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CHPP Daily Brief - Friday, November 15, 2013

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Friday, November 15, 2013

". . . hold tightly to what you have until I come."
(Rev. 2:25, The Living Bible)


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The Daily Brief

1. 39 Democrats Join GOP to Pass House 'Keep Your Plan' Bill - Newsmax

The Republican-led U.S. House passed legislation that lets insurers sell for another year health policies that don't meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act.

Today's 261-157 vote, with the backing of about 39 Democrats, follows by a day President Barack Obama's proposal of a one-year reprieve for Americans whose health policies have been canceled. Obama's announcement sought to limit what could have been more Democratic votes for the Republican bill.

- Tonight we are praising the Lord that Democrats are now joining Republicans to "just say no" to a health care package that is disastrous for all Americans. As this bill must next be considered in the Senate, lift up a prayer that the momentum towards unity on this issue, now begun in the House, will continue to grow in the Senate, leading to the passage of this law. In Jesus Name, amen.

- "And I am convinced and sure of this very thing, that He Who began a good work in you will continue until the day of Jesus Christ [right up to the time of His return], developing [that good work] and perfecting and bringing it to full completion in you." (Philippians 1:6)

2. Senate Democrats wary of Obamacare fix while insurers warn of market destabilization - Washington Examiner

Senate Democrats were huddling privately Thursday with White House Chief of Staff Dennis McDonough after President Obama announced a "fix" for his new health care law that would allow insurance companies to renew millions of health insurance plans they canceled as part of their implementation of Obamacare.

~Abba, this whole issue of healthcare being forced upon the American people is very unsettling and distressing. We ask Lord, for our voices to be heard and acknowledged, and for positive changes to be made to benefit all the people, and not a select few. We ask that democracy would rule, and the Constitution be followed, Amen.

- "A king gives stability to a country by justice, but one who overtaxes it brings it to ruin."(Proverbs 29:4)

3. Obamacare officials let cat out of bag on higher prices - London Daily Mail

The Obama administration has directly conceded for the first time that 'in many cases,' health insurance plans offered through government exchanges are more expensive than plans consumers bought before the Affordable Care Act became law-- even when government subsidies are figured in.
~Father, we thank You for revealing the truth that the "Affordable Care Act" is neither affordable, nor comprehensive. We ask You to continue to reveal the hidden things, and expose the true agenda of those lying to congress and the American people. We ask that You would amplify those things done in secret, and that justice will prevail. In Your Name we pray, Amen.

-"Behold, You desire truth in the inward parts, and in the hidden part You will make me to know wisdom." (Psalm 51:6)

4. ALERT!! Rep. Olson Introduces Articles of Impeachment Against Eric Holder - Fox News

Rep. Pete Olson (R-TX) has introduced an Articles of Impeachment resolution against Attorney General Eric Holder for his role in "Fast and Furious", and other scandals of President Barack Obama's administration.
~Father, we ask that You give Your wisdom to Rep. Olson, and all the individuals who are a part of this resolution. We ask for truth to prevail, and that godly wisdom will prevail. We pray that the law of "sowing and reaping" will be followed, and those things done in secret will come to light, whether they be good or evil. We ask for justice to be done, in Your Name, we pray, Amen.

-"But the wisdom from above is, first of all, pure, then peaceful, kind, open to reason, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality and without hypocrisy." (James 3:17)

5. Obama's prosecutorial discretion raises questions about executive authority - Washington Times

President Obama turned to prosecutorial discretion, yet again Thursday as he tried an "end run" around Congress, claiming unilateral authority to let companies continue to offer health care plans under Obamacare, even if those plans violate his namesake law. The move drew howls of disapproval from Republicans and ignited a legal debate over whether Mr. Obama has the executive authority he is claiming.

~Father, we thank You that the administration's desire to avoid our system of "checks and balances" in our government is being exposed. It is unconstitutional to interfere with this system that our fore-fathers put into place to protect us against dictatorships. We ask, Lord, that both houses of Congress will respond to this appropriately, and stop these illegal maneuverings and lawless practices. Be our Righteous Judge, O Lord, on behalf of this nation and its people, we pray. Amen.

