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CHPP Daily Brief - Friday, September 26, 2014

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The Daily Brief:

"Praying for All in Authority"

Friday, September 26, 2014

"Oh that the salvation of Israel were come out of Zion! When the LORD brings back the captivity of his people, Jacob shall rejoice, and Israel shall be glad."
(Psalm 14:7))
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"Behold He comes, riding on the clouds. Shining like the sun, at the trumpet's call. Lift your voice, it's the year of Jubilee Out of Zion's hill, salvation comes!"


"And I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse . . ." (Rev. 19:1)

The Daily Brief

1. Obama to host Netanyahu at White House next week - Times of Israel

US President Barack Obama will welcome Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the White House on October 1, a US official said in a statement Monday. National Security Council spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden announced the meeting, which is likely to address US-Israeli divisions on negotiations over Iran's nuclear program, the threat posed by the Islamic State terror group, and the aftermath of Operation Protective Edge, among other issues.

The prime minister is set to speak at the United Nations General Assembly in New York on Sunday, and will make his way to Washington for the Wednesday meeting. Netanyahu and Obama last met in early March this year, in the midst of a last-ditch effort by the Obama administration to keep the then-ongoing Israeli-Palestinian peace talks viable. (Read more)

- [We are repeating this important news today. Reprinted from the Wednesday edition of our Brief.]

- Dear heavenly Father, we come before you to ask that you would bless this meeting between President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu. We ask that you would send angels of peace and unity to surround them. Silence the voice of the enemy that brings distrust and enmity between these two men. Lord, let truth be spoken and heard. Give them both Your mindset.

Father, we ask that the war with ISIS not interfere with the negotiations with Iran over their nuclear enrichment. We declare that the United States will stand strong with Israel against Iran and not fold. We ask for a miracle, that at the end of their meeting they see each other as friends who strongly support each other. We ask that the "president" would expose to the media the war crimes that Hamas perpetrated against its own people and Israel.

- "Your kingdom come. Your will be done, On earth as it is in heaven." (Matthew 6:10)

2. Beheading Horror Hits America's Heartland - Fox News

FBI Probing Islam Connection in Oklahoma Killing

Police are investigating the beheading of a woman at an Oklahoma company by a man who had been trying to convert co-workers to Islam after recently converting himself, according to a local TV news report. Police in Moore, Oklahoma, said Thursday the suspect, Alton Nolen, who had been fired from his job at a food processing plant, attacked a woman with a knife and beheaded her. He then attacked another employee and was stopped when he was shot and wounded by the company owner.

Moore Police Sgt. Jeremy Lewis said the 30-year-old suspect "stabbed Colleen Hufford, 54, severing her head."

Mark Vaughan, a former CEO of the business, was being praised for shooting the suspect after he allegedly attacked the second worker, Traci Johnson, 43, with the same knife.

According to an AP report, Lewis said Vaughn was "a hero in this situation. It could have gotten a lot worse." (Read more)

- Here it comes! Father, we thank You that, in our nation, we still have the right to bear arms under the Second Amendment of our Constitution, and in this case, Mark Vaughan was, indeed, able to rescue the second worker from an attack by using his firearm. We ask for all the facts of this very disturbing report to come to light, so that, if Alton Nolen was not simply a "lone wolf" acting alone, the others in his Islamic network would be exposed and apprehended. Thank You, Lord, for hearing our prayer, amen and amen.

- "This is what the Lord says to me: 'Within one year, as a servant bound by contract would count it, all the splendor of Kedar (Arabs) will come to an end. The survivors of the archers, the warriors of Kedar, will be few.' The Lord, the God of Israel, has spoken." (Isaiah 21:16,17)

3. First Infantry Division Headquarters ordered to Iraq -

The 1st Infantry Division headquarters will deploy to Iraq in the coming weeks as the U.S. expands its war against the Islamic State, officials announced Thursday. The Big Red One, of Fort Riley, Kansas, will be the first division headquarters to go to Iraq since the U.S. withdrawal in 2011. (Read more)

- Lord God, we now see that, indeed, there will be "boots on the ground" from our own armed forces. We thank You that our military will be in Iraq to support the fight against ISIS, and we ask Your continued mercy for protection over each man and woman now deployed on that field of battle. Thank You, Lord, for hearing our prayer, amen.

