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The Israel Report Volume I, Number 6a

July 7, 2013


"Praise YHWH!

. . . for it is good to sing praises to our God; for praise is delightful and becoming. YHWH builds up Jerusalem; He gathers together the outcasts of Israel."

(Psalms 147:1-2)

Egypt: Headlines for Prayer

Egypt: Headlines for Prayer



Three days after a coup that overthrew the nation's first democratically elected president, Egypt is a nation divided over who should lead the country and which government reflects the democratic will of the people.

One side is fighting for the reinstatement of Mohamed Morsy, who the military forced from office Wednesday. The other applauds the military and is fighting to keep out Morsy over allegations his government was getting closer to autocratic rule.

Each side accuses the other of thwarting democracy. By the thousands, Egyptians have filled public squares nationwide, at times confronting one another with deadly violence.

Each side was trying to present a unified front.

The Egyptian Armed Forces, responding to "rumors and lies," said on its Facebook page that there was no division among its ranks over its decision to back "the demands of the Egyptian people" over the government.

"These rumors are completely and utterly untrue," it said. (

- In the midst of the obvious chaos that is now swirling in the streets of the cities of Egypt, call forth the Lord's perfect plan for their future. If we ask, He will answer!

- "For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope." (Jer. 29:11)


Egypt's army, Wednesday night, seized power in a people's coup. In a televised broadcast, Egyptian Armed Forces Commander Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi - flanked by military leaders, religious authorities and political figures - declared the removal of Islamist President Mohamed Morsi saying the president had "failed to meet the demands of the Egyptian people." Al-Sisi also announced the suspension of the Islamist-tinged constitution and a roadmap for a return to democratic rule under a revised rulebook.

The president's aide said Egyptian leader Morsi had been moved and was being held at an undisclosed location. General al-Sisi called for presidential and parliamentary elections, a panel to review the constitution and a national reconciliation committee. He said the roadmap had been agreed upon by a range of political organizations. Egyptian defense leaders, who ousted the president, have assured the US that they are not interested in a long-term rule. They pledged to put a civilian government in place quickly. The head of Egypt's supreme constitutional court, Adli Mansour, will be sworn in as interim head of state on Thursday. (J.Post/MailOnline/Reuters)
[Reported by: JERUSALEM-ON-THE-LINE News]
- Pray for strong leaders to emerge from Egypt's continuing political crisis, ones who will be able to realistically address the nation's growing poverty issues and relate fairly to a wide range of political and social groups, including its Coptic Christian community numbering more than 12 million. Pray against renewed Islamist control in Egypt and leaders who hate Israel.
- "O Lord, be gracious to us; We have waited for You. Be our arm every morning, Our salvation also in the time of trouble." (Psalm 33:2)


Israel is hopeful that whoever replaces Mohammed Morsi will be slightly less hostile to the Jewish state.

Israel is not connected in any way to the events in Egypt, but the events there have a major impact on Israel's security - mostly because of the still-extant peace treaty between the two countries. Israeli officials have said on numerous occasions that they do not care who runs Egypt, just that they prevent terrorists operating there from attacking Israel, prevent weapons smuggling via Sinai into Gaza, and use their influence to curb Hamas' terrorist activities in Gaza.
The regime of now ex-President Mohammed Morsi was none too friendly to Israel, refusing to upgrade relations with Israel, and even downgrading them in some ways; Egypt refused to allow several top Israeli officials, including National Security Advisor Ya'akov Amidror, into the country. Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon, who was given permission to visit Egypt, was kept out of Cairo, and was able to consult with the Egyptian Defense Minister by phone only.
In addition, Egypt currently does not have an ambassador at its embassy in Tel Aviv, due to personal intervention by Morsi to prevent appointment of an ambassador; meanwhile, Israel's ambassador in Cairo is in temporary quarters, having failed to find even one landlord willing to rent space to the Israeli Embassy, after the former embassy space was destroyed during riots against former Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak. Israel believes that the difficulties in finding a site for the embassy, too, is Morsi's doing.
With that, Israeli-Egyptian military cooperation has grown significantly in recent months. Israeli and Egyptian military officials meet on a regular basis in Tel Aviv, while Israeli military officials have met with Egyptian generals and top security officials on army bases in Cairo, where the influence of Morsi's political "cold war" on Israel is less prominent. Just a few weeks ago, Amos Gilad, head of the diplomatic security department in the Defense Ministry, met with top Egyptian general Abd al-Fatah a-Sisi - the same a-Sisi who apparently engineered the removal of Morsi.
Officials are hopeful that the next regime will be a bit warmer in its attitude towards Israel, a report on Israel Radio quoted several officials as saying. "It appears that the army has decided to 'reset' Egypt's democracy on a more centrist course, and hopefully this means that the next government will be more centrist in its relations with us," the officials said. (Israel National News) Read more.
- Pray that the Egyptian military leaders would enforce Israeli's borders, and stop the flow of Moslem Brotherhood militants into Gaza.