-"But if you fail to do this, you will be sinning against the Lord; and you may be sure that your sin will find you out." (Numbers 32:23)

6. Appeals court rebukes administration's 'narrow' religious liberty view - CNA

The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that the Obama administration's defense of the HHS mandate is "unsound and extraordinary" for contending that business owners cannot have religious freedom protections. Compelling businesses owners and their companies to provide services such as abortion-causing drugs and devices, sterilization, and contraception "substantially burdens their religious exercise rights," the court wrote.

~Father, we thank You for this ruling by the Appeals Court, and we pray that this ruling will stand when all the appeals process has run its course. We ask that those who are effected by this ruling, would accept it. In Yeshua's Name we pray, Amen.

- "But above all, my brethren, do not swear, either by heaven or by earth, or with any other oath. But let your "Yes" be "Yes," and your "No," "No," lest you fall into judgment."(James 5:12)

7. Senators Told to "Ignore Israel" on Iran - Arutz Sheva

Republican senators, who were briefed on Wednesday about recent talks with Iran, were reportedly told to "ignore anything the Israelis say" about the issue, BUZZFeed reports.
~Adonai, we ask for Your mercy to be extended to those in this administration who are giving orders to ignore what Israel says. We know that those who curse Israel, are themselves cursed by You - and so we ask that in Your judgment, You will remember mercy. We ask that these individuals would come to know Your truth about Israel, and Your Word, and that truth will set them free. In Your Name we pray, Amen.

-"Therefore fear ADONAI, and serve Him truly and sincerely. Put away the gods your ancestors served, and serve ADONAI! If it seems bad to you to serve ADONAI, then choose today whom you are going to serve! Will it be the gods your ancestors served, or the gods of the Emori, where you live? As for me and my household, we will serve ADONAI!" (Joshua 4:15,16)

8. Typhoon Haiyan: Philippines death toll up as aid arrives - BBC

The number of people in the Philippines confirmed dead from Typhoon Haiyan now stands at 3,621, officials say. UN and local agencies have issued conflicting tolls, and the final figure is likely to rise still higher. One week after the storm, food and supplies are now beginning to reach survivors, but aid agencies say the logistics of distribution are enormous.

~Abba, we are so sad to see the tremendous suffering the people of the Philippines are experiencing through all the loss of life and possessions. We do ask that You give Your wisdom to those relief agencies who are trying to help these people, so they can effectively deal with the logistics of getting aid to all those who need it. We ask that You would comfort these people, and meet their needs for food, water, clothing, shelter, etc. May they look to You and receive you as Saviour, Healer and Provider. In Your Name we pray, Amen.

- "Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father's care. And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. So don't be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows." (Matthew 10:29-31)

The Middle East in Focus

The Middle East in Focus

This week, for all the headlines cited below, please join us in proclaiming THIS DECREE:

"Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path."
(Psalm 119:105)

1. Israeli researchers develop revolutionary alternative fuel process - Times of Israel

Israeli university researchers say they have discovered a revolutionary method for producing alternative liquid fuel from two of the most common substances on earth, hydrogen and carbon dioxide.

2. Livni raps PA negotiators for resigning - Times of Israel

Israel's chief negotiator in peace talks with the Palestinians on Thursday criticized the resignation of Palestinian negotiators that had been announced the previous day by PA President Mahmoud Abbas, saying they were reneging on their commitments. She expressed hope that negotiations would nevertheless continue as planned.

3. Most Israelis distrust US on Iran, poll finds - Times of Israel

A majority of Jewish Israelis believe that Israel cannot rely on the United States to ensure the security of the Jewish state during negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program, according to a poll published Thursday.

4. PM: Iran already has wherewithal to build nuclear weapons - Times of Israel

Iran has decelerated its rate of uranium enrichment because it already possesses the basic infrastructure for producing a nuclear weapon, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Thursday.

