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CHPP Daily Brief Tuesday, August 13, 2013

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The Daily Brief Tuesday, August 13, 2013

" . . . and, lo, I am with you always,
even unto the end of the world."

(Matthew 28:20)


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The Daily Brief

1. Israel names 26 Palestinian prisoners for release - BBC

Israel's government has given details of 26 long-term Palestinian prisoners to be freed as part of a deal which will see peace talks resume this week. A list of names chosen by a ministerial committee was published overnight. The prisoners will be freed on Tuesday. The delay allows time for last-minute legal challenges by victims' families. (Read more)

- Pray that these last-minute legal challenges are honored and that NO prisoners be released this week, or ever. Amen.

- "And shall not God avenge his own elect, which cry day and night unto him, though he bear long with them?" (Luke 18:7)

2. Pope Francis reaches out to Muslims at end of Ramadan - BBC

Pope Francis has urged Christians and Muslims to work together to promote mutual respect, particularly by educating new generations of believers. He greeted Muslims around the world during his Sunday blessing of pilgrims gathered in St Peter's Square in Rome. He said that "our brothers'' the Muslims had just concluded their holy month of Ramadan, dedicated to fasting, prayer and alms-giving. (BBC) Read more.

- Keep a watchful eye as Islam begins to merge with the Vatican, which in the end wants the control of Jerusalem and all Moslem peoples. This statement may seem ludicrous now, but time will tell if we are speaking the truth. Pray that the Remnant Bride of our Lord would remain pure, "seeing through" the deception in the nations in our day.

- "Let no man deceive you with vain words: for because of these things cometh the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience." (Eph. 5:6)

3. GOP Rep. Schock Claims Majority of House GOP support Cantor's DREAM Act - Breitbart

Rep. Aaron Schock (R-IL) suggested that a majority of House Republicans support granting amnesty through a GOP version of the DREAM Act to young illegal aliens who were brought to America as minors by their parents. Schock, a member of the whip team led by House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy, was laying out for constituents his stances on immigration and the House GOP leadership's plan to deal with the issue later this year.                                                   (Read more)

- Lord, You know that many immigrants come to this nation legally and go through a long process to become citizens.  Why is it that our national leaders do not see that giving amnesty to illegal immigrants is an insult to the ones who have followed the law and have come here legally, as well as insulting all legal citizens?  Help us Lord to awaken our leadership to this truth and stop this amnesty for people who have come here against the law.  In Jesus' Name we pray, Amen and Amen.

                                                                                  - "As in water face reflects face, so a man's heart reveals the man."  (Proverbs 27:19)

4. Obama signs bill easing airport screening for vets - CNSNews

The White House says President Barack Obama has signed into law a bill making it easier for wounded or disabled members of the military and veterans to get through airport security screening. Obama signed the bill Friday, a week after it received final approval in the House. . . Democratic congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii, an Iraq war veteran who sponsored the bill, says the law ensures troops can return to life at home as quickly and seamlessly as possible. She says veterans deserve dignified screening processes that respect their service and sacrifices. (Read more)

- Father, we are pleased to learn that this need has been acknowledged  and that disabled veterans are going to be treated more kindly by the TSA in the airports. We thank You, Father, for this report and we ask that it be enacted quickly and in a fair manner.  In Jesus' Name we pray, Amen and Amen.

- "God is a just judge, and God is angry with the wicked every day."
(Psalm 7:11)                                                        

5. Abortion Clinic Sends Coupons to Low-Income Women, Save $50 on Sundays - LifeNews

An abortion center that's open seven days a week in Florida is giving away coupons to poor women in a crisis pregnancy so they can save money on their abortions! Florida Right to Life investigated this "open on Sundays" abortion center and learned that one of the doctors at this location is the notorious Dr. James Scott Pendergraft. (Read more)

- Lord Jesus, this ad and coupon is especially offensive since it is 'special discount for Sunday only'!  O Lord, we repent that this nation is falling further and further into darkness and makes such a mockery of the Sabbath day.  It is especially negative since it involves murder and the spilling of innocent blood in the land.  Lord, raise up Your right hand and extend Your arm to shut down this clinic, exposing it's filth and evilness for all to see.   In Jesus' Name we pray, Amen and Amen.                                                           