- "The LORD is a warrior; the LORD is his name." (Exodus 15:3)

4. MPs overwhelmingly approve UK air strikes in Iraq - itvnews

MPs have backed Government plans to join air strikes against Islamic State (IS) in Iraq after more than six hours of debate in an emergency recall of Parliament. The front benches of the three main parties united over the proposals, which could see the first RAF strikes within hours, and Prime Minister David Cameron's motion was carried 524 to 43, majority 481. (Read more)

- Lord God, we offer praise for this action of our ever- faithful ally, Great Britain. We ask that You be with every UK pilot as they embark upon these airstrikes. We ask for a successful mission of each one, and Your Hand of protection to go with them. In Jesus' name, amen.

- If you say, "The Lord is my refuge," and you make the Most High your dwelling, no harm will overtake you, no disaster will come near your tent. For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways . . . (Psalm 91:9,10,11)

5. Islamic State crisis: '3,000 European jihadists join fight' - BBC

The number of Europeans joining Islamist fighters in Syria and Iraq has risen to more than 3,000, the EU's anti-terrorism chief has told the BBC. Gilles de Kerchove also warned that Western air strikes would increase the risk of retaliatory attacks in Europe. US-led forces have launched more than 200 air strikes against Islamic State (IS) militants in Iraq since August and on Monday began targeting IS in Syria. (Read more)

- O Lord God in heaven, we simply do not and cannot understand why so many young men from so many different nations are now signing up to fight for the re-establishment of the Islamic caliphate. Neither do we know how to fight against this onslaught of evil in the nations.

Lord God, as we remain on our knees in repentance, we thank You that You promise in Your word to fight this battle for us. Let it be so, O Lord, we pray. In Your name, amen.

- "So shall they fear The name of the Lord from the west, And His glory from the rising of the sun; When the enemy comes in like a flood, The Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him." (Isaiah 59:19)

6. Report: Syrian army retakes area northeast of Damascus - YnetNews

The Syrian army has taken full control of a formerly insurgent-held area northeast of Damascus, Hezbollah's al-Manar TV said on Thursday, as battles rage across war torn nation. Meanwhile, as France and the UK mull their roll in a US-led military campaign against the Islamic State group, scores of the group's members were killed in clashes with Kurdish forces in northern Syria. (Read more)

- We praise You, Lord, for this good report and ask for continued success for these Syrian troops as they wage war against ISIS and its allies. We are thankful, too, for the unexpected ways and surprises You give us when Your presence goes before us in all we do. In Jesus' name, amen.

- "Wait on the Lord; Be of good courage, And He shall strengthen your heart; Wait, I say, on the Lord!" (Psalm 27:14)

7. US strikes Isil's lucrative oil facilities in Syria - The Telegraph UK

US-led airstrikes targeted Syrian oil installations held by the militant Islamic State group overnight and early Thursday, killing nearly 20 people as the militants released dozens of detainees in their de facto capital, fearing further raids, activists said. (Read more)

- Father God, again we thank You and we praise You at the news of this victory. Let us give You all the Glory, in Your name, amen.

- "Thus says the LORD, "Let not a wise man boast of his wisdom, and let not the mighty man boast of his might, let not a rich man boast of his riches; but let him who boasts boast of this, that he understands and knows Me, that I am the LORD who exercises lovingkindness, justice and righteousness on earth; for I delight in these things," declares the LORD." (Jer. 9:23,24)

8. Russia threatens EU states with gas cut-offs - EU Observer

Russian energy minister Alexander Novak has warned that EU states which re-export gas to Ukraine will face cut-offs, with Hungary already stopping its reverse flow. Novak spoke in German daily Handelsblatt on Friday (26 September) morning ahead of talks in Berlin later the same day between the European Commission and Russian and Ukrainian energy officials.

- Lord God, we pray for our brothers and sisters in Europe, as they see the return of bitter cold winter weather, and face this brutal threat from Vladimir Putin. We know not what to do in this situation, Lord God, so we turn to You. In Jesus' name, amen.

