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CHPP Daily Brief: "Praying for All in Authority" Tuesday, February 2, 2016

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The Daily Brief:
"Praying for All in Authority"
Tuesday, February 2, 2016

"The path of the righteous is like the morning sun,
shining ever brighter till the full light of day."
(Proverbs 4:18)

> > > For a complete listing of all Presidential primaries now through June 14th, plus convention information, final debates and November 8th Election Day events, please go to the Wall Street Journal's 2016 election coverage here.

> > > Please continue to pray without ceasing over every step in this year's presidential and congressional elections, and stand in agreement with PROVERBS 2 (the entire chapter) that the voters would be led by godly wisdom as they cast their ballots. Thank you.

The Middle East in Focus

"Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed," says the LORD, who has compassion on you." (Isaiah 54:10)

1. Netanyahu delivers harsh warning to Hamas - YNET News

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a harsh warning to Hamas at an ambassadors' conference at the Foreign Ministry on Sunday, vowing that "if we are attacked from the tunnels in the Gaza Strip, we will act with immense force against Hamas, much more than we used in Operation Protective Edge."

Netanyahu also asserted that Israel is "working methodically and level-headedly against all threats, including that from Hamas, using both offensive and defensive measures."

Netanyahu also told ambassadors that he has spent just six hours in negotiations with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas over the last seven years. "Abbas is on the international frontlines. But apart from Sweden, there is almost no state that supports him. (Read more)

2. Hamas hints at prisoner exchange with Israel - Israel National News

The Hamas terrorist group which controls Gaza on Sunday hinted at the prospect of exchanging an Israeli soldier declared dead in 2014 war in return for Palestinian prisoners, AFP reported.

At the same time, Hamas spokesman Abu Obeida also declared that the group would continue to boost its military powers in preparation for a war with Israel.

The spokesman for Hamas's so-called "military arm", the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades, said that "the resistance has... cards in its hands that will force the enemy to release you", referring to prisoners in Israeli jail.

Hamas has been holding the bodies of IDF soldiers Oron Shaul and Hadar Goldin since the 2014 Operation Protective Edge in Gaza.

There have been talks in the past of a swap of Arab terrorists in exchange for the bodies of Goldin and Shaul, although the deal never materialized and Hamas later toughened its conditions for such a deal. (Read more)

3. 'French peace initiative bolsters Palestinian rejectionism' - Israel Hayom

France will recognize a Palestinian state if its efforts to revive Israeli-Palestinian peace talks at an international conference fail, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said Friday.

Fabius told French diplomats that the conference will aim to bring together the two parties and their American, European and Arab partners in order "to make happen a two-state solution." If this attempt faces a deadlock, Fabuis said, France will have to recognize a Palestinian state.

France's Socialist government supports the idea of two states, but had previously argued that it was too early for outright recognition of a Palestinian state. (Read more)

4. Member of PA Security Services Who Wounded 3 IDF Solders in Shooting Attack Posted Warning on Facebook: 'We Will Win in Allah's Name' - Algemeiner

The member of the Palestinian security services who committed Sunday morning's terrorist attack, in which three IDF soldiers were seriously wounded, hinted that he was going to do something drastic in a post on Facebook, the Hebrew news site Walla reported.

Amjad Abu Omar, 34, wrote on Saturday: "Every day we hear on the news about death. Forgive me, but I may be next."

On Sunday, according to Walla, he followed up with a similar post on his Facebook page. "It is worth living in this country, but unfortunately I don't see anything that justifies life as long as the occupation darkens our souls and kills our brothers and sisters, may they rest in peace. God will heal our wounds and release us from our suffering. You are the first and we, with God's help, will follow." (Read more)

5. Israel doesn't trust NGOs that get money from U.S. and Europe. Here's why. - Washington Post

JERUSALEM -- Ayelet Shaked is Israel's justice minister and the sponsor of a contentious bill that would require nongovernmental organizations that receive a majority of their funding from "foreign government entities," including U.S. aid, to be labeled as such. It may also obligate members of those groups to wear special badges when they appear in the Israeli parliament.