- "I will call upon the Lord, who is worthy to be praised; So shall I be saved from my enemies." (Psalm 18:3)


Egyptians on edge after clashes leave at least 30 dead

Mansour's decision to bring pro-reform leader and Nobel laureate Mohamed ElBaradei into the key government role of prime minister is also certain to help cement the loyalties of the anti-Morsi forces.

The president planned to swear-in ElBaradei later Saturday, an assistant to El Baradei confirmed to Fox News.

El Baradei, a former director of the U.N.'s nuclear watchdog agency, led the protests against President Hosni Mubarak during the Arab Spring uprising that ended his autocratic rule in February 2011. (

- We do not know the background of Mr. El Baradei, but if he has stood against the Moslem Brotherhood in days past in his own nation, he does deserve our support in prayer.

Ask our Lord to guide him in every decision he must make now that he is in this new office, and to lead him to salvation, in the timing of our Lord. Amen.

- "Wisdom and knowledge will be the stability of your times, And the strength of salvation. . ." (Isaiah 33:6)
[Reported by:]


Sinai A day after the Egyptian army deposed President Mohamed Morsi and suspended the constitution, Israel is concerned that Jihadists will exploit the situation to carry out terror attacks.

"It's hard to believe the Egyptians will overcome the ever-deepening polarization between the Islamist Egypt and the secular Egypt," an Israeli state official estimated Wednesday [July 3]. "Ultimately, they will have no choice but to find an agreed-upon framework for cooperation but until they do, we might see violent clashes," he added.

On Wednesday, former Defense Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer remarked that "The Muslim Brotherhood's bizarre regime is over and done with. If a secular candidate wins it will have a huge impact on the entire Middle East."

State officials describe the current situation in Cairo as a nerve-wracking game of poker. "On the one hand, Morsi doesn't want to resign; on the other, the army doesn't want to take full responsibility. Egyptians are starting to realize that Islam is not the answer. It provides them with no solution to the economic situation," one state official said.

He noted that Israel enjoyed good security cooperation with Egypt under Morsi's leadership. "It's not about us, we're monitoring the situation from the sidelines."

The Prime Minister's bureau has ordered the cabinet not to publically discuss Egypt.

Government officials denied reports that Israel has allowed the Egyptian army to deploy reinforcements in the Sinai Peninsula. However, the past few days have seen increased military activity in the border area with Egyptians trying to seal smuggling tunnels between Gaza and Egypt. The Egyptian army is hoping to prevent the movement of Hamas militants from the Strip to Egypt and thwart the smuggling of weapons into the country.
State officials have admitted that growing instability in Egypt would make it harder for the Egyptians to maintain their control in Sinai. The main concern is that Jihadists will use the vacuum to try to carry out terrorist attacks against Israel or the Egyptian army. (Ynetnews, July 4, 2013) Read more.

- Pray that the turmoil within Egypt does not escalate to the point where Islamic terrorists are able to control the Sinai and therefore threaten the stability of Israel's southern border. Ask the Lord to give wisdom to the IDF commanders as they determine what course of action to take.

- "I will lift up my eyes to the hills-from whence comes my help? My help comes from the LORD, who made heaven and earth." (Psalm 121:1-2 )

[Reported by: Bridges for Peace]


Following alert messages and reporting late last week on the crumbling security situation in Egypt, the closing of the US embassy and warnings given to Americans in the country, on Monday of this week, AlertsUSA subscribers were notified via text messages to their mobile devices that Egyptian Army had given President Mohammad Mursi a 48 hr. ultimatum to resolve the problem of growing political and civil unrest of the country and that the Egyptian Army would not tolerate an "attack on the will of the people."

Since that warning message, the Egyptian Army effectively staged a coup, bringing to an end the disastrous Presidency of Mohammad Mursi and the Muslim Brotherhood party after only 1 year in power. The Chief Justice of Egypt's Supreme Constitutional Court, Mansour Adly, has been sworn in as interim President until new elections are held.
At the time of this update's preparation on Friday, former President Mursi remained under arrest along with dozens of senior party members. Muslim Brotherhood headquarters and offices across the country have been ransacked. There are ongoing violent clashes between Mursi supporters, the Egyptian Army and others opposed to the establishment of a Sharia-dominated country.
The U.S. Embassy remains closed. U.S. citizens were advised early on to leave Egypt and Cairo Int'l airport remains jammed.
In addition to hundreds of U.S. Army soldiers currently deployed to Egypt's Sinai Peninsula to help secure the border with Israel, Stars and Strips is reporting that 500 U.S. Marines fom Camp Lejeune, N.C. are at an air base in Spain as part of a Special Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force Crisis Response Team. Still more Marines have been moved temporarily to Naval Air Station in Sigonella, Sicily. The Pentagon says the units will be able to respond to emergencies across north and west Africa.
According to Pentagon spokesman George Little, the Department of Defense has taken steps to ensure our military is ready to respond to a range of contingencies. Operations officer Major Zane Crawford is quoted by Stars and Stripes as saying the Marines could be used for a variety of missions including embassy reinforcement, tactical recovery of aircraft, and personnel and noncombatant evacuation operations.
CNN reports that the Marines in Europe were put on alert and told to be ready to be airborne with 60 minutes of getting orders to deploy and that 2,000 additional Marines are on board three Navy warships in the Red Sea and could be called in if needed.