- "When He called the multitudes to Himself, He said to them, 'Hear and understand; not what goes into the mouth defiles a man; but what comes out of the mouth, this defiles a man.'"  (Matthew 15:10-11)

6. Americans Giving Up Passports Jump Sixfold as Tougher Rules Loom - Business Week

Americans renouncing U.S. citizenship surged sixfold in the second quarter from a year earlier as the government prepares to introduce tougher asset-disclosure rules. Expatriates giving up their nationality at U.S. embassies climbed to 1,131 in the three months through June from 189 in the year-earlier period, according to Federal Register figures published today. That brought the first-half total to 1,810 compared with 235 for the whole of 2008. (Read more)

- Lord, as the US economy continues to spiral more and more out of control, an increasing number of US citizens have fled this nation and/or located large amounts of their savings and retirement funds offshore. Now the leaders in D.C. are increasingly going after those monies. In response, more citizens realize this nation is not a place in which they want to continue maintaining a citizenship. It is a growing sign for others to see that things are economically out of control within the government and therefore a threat to all citizens. We ask for mercy Lord; we need Your intervention, in the Name of Jesus we pray, Amen and Amen.

- "There are many plans in a man's heart, nevertheless the Lord's counsel - that will stand." (Proverbs 19:21)

7. Congress Exempts Itself From the Law - American Spectator

Members of Congress are brazenly insisting the laws they pass apply to everyone but themselves. (Read more)

- Father, we take authority over these continual exemptions and cut them off at the root. We pray for the Holy Spirit's conviction of sin, righteousness, and judgment throughout our legislators and the administration.

- "And when He has come, He will convict the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment;" [John 16:8]

8. Scientists plan lethal bird flu strain for research - SF Chronicle

Scientists who sparked an outcry by creating easier-to-spread versions of the bird flu for research want to try such experiments again using a worrisome new strain.

- Father, remove all hidden agendas in the hearts of these scientists. Whether a secret desire for accolades or an ever darker purpose, we ask that You reveal and destroy all plans and plots of the enemy.

- "Through the Lord's mercies we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not." [Lamentations 3:22]

9. TV watching you? Senator calls for smarter smart-TV security - NBC

"Disturbed" at the idea of Internet-enabled HDTVs equipped with video cameras potentially becoming spy tools for hackers, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) has written a letter to Samsung, LG, Sony and other TV makers asking them to adopt new security protocols to protect consumers.

- Father, as technology "advances," so does the danger of privacy violations on a massive scale. We pray for protection against not only hackers, but government intrusion against Your people through every media method.

- "Deliver me, O my God, out of the hand of the wicked . . ." [Psalm 71:4a]

10. California's transgender-student law: Kids can choose bathrooms, sports teams - CS Monitor

California on Monday became the first state to enshrine certain rights for transgender students in state law, requiring public schools to allow those students access to whichever restroom and locker room they want.

- What can we say? This is a horrible ruling, and one which will defile all the children of the state of California. Pray that legal action be taken immediately to halt this law from taking effect, until a higher court can rule on its legality. This position can only hurt our children and our communities. Ask our Lord to forgive this Governor, for he knows not what he does; and pray for the protection of the children in this state. Pray!

- "It would be better for them to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around their neck than to cause one of these little ones to stumble." (Luke 17:2)

The Middle East in Focus

The Middle East in Focus

This week, for all the headlines cited below, please join us in proclaiming THIS DECREE:

"Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path." (Psalm 119:105)

1. Kerry: US views all of the settlements as illegitimate - Ynet News

US Secretary of State John Kerry said on Monday that Israel's announcement of new settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem "were to some degree expected," but reiterated that "The United States of America views all of the settlements as illegitimate."

2. Kerry still hopeful on Mideast peace talks - Bloomberg

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said Monday the recent flap over Israeli settlement announcements likely won't derail Mideast peace talks, which are scheduled to resume this week.