Critics have called the bill a right-wing witch hunt designed to muzzle dissent, especially dissent about Israel's 49-year military occupation of the West Bank.

Shaked, a computer engineer and a secular politician from Tel Aviv who is a star in the ultra-nationalist religious Zionist party Jewish Home, spoke with The Washington Post last week. This transcript of the interview has been condensed and edited for space and clarity.(Read more)

6. $1.3 billion of natural gas pledged for two new Israeli power plants - Times of Israel

The consortium developing Israel's massive offshore Leviathan natural gas field has signed its first deal to supply gas, contracting with two private companies for $1.3 billion.

Edeltech Group and its Turkish partner, Zorlu Enerji, have purchased six billion cubic meters of gas, to be supplied over 18 years, to build two new power stations in Israel, it was reported on Sunday.

The gas will be used to fuel the Tamar station, to be built next to the Haifa Chemicals plant at Mishor Rotem in the Negev Desert, at an estimated cost of $250 million. Solad Energy, earmarked for a site next to the CHS plant in Ashdod, will be built at an estimated price of some $125 million. (Read more)

7. As talks open, Syrian opposition says Russia creating 'new Hitler' - Times of Israel

The main Syrian opposition umbrella group will "strive to join the political process" on ending the country's civil war, a spokesman said Monday after receiving "positive messages" from the UN special envoy.

The comments came as Staffan de Mistura declared the start of the long-sought talks.

"We will strive to join the political process," Salem al-Meslet said after a first formal meeting between de Mistura and the High Negotiations Committee in Geneva. (Read more)

8. Hebrew Nation News Weekly Alert

To read this alert, please go here.

The Daily Brief

1. Record Turnout in Iowa GOP Caucuses: Cruz 27.7%, Trump 24.3%,
Rubio 23.1%, Carson 9.3%
- CNS News

Sen. Ted Cruz won the Iowa Republican caucuses on Monday night, as he and Donald Trump and Sen. Marco Rubio all pulled in more votes than any Republican candidate has ever won before in the Iowa Republican caucuses. With more than 99 percent of the vote counted, as reported by the Republican Party of Iowa, Cruz had 51,416--or 27.7 percent--of the votes. Trump was second with 45,245 or 24.3 percent of the votes. Rubio was third with 42,863 or 23.1 percent of the votes. Dr. Ben Carson was fourth with 17,321 or 9.3 percent of the votes. (Read more)

- Father God, we thank You for this result. We prayed for a "true vote" to represent the heart of the people in Iowa for both the Republican and Democrat Caucuses. We continue to bind spirits of confusion, deception, and misinformation around the elections and pray for accuracy and truth so that the people can make informed votes. We lift the future of our nation to You, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen and amen.

- "To the one who is victorious and does my will to the end, I will give authority over the nations." (Revelation 2:26)

2. Alarming Statistics Come to Light: More Black Babies are Aborted than Born Alive in New York City - Breaking Christian News

To bring additional perspective to the impact of abortion in the Black-American community in New York City, every day there are 66 Black babies born and 79 Black babies aborted in The Big Apple. (Read more)

- Lord God Almighty, we continue to cry out to You for mercy in the midst of this evil. Father God, we can barely comprehend this level of genocide that is now taking place in New York City. We ask that not only Your people, but that all of America would be awakened to the horrors of the slaughter of the unborn, repent, and turn from our wicked ways. We ask this in Your Name, amen and amen.

- "Furthermore, tell the people, 'This is what the LORD says: See, I am setting before you the way of life and the way of death." (Jeremiah 21:8)

"I call heaven and earth to witness against you today, that I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse. So choose life in order that you may live, you and your descendants . . ." (Deut. 30:19)

3. DEA uncovers major drug trafficking by Hezbollah to fund global terrorism - Jerusalem Post

The United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) announced on Tuesday that it uncovered major international criminal activity by Shi'ite Islamist group Hezbollah, in which it used funds from drug trafficking operations to purchase weapons and fund its other activities.