5. Biggest children's book publisher erases Israel from map - Times of Israel

Arab textbooks are not the only ones erasing Israel from their maps. Scholastic, the world's largest publisher of children's books, has also eliminated the Jewish state in a book.

The Persecuted Church

Today's Focus: The Persecuted Church

"Go! I am sending you out like lambs among wolves." Luke 10:3)

Deplorable Conditions for Kachin Christians in Northern Burma

On October 30, new fighting erupted in the southern Kachin State, despite ongoing talks between the Kachin Independence Organization (KIO) and government negotiators. The unresolved conflict between ethnic groups and government forces in Myanmar is forcing Kachin Christians to live in deplorable conditions as refugees and to be targeted as victims of religious persecution. About 1,000 people were forced to flee their homes.

(International Christian Concern) Read more.
Pray God's provision for Kachin Christians forced to flee their homes

Pray for an end to the fighting between the ethnic groups and government forced of Myanmar

Pray for God's will to be done during this time of unrest in Burma

For more news about the Persecuted Church, and how you can be more involved in intercession for these precious saints, go here.

Military Freedom: That's An Order!

Military Freedom: That's An Order!

Last night, Members of Congress led by Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler (R-Mo.) gathered on the Floor of the U.S. House of Representatives to highlight the importance of religious freedom in the military. Members are talking about our "First Freedom" because of the uncertainty and fear that members of the Armed Forces currently face regarding their ability to express their religious beliefs.

Joined by Congressmen John Fleming (R-La.), Doug Collins (R-Ga.), Doug Lamborn (R-Co.), Louie Gohmert (R-Texas), Roger Williams (R-Texas), Randy Hultgren (R-Ill.), Kerry Bentivolio (R-Mich.), Doug LaMalfa (R-Calif.), Alan Nunnelee (R-Miss.), and Tim Huelskamp (R-Kans.), Congresswoman Hartzler framed the issue as one of historic importance, " . . . just as important now to our men and women in uniform as it was back at the beginning of our country." Congressman Collins, a military Chaplain himself, pointed out that our military has fought with their "blood, sweat, and tears" so that the general public's freedom of religion can be protected. Yet, "now there appears to be a strain inside the Pentagon and VA whose mission it is to take away the soul of our fighting force."
Congressman Williams aptly summed up what freedom of religion really entails and why it's so important: it's "how we live our faith, not just where we attend worship services." To see all of last night's Special Order, watch here. (Family Research Council)

Obamacare: Two Updates

1. Democrats, Media Reject Obama Fix

There was a time when Obama's words sent supporters swooning. But the left's superstar seems to have lost his powers of persuasion. His much-hyped fix to Obamacare's false promise about keeping insurance policies you liked has been widely panned by members of his own party as well as members of the media.

Washington state Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler, a Democrat, rejected Obama's fix just hours after he spoke yesterday. Kreidler said he had "serious concerns" with the plan and stated flatly, "We will not be allowing insurance companies to extend their policies."

William White, Insurance Commissioner for the District of Columbia, said Obama's fix "undercuts the purpose of the exchanges by creating exceptions that make it more difficult for them to operate."

In a stunning report that would have been unimaginable four years ago, Obama is, according to Politico, "in serious danger of permanently losing the trust of Democrats in Congress." In a separate story, Politico reports that Senate Democrats are "not fully satisfied" with Obama's fix.

Meanwhile, Obama's media allies were similarly unimpressed. The New York Times editorial board wrote that Obama's plan "raises a few troubling questions, most of which cannot be answered quickly."

The Washington Post piled on, adding, "Unfortunately, it was his promise that was wrong. His proposed fix will have little impact except to let him shift the blame; at worst, it will undermine reform." And USA Today called the proposal "ugly."

2. House Passes Keep Your Health Plan Bill

Responding to the growing outrage of millions of Americans who have lost their health insurance because of Obamacare, the House of Representatives today overwhelmingly passed a bill sponsored by Rep. Fred Upton (R-MI) that allows individuals to keep health insurance policies they had. The Upton bill goes beyond Obama's "faux fix" by allowing insurance companies to sell policies not just to existing customers, but to new customers as well.

