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Urgent Prayer Request: Supreme Court to Consider Action on David Daleiden's Case Tomorrow

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We are bringing you the following prayer request
because the Supreme Court Justices will be
meeting tomorrow morning to make the decision
below. Thank you for your immediate attention to
this need.

Urgent Prayer Request:

Supreme Court to Consider Action on David Daleiden's Case Tomorrow

"I know that the Lord will maintain the cause of the afflicted And justice for the poor. Surely the righteous will give thanks to Your name; The upright will dwell in Your presence." (Psalm 140:12,13)

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The Need for Prayer

The Need for Prayer

Dear Prayer Partners,

We have just learned from friends who have sources inside the Supreme Court, that tomorrow is the day that the justices will decide whether to render an opinion on the free speech case for Dave Daleiden.

Here is their message:

BREAKING: The U.S. Supreme Court will meet in conference on March 29th to discuss whether to hear David Daleiden's appeal of the gag order given to the National Abortion Federation (NAF). You see, in addition to the 15 felony charges the fanatically pro-abortion Attorney General of California filed against David, Planned Parenthood and NAF have also filed separate civil lawsuits seeking gag order injunctions to stop him from releasing more incriminating videos.

Before any action can be taken by the Supreme Court, the nine justices must first decide where to place David's case on the docket and, if so, when.

(Source: The Thomas More Society)

Background Information

Background Information:

David Daleiden takes pro-life case to Supreme Court

(This article was published last August by the Baptist Press)

Lawyers for David Daleiden appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court last week over the ongoing litigation suppressing his undercover videos.

During the 2014 and 2015 National Abortion Federation (NAF) annual conventions, the 28-year-old pro-life activist filmed undercover videos of Planned Parenthood workers allegedly discussing the illegal fetal tissue trade and late-term abortion procedures. In 2015, NAF filed suit, and Judge William Orrick issued a gag order to prevent the videos' release. Orrick ruled that if Daleiden released the videos to the public, Planned Parenthood and its affiliates could face "harassment, intimidation, violence, invasion of privacy, and injury to reputation." But Thomas More Society attorney Tom Brejcha, who helped craft the latest appeal, said journalists' free speech rights are more important.
"The notion that government needs to filter the truth and wield the censor's scissors is anathema here in our United States, and we trust that the Supreme Court will not abide this unprecedented suppression of truth and will soon let it be shared openly with all of our fellow citizens," Brejcha said. "[The] First Amendment does not permit anybody to be insulated against the scrutiny of law enforcement or freed from political embarrassment."
The NAF lawsuit is just one of several legal battles the Center for Medical Progress has faced. Last year, a Houston jury indicted Daleiden and fellow pro-life activist Sandra Merritt for their undercover videos.

Later, a judge dismissed all the charges.

In March, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra charged Daleiden and Merritt with 15 felony counts each, but a court dismissed all but two of those charges in June.

. . . Brejcha said a Supreme Court review of the ongoing case will be pivotal to maintaining our nation's free speech laws.

"What is ultimately at stake here is whether those who 'blow the whistle' on illegal or inhumane misbehavior in any industry may be silenced and even punished for telling the truth to the public at large and to those charged with enforcing criminal and regulatory bans on nefarious practices," Brejcha said. "Whether America will remain an open or closed society hangs in the balance." (Baptist Press News)

> > > Please note: this is an excerpt. To read the original article from Baptist Press, please go here.

A Prayer of Agreement

A Prayer of Agreement:

Submitted by:
Nona Ellington
Founder and President
Eagles Restoration Ministries

Father, in Jesus Name, we lift up David and his case to You. We pray for Your uncommon favor with the US Supreme Court that they agree to hear David's case. Lord of the harvest, bring forth the $2 million dollars required to the Thomas More Society for this historical case. God bless each and every attorney and staffer involved. We plead the Blood of Jesus over David, his family, his finances, his work, his defenders and donors. Divine protection over him and his health and the same for those representing him. We pray for a thousand fold return for all who have poured their work and finances into this David vs Goliath case of the century for America. We trust You Lord, in Jesus Name. Amen. Michelle and Nona in agreement.

Another Way to Help

Another Way to Help:

The Thomas More Society Is Raising Funds
to Support David Daleiden in this Case

My name is Tom Brejcha. I'm the President and Chief Counsel of the Thomas More Society - a not-for-profit law firm underwriting and helping to spearhead David's criminal defense.

The Thomas More Society is proud to defend many of the most renowned leaders in America's pro-life movement . . .

. . . because when dark forces like Planned Parenthood unleash their full might to legally, financially, and personally destroy our clients - we fight back.

And I have to tell you, despite all that David is facing, his spirits remain high. Of course, I've never known anyone in this kind of position who didn't feel an empty pit in his stomach.

But David's not giving up. And he never will do so! In fact, I know he sees this as yet another opportunity to drag more of Planned Parenthood's dark criminality into the spotlight.

My friend, that's what David set out to do - and that's what you and I can make sure he continues doing by winning this legal battle.

Now I'll get right down to it. . . We anticipate the costs associated with David's legal defense to exceed $2,000,000. That's right, TWO MILLION DOLLARS.

Planned Parenthood has millions of dollars to spend on lawyers and lobbyists - and they'll stop at nothing to silence David and prevent the truth from coming out.

That's why David urgently needs your financial support today.

This truly is a "David versus Goliath" type of battle - with Planned Parenthood, the Attorney General of California, and their allies arrayed against our "David."

It's a grave injustice that David is the one being hit with felony charges while Planned Parenthood (so far, at least) has gone unpunished.

But by clearing David of these charges . . . you and I can allow him to continue with his incredibly important lifesaving work.

You see, over 12 million people on YouTube alone watched the shocking footage he captured. Since that time, 26 states - over half the country - have moved to strip Planned Parenthood of taxpayer funding. And the federal defunding effort came within one vote of passing Congress.

So it's no wonder Planned Parenthood and their allies want to destroy David. They'd love to see him rotting away in prison rather than exposing their criminal, ghoulish activities. You and I cannot let that happen.

I know he'll be deeply touched and encouraged by your generous support.

May God Bless You,

Tom Brejcha - President & Chief Counsel
The Thomas More Society

> > > Please make your emergency, one-time contribution of $30 or more to the DAVID DALEIDEN CRIMINAL DEFENSE FUND today.

Please go here.

A Special Note to Our Readers

A Special Note to Our Readers:

CHPP Breaks Longstanding Protocol in this Case


This is the first time in the 24 years that we have been publishing these Briefs that we have EVER asked you to offer financial support for another cause.

BUT THIS TIME IS DIFFERENT, and this is one case that needs to be heard. We thank you for doing whatever you can to render financial support to the Thomas More Society, so they can stand with David Dalaiden to appeal this critical case.
And please DO PRAY that the Supreme Court WILL, indeed, choose to place this critical, free-speech case on their docket, when this decision is made tomorrow morning. Thank you.

A Verse to Decree

A Verse to Decree

"I know that the Lord will maintain the cause of the afflicted And justice for the poor. Surely the righteous will give thanks to Your name; The upright will dwell in Your presence." (Psalm 140:12,13)

Pray for the Court!
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