The situation in Egypt is expected to continue to decline. AlertsUSA continues to monitor the situation and will provide key updates to service subscribers as events warrant. ("Threat Journal"; Threats USA) Read more.

- Pray for the safety and the protection of all or our troops in the region: both those who are currently deployed in the Sinai and those waiting to be so. Pray, too, for great wisdom for the Obama administration when making any decisions regarding the deployment of our troops in this region. Pray!
- "My God sent His angel and shut the lions' mouths, so that they have not hurt me, because I was found innocent before Him; and also, O king, I have done no wrong before you." (Daniel 6:22)


- Senator John McCain calls for cutting off of aid

- Senate Democrat, Republican call on US to wait on cutting off aid

- Obama: US not backing any Egyptian party or group

a. Obama: US not backing any Egyptian party or group

President Obama on Saturday reiterated that the U.S. is not aligned with and is not supporting any particular Egyptian political party or group and again condemned the ongoing violence across Egypt. Obama made those points during a telephone conference with the National Security Council about developments in Egypt, according to a statement issued by the White House. He was spending the weekend at Camp David, the presidential retreat in Maryland.

"The United States categorically rejects the false claims propagated by some in Egypt that we are working with specific political parties or movements to dictate how Egypt's transition should proceed," the White House statement said. "We remain committed to the Egyptian people and their aspirations for democracy, economy opportunity and dignity. But the future path of Egypt can only be determined by the Egyptian people." (AP) Read more.

b. Senate Democrat, Republican call on US to restore order in Egypt, wait on cutting off aid

A congressional Democrat and Republican said Sunday they do not support suspending U.S. aid to Egypt after its elected leader was overthrown, amid calls to cut off support on the grounds President Mohammed Morsi was removed in a military coup.

Sens. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., and Jack Reed, D- R.I., said the immediate role of the United States should be trying to restore calm in Egypt, where street demonstrations and clashes over the past several weeks and the military overthrowing Morsi have resulted in at least 36 deaths.

"Our role right now should be one of applying calm," Corker, the highest-ranking Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, told "Fox News Sunday." He also asked Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood political party to "show some responsibility" in reacting to their leader being removed from power Wednesday.

"I agree," Reed said later on the show, "we have to be the face of stability." (Fox News) Read more.

c. Senator John McCain calls for cutting off of aid

Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain, also a Senate Foreign Relations Committee member, has led the call to suspend the $1.5 billion in annual aid to Egypt, under long-standing U.S. law that funds be cut off when an elected president is removed in a military coup. "It was a coup," he said Sunday on CBS" "Face the Nation," restating comments similar to those he first made Friday. "Reluctantly, I believe we have to suspend aid, until free and fair election." (Fox News) Read more.

- Pray that, no matter what, no more funds would be released to the Moslem Brotherhood (MB) that is now operating inside the nation of Egypt. Their own vitriolic hatred for both the Jews and the Christians is a matter of record. Ask our Lord to send a "withering spirit" to the MB, so that their funds would dry up; and cry out for the souls of each one who is now in the grip of this wicked and dangerous organization. Amen.

- "Oh let the wickedness of the wicked come to an end; but establish the just." (Psalm 7:9)


The Islamic world is going through historic convulsions.

The Radicals (like Morsi and the Brotherhood) are trying to overthrow the Resisters and return the region to a "pure" version of fundamentalist Islam based on Sharia law. They believe "Islam is the answer and jihad is the way." Ultimately, they want to create a global Caliphate where all people in every country are living under Islamic rule.

The Reformers, on the other hand, believe "Islam is the answer, but jihad is not the way." They are pushing back at the Radicals. They are Muslims, but they don't want Sharia law. They don't believe in waging jihad. To the contrary, they want more freedom, more openness, and even democracy.
Then there are the Revivalists. They believe "Islam is not the answer, jihad is not the way; Jesus is the way." What's more, they believe that "the only way for our part of the world to move forward is to skip back in our history before Islam and revive what we once had - first century, New Testament, Biblical Christianity." They are Muslims who are renouncing Islam and becoming true and fully devoted disciples of Jesus Christ.
- We need to be praying for these Revivalists to be strong and bold in their testimony for Jesus and their proclamation of the Word of God.

- " Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful. And pray for us, too, that God may open a door for our message, so that we may proclaim the mystery of Christ, for which I am in chains. Pray that I may proclaim it clearly, as I should." (Col. 4:2-4)


Bible Society of Egypt Director Says Real Picture Inside Egypt Very Different from What May be Imagined

Images of the unrest and demonstrations in Egypt, where President Mohamed Morsi is reportedly under house arrest, are deeply concerning to people worldwide. Media reports say the military's actions that deposed Morsi have been denounced by his supporters as a "coup," and lauded as a "correction" by his opponents.