Several arrests, targeting what the DEA referred to as the Lebanese Hezbollah's External Security Organization Business Affairs Component (BAC), were conducted by the DEA and international law enforcement from seven other countries. The arrests indicate the dangerous global connection between drug trafficking and terrorism. (Read more)

- Father God, we thank You for the cooperation of law enforcement agencies around the world as they bring this evil enterprise to an end. Thank You for the exposure and dismantling of Hezbollah, this organization which has brought death and destruction through terrorism and drugs on at least 4 continents. We pray that sympathetic Muslims around the world will also be shocked at the revelations and refuse to allow this organization to continue, in Jesus Name, Amen.

- "For you are not a God who is pleased with wickedness; with you, evil people are not welcome. The arrogant cannot stand in your presence. You hate all who do wrong; you destroy those who tell lies. The bloodthirsty and deceitful you, Lord, detest." (Psalm 5:4-6)

4. World Horrified as Scores of Children Massacred by Islamists Over the Weekend - CBN

Islamic terrorists have struck again. This past weekend, Boko Haram burned children alive in Nigeria, and ISIS bombed school children in Syria.

Homes were seen smoldering and in piles of ashes in the village of Dalori, Nigeria following a Boko Haram rampage Saturday night. For four hours, heavily armed gunmen and at least three suicide bombers attacked. They set much of the village afire. Children let out bloodcurdling screams as they were burned alive in their huts.

Nearly 3,000 miles away, Islamic State terrorists struck in the heart of Syria, this time in a Shiite neighborhood south of Damascus. They detonated two bombs on Sunday in an area protected by Hezbollah, the Lebanese-based Iranian ploy. The first was a suicide car bomb.

Witness Ahmad Aswad said, "We were on the street, and the car suddenly exploded. A lot of children were killed because the school was out at that time. I was just carrying children out of the building and sent them to the hospital."

As people gathered to help dead and injured children, another blast occurred in the midst of the crowd, this time from an ISIS terrorist wearing a suicide vest. At least 45 people were killed and 110 wounded. (Read more)

- Oh, Lord, Our Lord! How horrified we are to hear of these atrocities. How depraved men can be without You, Dear Lord! We cry out for these defenseless ones. We know You love these little ones and desire for them to live out their lives in peace and security. We cry out for things like this to never happen again. Lord, we ask that You would provide a hedge around the children of the world so that they will have a chance to grow up and come to know You as their own personal Lord. Please release prior knowledge of attacks of this magnitude to authorities so that this evil can be stopped. We pray for these men to be so overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit that they will turn their lives around and serve You. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ we pray, amen.

- "And whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea." (Mark 9:42)

5. Zika-linked condition: WHO declares global emergency - BBC

A disease linked to the Zika virus in Latin America poses a global public health emergency requiring a united response, says the World Health Organization. Experts are worried that the virus is spreading far and fast, with devastating consequences.

The infection has been linked to cases of microcephaly, in which babies are born with underdeveloped brains. The WHO alert puts Zika in the same category of concern as Ebola. It means research and aid will be fast-tracked to tackle the infection.(Read more)

- Yes, Lord, we ask for Your divine wisdom to be given to the researchers in finding a solution to this harmful virus. We pray that ways to prevent it affecting pregnant women will be quickly found. In Your mercy, please protect the new lives as they develop and give care and comfort to those whose babies have been born with this defect. All life on this earth is subject to You, Father, and we pray that this disease source will come under Your control. Amen.

- "I said, 'This far and no farther will you come. Here your proud waves must stop!'" (Job 38:11)

6. Official: Starvation in South Sudan as Peace Process Stalls - New York Times

JUBA, South Sudan - The head of an international group monitoring South Sudan's peace process said Tuesday that people are starving in the country's Western Equatoria state as the government and rebels delay forming a transitional government to end the country's civil war. A ceasefire monitoring team that recently visited Western Equatoria state found starving people in the Mundri area, which has been a hotspot of violence in recent months, said Festus Mogae, a former president of Botswana.