- "O our God, will You not judge them? For we have no power against this great multitude that is coming against us; nor do we know what to do, but our eyes are upon You." (2 Chronicles 20:12)

9. Beheading Horror Hits America's Homeland - Fox News

Police are investigating the beheading of a woman at an Oklahoma company by a man who had been trying to convert co-workers to Islam after recently converting himself, according to a local TV news report. Police in Moore, Oklahoma, said Thursday the suspect, Alton Nolen, who had been fired from his job at a food processing plant, attacked a woman with a knife and beheaded her. He then attacked another employee and was stopped when he was shot and wounded by the company owner.

Moore Police Sgt. Jeremy Lewis said the 30-year-old suspect "stabbed Colleen Hufford, 54, severing her head."

Mark Vaughan, a former CEO of the business, was being praised for shooting the suspect after he allegedly attacked the second worker, Traci Johnson, 43, with the same knife.

According to an AP report, Lewis said Vaughn was "a hero in this situation. It could have gotten a lot worse." (Read more)

- Here we go! Father God, we thank You that in this country, we still have the right to bear arms, under the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. Lord God, we thank You for the quick action of this business owner, who used his firearm to disable Alton Nolen and to save the life of the second employee.

Lord God, if this jihadist was not merely a "lone wolf," but one who is networked with a larger sleeper cell, we ask that You cause all to be exposed. In Jesus' name, amen.

- "He reveals the deep things of darkness and brings utter darkness into the light." (Job 12:22)

10. Deliberately set fire causes havoc at Chicago's Midway airport this morning

Air-travel chaos: Mysterious fire halts Chicago flights

A fire at a Federal Aviation Administration facility in suburban Chicago turned one of the nation's busiest travel hubs into a travelers' nightmare Friday morning, forcing airlines to ground or cancel hundreds of flights at O'Hare and Midway international airports.

Mystery surrounds the interruption and the fire at the facility, which police say was deliberately set but "there are no indications of terrorism at this time." (Read more)

(Second report here)

- We are receiving conflicting reports about the cause of this incident, but the chaos in the skies continues. One independent source reports that "Flights to and from both Midway and O'Hare airports are grounded and at least 850 have been cancelled Friday morning after a fire broke out at an FAA radar center in west suburban Aurora."

Father, we thank You that apparently this was not an act of terrorism, but we do turn to You to quell the chaos in the skies today. Thank You, Lord, for hearing our prayer, in Jesus' name, amen.

- "For the Lord watches the righteous, and he pays attention to their prayers."
(I Peter 3:12)

The Middle East in Focus

This week, for all the headlines cited below, please join us in proclaiming THIS DECREE:

"And it shall come to pass that everyone who is left of all the nations which came against Jerusalem shall go up from year to year to worship the King, the LORD of hosts, and to keep the Feast of Tabernacles." (Zechariah 14:16)

1. Palestinians to seek UN resolution Friday on Israeli withdrawal -Times of Israel

The Palestinian Authority is set to ask the UN Security Council to vote Friday on a resolution demanding the Israeli withdrawal to the pre-1967 lines in a timeframe of three years, Israel Radio reported Thursday.

According to the report, the resolution will be submitted following PA President Mahmoud Abbas's speech at the UN General Assembly Friday evening. (Read more)

2. Priest tells UNHRC to 'end witch hunt' of Israel -Times of Israel

Greek Orthodox priest from Israel defended the Jewish state before the UN Human Rights Council on Tuesday, arguing that it is the only country in the Middle East where Christians are not persecuted, and imploring the 47 member nations to "end your witch hunt of the only free country in the region."

"In the Middle East today, there is one country where Christianity is not only not persecuted, but affectionately granted freedom of expression, freedom of worship and security," Father Gabriel Naddaf said.

"It is Israel, the Jewish state. Israel is the only place where Christians in the Middle East are safe." (Read more)

3. Fleeing unrest, Ukrainian Jews arrive in Israel  - Jerusalem Post

Alexandrina Zheludev, 19, sits hugging her mother, Oksana, both holding back tears, as Israeli news photographers gather around photographing them from all possible angles on Monday. Sitting outside a row of offices belonging to the Immigration and Absorption Ministry in Ben-Gurion Airport, the pair have just been reunited after not seeing each other for a year.