3. Iron Dome intercepts Eilat-bound rocket - Ynet News

The Iron Dome defense system, deployed last month in Eilat, intercepted a rocket aimed at an inhabited area in the region on early morning Wednesday. Magen David Adom reported two persons were treated for anxiety attacks.

4. Destruction of Israel guaranteed, ayatollah says - WND

Iran's supreme leader promises in a newly released audiotape the destruction of Israel and Palestinians' return to that land.

5. Saudi prince defects: 'Brutality, oppression as govt scared of Arab revolts' - RT

Saudi Arabia, a major supporter of opposition forces in Syria, has increased crackdown on its own dissenters, with 30,000 activists reportedly in jail. In an exclusive interview to RT a Saudi prince defector explained what the monarchy fears most.

6. Egypt authorities delay Morsi protest camps crackdown - BBC

The Egyptian authorities have postponed their plans to disperse two sit-ins in Cairo by supporters of the country's ousted president, officials say.

The Persecuted Church

Today's Focus: The Persecuted Church

"You shall increase my greatness, And comfort me on every side."
(Psalm 71:21)

Egypt--Widespread Attacks on Christians Continue

Persecution in Egypt continues to increase at an alarming rate. Churches, stores owned by Christians and Christians' homes were attacked in three villages in Menia city on Aug. 4, a VOM worker reports. In the city of Sohag, radical Muslims attacked another church and put the flag of al-Qaida on the building. Earlier in July, two Christians were killed in northern areas of the Sinai Peninsula. On July 18, two churches in Matai and Kom Hamada were attacked during a funeral procession for two Muslim Brotherhood members. Smaller churches in Arish have closed, and only one church is holding a weekly service for those who remain. In the Luxor province, the newly appointed head of police is suspected of intentionally failing to respond to an incident on July 5 in which four Christians were killed. (Voice of the Martyrs)

For more news about the Persecuted Church, and how you can be more involved in intercession for these precious saints, go here.

The Daily Jot

Attorney General: Save billions, support lawlessness

The chief law enforcement officer of the United States, Attorney General Eric Holder, has found a way to "ultimately save our country billions of dollars" by simply just not enforcing the drug laws on the books. Holder, in prepared remarks released to the Washington Post prior to announcing a new comprehensive prison reform package, said, "Too many Americans go to too many prisons for far too long and for no good law enforcement reason. We cannot simply prosecute or incarcerate our way to becoming a safer nation." Holder's solution is to instruct federal prosecutors to write their criminal complaints in court charges in a way that avoids triggering mandatory minimum sentences.

This Attorney General is notorious for his refusal to support the laws on the books. He turned a blind eye from Black Panthers intimidating white voters in Philadelphia--which ended up in 100-plus percent precinct voting for the president; refused to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act; refused to support border security laws; refused to support the Constitution on unconstitutional government agencies spying on American citizens; sold guns to drug dealers and drug cartels in Mexico; and the list goes on and on. It should be no surprise that he now wants to allow drug offenders to run free because, in a sense, it is a voting demographic that supports his political interests.

The Post reports that Justice Department statistics indicate the cost of incarceration in the US was $80 billion in 2010. The US population increased by about a third since 1980, but the federal prison population has grown by about 800 percent. Interesting that these statistics track with 2009 criminal illegal aliens in federal prisons increasing 7 percent since 2005 and a 35 percent increase in state and local jails since 2003. GAO estimates that illegal aliens had an average of 7 arrests, primarily for immigration and drug offenses, costing $1.6 billion a year from 2005 through 2009 (latest statistics available). Holder says, "A vicious cycle of poverty, criminality and incarceration traps too many Americans and weakens too many communities."
What is Holder saying? That poverty, criminality and incarceration are the problems for communities? Is he thinking that Detroit is bankrupt because of these things? And that the solution is to allow criminals to be criminals without accountability? This is the type of thinking that is widespread in this Administration. It is as if this White House is purposely destroying America. Is it because they love their own agendas and power more than they love the nation and the people they represent? Jesus said in Matthew 24:12, "And because lawlessness abounds, the love of many will grow cold." The lawlessness or iniquity that the Lord is speaking of is based on God's laws, which are devoid in this cadre of evildoers.
Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!

