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CHPP Daily Brief Streamlined Edition "Praying for All in Authority" Tuesday, June 12, 2018


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The Daily Brief
Streamlined Edition
"Praying for All in Authority"
Tuesday, June 12, 2018

"The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases . . ." (Lamentations 3:22)

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"Standing United Together . . . Under the Cross of Christ"

The Summit Miracle

The Summit Miracle:

God Has Answered our Prayers in Amazing Ways!

Editor's note:

This morning we woke up to the news of a series of outcomes in the aftermath of our President meeting face-to-face last night with North Korea's President Kim Jung Un.

What an amazing series of headlines these are!

We continue to praise God for giving us a man to serve as our President, who is gifted with keen insight in the realm of negotiations. President Trump has the ability to walk in the midst of the darkest -- and most dangerous -- realms of evil, without fear. Walking instead in the LOVE of our Messiah, he has triumphed where others have failed.

Let us pause today and give thanks for the wonderful gifts God has given us: the gift of our salvation through the Blood of our Savior; and the gift of a President who is leading us into His Kingdom destiny for America. Praise God!

- Lord God, we do give thanks to You today for the breakthrough that came last night, and for the results that are now following. Lord God, we continue to pledge that we will continue to intercede for all the peoples of the Korean Peninsula, both North and South, that they might be richly blessed in the days to come, and be set free, in Your name, amen.

- "Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord. Praise ye the Lord." (Psalm 150:6)

1. President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un attend signing event - Fox News

President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un met in Singapore Tuesday for a historic summit and signed an agreement committing to the "building of a lasting and robust peace regime" on the Korean peninsula.

"We're prepared to start a new history, and we're ready to start a new chapter between our nations," Trump said at a news conference.

"Peace is always worth the effort," he said. "Anyone can make war, but only the most courageous can make peace." (Read more)

2. Denuclearization - Fox News

Trump and Kim signed a document promising to work for "complete denuclearization of the Korean peninsula." Trump later told Fox News he thinks Kim will begin to dismantle his nuclear program "virtually immediately."

"I just think that we are now going to start the process of denuclearization of North Korea, and I believe that he's going back and will start it virtually immediately," Trump said. "And he's already indicated that and you look at what he's done."

Trump also said Kim will be destroying a "major" missile testing site "very soon," an agreement they came to after signing the document.

3. Recovering American soldiers - Fox News

Trump said the remains of U.S. soldiers who died in the Korean War will be brought home. Nearly 7,800 U.S. soldiers are still unaccounted for from the Korean War. Around 5,300 of those people were lost in North Korea.

Both Kim and Trump signed an agreement for the recovery of the remains of American soldiers as well as the immediate repatriation of those who have already been identified.

Trump said the end of the Korean War, which formally has not ended, "could happen" soon.

4. Ending South Korean exercises - Fox News

Trump promised to stop the annual U.S.-South Korean military drills and said he plans to remove the 28,500 American troops stationed in the South as a deterrent against a North Korean attack.

"I want to bring our soldiers back home," Trump said, though he added it's "not part of the equation right now."

"We will be stopping the war games, which will save us a tremendous amount of money unless and until we see the future negotiation is not going along like it should," Trump said. "But we'll be saving a tremendous amount of money. Plus, I think it's very provocative."

5. Sanctions stay - Fox News

Trump said, for now, sanctions on North Korea will remain in place. They will be removed when the U.S. can be assured that nuclear weapons "are no longer a factor," he said.

He also said the U.S. had planned to place some 300 additional sanctions on North Korea recently, but he decided to hold off as it would have been "disrespectful" ahead of the meeting.

6. Statement from Trump, Kim Jong Un: Read the text - Fox News

Go here.

7. Special Report: North Korea Agreement - Intercessors for America

IFA has issued a special report on the agreement that was signed yesterday between President Trump and Kim Jong Un. This report includes prayer targets and Scriptures, with which we stand in agreement. We encourage all of our Prayer Partners to take time to read through this report, praying the verses suggested therein. Thank you. To read this report, please go here.