Obama has vowed to veto the bill because it is a direct threat to Obamacare. The reason is obvious: The policies Obamacare is eliminating were much cheaper than those offered under Obamacare. If the uninsured have a choice between current, inexpensive plans or Obamacare's often outrageously expensive plans, Obamacare loses.

Earlier today Newt Gingrich suggested that this would be a very telling vote about Obama's waning influence. Newt said, "If more than 40 Democrats vote with Upton, there is a real crack in the Obama machine." Thirty-nine Democrats backed the Upton bill today.

By the way, Gingrich also highlighted another major problem with Obamacare -- it has a massive marriage penalty. That shouldn't surprise anyone because Democrats routinely lose the married vote, even married women, so they don't care if their policies punish married couples. Sadly, Obamacare is driving some people to divorce. (Source for both articles: Gary Bauer)

State Dept. Moves Against Terrorist Group in Nigeria

Department of State Designates Boko Haram a Foreign Terrorist Organization

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

WASHINGTON, DC (November 13, 2013) - Several human rights, religious liberty and civil society groups today welcomed the designation of Boko Haram--whose religious persecution of Christians has reached a catastrophic level--as a "Foreign Terrorist Organization" by the U.S. Department of State.

In its official release, the White House announced its "strong support" for Nigeria's fight against terrorism and its efforts to address security challenges in the north." According to the White House, the designation cuts off terrorist organizations from U.S. financial institutions and enables banks to freeze assets held in the U.S. Calling for a "comprehensive counterterrorism approach" which also "creates economic opportunity", the White House declared that the U.S. stands "firmly with the people of Nigeria in their efforts to bring the terrorist violence perpetrated by these groups to an end."

During today's House Foreign Affairs hearing jointly held by the Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights and International Organizations (Rep. Christopher H. Smith, chairman) and the subcommittee on Terrorism, Non-proliferation and Trade (Rep Ted Poe, chairman), the Honorable Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the new Assistant Secretary of the Bureau of African Affairs at the U.S. Department of State, testified that Boko Haram and the Ansura terrorist organizations have been placed on the Foreign Terrorist Organization list this morning as a further step to empower U.S. law enforcement and the Treasury department with tools to pursue the violent terrorist organization.
In his opening remarks, Congressman Chris Smith used facts he found during a September visit to Nigeria to emphasize why the nature and the Boko Haram fits designation as am FTO. He stated that during his trip he found that Boko Haram is a very sophisticated organization operating in disconnected cells but coordinated at a high level and whose activities are not limited to Nigeria. "There actions proves their participation in the global jihad movement that wages violent war world wide that to establish their skewed version of Islam as the prevailing religion globally." Various actions and statements by leaders indicate their international intent and thereby meet the three criteria and justify the FTO designation and we welcome this action. "Victims and their families we have been in touch with welcome this long delayed and overdue designation. We are also pleased with the emphasis in the White House and the Department of State announcements on enhancing the efforts of the Nigerian government to end the violence," said Ann Buwalda, Executive Director of Jubilee Campaign. According to our statistics, the publicly reported Christian casualties in Nigeria last year were greater than the Christian casualties of Pakistan, Syria, Kenya and Egypt combined...Nigeria alone accounted for almost 60 percent of Christians killed globally. Our statistics also show that more Christians then Muslims have been killed by the Boko Haram, contrary to the testimony of Assistant Secretary Thomas-Greenfield who again repeated the claim that more Muslims have been killed.

The facts are that all too many citizens of northern Nigeria of both faiths have suffered the full range of persecution from abduction followed by forced participation in atrocities or sex slavery to death. Congressman Smith who visited Abuja and Jos Nigeria in September, stated that it would not be accurate to describe the situation in Nigeria as a Muslim-Christian conflict. He found during his fact-finding trip that "Boko Haram is definitely targeting other Muslims who do not agree with their views."