Bill Wilson

Obama's Demagoguery

Obama's Demagoguery

President Obama held a rare White House press conference Friday afternoon in which he actually took a few questions from reporters. Asked to explain his unlawful delay in implementing parts of Obamacare, the president lashed out at Republicans with his usual demagoguery. Here's what Obama said:

"The one unifying principle in the Republican Party at the moment is making sure that 30 million people don't have health care . . . The idea that you would shut down the government unless you prevent 30 million people from getting health care is a bad idea."

Obama repeated this statement in a variety of ways during his remarks, almost as if he had rehearsed it and was just waiting for the opportunity to unleash this zinger.

Of course opposition to Obamacare is not driven by a desire to deny people health care. It is about stopping the fundamental transformation of America to European-style socialism. It is about stopping Big Government's ever-expanding control of our lives and the economy.

Not surprisingly, the leftist reporters let Obama get away with making this absurd charge. If a conservative president had said something similarly derisive about the motives of congressional liberals, the media would have erupted in righteous anger.

But journalists are liberals and they agree with Obama's worldview. So it was simply accepted at face value, picked up and replayed extensively over the weekend.

Sinking Obama

Over the weekend, Obama's approval rating hit another low -- just 41% of Americans approved of his job performance, according to Gallup's daily tracking poll. That is a new low for a president who just nine months ago got 52% of the vote.

Note to congressional Republicans: You have little to fear from a politically wounded president. (Gary Bauer)

Obamacare's Bad News for Small Businesses

Sorry:  Businesses cannot avoid Obamacare by switching to part-time staff 

The administration has popped the bubble of hope some small business had that switching to part-time staff would let them escape the high costs of Obamacare.

The Small Business Administration on Thursday created a website to explain to businesses that the government will simply tally up the number of part-time employees firms have to determine if enough hours have been worked to essentially create a "full-time equivalent."

Some smaller businesses had thought that if they could get under the 50 full-time employee cap that activates Obamacare by cutting full-time workers and hiring more part-time workers they would escape having to provide costly health care insurance - or pay a federal fine.

Several business organizations have been warning smaller firms of the provision in Obamacare, but many were confused and waiting for the administration to finally explain the so-called employer mandate calculation.
Said Matthew Haller of the International Franchise Association, "While it's nice the administration has launched a new website, employers have been scrambling since the law was passed two plus years ago for answers to the laws complicated calculations for determining if they are 'large' employers and how many 'full-time equivalent employees' they have. The uncertainty created by the [health care act] continues to cause franchises and other small businesses to hit the pause button on job creation."
The SBA rules are easy to understand. From the SBA website: "Example: Company X has 40 full-time employees working 40 hours per week, along with 20 part-time employees working 15 hours per week. The 20 part-time employees are counted as 10 full-time equivalent employees. Company X has 50 full-time employees and is subject to the employer shared responsibility provisions."
Under Obamacare, a full-time work week is just 30 hours.

Edmund F. Haislmaier of the Heritage Foundation said the rules are a "problem for employers at the margin" of 50 full-time workers. The rules also cover seasonal workers: If a company with seasonal workers had the equivalent of 50 full-time employees for just 121 days, Obamacare kicks in.

Haller noted that the president has suspended the employer mandate for a year, but many companies that had long been planning for it to kick in October 1 are simply moving on with their plans.

He also said that his group and others are still working with lawmakers to change the definition of full-time back to 40 hours and to eliminate the full-time equivalent calculation. (Washington Examiner) Read more.

> > > Commentary: Most people do not earn enough to cover both the high deductions to help meet the health care cost coming out of their paychecks, plus cover housing, food, utilities, transportation and other basic needs. Small businesses usually do not have that much margin of profit to do it either, where the health care coverage cost is expected to continue rising.

In this nation small businesses are the source for so many jobs so this is very discouraging. Previous to this law being passed, group insurance would cover people yet leave more to live on, as the cost would be pooled among many. Please join us in prayer:

- Heavenly Father, we come before you standing in the gap as this health care law is damaging so many worker's lives and small businesses.  Father, have mercy on these people and businesses!  We ask You to rise up and confront the wickedness involved in this change, in Jesus' Name we ask this prayer, Amen and Amen.