Focus on Israel

1. Tev Aviv U: No Hatikva at graduation ceremony - Israel National News

Tel-Aviv University's Faculty of Humanities has decided to ban the singing of the Israeli national anthem, Hatikva, during its graduation ceremony last week.

According to a report by Channel 10 News, Professor Leo Corry, the new Dean of the Humanities Faculty at Tel Aviv University, ordered that the anthem be dropped from the ceremony "out of consideration of the feelings of Arab students."

In place of Hatikva, the ceremony concluded with a performance of Israel singer Arik Einstein's hit song, 'Me and You.'

Several humanities students expressed outrage that the national anthem was banned from the graduation ceremony. (Read more)

2. 'Kotel belongs to everyone, even Christians' - Israel National News

Labor Party Chairman Avi Gabbay spoke Monday evening at a conference of the American Jewish Committee (AJC) and addressed the controversies surrounding the Western Wall.

"There are haredi Jews, Orthodox, Reform, Conservatives, and also Christians here. We are all brothers, and the Kotel belongs to all of us equally," Gabbay said. "If I am chosen as Prime Minister, I will implement the Western Wall Deal as previously agreed upon." (Read more)

3. Israel destroys underwater Hamas terror tunnel - Israel Hayom

Israel recently destroyed a Hamas-built tunnel leading from the Gaza Strip into the Mediterranean Sea, designed to be used by the terrorist group to carry out attacks inside Israel, the Israel Defense Forces said Sunday.

Military spokesman Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus said that Israeli aircraft bombed a position belonging to Hamas' naval forces in northern Gaza, incapacitating the group's first-of-its-kind tunnel leading into the sea. He said it was designed to allow divers to slip out of Gaza undetected and attack Israeli targets. The tunnel was dug about 3 kilometers (2 miles) south of the border with Israel and stretched dozens of meters into the sea, he said.

"We knew about this tunnel for several months thanks to the intelligence provided by the Israeli Navy," a senior Israeli Navy officer said. "What makes this interesting is the part connecting the tunnel to the sea. Hamas expended a lot in building this."

"It was only 3 kilometers from the border and it was only several dozen meters long. Hamas carried out training in this tunnel involving dozens of commandos," the officer continued, adding that Hamas' military wing includes dozens of frogmen. (Read more)

4. Report claims Iranian-backed militants are dressing as Syrian soldiers to avoid IDF attention - Jerusalem Online

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal released on Friday, Hezbollah and other Iranian-backed militants near Israel's northern border are disguising themselves as Syrian forces in order to avoid detection by the Israeli Air Force. In the report, rebel fighters claimed that the disguises are orchestrated and supported by the Syrian Assad regime. Over the past few months, the Israeli Air Force struck multiple Iranian-held targets in Syria.

Ahmad Azam, who commands forces in the Syrian rebel Salvation Army, was quoted claiming that the Iranian-backed forces are "leaving in their Hezbollah uniform and they are returning in regime vehicles and dressed in regular [Syrian] army uniforms." Azam also claimed that many of the Iranian-backed militants are given official ID cards from the Syrian government that belonged to now dead Syrian government forces. Two weeks ago, JOL reported that Israel and Russia had reached an agreement to withdraw Iranian-backed forces from Syria's southern region, near the Israeli border. JOL also reported that the Russian foreign minister was also quoted as stating that only Assad forces have a right to be present in southern Syria. (Read more)

5. Expert: Palestine Fails International Law Test For Statehood At ICC- Jerusalem Post

Experts need to continue to press back on the International Criminal Court's recognition of Palestine as a state, because "there is still time and room to counter this," international law scholar Andrew Tucker told The Jerusalem Post.