"I am staggered that things have been allowed to get this bad," Mogae told a meeting of government and rebel representatives in the capital, Juba. "I plead with you to avoid ruin: Form the transitional government of national unity without further delay, restore stability, repair the damage that has been done before it is too late." (Read more)

- Father God, we pray You would bring Your Peace into this region. Move upon the leaders to stop seeking advantage for themselves and stabilize the country for the benefit of the people. Bring an end to the violence and provide food to all who are in need, in Jesus Name, Amen.

- "He upholds the cause of the oppressed and gives food to the hungry."
(Psalm 146:7)

7. Ruthie Blum: Right from wrong: The Vatican's disgraceful display - Jerusalem Post

Italian officials declined to comment after being ridiculed this week for "clothing" ancient nude statues in Rome's Capitoline Museums, so as not to offend the sensibilities of a visiting foreign dignitary.

The delicate world leader in question was Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, who took a four-day trip to Italy and France to seal some business deals in the wake of the lifting of nuclear sanctions.

But being shielded from naked marble wasn't the funniest, or even most pathetic, part of Rouhani's trip to the City of Seven Hills. Far worse was his reception at the Vatican, where Pope Francis fawned all over the puppet head of the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei-led regime, directly and indirectly responsible for the slaughter of Christians across the world.

The father of the Catholic Church nevertheless greeted "His Excellency Hassan Rouhani, president of the Islamic Republic of Iran" as though he were a fellow pacifist, ready, willing and able not only to spread a global message of brotherly love, but to carry it out. (Read more)

- Father, we thank You that Ruthie Blum has written an article giving keen insight to this unusual action by the Pope. Father, he is calling good evil, and evil good, which is an abomination to You. We ask that the people not be deceived by this action, and for truth to prevail. Thank You, Lord, amen and amen.

- "Wisdom will save you from the ways of wicked men, from men whose words are perverse, who have left the straight paths to walk in dark ways . . ." (Proverbs 2:12,13)

8. Iran: $100b. in assets 'fully released' under nuclear deal - Israel National News

TEHRAN - Iran said Monday it now has access to more than $100 billion worth of frozen overseas assets following the implementation of a landmark nuclear deal with world powers.

Government spokesman Mohammad Bagher Nobakht said much of the money had been piling up in banks in China, India, Japan, South Korea and Turkey since international sanctions were tightened in 2012 over Tehran's nuclear program.

The historic agreement brought about the lifting of international sanctions last month after the UN certified that Iran has met all its commitments to curbing its nuclear activities under last summer's accord. (Read more)

- Lord God Almighty, when we read reports like these, we weep in repentance. Forgive our nation, O Lord, for agreeing to this deal, which has strengthened the hand of our enemy, and of the enemy of Israel. Only You, O Lord, can spare us now. Our hope is in You. In the name of Jesus, amen.

- "But blessed is the one who trusts in the LORD, whose confidence is in him." (Jeremiah 17:7)

9. Israel hopes for EU leverage with East Mediterranean push - Reuters

Israel, Cyprus and Greece have agreed to deepen their energy, security and tourism ties in the Eastern Mediterranean, a deal that may have implications for Israel's testy relationship with the European Union, too.

The agreement, signed in Nicosia last week by a beaming Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Greek premier Alexis Tsipras and Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades, focused on energy and the exploitation of natural gas deposits off Israel and Cyprus. (Read more)

- Lord, thank you for this goodwill towards Israel by her Mediterranean neighbors. We pray this cooperation will increase stability in the region and for Your blessing upon Cyprus and Greece and they choose to bless Israel. We thank you Lord, especially for Nicos Anastasiades, and his recent comments regarding the reality Israel faces as a nation. He is a man of understanding and we ask for his protection as he advocates for Israel in Europe, in Jesus Name, Amen.