- "If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?"  (Psalm 11:3)

Five Flaws in Kerry's Peace Plan


By Noah Beck

Below please find a LINK to the full article by Noah Beck.
Here is a list of reasons why Secretary Kerry's Mideast peace process is unfairly flawed in ways that endanger Israel.

1) No Palestinian reciprocity at the outset.
2) No Palestinian good faith.
3) No religious freedom in a future Palestinian state.
4) No Palestinian mandate to negotiate peace.
5) Transferring the West Bank could be Israel's geo-strategic undoing

To read the entire article, go here.

The Good News Corner

The Good News Corner:

Polish President Honors Christian Radio Network

"Our goal is to introduce people to Christ, focusing on the most difficult group of listeners-people who are indifferent to religion or even antagonistic. Our real enemy is satan who wants to enslave people in his kingdom. We constantly pray for wisdom and great ideas to further our means to see people saved." -Henryk Krol

Warsaw, Poland)-Things have come a long way since the 1980s when Polish media partner Henryk Krol had to secretly record Christian music in clandestine studios to avoid reprisals from the then-communist government.

According to a story by Harold Goerzen for HCJB Global, on June 17, Krzysztof Budzisz, head of the Poland-based CCM Media, was invited to the presidential palace in Warsaw to receive a prestigious award for "helping establish free media and free speech in Poland."

As part of the celebrations marking the 20-year anniversary of the Poland National Radio and Television Board, Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski presented Budzisz with the Cross of Merits. He was the only recipient to represent local media.

HCJB said others receiving awards included leaders of the country's National Radio Network and the presidents of two leading commercial networks.

"How happy we are about this honor," said Krol, president and chief executive officer of DEO recordings which has operated CCM since 1986, using music and media to spread the Gospel.

"The thing the government likes about CCM is that we're helping fulfill the social and local needs of communities," explained Krol. "We deliver what we promise - playing an active role in local communities; influencing people with an honest and honorable attitude, and adding a pluralistic voice to the media." (Breaking Christian News) Read more.

Billion Souls Revival Prayer Call

Billion Souls Revival Prayer Call

Devotional for Day 8:
13 August 2013

Submitted by:

Jim Hester, International House of Prayer, Kansas City MO


To encourage persistent, hope-filled prayer until the justice of the Lord is seen on the earth.


"Will not God bring about justice for His elect who cry to Him day and night, and will He delay long over them? I tell you that He will bring about justice for them quickly" (Luke 18:7-8 NASB).


Injustice throughout the world has reached monumental proportion. From drug cartels, terrorist organizations, rebel factions and natural disasters, injustice seems to be to common place throughout the earth. If we are not careful, the overwhelming reality of negative circumstances can discourage us from believing that the Lord will hear our prayers and will act with justice. In Luke 18:7-8, Jesus promises us that when we pray continually and fervently, the Lord will not just hear our prayers but will answer with "quick justice". Jesus began chapter 18 with a strong exhortation that we should always pray and not lose heart.

Discouragement comes easily to all of us when it appears the Lord is not responding with answers to our prayers. 2 Corinthians 1:20 declares that the promises of God through Jesus will be established. We cannot lose heart even as the Lord delays His answers to our petitions.

As we cry out for the great release of the Lord's justice and the redemption of one billion souls, it is important not to let the circumstances of this unjust world cause our hearts to lose hope. Our God is a God of justice. No one desires justice on the earth more than the Lord. He promises to release His justice as we continue to pray with hope and endurance. Join with us as we continue to pray and not lose heart until we see the justice of the Lord released upon the earth.

God of justice, we pray with faith and fervency. Release your justice on the earth. Exalt the name of Jesus and release the revelation of Your Son to the lost and the destitute. We will continue to cry out day and night until Your justice is seen on the earth. Amen!

Worship With Us Today!

Worship With Us Today!

You Are My Hiding Place


For you are my hiding place; you protect me from trouble. You surround me with songs of victory. (Psalm 32:7)