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CHPP Daily Brief - Monday, November 24, 2014

Special Edition: Focus on Ferguson
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The Daily Brief:

"Praying for All in Authority"

Monday, November 24, 2014


"Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise." (Psalm 100:4)

The Daily Brief

The Daily Brief

We will publish the remainder of today's Brief later tonight, after the Grand Jury has released its decision in Feguson, Missouri. Thank you.

The Middle East in Focus

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5. Iran talks extended again - The Hill

Negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program will be extended for seven months, Secretary of State John Kerry announced Monday. It is the second extension in the international talks, which seek to impose safeguards against Iran obtaining a nuclear weapon in exchange for the easing of sanctions.

"Progress was indeed made on some of the most vexing challenges that we face and we now see the path toward potentially resolving some issues that had been intractable," Kerry told reporters in Vienna. "We would be fools to walk away from a situation where the breakout time has already been expanded rather than narrowed, and where the world is safer because this program is in place," Kerry said. (Read more here)

The Daily Jot

The Daily Jot

Friday, November 21, 2014

Ferguson protestors seek vigilante justice

Ahead of the announcement on whether to indict the police officer who shot Mike Brown of Ferguson, Mo, a group calling itself the "No Shoot Coalition" is negotiating with police over the rules of engagement for the riots that are planned follow the announcement. In essence, this coalition of leftists that includes the New Black Panther Party, Amnesty International, the ACLU, several unions, and communist party fronts, is trying to tie the hands of police in protecting those citizens of Ferguson who would not participate in violent protests after the announcement. The No Shoot Coalition demands justice for Mike Brown, the Black man who was shot dead when he attacked a police officer after robbing a store.

The No Shoot Coalition's call to action website states: "An announcement from the grand jury about Darren Wilson will come any day now--and we are planning protests and actions for that day and the days that follow. This moment is a historic one --Ferguson is everywhere--and we are building a movement for justice for Mike Brown and an end to police violence nationwide. Just like people have done throughout American history, we are making our voices heard, taking to the streets and using our first amendment rights to engage in strong actions of civil disobedience." The organization has designated three hot spots where protests will begin to impose their brand of justice beyond the courts.

The No Shoot Coalition has developed a list of 19 "rules of engagement" it is trying to get the police to accept. Many of the demands seek to give protestors the upper hand while breaking the law in the name of "nonviolence," of course. Some include: Police will wear only the attire minimally required for their safety. Specialized riot gear will be avoided except as a last resort; Crowd control equipment such as armored vehicles, rubber bullets, rifles and tear gas will not be used; mass arrests will not be used; Police will allow protests to take and occupy larger and more disruptive spaces for longer periods of time than would normally be tolerated; Police will be tolerant of more minor lawbreaking (such as thrown water bottles) when deciding whether to escalate the use of force.

This group's marketing strategy centers around the theme that Mike Brown was on his knees with hands in surrender position (including T-shirts with a silhouette of such) when he was shot in the back by a white police officer. The ensuing investigation proved this to be totally false. In reality, Brown attacked the officer and was shot during the struggle. This group wants the police to stand down while they ignore the truth and riot. Justice these days takes many forms. When the lawless seek to establish justice, it becomes like what is written in Isaiah 59:14, "And justice is turned back, and righteousness stands afar off: for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter."

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!

Bill Wilson

Ferguson Is Not Selma

Ferguson Is Not Selma

If tensions weren't high enough already, Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) threw gasoline on the fire yesterday calling for nationwide protests if the Ferguson grand jury refuses to indict Officer Darren Wilson. Whatever happened to respect for the rule of law and our judicial system in this country? But Lewis went even further, comparing the events in Ferguson, Missouri, to the famed civil rights march in 1965 across the Edmund Pettus Bridge. The non-violent protest for voting rights became known as "Bloody Sunday" when marchers were attacked and beaten by police. Lewis said: "When we were beaten on that bridge in Selma, people couldn't take it, for they saw it, they heard about it, they read about it, and it lit a sense of righteous indignation. When we see a miscarriage of justice in Ferguson, they're going to have the same reaction they had towards Selma."

What happened on that Selma bridge in 1965 was disgusting. The police brutality seared the conscience of white and black Americans. The congressman was beaten for a noble cause. I regret that I was not there marching with him. (I was only 19 years-old.) The racism and bigotry so obvious in Selma was a violation of our Constitution and a clear indictment that America was not fulfilling the founding principle of our nation -- that we are all created equal and endowed by our Creator with certain rights. But with all due respect to Rep. Lewis, there is no equivalence between Ferguson and Selma. Michael Brown robbed a convenience store and reportedly assaulted a police officer. What right was he martyred for? The right to rob stores? The right to assault police officers?
The confrontation that took place in Ferguson, Missouri, has nothing to do with other incidents where police use deadly force. Each of these cases involves split second decisions where someone's life is at risk. They should be individually investigated.

Undoubtedly some incidents are criminal and the police are prosecuted. In other cases, they are not and courts find that the police are acting in the best interests of society. And, yes, I do give the men and women on the thin blue line, risking their lives every day, the benefit of the doubt.