Tucker and Matthijs De Blois of The Hague Initiative for International Cooperation held a press conference along with NGO Monitor and its legal expert, Anne Herzberg, on Thursday night to discuss their book Israel on Trial: The Role of the UN and the EU in Lawfare and the Delegitimization of Israel, which advocates for Israeli positions on a range of international law issues, including dropping the ICC war crimes probe of Israelis.

Tucker said while he recognized that the ICC Prosecution and the ICC's legislative body - the Assembly of State Parties - recognized Palestine as a state in 2015, enabling it to ask the ICC Prosecution to probe alleged Israeli war crimes, he said a party could file a motion with the ICC's Pretrial Chamber to veto the ICC Prosecution's acceptance of Palestine as a state. (Read more)

The Daily Brief

1. Trump calls out 'Fool Trade' after G7, says Trudeau acted 'hurt' - Fox News

President Trump fired off a series of tweets early Monday criticizing Canada and its prime minister over trade policy, saying that "Fair Trade is now to be called Fool Trade if it is not Reciprocal." "According to a Canada release, they make almost 100 Billion Dollars in Trade with U.S. (guess they were bragging and got caught!). Minimum is 17B. Tax Dairy from us at 270%. Then [Canadian Prime Minister] Justin [Trudeau] acts hurt when called out!" Trump added. He continued, "Sorry, we cannot let our friends, or enemies, take advantage of us on Trade anymore. We must put the American worker first!" The president sent the messages from Singapore approximately 24 hours before his scheduled summit meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Trump arrived in Singapore directly from a contentions G7 summit in Quebec, where he roiled his allies by first agreeing to a group statement on trade only to withdraw from it while complaining that he had been blindsided by Trudeau's criticism of Trump's tariff threats at a summit-ending news conference. (Read more)

- Lord, we ask for You to bring a revelation of truth to Mr. Trudeau for their inequality in trade. We pray for peace regarding every area of US and international trade, and thank You that we have a strong President who fights for our workers. We pray for justice in international trade, and equitable measures for all.

- "For the Lord is a God of Justice." (Isaiah 30:18c)

2. DOJ refusing to give Grassley access to agent who interviewed Flynn - Fox News

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley isn't backing down as the Justice Department rebuffs his repeated attempts to speak with the FBI agent whose interview with Michael Flynn was used to indict the ex-national security adviser in the Russia probe. "This is no ordinary criminal case," Grassley, R-Iowa, wrote in a June 6 letter to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. "Congress has a right to know the full story and to know it now." Grassley is pressing his request anew after the DOJ once again rejected his bid to speak with FBI Agent Joe Pientka and to obtain the FBI's records of the interview. Flynn pleaded guilty in Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe to making false statements to the FBI in that interview. He also lost his job at the White House after he was said to have misled Vice President Pence about a discussion with then-Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak. (Read more)

- Lord, we are asking that You intervene to allow truth to be revealed in every area of these investigations. We pray that the Department of Justice will live up to their name and provide what is needed. We also pray that the blockage by Rosenstein be totally stopped.

- "Behold You desire truth in the inward parts, and in the hidden part You will make me to know wisdom." (Psalm 51:6)

3. Nunes sets deadline for DOJ to provide documents on alleged FBI informant, claiming 'obstruction'- Fox News

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., has given the Justice Department until Tuesday to provide access to documents concerning the FBI's alleged informant looking into any Russian ties to President Trump's 2016 campaign. In a letter sent Friday to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, Nunes said the records should be provided to all committee members "and designated staff" rather than just the so-called "Gang of Eight" -- which refers to Republican and Democratic leaders in both houses of Congress as well as top lawmakers from the intelligence panels. "DOJ continues to obfuscate and delay its production using an array of tactics, such as incorrectly categorizing the requested documents as Gang-of-Eight-level material in order to limit access," wrote Nunes, referring to an April 30 subpoena for the documents. "Such conduct by DOJ is unacceptable because the Gang-of-Eight is a legal fiction that has no basis outside of the confines of Presidential approval and reporting of covert actions." (Read more)

- Father, June 12 has many major things happening. We pray Your Hand and Wisdom in them all. We pray that the DOJ will turn over the documents.