Days before Rosh Hashana, 140 immigrants from Russia and Ukraine arrived in Israel, including Alexandrina's family, refugees from war-torn Luhansk. Held by Moscow- backed separatists rebelling against Kiev, the Jewish community of that city has been scattered to the winds, with many taking refuge in Kharkov, Kiev and Dnipropetrovsk. (Read more)

- Father, again we thank You that those who have been scattered among the nations are returning to the promised land! You are faithful! We pray for those who are still in the Ukraine, Father. Please protect them. Let them feel your love and see hope! Give them strength to endure whatever trials they may go through. In the name of Yeshuah, amen.

4. Arab Resolution on Israel Defeated at IAEA Meeting - ABC NEWS

An Arab-backed resolution singling out Israel for special attention over its alleged nuclear arsenal was defeated Thursday at an annual conference of the U.N. atomic agency.

Nations meeting at the International Atomic Energy Agency's general conference voted 58-45 against the resolution, while 27 abstained.

Backed by 18 Arab states, including Syria, the resolution expressed concern "about the Israeli nuclear capabilities," urging Israel to join the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty and put its nuclear facilities under international oversight. The Jewish state is overwhelmingly considered to possess nuclear arms but declines to confirm it. (Read more)

5. More French Jews drifting to National Front party -Times of Israel

Moderate direction coupled with tough talk on 'Islamization' helping French right-wing faction gain more support.

(JTA) - From the window of his Paris home, Michel Ciardi can see into the waiting room of a government welfare agency where a predominantly Arab and African crowd awaits government checks.

A former communist, Ciardi once believed the scene at the agency was a necessary element of French efforts to help integrate new immigrants. But that changed in 2000 after the second Palestinian intifada triggered a massive increase in anti-Semitic violence, much of it committed by Arab and African immigrants. (Read more)

Tracking ISIS

Tracking ISIS

"Deliver me from my enemies, O my God; Defend me from those who rise up against me. Deliver me from the workers of iniquity, And save me from bloodthirsty men." (Psalm 59:1,2)

1. Arab states target Israeli arsenal at nuclear meeting - Times of Israel

VIENNA - Arab countries have circulated a resolution at a nuclear meeting that singles out Israel for special attention over its alleged nuclear arsenal.

Backed by 18 Arab states, including Syria, the resolution expresses concern "about the Israeli nuclear capabilities" and calls on Israel to join the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

"Israel alone possesses nuclear capabilities which are undeclared and not subject to international control, thus constituting a permanent threat to peace and security in the region," the resolution states.

Israel has never acknowledged that it owns nuclear weapons. Read more

2. Syrian fighter pilots shot down by Israel said to be dead - Times of Israel

Read more

3. Islamic State Steps Up Propaganda After Strikes, Urges Lone-Wolf Attacks - Washington Free Beacon

Read more

4. America is handing the region to Iran - i24NewsTV

Read more

5. Hezbollah condemns US-led strikes on Islamic State - Times of Israel

Read more

6. Allen West analyzes Syrian air strikes - Fox News

View video here.

ALERT!! 7. Beheading in Oklahoma - CNN

(CNN) -- A man beheaded a woman in Moore, Oklahoma, and tried to kill another woman after a workplace dispute, U.S. law-enforcement officials told CNN on Friday. There were no immediate indications of a link to terrorism, officials said. (Read more)

The Daily Jot

The lawless Attorney General resigns

Arguably the most corrupt and lawless Attorney General of our time, Eric Holder, has resigned his position in the "president's" cabinet. Holder is the embodiment of Isaiah 59:14, "And judgment is turned away backward, and justice stands afar off: for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter." Holder's time as Attorney General is a testament to communistic ideals of arbitrary enforcement of laws and the ends justifying the means. He bent the laws that Congress would not change. He ignored the laws he didn't like. He refused to enforce the laws that offended his political beliefs. Because of Eric Holder, who no doubt received instruction from the "president," our nation is worse off than before him.