"Thousands of lives have been lost in this largely silent slaughter in Nigeria at the blood-thirsty hands of Boko Haram. Although it took long for the State Department to get the memo which the DOJ, DOD and Congress did, the time has come to help bring an end to this senseless violence and pre-genocide," said Emmanuel Ogebe, an international human rights lawyer who is a Nigeria expert for the Washington Working Group on Nigeria - the coalition which tirelessly advocated for Boko Haram to be designated as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO).

Habila Adamu, the sole survivor of Boko Haram's extermination of all Christian males in his neighborhood in a November 2012 massacre, was the first victim of the terror group to testify to the United States Congress. He described in detail Boko Haram assailants asked, "if I am a member of the Nigeria Police, I said no. Are you a Nigerian soldier, I said no, I told them that I am a businessman. "Okay, are you a Christian?" I said I am a Christian. They asked me why are we preaching the message of Mohammed to you and you refuse to accept Islam. I told them I am a Christian ... Then they asked , "Habila are you willing to die as a Christian?" and I told them. "I am ready to die as a Christian." ... They fired me through my nose and the bullet came through the back. Habila's full and stirring testimony can be found here.

Ann Buwalda, Executive Director

Jubilee Campaign USA

(Partial transcript)

Stand With Israel; Stop Obama

Stand With Israel; Stop Obama

As we have reported in recent days, the Obama Administration is desperately trying to cut a deal with Iran. Even the French have called Obama's effort a "suckers deal." The Obama White House has already weakened the existing sanctions against the Iranian regime. Now it is actively opposing a bill calling for tougher sanctions, even though the bill has bi-partisan support in Congress.

TAKE ACTION: Our friends at Christians United For Israel are fighting back against Obama's attempts to go soft on Iran and undermine our ally Israel. Click here to send a message to your senators telling them to support stronger sanctions against Iran. (Gary Bauer)

The Good News Corner

The Good News Corner:

386 Children Rescued in Child Porn Bust

A sweeping child pornography investigation has led to the rescue of 386 children around the world and the arrest of 348 people, Canadian police said Thursday. Toronto police describe the Project Spade operation as one of the largest child porn busts they've ever seen. "It is alleged that officers seized hundreds of thousands of videos detailing horrific sexual acts against very young children, some of the worst that they have ever viewed," Inspector Joanna Beaven-Desjardins said. Police said 108 people were arrested in Canada and 76 in the U.S. Others were arrested in other countries.

Australian Federal Police commander Glen McEwen on Friday confirmed that 65 men had been arrested in Australia as a result of the Canadian investigation, and six Australian children had been removed from harm. Police said the children were "rescued from child exploitation" but did not give more details. School teachers, doctors and actors were among those arrested.
Beaven-Desjardins said the investigation began with a Toronto man accused of running a company since 2005 that distributed child pornography videos. Police allege Brian Way, 42, instructed people around the world to create the videos of children ranging from 5 to 12 years of age, then distributed the videos via his company, Azov Films, to international customers. The videos included naked boys from Germany, Romania and Ukraine, which it marketed as naturist movies and claimed were legal in Canada and the United States.

Police said they executed a search warrant at Way's company and home, seizing about 1,000 pieces of evidence: computers, servers, DVD burners, a video editing suite and hundreds of movies. Way was charged with 24 offences, including child pornography. He is in jail. Police also designated Azov Films as a criminal organization, charging Way with giving directions on behalf of a gang. Beaven-Desjardins said this is the first time in Canada that anyone has been charged with being a part of a criminal organization in regards to child pornography.

Police said they began their investigation in 2010 and worked with Interpol in more than 50 countries including Australia, Spain, Mexico, Norway and Greece. "This operation shows that international police cooperation works. Despite large amounts of material and that this is time-consuming work, this shows that the Internet is not a safe haven for crimes against children," Norwegian police spokesman Bjoern-Erik Ludvigsen said in a statement. The U.S. Postal Inspection Service said it began its investigation by accessing the company website and making undercover purchases. Beaven-Desjardins said the investigation is ongoing and believes more arrests will be made. (Associated Press)

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