- "I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you." (Genesis 12:3)

10. Check Out What the President of the European Parliament Did to Show His Support of Israel - ECI/ Breaking Christian News

European Parliament President Martin Schulz once more expressed his steadfast support for the Jewish communities in Europe by hosting the International Holocaust Remembrance Day Ceremony in the European Parliament [last] Wednesday afternoon and by speaking out publicly against the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe today.

After the official event he gladly accepted the European Coalition for Israel (ECI) challenge to have his picture taken, wearing a kippah to show his solidarity with the Jewish communities in Europe. (Read more)

- Father, we thank You that the President of the European Parliament has taken this action, and we ask that many more might find opportunities to take similar actions to publicly stand with the Jew and against antisemitism. Thank You, Father, in Your name, amen.

- "If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you." (John 15:7)

11. The Best Thing You Can Do for Pastor Saeed and His Family, According to Franklin Graham - Breaking Christian News

The Rev. Franklin Graham has urged Christians to lift up Pastor Saeed and Naghmeh Abedini in prayer as they struggle to save their marriage and refrain from judgment as only themselves and God know the details surrounding the issues between them.

"While we rejoice at his (Saeed Abedini's) new freedom, we now lift him and his wife, Naghmeh, to the Lord for healing in their marriage. Other than God, no one knows the details and the truth of what has happened between Saeed and Naghmeh except them. There's an old saying that there are at least two sides to every story," Graham, the CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan's Purse, wrote in a Facebook message on Thursday.

Graham added that as a minister of the Gospel, he is trying to be a friend and assist both, and said that there is a great need for prayer for their family and their relationship.

"I can tell one thing for sure - not everything that has been reported in the media is true," he asserted. "Satan would like nothing more than to continue to destroy their lives. It is my prayer that this will not happen." (Read more)

- Father, we join with Rev. Franklin Graham in lifting up the Abedinis to You for healing in their marriage. We bind away the enemy from interfering in the rebuilding of their lives after Pastor Abedini's miraculous release from Iranian imprisonment. Lord, work in their hearts, minds, and spirits to effect the healings necessary for a strong marriage and for them to be restored to the work You have for them to do on the earth at this time. Bless You, Father, for Your mercy and power. In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen.

- "He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds." (Psalms 147:3)

The Daily Jot

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tech Tats step toward mark of the Beast prophecies

There has been a progression that seems to desensitize people to accepting marks in order to live life. Social Security numbers were once touted as an "antichrist" measure. Electronic money exchange through credit and debit cards also comes to mind. RFID implant chips are another. These advancements in technology desensitize people to the concept of Revelation 13's "Beast" government, specifically verses 16-17, "And he causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name." Enter Chaotic Moon and high tech tattoos.

Austin, Texas, technology company, Chaotic Moon, has developed a "tech tattoo" that transmits bio data and can eventually be used to do commerce. In an article posted on Chaotic Moon's website, the technology is explained: "On the tattoo, an ATiny85 microcontroller stores and receives data from temperature sensors via electroconductive paint. There's also room on there for an ambient light sensor that illuminates LEDs when it's dark....The tech tattoos could be used to monitor a child's vitals after a surgery, or provide a less public (or more, if you choose) display of fitness tracking...Tech Tats could also theoretically be used to authorize payments in a similar fashion to Apple Pay."

The financial function would be implemented by securely storing data on a skin mounted micro controller and transferring the data when the user specifies based on a gesture or fingerprint on a tap to pay style device. The website said, "Instead of tapping your phone on a pay terminal, you'd gesture and payment info would be handed off to the terminal from the controller. This is different from the usual PIN or fingerprint payment authorization you'd use via Apple Pay." Given the popularity of tattoos among young people in America and around the world, this technology could represent a major leap in the identification, monitoring and controlling of people--certainly those who have no reservations about evil intent.