The great problem facing black Americans is not out-of -control police. There is no doubt that too many black children are afraid to walk to school because of thugs and drug dealers. Too many grow up in broken homes without fathers. Too many inner city teachers can't pass basic competency exams. The gang and hip hop culture is sending all the wrong messages about life, love and virtue to minority children.

The John Lewis who bravely walked across that bridge in Selma would show much more courage today speaking out against those things -- taking on the teachers unions and rap artists, indicting minority men who break their promises to the women they impregnate and the children they create. But that wouldn't be a good liberal thing to do, would it? It is so much easier to stoke the fires of racial discord. (Gary Bauer)

The "Occupy" Movement in Ferguson

The "Occupy" Movement . . . how then shall we pray??

Three years ago, we began to witness protestors in the news, on Wall Street and in the nation's capital, wearing masks of "Guy Fawkes," and announcing the birth of
"The Occupy Movement."

Who are these "occupiers?"

Very simply, these are anarchists: bent on the destruction of society as we know it by means of a series of violent and nonviolent demonstrations. Occupiers endorse the burning of buildings and confrontations with the police on the streets of a targeted city, among other strategies.

As the "Occupy Movement" has now reached the streets of Ferguson, it is time to pray.

How, then, shall we do this?

Remembering that Christ died for all, we seek to lift up these confused and sometimes dangerous people before the Throne of Grace, asking forgiveness for each one, and their deliverance from the kingdom of darkness to His Glorious Light.

Furthermore, in order to gain more insight into this movement, so that we may "pray in the Spirit and with understanding," we have turned to our good friends at Intercessors for America (IFA) for assistance.
In November, 2011, IFA published an excellent research article on the Occupy Movement called "Occupy Wall Street - How Shall we Pray for Their Demands?"
Of course, Ferguson is not Wall Street, and some of the focus points have changed since then, but in the end, we have reason to believe that some of the "key players" (like George Soros) who endorsed and financed the movement back then are still present today.
This excellent article, which includes points for prayer, may be found by going here.
Thank you, Intercessors for America!

Decision Day In Ferguson

Decision Day In Ferguson

Various media outlets report that the Ferguson grand jury investigating the shooting death of Michael Brown by Police Officer Darren Wilson has reached a decision. An announcement is expected later today. While we do not know what the grand jury has decided, the Washington Post reports that "federal investigators have all but concluded they don't have a case against Wilson."

There was news over the weekend that two men, reported to be members of the New Black Panthers, were arrested Friday by the FBI. According to CBS News they were attempting to purchase pipe bombs, which they planned to detonate during protests in Ferguson, Missouri, after the announcement was made.

The Associated Press reports that Al Sharpton is planning demonstrations "in at least two dozen cities no matter what decision is announced." Sharpton is a frequent guest at the White House. And while Obama is publicly calling for calm, we know he recently encouraged Sharpton to "stay on course" regarding the Ferguson protests.

I hope the demonstrations fizzle. There is nothing like bad weather to cool the passions of young radicals.

One school district in the Ferguson area announced that it was closing schools this week due to concerns of potential violence. Superintendent Tiffany Anderson said, "With the heightened anxiety and activity, we thought it would be better for students and staff to extend the holiday at this point."

Anderson, who is black, made the decision after fliers were passed out last week by masked adults from Chicago. Among other things, the fliers urged students to "walk out of school when they hear another murdering pig has gone free." In addition, one "urban militia group" has offered a $5,000 bounty for the location of Officer Darren Wilson and $1,000 for the location of a "close family" member.

Millions of people of all races believed Obama's smooth message of racial reconciliation. Sadly, the president has setback racial reconciliation and pursued policies that have smothered economic growth, hurting minorities the most. Now is a great time for the party of Lincoln and Reagan to make the case for why pro-growth policies are best for minorities and the working poor. (Gary Bauer)

The Good News Corner

The Good News Corner:

"To God be the Glory Forever and Ever" Says Student Who Miraculously Survived Florida Shooting

"The truth is, I was almost killed tonight and God intervened. I know conceptually He can do all things, but to physically witness the impossible and be surrounded by such grace is indescribable. To God be the glory, forever and ever, Amen." -Facebook page of Jason Derfuss

(Tallahassee, FL)-[CBN News] A backpack made the difference between life and death for Florida State University student Jason Derfuss.

Hours had passed since a gunman opened fire on Derfuss and his fellow students when his friend noticed something odd.

"I pulled out the books and saw they were all ripped apart," the 21-year-old humanities student told NBC News. "I started examining them and my friend found a bullet in the back page."

The book was one of several Derfuss had checked out from the library earlier.

"There is no way I should be alive," he said. "Literally, those books saved my life."

But Derfuss is crediting more than academics with sparing his life.

"It's crazy: One minute I am checking out books and the next I am crying on my bedroom floor thinking I shouldn't be alive," he said. "Those books saved me, and God saved me."

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