From early on, he refused to enforce the offshore drilling laws Congress passed that would have reduced our energy dependency on Arab oil, stimulated jobs, and lowered prices at the pump. His wrong-minded communistic idea of arming drug cartels in Mexico to trace their movements led to increased crime and death under Fast and Furious. White people were disenfranchised by the Islamic-Fascist New Black Panthers in Philadelphia when they threatened voters with baseball bats. Holder took no action against these lawbreakers. In fact, many precincts voted more voters than were registered for his boss, but there were no investigations into voter fraud. Holder stonewalled justice.

He also incited anger by his alarming rhetoric in Ferguson, Mo., where it appears the "facts" of a policeman shooting an unarmed man in cold blood were completely wrong. But so were the "facts" of the Trayvon Martin death, and several other race-baiting incidents. Did Holder step in and represent the interests of the American people under the law? No, he inflamed each situation. Holder refused to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act, instead opting for supporting homosexual "marriage" over the law of the land, even against landslide state referenda choosing traditional marriage. He refused to enforce border security, increasing crime and allowing millions of illegals in this country free benefits at taxpayer expense.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of Holder's lawlessness. The IRS, NSA, FBI, Muslim Brotherhood, and a host of others decorate his "service." He, like us all, will face ultimate judgment before God. But he has committed crimes against America. His actions have cost innocent lives, and we have not yet seen results of his refusal to secure the borders. His actions appear to be both criminal and civil violations of the same laws that you and I must obey otherwise we would face the consequences. Holder is not above God, neither is he above the law. He should be prosecuted, tried and serve time if found guilty. It would set precedent for the "president" who is also not above the law--God's or ours.

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!

Bill Wilson

An Illegal Army?

DOD planning to let illegal immigrants enlist

The Defense Department plans to let some illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. as children enlist in the military -- a policy that comes as the Army is effectively firing active-duty soldiers due to budget cuts.

The Military Times reports that a program -- called the Military Accessions Vital to National Interest, or MAVNI -- which currently allows recruiters to search for foreign nationals with unique skills will be expanded to accommodate the new policy. The new program reportedly is capped at 1,500 recruits every year, and could be the first step in an effort to create a path to citizenship for some illegal immigrants.

The Defense Department now wants to let in some illegal immigrants who enjoyed a reprieve under a 2012 Obama administration policy. That policy applied to those who came to the country before they were 16 years old and spares them from deportation. (Read more)

- Lord God, we see this as another scheme, based upon lawlessness -- a spirit that now seems to be hovering over our nation. Although we do need to have more boots on the ground, Abba, this project cannot be in alignment with Your will, for You are a God of law. Help us, O Lord, and deliver us from evil, we pray. In Jesus' name, amen.

- "Deliver us from evil . . ." (Matthew 6:12)

Update: Iran Nuke Deal

US considers softening demands on Iran nuke deal, report says

The United States is considering softening demands that Iran gut its uranium enrichment program, instead floating a new proposal that would allow Tehran to keep almost half of the program intact, diplomats say.

The initiative, reported late Thursday by The Associated Press, comes as Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has sought to leverage the crisis in the Middle East to ease sanctions on his country as part of nuclear talks, suggesting in a United Nations address that security cooperation between Iran and other countries could only occur if they struck a favorable nuclear deal.

While focusing in large part on Islamic extremists in the region, Rouhani made clear Iran's cooperation in addressing these threats hinges on the outcome of ongoing nuclear talks - as he once again urged other nations to drop what he described as "excessive demands." (Read more)

- Lord God, history has shown that, whenever we try to strike a deal with an enemy, in order to defeat a more dangerous enemy, this scheme will come back to bite us in the end. We ask that You grant Your wisdom to Obama and all of his diplomatic advisers, to know Your way to defeat ISIS without caving into the demands of those who would ultimately seek to threaten our nation, and Israel, with nuclear weapons. We ask this today in Jesus' name, amen.