The taking of the mark of the beast will be a conscious decision on the part of the person. We know this by Revelation 20:4, which says, "And I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years."

Notwithstanding, these decisions can be made a whole lot easier if society is desensitized to the method. Leviticus 19:28 says, "You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor tattoo any marks upon you: I am the LORD." Herein, the Lord was admonishing his people to not become like the cult idol worshipers of the time. Interesting that Chaotic Moon encourages people reading its website to "Join the cult."

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!

Bill Wilson

Iowa: Winners and Losers

The Iowa Caucuses: Winners and Losers

Editor's note:

Last night's election established a plumbline for all remaining activity as we move together through this election cycle.

As a nonprofit, 501 (c) 3, tax-exempt ministry, Capitol Hill Prayer Partners is not at liberty to endorse nor oppose any candidate in this year's election. We can, however, offer insights and reports as the various results pour in, for your own prayerful consideration.

Please find below two summaries of last night's results in the Iowa Caucuses, and thank you for praying over all election news now, throughout this coming year.

1. From The Hill: Iowa caucus winners and losers

To read this article, go here.

2. Special Report from Gary Bauer: Cruz Wins Iowa Caucuses

To read this article, go here.

Key Vote TODAY in Congress

Key Vote TODAY in Congress

AFA Action Alert

Urge Congress to Override President's Veto of bill
Defunding Planned Parenthood

Tuesday, Feb. 2, 2016

Today, the U.S. House of Representatives will vote to override Obama's veto of a bill that would have defunded Planned Parenthood who was caught selling the body parts of aborted babies. Hearings have been held on capitol hill that have exposed the alleged selling of body parts violating federal laws.

The bill President Obama vetoed would have also repealed the abortion-funding Obamacare legislation. This vote follows the March for Life at the U.S. Capital and marks the anniversary of Roe v. Wade that has resulted in the murder of almost 60 million babies since 1973.

There are 290 votes needed to override Obama's veto. When the bill initially passed, the House voted 240-181 to defund Planned Parenthood. Three Republicans voted with the pro-abortion advocates and only 1 Democrat voted to defend life.


Tell your representative to override the president's veto. Tell your representative that this veto must be overridden in order to stand for life. Life is one of the fundamental rights of the U.S. Constitution, but above that, the Bible tells us to honor and protect life.

If Obama's veto is overridden, then nearly all of the federal funding of Planned Parenthood would be blocked for one year. The override would also repeal significant portions of Obamacare.

> > > To contact your representative via an email, go here.
Note: there is no fee for this service.

Super Bowl Alert

Super Bowl Alert:

AGLOW Releases Anti-Human Trafficking Alert at the Super Bowl in San Diego on Sunday, February 7.

Around this time each year I like to focus on awareness of sex trafficking based around sporting events. Since we've just now found out who will officially be playing in the Super Bowl (Denver Broncos vs. the Carolina Panthers), it's a fine time to focus on the upcoming game and how that impacts sex trafficking both in the San Francisco Bay Area, and in your very own neighborhood.

USA Super Bowl, February 7, 2016 - Levi's Stadium, Santa Clara, CA

On Sunday, February 7, 2016 two football teams will face off at the Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, CA to prove which team is the #1 football team in America. More important than that, is the rise in sex trafficking events, cases, and prosecutions during the Super Bowl. This is not new information for us, as we pray about this each year. Some even question the hype surrounding the Super Bowl and sex trafficking, but the reality is, it is happening. More people are aware that it's happening, more people are reporting suspicious activity, and more girls are being rescued from sex trafficking as a result.

> > > To read this letter in its entirety, including prayer points and Scriptures to decree, please go here.

"8 Levels of Control"

"8 Levels of Control"

Taken from: Rules for Radicals

by Saul Alinsky

- In this election year, here is food for thought . . .

A Message to "Lucifer" Sponsors

A Message to "Lucifer" Sponsors

Tell 'Lucifer' Sponsors: No more sympathy for the devil!

