would be destroyed by hurricane Irma. Still other liberals were saying that it's now time to revisit global warming, as if taxing people to change the weather makes any sense at all-especially since the global warming data has been cooked by liberal scientists. And there are many Christians saying the hurricanes are the judgment of God for America turning away from Him. Truly, there are very interesting scientific and prophetic explanations of these hurricanes.

Liberals and conservatives are quick to politicize all of this. Others are fast to pin the devastation on God. There is a large spectrum between political and religious opinion. Scientifically, we are in hurricane season. Many shipwrecks along the East coast of America and in the Caribbean-thousands of them mover the centuries--were caused by harsh storms before we even started recording hurricane as events. Also, recent heavy solar flare and geomagnetic storm has caused weather events to be harsher and more frequent. No politics in that, just science. But then there is the prophetic. I'm not talking about judgment, but rather observations of the ancient Jewish sages.

The Jewish sages observed the signs in the heavens and wrote in Sukkah 29 of the Talmud that when the sun is eclipsed, it is a "bad omen for the nations," meaning the gentiles primarily because they calculate their calendar based on the sun. The Talmud observes: "When the sun is eclipsed in the east, it is a bad omen for the residents of the lands of the east. When it is eclipsed in the west, it is a bad omen for the residents of the lands of the west." It says that calamity follows. It also says eclipses can occur from disrespect of the death of a leader, rape, homosexuality or brothers' blood being spilled. While much of this appears to be superstition to us, it is also based on observations of the signs of the skies handed down for generations.

Science and prophecy is a unique combination. Since the solar eclipse on August 21, America has experienced calamity. Scientifically, this can be explained. The prophetic, however, should not be discounted as the Lord created all things and set them in motion, instructing us on how to discern the times. So what is real? One thing that is real is people's hearts. Those who wish bad things on others who disagree with their politics or religious interpretations, have their reward. Jesus said in Matthew 5:45 that God "makes his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust." In this, Jesus said that we should show that we are children of our Father in heaven. We are not appointed to wrath, but we will see difficulties just living out our lives. Let's not focus on the blame, but rather on the opportunity to do what's right.

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!

Bill Wilson

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Signs and Wonders

Part One: Monster Solar Flare Marks 7th Powerful Sun Storm in 7 Days

The sun fired off yet another powerful solar flare yesterday (Sept. 10), its seventh in seven days.

The flare, which peaked at 12:06 EDT (1606 GMT), covered North and South America in high-energy light. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) released a statement that warned of strong, high-frequency radio blackouts and navigation-system disruption, potentially lasting up to an hour.

Like the six other flares observed since Sept. 4, this one came from a sunspot known as Active Region (AR) 2673 , which is currently turning away from Earth and will soon be out of sight. (Read more)

Part Two: Are Recent Hurricanes Part of Eclipse Prophecy?

The recent total solar eclipse, referred to as the Great American Eclipse, has led many to speculate on end times events. Now, as two major hurricanes followed closely on the heels of the eclipse, some believe these cosmic events have spiritual significance.

Mark Blitz, the founder of El Shaddai Ministries, stated concerning the August 21 solar eclipse: "From a biblical point of view, a solar eclipse is meant as a sign from God. When there is a total solar eclipse, it is a warning to a specific nation or nations depending on its path. . . Could God be giving us a warning that we need to repent or judgment will be coming to the United States? The timing couldn't be clearer!" (Christian Headlines)

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"I will show wonders in the heavens above and signs on the earth below, blood and fire and billows of smoke." (Acts 2:19)

The Good News Corner


Clay County players and fans pray out loud during moment of silence

Before Friday night's matchup between Clay County and Braxton County, both teams knelt in prayer at the center of the field.

Prayer is nothing new for Clay County High School football games, but Friday was the first night of a new mandate: prayer cannot be read over the loudspeaker. After someone voiced a concern to Clay County Schools about the practice, the school decided to instead observe a moment of silence.

"If anyone wishes to pray, I by all means wish that they would," Clay County High School Principal Crystal Gibson told WSAZ Friday night.

Several fans wore shirts that said, "I'm gonna pray anyway."

When the moment of silence was called for, both teams rushed the field and prayed out loud while some people in the stands did, as well. (West Virginia WSAZ)

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- Thank You, Lord for the courage of these young people to pray out loud to You in the face of a ban created by the school district.

- "But the root of righteousness cannot be moved." (Proverbs 12:3b)

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We Welcome Your Gifts

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