- "Oh send out Your light and your truth! Let them lead me." (Psalm 43:3)

4. Feinstein bill challenges Trump's zero-tolerance border policy - Washington Times

Senate Democrats announced legislation Friday to prevent authorities from separating children from their parents at the border, in a move that would likely punch a hole in the middle of the Trump administration's new zero-tolerance border policy. Sponsored by Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the bill is the first major concrete effort to try to push back against the zero-tolerance policy. "The United States must not be a country that traumatizes young children by separating them from their parents," the California Democrat said. The new zero-tolerance policy doesn't require separation of children from parents, but it does push prosecutors to file criminal charges against immigrants who jump the border - ramping up a tactic that had been used relatively less often by previous administrations. Once those charges are filed against adults, they are taken to jail - and any children they brought with them are separated and put in the custody of social workers at the federal Health Department. (Read more)

- Father, let only Your will be accomplished in any legislation regarding illegal immigration. While we are sympathetic to the plight of these children, we also must find a way of fairly dealing with their parents. We pray for wisdom for our leadership in this matter.

- "Observe mercy and justice, and wait on Your God continually." (Hosea 12:6b)

5. Trump's clemency list has 3,000 names, NFL players invited to add more - Washington Examiner

President Trump said Friday he is reviewing a massive number of potential clemency recipients, and invited football players kneeling for the national anthem to add more to the list. "We have 3,000 names. We're looking at them," Trump told reporters on the South Lawn of the White House. "Of the 3,000 names, many of those names really have been treated unfairly." Trump repeatedly stressed his desire to give clemency to ordinary people, rather than just famous applicants. (Read more)

- Father, we praise You that we have a President who cares about "ordinary people," and wants to do right by them. We ask for wisdom as he reviews the names and circumstances, that only Your will be done regarding the requests.

- "Righteousness and justice are the foundation of Your throne; mercy and truth go before Your face." (Psalm 89:14)

6. Rand Paul Standing in Way of Bill to Aid Christians Displaced by ISIS - Christian Post

Former presidential candidate and Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky is being pressured by multiple religious freedom groups to lift a hold he placed on a bill that proponents say would benefit Christians and Yazidis who faced genocide at the hands of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. This week, Paul's office has received letters from the International Religious Freedom Roundtable - a politically diverse coalition of human rights advocacy organizations and activists - the Catholic fraternal organization Knights of Columbus and the county chairmen of the Kentucky Republican Party. The letters all have the same basic message and call on the senator to lift the hold he placed on H.R. 390, the Iraq and Syria Genocide Emergency Relief and Accountability Act, earlier this year. A Senate hold is a procedure that allows a Senator to try to block a measure from reaching the floor for a vote but can be undone through a cloture motion. A letter dated May 30 from the International Religious Freedom Roundtable was signed by 12 religious freedom NGOs and over 20 notable individual religious freedom advocates, including former Congressman Frank Wolf of Virginia, the namesake of the Frank R. Wolf International Religious Freedom Act of 2016. (Read more)

- Lord, we ask that You move on Senator Paul's heart to remove that hold and allow the persecuted to be assisted.

- "Keep your heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life." (Proverbs 4:23)

7. Pence Vows Trump Admin Is Aiding Middle East Christians, Fighting Bureaucratic Delays- Christian Post

Vice President Mike Pence assured conservative Christian activists and donors Saturday night that the Trump administration is still following through on its promise to provide direct assistance to Iraqi and Syrian Christians despite complaints that some religious minorities groups have not seen the promised aid. About seven months ago, Pence first declared a major policy change in which the U.S. government would bypass the United Nations and provide direct humanitarian assistance to persecuted Christians and other religious minorities that faced genocide at the hands of the Islamic State. (Read more)

- Father, we thank You for a godly Vice President who cares about Your people. We pray that You will bring all proposed assistance to these groups who have been systematically murdered.