> > > To see this message, go here.
Sponsored by:

The Persecuted Church

Five Christian Prisoners Denied Legal Representation in China

(Daguan, Guizhou-Jan. 29, 2016) A public security bureau (PSB) in China's southern Guizhou province recently transferred the cases of five Christians to the local Procuratorate for prosecution after receiving orders in late November to investigate the incident further.

Eight members of Daguan House Church were criminally detained earlier last year for "meeting illegally, organizing cult activities and violating Article 300 of the Criminal Code." Eventually, three of them were released on bail, and, on Sept.1, authorities formalized the arrests of the five others-Dai Xiaoqiang, Xu Guoqing, Kang Chengju, Tang Huanggui and Huang Huaxin-on the charge of "using a cult organization to undermine law enforcement."

The church unsuccessfully appealed to the PSB to repeal the punishment. (China Aid) Read more here.

Classic Hymns

Songs Our Grandmothers Sang:


"God and our Father: To Whom be glory for ever." (Galatians 1:4-5)


To God be the glory, great things He has done; So loved He the world that He gave us His Son, Who yielded His life an atonement for sin, And opened the life gate that all may go in.


Praise the Lord, praise the Lord,
Let the earth hear His voice!
Praise the Lord, praise the Lord,
Let the people rejoice!
O come to the Father, through Jesus the Son,
And give Him the glory, great things He has done.

O perfect redemption, the purchase of blood, To every believer the promise of God; The vilest offender who truly believes, That moment from Jesus a pardon receives.


Great things He has taught us, great things He has done, And great our rejoicing through Jesus the Son; But purer, and higher, and greater will be Our wonder, our transport, when Jesus we see.



Please go here.

About the Author:

Words: Fanny Crosby and Robert Lowry, 1875

Music: W. Howard Doane

Signs and Wonders

A strong earthquake measuring 6.7 magnitude has hit northeast India

Atleast nine people have been killed in an earthquake in northeast India, close to its borders with Bangladesh and Myanmar. According to the US Geological Survey (USGS), the earthquake measuring 6.7 magnitude struck at about 04:35 local time (23:05 GMT Sunday) 18 miles northwest of Imphal, the capital of Manipur state.

The strong earth tremor is reported to have cracked walls while a recently completed six-storey building in Imphal collapsed. Many other buildings werte also damaged Other buildings were also reported to have been damaged. In Manipur atleast six people have been killed with more than 30 injured, the Press Trust of India news agency reported.

Three people have been reported dead in Bangladesh while many are being treated for injuries sustained from the earthquake. There have been no casualties reported on the Myanmar side of the border. (Ventures Africa) Read more.

"There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea." (Luke 21:25)

The Good News Corner

Christian Leader "Blown Away" by Groundbreaking Muslim Call
to Protect Christians

(Morocco)-This week over 250 Muslim leaders met in Morocco to release the Marrakesh Declaration, a groundbreaking document calling for Muslim nations to defend Christians against persecution.

Open Doors reported that violent Islamic extremism will be the "lead generator of persecution for 35 out of 50 nations" on the 2016 World Watch List, and that Christian persecution in Muslim nations "has risen to a level akin to ethnic cleansing."

To combat the increased violence towards Christians in Muslim countries, Texas mega-church pastor Bob Roberts has been forming strategic relationships with Muslim leaders.

His efforts led to nearly 200 imams and evangelical pastors attending the October "Spreading the Peace Convocation," hosted by he and Imam Muhammad Magid.

This week, Roberts took his peace efforts further by traveling to Morocco with over 250 Muslim religious leaders, scholars, and heads of states to release the Marrakesh Declaration. The declaration is a 750 word document calling on Muslim countries to grant religious freedom to non-Muslims. (Breaking Christian News) Read more here.

Worship With Us Today!

Worship With Us Today!

Selah - More And More Of You

Yes, Lord! We want more and more of You!

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