However, according to an email from Ramez Atallah, general director of the Bible Society of Egypt, "The real picture from the inside is radically different from what you imagine."

Atallah said he and his wife Rebecca participated in the demonstrations demanding Morsi's resignation. Atallah said unlike previous demonstrations in which he participated at the same location in front of the Presidential Palace (when there was barbed wire, riot police and tear gas), these demonstrations have for the most part been unusually peaceful.


Atallah said, "The crowds around us were in a festive mood, parents, children, old people, all chanting for the fall of the Government and enthusiastically waving flags and banners. As Rebecca and I walked through the crowds we did not feel unsafe, in spite of the incredibly crowded conditions and the complete lack of any police or army presence."

Atallah said he and his wife are proud to be Egyptians and among "so many wonderful compatriots from Christians to conservative, Muslim, veiled women." He added, "The concern, enthusiasm, passion and love for our country which we all shared was exhilarating and made us all the more loyal to our great nation."

Atallah said the 17 million plus demonstrators all over the country (the largest turnout in Egypt's history and maybe a world record) have been "remarkably peaceful and safe." He referred to a video of showing the extent of the demonstrations taken on June 30 from a helicopter overlooking Cairo.

Atallah admitted, however, that there has been violence and that militant Muslims are threatening retaliation. He said, "Dozens have been killed and hundreds wounded and that's what you see on your TV screens. While this is very sad and regrettable, the casualties are minimal compared to the millions out on the streets every night."

Homemade solution:

Atallah said this movement was born when Egyptians realized that they could not depend on foreign powers to resolve their crisis.

As a result, he said, "A small group of young people took matters in their own hands and started this grass roots movement designed to force the President to resign. The fact that this is truly a movement by and for the people gives more reason for Egyptians to participate proudly in the protests."

Regaining the spirit of the Jan. 2011 revolution:

Atallah said during the Jan. 2011 "revolution," the crowd's enthusiasm "was exhilaration of the crowds was mainly because they felt united together as Egyptians regardless of their social, economic, political or religious situation or views."

He added, "When the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist parties won the majority in the new parliament and had one of their own elected as President, they quickly turned it into an autocratic one-party rule and hijacked the revolution with its 'Egypt for all' emphasis. Their attempt to impose political Islam on Egypt is one of the major causes of the present very widespread revolt." (ASSIST News Service) Read more.

Prayer Request from Ramez Atallah

Aallah asked supporters rather than worrying about them, to rejoice for "the remarkable events happening in our country." He added, " Pray for the wounded and families of those killed (and ) pray that the unprecedented unity expressed between all Egyptians who reject the forceful imposition of political Islam will result in a new Egypt where people with d ifferent persuasions can live alongside one another in harmony. This is the Egypt I remember from my youth and the Egypt most Egyptians yearn for."

- "So I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten,
The crawling locust,
The consuming locust,
And the chewing locust,
My great army which I sent among you.

You shall eat in plenty and be satisfied,
And praise the name of the Lord your God,
Who has dealt wondrously with you;
And My people shall never be put to shame.

Then you shall know that I am in the midst of Israel:
I am the Lord your God
And there is no other.
My people shall never be put to shame." (Joel 2:25-27)


Terrorist gunmen shot dead a Coptic Christian priest in Egypt's lawless Northern Sinai on Saturday in what could be the first sectarian assault since the military overthrow of Islamist President Mohamed Morsi, security sources said. The priest, Mina Aboud Sharween, was killed in the early afternoon while taking a walk. The shooting in the coastal city of El Arish was one of several recent attacks by Islamist insurgents, including gunfire at four military checkpoints in the region. Dozens of people have been killed and more than 1,000 wounded in Egypt's present political upheaval. Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood has fiercely criticized Coptic Pope Tawadros for giving his blessing to last week's removal of the president. (Jerusalem Post)

- Pray for the physical protection of Egypt's Christians and their leaders caught in the midst of violent Islamist backlashes.

- "Because you have made the Lord, who is my refuge, Even the Most High, your dwelling place, No evil shall befall you, Nor shall any plague come near your dwelling; For He shall give His angels charge over you, To keep you in all your ways." (Psalm 91:9-11)

[Reported by: JERUSALEM-ON-THE-LINE News]


[Editorial comment: this message was forwarded to us by an American couple who have direct contact with ministry leaders in Egypt. The author of this letter wishes to remain anonymous. We are reprinting this message, as received, without editing any errors in spelling, vocabulary or grammar.

Thank you for listening to the heartcry of this dear brother in Egypt today. His own prayer request is found at the end of his letter.]

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

I would like to take sometime to clarify the situation as I see it in Egypt nowadays.

After one year of previous president Morsi presidency, Egypt was suffering severely in different aspects among the egyptian society. Electricity, water and car gas extreme shortage in addition to economic desperate depression.

Early March this year, a campaign started by Egyptian youth group named Tamrod "Rebellion" start collecting signatures to withdraw the legitimacy from President Morsi. Before, June 30th they were successful to collect more than 22 million signatures. On June 30th, people from all different society sections rallied into streets asking for early presidential elections. Numbers reported between 25 to 33 millions.