- "You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it." (John 14:14)

Update: Court Decides on Fast & Furious

Judge: DOJ Must Produce List of Fast & Furious Docs by Oct. 22

Two days before Attorney General Eric Holder announced his resignation, a federal court ordered the Justice Department to produce, by October 22, a detailed list of Fast and Furious documents sought by a conservative watchdog group. Judicial Watch requested the documents in a June 2012 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. Three months later, in September 2012, Judicial Watch filed a FOIA lawsuit, seeking all of the documents the Obama White House was withholding from Congress under a claim of executive privilege.

This week, the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia ruled that the Justice Department must submit a "Vaughn Index" of the requested documents by October 22 -- a three-week extension of the earlier Oct. 1 deadline set by the court. A Vaughn index identifies each document withheld; explains the legal basis for withholding the documents; and explains how their disclosure would be a problem. Basically, in this case, it forces the Justice Department to justify withholding the information that Judicial Watch has sued to obtain. ( Read more

- Lord we pray that You will bring the hidden things to light concerning all the facts behind the Fast & Furious scandal. We thank You for the opportuity and the favor given to Judicial Watch to file this lawsuit with Department of Justice, producing these documentss that were withhheld. We pray for the appointment of the next Attorney General that he or she will uphold the Constitution of the United States and expound on nothing more or nothing less than the whole counsel of God. We offer this prayer in Jesus' name, amen.

- "So do not be afraid of them, for there is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known." (Matthew 10:26)

White House Prayer Vigil for Pastor Saeed

A White House Prayer Vigil for Pastor Saeed:

A Message from Jason Hershey

On the White House Ellipse in Washington, D.C.

Dear Friends,

Tonight I was a part of a prayer vigil on the North side of the Whitehouse, praying for the release of Pastor Saeed Abedini from prison in Iran.

The primary issue that has landed Pastor Saeed in prison is simply, "Jesus is Lord!" This is the very declaration that we are making from David's Tent every day as we enthrone Jesus on our praise.

We've always wanted to keep David's Tent out of the political fray of DC, yet last year I was confronted by the scripture at Jason's House in Acts 17. "Jesus Christ is Lord" became a political issue and in fact it is THE ISSUE of the whole planet. It is for this very reason Pastor Saeed is imprisoned. The truth is, if you are a saved, you are in politics. "Jesus Christ is Lord" is the confession requirement of salvation.

Please pray with Acts 12 faith (Peter busted out of prison by Jesus' Angel Force due to a prayer meeting at John Mark's mothers house.) for Pastor Saeed's release. And let's proclaim the Lordship of Jesus to the ends of the earth no matter the cost. May Saeed's chains invoke courage in us today to spread the good news boldly!!

For His Glory, Always,
Jason Hershey

> > > Please watch this video.
Our mailing address is:

David's Tent DC
3855 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20016

Next Sunday: Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

Next Sunday, October 5:

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

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(Source: Gary Bauer)

The Good News Corner

The Good News Corner

Report: Two Ebola Patients Who Died-Resurrected on Way to Burial

(Liberia)-According to an All Africa report, two women living in separate communities in Nimba County, Liberia, had died after being infected with the Ebola virus.

On Monday, Dorris Quoi, from the Hope Village Community and another woman identified as, Ma Kebeh-from the Catholic Community in Ganta, Nimba-were being taken away to be buried, when "to the amazement of residents and onlookers" the deceased women "regained life" and resurrected.

News of the event has reportedly created more panic than joy, however, as many residents of the two village communities see the resurrected women as "ghosts" who "shouldn't live among them," said the All Africa report.

(Source: Breaking Christian News) Read more.

Signs and Wonders

Signs and Wonders


New sunspot AR2175 didn't exist one day ago. Now it stretches more than 100,000 km across the face of the sun with a primary dark core larger than Earth. The fast-growing region has a 'beta-gamma' magnetic field that harbors energy for M-class solar flares. (

"And there will be signs in the sun, in the moon, and in the stars; and on the earth distress of nations, with perplexity, the sea and the waves roaring; men's hearts failing them from fear and the expectation of those things which are coming on the earth, for the powers of the heavens will be shaken. Then they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near."
(Luke 21:25-28)

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