- "I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honor him." (Psalm 91: 15b)

8. China hacked a Navy contractor and secured a trove of highly sensitive data on submarine warfare - Washington Post

Chinese government hackers have compromised the computers of a Navy contractor, stealing massive amounts of highly sensitive data related to undersea warfare - including secret plans to develop a supersonic anti-ship missile for use on U.S. submarines by 2020, according to American officials.

The breaches occurred in January and February, the officials said, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss an ongoing investigation. The hackers targeted a contractor who works for the Naval Undersea Warfare Center, a military organization headquartered in Newport, R.I., that conducts research and development for submarines and underwater weaponry. The officials did not identify the contractor. Taken were 614 gigabytes of material relating to a closely held project known as Sea Dragon, as well as signals and sensor data, submarine radio room information relating to cryptographic systems, and the Navy submarine development unit's electronic warfare library.

The Washington Post agreed to withhold certain details about the compromised missile project at the request of the Navy, which argued that their release could harm national security. (Read one)

- Lord, we ask that You put a stop to the hacking by China, and harden our cyber structure to prevent a reoccurrence.

- "Oh let the wickedness of the wicked come to an end." (Psalm 7:9a)

9. Supreme Court gives green light to Ohio's voting roll purge - Fox News

The Supreme Court ruled Monday that Ohio is allowed to purge eligible voters from the state's registration records if they have not cast ballots in a while. In a 5-4 ruling issued by Justice Samuel Alito, the high court ruled that Ohio's law to trigger the removal of inactive voters from the state's registry can be enforced. State officials argued that the process used by Ohio for more than 20 years is constitutional and legal, and meant to ensure election security.

Civil liberties groups challenged the state's program for removing thousands of people from voter rolls based on their failure to vote in recent elections, claiming it violated the National Voter Registration Act. (Read more)

- Father, we thank You that the court found that people who haven't voted in a long time can be removed from the roles.

- "Among the upright there is favor." (Proverbs 14:9b)

10. UMC Minnesota Conference Removes 'Father' From Apostles' Creed for Worship Service - Christian Post

The Minnesota Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church edited the historic Apostles' Creed so that it removed references to God as "Father" for a worship service.

The Apostles' Creed is an affirmation of Christian faith that goes back to the early Church and is still common in many churches that include liturgy as part of worship. At the multiday Minnesota Conference, which went from May 30-June 1, liturgical folders reportedly included a copy of the creed that removed gender specific language for God, changing "God the Father Almighty" to "God the Creator Almighty" and "Jesus Christ His Only Son" to "Jesus Christ God's Only Son."

The Christian Post reached out to the Minnesota Conference for further details about the edited creed and its use, and will update this piece when a response is received. (Read more)

- Father, we are saddened by this move, and ask that You reveal yourself to those who have done this thing. Let them no longer be carried away by society's "norms" but cling to Your truth in all things.

- "I, the Lord do not change." (Malachi 3:6)

The Daily Jot (Part One)

Monday, June 11, 2018

The cross and the anti-cross

Turkey's "President" Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a possible prophetic figure as he leads Turkey toward reviving the Islamic Caliphate of the Ottoman Empire which ruled for 624 years from 1299 to 1923. Its control over the Middle East was far greater than the Roman Empire. Some scholars now believe that a revived Ottoman Empire is the one prophesied as the end-time antichrist system. The end time battle of Ezekiel 38 is led from specific locations in Turkey--Magog, Meshech, Tubal. Also Christ is quoted in Revelation 2:13 that Pergamos is "even where Satan's seat is...where Satan dwells." Pergamon is in Turkey. Now Erdogan is threatening a war between the cross and the crescent.