On July 3rd, the ultimatum given by the army to respond to people demands was over, and the president didn't respond to the army different concerns over and over through the past three months. Therefore, the army head chief officer El-Sessi responded to people's will and appointed the head of the supreme constitution court as interim president to arrange for early presidential elections, and appoint government to rescue the country.
The response from the United States foreign policy was that President Obama, is concerned of what is happening and the statement from the While House implied what is happening as a coup. The television channel CNN is only showing part of the reality in which few millions of Islamist groups are still demanding the return of president Morsi.
What the US foreign policy do not understand that the Muslim Brotherhood have trained militant groups that attacks civilians and the army under the name of democratic legitimacy. Many christians and muslims were killed in different places, and property such as cars and shops were completely destroyed in different cities of Egypt. Such incidents used to be in Sinai only, but now it is spreading all over the country. And the Muslim Brotherhood leaders and channels are calling for civil war in the name Islam.

We are thankful that the situation in our town is safe and there are no disturbances, and all the family are safe.

What I urge you to do, is to pray for the situation in Egypt. Further, is to inform your friends and family about what is happening, and try to make the other side of the reality reach officials in the US and foreign countries, to stop supporting the Muslim Brotherhood leaders.
Thanks for your time to read such long email.

God's blessings,

- We stand in agreement with this brother's prayer requests, amen!

- "According to their deeds, accordingly He will repay,
Fury to His adversaries,
Recompense to His enemies;
The coastlands He will fully repay.
So shall they fear
The name of the Lord from the west,
And His glory from the rising of the sun;
When the enemy comes in like a flood,
The Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him."
(Isaiah 59:18,19)
The Israel Report

Volume I, Number 6b

July 7, 2013


"Praise YHWH!
. . . for it is good to sing praises to our God; for praise is delightful and becoming. YHWH builds up Jerusalem; He gathers together the outcasts of Israel."

(Psalms 147:1-2)
ElBaradei's appointment as Egypt's interim prime minister put on hold

This just in:

Egypt's interim president has backed away from an announcement Saturday that pro-reform leader Mohamed ElBaradei would be appointed as the country's interim prime minister, news agencies reported.

Ahmed el-Musilamani, a spokesman for President Adly Mansour said consultations were continuing, denying that ElBaradei's appointment was ever certain following the ouster of President Mohammed Morsi, according to The Associated Press.

> > > Please continue to pray over this key appointment.

Israel: Headlines for Prayer

Israel: Headlines for Prayer


After four days of shuttle diplomacy between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA), US Secretary of State John Kerry left Israel on Sunday (June 30). Responses to the four days were mixed. In his own words, Kerry said: "I am pleased to tell you that we have made real progress on this trip and I believe that with a little more work, the start of final status negotiations could be within reach."
From the Palestinian side, "It was a positive and profound meeting with [Palestinian] President (Mahmoud)Abbas but there has been no breakthrough so far and there is still a gap between the Palestinian and Israeli positions," chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erakat told reporters after Kerry finished talks in Ramallah with Abbas, his third meeting in as many days.
Prime Minister Netanyahu's weekly address to the cabinet on Sunday included the following statements: "I held a third meeting with US Secretary of State John Kerry last night until the early morning, along with my colleagues on the negotiating team. Israel is ready to begin negotiations without delay, without pre-conditions. We are not putting up any impediments on the resumption of the permanent talks and a peace agreement between us and the Palestinians. There are things that we will strongly insist on in the talks themselves, especially security. We will not compromise on security and there will be no agreement that will endanger Israelis' security, and I believe, I think, that it is necessary that any agreement, if it is achieved, be submitted to the people for a decision."
Abbas and the PA have been insisting on preconditions before they will agree to resume the direct negotiations that came to a halt in October 2010. These preconditions include an independent Palestinian state based on 1967 borders with east Jerusalem as its capital and the release of PA prisoners being held in Israel.
Kerry has not given a specific date for his return to the area although restarting the talks remains a high priority. Having gained the status of a non-member observer state in the United Nations last November, Abbas has indicated that if negotiations remain stalled, he will use other diplomatic options to move them forward. [Reported by: Bridges for Peace] Read more.
- Pray for Prime Minister Netanyahu as he negotiates the difficult diplomatic channels with world leaders who do not give credence to the covenantal relationship between Israel and the Lord. Pray for unity among Israel's leaders concerning the Land-her inheritance from God.
- "You shall therefore keep His statutes and His commandments which I command you today, that it may go well with you and with your children after you, and that you may prolong your days in the land which the LORD your God is giving you for all time." (Deuteronomy 4:40)


A London-based newspaper (Al-Hayat) announced today that John Kerry has put a plan on the table for the two sides to come to the negotiation table. Israel will be asked to release 103 prisoners, who were convicted of crimes and imprisoned prior to the signing of the Oslo Accords. In addition, Israel must stop all construction in contested areas outside of the established, major, settlement blocs. Israeli will also be required to allow Palestinians to build on the Israeli territory of area C in the "West Bank", which is totally under Israeli control right now.

To sweeten the deal for the Palestinians, Kerry has proposed to roll out a three-phase economic development plan for the Palestinians that will bring in $4 billion of investment to prop up the Palestinian State. All of this is to take place over a 6-9 month period of time, after which the two parties will be expected to establish the conditions for the final status of peace between them. These are outrageous conditions, and comprise a one-sided deal; basically demanding that Israel violates her national sovereignty and risks her security. (Jerusalem Post) Read more.

- Prayer Points:

--Pray that the Israelis will reject these conditions completely!
--Pray that Israel would BUILD throughout the Land.
--Pray that the Israelis will be so offended by these demands of Kerry's plan that they will unite together, in one voice, against them
--Pray that YHVH will bring shame down on the head of Kerry and his team for proposing this kind of prosperity and advantage to Israel's enemy, while betraying Israel in this deal.

--Pray that not one Palestinian prisoner will be set free.
--Pray that no investors will come forward to prop up this corrupt Palestinian government.
--Pray for wise, sane, and influential voices to question why peace is being proposed at all, while Gaza continues to be the location where the majority of the Palestinians live, and while Gaza is under the governmental authority of the terrorist organization, Hamas. (Hamas by the way, still calls for the destruction of the State of Israel, and works on behalf of the Moslem Brotherhood . . . the group, which organized and prospered the formation of Hamas.)
--This peace plan, which is supposed to form over 9 months of development is one baby we don't want to be born. Pray that YHVH will abort the Palestinian State and this Kerry peace plan.

- "And whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive." (Matthew 21:22)


For illustrative purposes The IDF's Kfir Brigade continues to record operational successes, thwarting terror attacks in Judea and Samaria. Over the past two weeks, soldiers of its Netzah Yehuda Battalion discovered an illegal hunting rifle and dozens of bullets in a Palestinian vehicle in the area of Jenin, and a force of Kfir's Haruv Battalion arrested an adolescent armed with a pipe bomb in the Etzion sector of Samaria.

"On Wednesday of last week [June 19], a force of the auxiliary company accompanied the forward command group, so as to disrupt and prevent terror activity in the sector," the commander of the Netzah Yehuda Battalion's auxiliary company, Cpt. Shai Baruch, told the IDF Website. "As part of our disruptive and preventive activity, we are setting up checkpoints in changing locations to randomly check vehicles and to search for weapons being transported by vehicles."
Late that night, the soldiers noticed a speeding taxi and signaled the driver to stop. After checking the trunk and the passengers, they searched the trunk, where they found an illegal hunting rifle and roughly 50 bullets. The passengers were taken for questioning.

"An incident of this sort is not rare, but it is not something we forget," Cpt. Baruch explained. "We are prepared operationally for every incident in the sector, and specific events like the discovery of a hunting rifle contribute to the soldiers' sense of confidence in themselves and to their sense of the importance of our activity here." (Israel Defense Forces) To read the full report, including the arrest of a 19-year-old youth who tried to detonate a pipe bomb, go here.

[Reported by: Bridges for Peace]

- Thank the Lord for exposing the plans of the enemy and giving the IDF success in thwarting many planned terror attacks. Ask the Lord to keep the soldiers alert and ready for any danger as they stand guard to defend the citizens of Israel.
- "But as for me, I would seek God, and to God I would commit my cause-who does great things, and unsearchable, marvelous things without number. He frustrates the devices of the crafty, so that their hands cannot carry out their plans." (Job 5: 8-9, 12)


Now that Egypt has again replaced its leadership, what will it mean for Israel? The two neighboring countries fought three full scale wars until the 1978 Camp David Accords in which Israel relinquished control of the strategic and oil-rich Sinai Peninsula in exchange for a cessation of hostilities with its southern neighbor. The ouster of President Hosni Mubarak in 2011 resulted in an increased level of lawlessness and violence in the Sinai region. The repeated attacks on the natural gas pipelines that supplied power to Israel, Jordan and Egypt were one example of such anarchy.

It remains to be seen how Wednesday night's military coup will affect the Jewish State. While Israeli leaders have been careful not to take sides in Morsi's struggles, many fear extremist Islamic groups could take advantage of chaos to launch attacks against Israel from either Egypt or the Gaza Strip. Israel's PM Netanyahu told media sources that "like everybody, we are watching very carefully what's happening in Egypt. Remember that for 30 years now we have had an anchor of peace and stability in the Middle East, and that was the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty. We hope that peace will be kept." (INN)
[Reported by: JERUSALEM-ON-THE-LINE News]
- Pray for co-operation and peace agreements between Egypt and Israel to remain intact and not to be weakened due to religious sects and political factions vying for power in the Egyptian government.


As the world goes completely crazy, we seem to look first one way and then the other for the truth of what is happening, when in fact there is only one source of truth and that is God's Word. Today we see how the descendants of Ishmael (Arabs) are killing each other to please their God Allah in Egypt, Syria, and even throughout the Muslim world as well. It is also interesting to note that they are killing each other for the right to kill us (you and me, non-Muslims) .