On June 8, Austria announced its intention to expel up to 60 Turkish-funded imams and their families from the country and shut down seven mosques. Officials in the Austrian government claimed that the move was inspired by a 2015 law which banned foreign funding of religious groups and created a duty for Muslim societies to have "a positive fundamental view towards (Austria) state and society." Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz Friday told reporters that "Political Islam's parallel societies and radicalizing tendencies have no place in our country." Of course, the news media is labeling the move as coming from the "far right" politicians in Austria, although Austria's opposition parties also supported the action.

One Imam took to twitter, saying "Austria's decision to close down seven mosques and deport imams with a lame excuse is a reflection of the anti-Islam, racist and discriminatory populist wave in this country." Reaction from Ankara was even harsher. Erdogan said in a Saturday speech, "These measures taken by the Austrian prime minister are, I fear, leading the world towards a war between the cross and the crescent. They say they're going to kick our religious men out of Austria. Do you think we will not react if you do such a thing?" What does Erdogan expect has been going on since the inception of Islam by Mohammad around the year 610?

It was Mohammad who commanded Muslims to maim and kill Christians and Jews when he wrote the Koran. Sura 9:5 " . . . slay the infidels wherever ye find them, and take them (captive), and besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush." Sura 8:12 says, "Verily, I am with you, so keep firm those who have believed. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who have disbelieved, so strike them over the necks, and smite over all their fingers and toes." Sura 4:55 says, "Lo! Those who disbelieve Our revelations, We shall expose them to the Fire. As often as their skins are consumed We shall exchange them for fresh skins that they may taste the torment. Lo! Allah is ever Mighty, Wise." Erdogan's war against the cross is Mohammad's war. It's part of Islam's peace. Austria knows it, so should the rest of the world.

​​​​​Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!

Bill Wilson

The Daily Jot (Part Two)

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Undoing the deadly deeds

AP reports that President Donald Trump and North Korea's Kim Jong Un concluded an "extraordinary nuclear summit" Tuesday with the US president pledging unspecified "security guarantees" to the North and Kim recommitting to the "complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula." AP reports that In a very choreographed ceremony on a Singapore island, "Trump and Kim came together for a summit that seemed unthinkable months ago, clasping hands in front of a row of alternating U.S. and North Korean flags, holding a one-on-one meeting, additional talks with advisers and a working lunch." Trump is undoing what President Clinton did some 25 years ago.

President Bill Clinton's long-held belief on nuclear weapons was that if everyone had them, nobody would use them and the world would be a safer place. On June 11, 1993, the US agreed to not use force or nuclear weapons against North Korea if it remained in the nonproliferation treaty. North Korea continued to develop its nuclear weapons program. On October 18, 1994, after 17 months of negotiations, Clinton signed a deal to give North Korea light water reactor nuclear technology if it stopped building nuclear weapons, saying, "Today all Americans should know that as a result of this achievement on Korea, our Nation will be safer and the future of our people more secure."

In his commitment to communist North Korea, Clinton is quoted as saying, "This US-North Korean agreement will help to achieve a long-standing and vital American objective: an end to the threat of nuclear proliferation on the Korean peninsula." Heritage Foundation archives document in an October 20 letter to North Korean strongman Kim Jong Il, (father of current dictator Kim Jong Un) Clinton vastly expanded America's commitments under the formal agreement to finance fuel shipments and reactors, ease its long-standing trade embargo and move toward first-ever diplomatic relations with North Korea. North Korea went on to develop nuclear weapons and to assist Iran in its nuclear weapons program.

Instead of having a safer future, the world is far more dangerous because of Clinton's reckless shenanigans. A very similar situation exists with Iran because of the immediate past "president." The situation with Iran is far worse at this stage of the game because the ex-"president" gave Iran billions of dollars in untraceable cash, further funding nuclear ambitions and global terrorism-all in the name of peace. Romans 12:18 says, "If it be possible, as much as lies in you, live peaceably with all men." Peace is a two-way street, especially when millions of lives are at stake. Sadly, Trump is dealing with a very dangerous world created in a big part by wrong-minded Democrat American presidents.

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!

Bill Wilson

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