You may want to take a couple of minutes and read Gen.16, paying close attention to the 12th verse "and he will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man's hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren." The Chapter is only 16 verses long and it will give you a fresh and better understanding of who the Arabs are.
The fall of Morsi in Egypt will not be an easy thing for the Egyptians; the Muslim Brothers will not go down easily. They are the evil Satanic bloodthirsty descendants of Ishmael and it is built into their genes by God to be as they are. If that sounds cruel to you just think about the possibility of the day you could be laying on the ground with your hands tied and Ishmael standing over you with a doubled edged knife to cut off your head. Thousand's face that reality daily around the world. Their crime; they were not worshippers of Allah. They were namely Jews and Christians labelled in the Koran as "the people of the Book".
In Israel we are caught between the Syrians and Egyptians. They both sprang from Ishmael and are both raving crazy mad with blood before their eyes. Once they settle down a bit they will once again turn all their forces against Israel. They simply can't stop killing. They love death more than we love life.
But when they do turn their combined forces against Israel they will face their greatest defeat. They will be destroyed. Egypt and Syria are not part of Ezek. 38:5-6 Persia, Ethiopia, and Libya with them; all of them with shield and helmet: Gomer, and all his bands; the house of Togarmah of the north quarters, and all his bands: and many people with thee. The war we are about to experience will be terrible - and worse than any before it. Yet it is not the battle of Ezek 38:5-6. It will however set the stage for that great war.

In the meantime Obama is doing all he can with little to no resistance from the American people to destroy the USA. (The Golden Report) Read more.

> > > Additional Commentary from Jerry Golden:

You may be wondering what can you do about all of this. Globally, very little, if anything. Personally, however, there is a lot and very important things for you to do.

The first is; to assure yourself of your personal salvation and there is only one way for that - through the door that is Yeshua, (Jesus). If you are not certain of your relationship with God now is the time to bow your head and with your heart open to the move of the Holy Spirit ask Yeshua to come into your life and to be the center of your life, confessing your sins and asking for forgiveness of those sins.

There is another thing you need to do and quickly. Prepare for your loved ones and your family. I-Tim. 5:8 But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.

- "Watch therefore, for you know neither the day nor the hour in which the Son of Man is coming." (Matthew 25:13)


A UN Human Rights Committee has charged Israel with atrocities against hundreds of thousands of Palestinian children.

A United Nations human rights body accused Israeli forces on Thursday (June 27) of mistreating Palestinian children, including by torturing those in custody and using others as human shields.

Palestinian children in the Gaza and the West Bank, captured by Israel in the 1967 war, are routinely denied registration of their birth and access to health care, decent schools and clean water, the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child said.

. . . The Foreign Ministry said it had responded to a report by the UN children's agency UNICEF in March on ill-treatment of Palestinian minors and questioned whether the UN committee's investigation covered new ground.

"If someone simply wants to magnify their political bias and political bashing of Israel not based on a new report, on work on the ground, but simply recycling old stuff, there is no importance in that," spokesman Yigal Palmor said.

. . . In March, Palmor, the Foreign Ministry spokesman, had said that officials from the ministry and the military had cooperated with UNICEF in its work on the report, with the goal of improving the treatment of Palestinian minors in custody.

"Israel will study the conclusions and will work to implement them through ongoing cooperation with UNICEF, whose work we value and respect," he said, in response to the UNICEF report.

(Jerusalem Post) Read more.

The Palestinians are among the most abusive people in the world, when it comes to children. They teach them to hate, and train them from pre-school age on up into adulthood to kill Jews. The build and launch rockets from within schools, and kindergartens. They hide behind them and send children to carry explosives between terrorists.

And this UN decree has the audacity to report that the Israelis murder and torture Palestinian children . . . use them as human shields . . . deny them water and basic human rights . . . and even imprison them for throwing harmless rocks. OUTRAGEOUS! May YHVH judge this committee and the UN for this biased, anti-semitic hatred that fills the hearts and minds of the international ignorant with hatred toward Israel!

Prayer Points:

- Pray that YHVH would bring down shame upon the head on the United Nations organization, and upon those in the UN, who knowingly allow this wicked Human Rights committee (comprised of some vicious human rights offenders) to use this committee as a weapon of lies to destroy Israel.
- Pray for the release of the Spirit of Truth into this situation.
- Pray for protection, deliverance and inner healing of the Palestinian children.
- Pray for honest, Palestinian truth-tellers to arise to counter these claims of the UN.
- Pray for the truth about Israel's conduct and care of the innocents . . . and even for the guilty . . . to be accurately reported.

- Pray that the hearts of the Israelis do not grow cold and bitter in light of these kinds of constant false reports and condemnations.
- Pray for YHVH's mercy to appear. The UN, and the Palestinians fabricating these reports, are returning evil for good. Such deceitful behavior against YHVH's people is very dangerous.
- Pray for righteous advocates to arise and to strike down this report . . . decrying it utterly, and holding the members of this committee to account.
- Pray that the USA would cut off its funding to the UN and disassociate from it. Pray that other nations would as well. Bring down the UN, Lord! Strip it of all power, in the moment of Your choosing . . . humiliate it.

- "Everyone who swears by Him shall glory; But the mouth of those who speak lies shall be stopped." (Psalm 63:11)


Teresa Heinz Kerry, the wife of Secretary of State John Kerry, is in critical but stable condition in a Massachusetts hospital.

Heinz Kerry, 74, was admitted into the emergency room at Nantucket Cottage Hospital about 3:30 p.m.ET Sunday, said hospital spokesman Noah Brown. She was later flown to Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, a spokesman for John Kerry said.

Brown said Heinz Kerry came to the Nantucket facility in critical condition, and remains that way, although she has been stabilized. (

- Please join us in praying for healing for the wife of our Secretary of State. Thank you.

- "He who touches Israel touches the apple of God's eye." (Zech. 2:8)

Syria: Headlines for Prayer

Syria: Headlines for Prayer



The Syrian National Coalition, the Western-backed group of opponents of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, is meeting in Istanbul on Thursday [July 4] to elect new leadership and attempt to repair the growing fractures in its less-than-united front. At least three candidates are seeking to head the group as it tries for the second time in as many months to unify the opposition forces.

The meeting comes as Assad declares that the opposition has failed. In an interview with the newspaper Al-Thawra, the president is quoted as saying the opposition has "exhausted all of their tools" in its attempt to overthrow his government. The death toll in the civil war that began in March 2011 is now estimated to be about 100,000. (The Media Line) Read more.

[Reported by: Bridges for Peace]

- We ask that wisdom be given to Israel's government, especially to Prime Minister Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ya'alon, as they monitor the Syrian situation. Pray that God will protect His people from violence and that He will fulfill His divine purpose in this neighboring country.

- "For the LORD gives wisdom; from His mouth come knowledge and understanding." (Proverbs 2:6)


Horrific violence is increasing in northern Syria, as a power struggle between various anti-Assad factions has erupted; resulting in the various Islamic groups attacking each other. Caught in the cross-fire are the locals. More people are being beheaded and shot in the region each day. The ISIS (The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham) is a new branch of fundamentalist Islamic terror (an offshoot of al-Qaida), seeking to take down Assad supporters, and to establish stricter Islamic law and control over the Syrian people. Anyone, who rises up against this group, is accused of corruption or of being loyal to Assad. In a heartbeat their lives are taken. The ISIS has been systematically controlling food supplies and has been purchasing land in the north of Syria, as a way of establishing total control and of exerting domination.

Prayer Requests:

- Pray that theses warring Islamic factions will take each other out, and leave the innocents untouched.
- Pray that YHVH would personally deal with the ISIS.
- Pray that NONE of the weapons (being given to anti-Assad opposition forces from the West) would come into the hands of these murderous ISIS Moslem terrorists.
- Reaping, what has been sown, is what we are seeing. Pray that this phase of Syria's life will end quickly, and that holy seed will be sown into this torn up, blood soaked, ground.
- Pray that soon YHVH would utterly humiliate the spirit of Islam, and that He would soon demonstrate His reality as the only SOVEREIGN LORD over all things.

- "Now when they began to sing and to praise, the Lord set ambushes against the people of Ammon, Moab, and Mount Seir, who had come against Judah; and they were defeated. For the people of Ammon and Moab stood up against the inhabitants of Mount Seir to utterly kill and destroy them. And when they had made an end of the inhabitants of Seir, they helped to destroy one another." (2 Chronicles 20:22,23)


Prayer Requests:

- Please pray in the spirit for the persecuted church in Syria, for their needs are many and complex. Pray for the believing remnant in Syria to be shielded from fear and violence during these terrible times. Pray for refuge and provision for those who are homeless.

- "The King will reply, 'Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me." (Matthew 25:40)


A massacre that took place in late May was carried out by Free Syrian Army rebels who targeted men, women and children in the Christian village of al-Duwayr/Douar close to the border with Lebanon. The incident received little media attention. According to sources, around 350 heavily armed insurgents entered the village, broke into homes and assembled residents in the main square of the village where they were executed. The final death toll was not disclosed, but photos show severe damage to property in the village. Conditions for ethnic and religious minorities have been made increasingly worse as Free Syrian Army affiliated organizations including Jabhat al-Nusra increase ethnic and sectarian cleansing across Syria. Kidnappings, executions and assassinations are common. (Syria Report)


The brutal beheading of a Catholic Priest in Syria along with at least two others in late June has underscored international concern of the growing influence of hard-line Islamists fighting among rebels and their attacks against Christians. In a recent report, advocacy group Open Doors warned that Syria's minority Christians are becoming victims of "disproportionate violence and abuse" in a war that has claimed as many as 100,000 lives. Thousands of Christians are among the 1.6 million Syrians, including more than 800,000 children, who sought refuge in neighboring Lebanon, Jordan or Turkey, according to UN and other estimates. With the growing influence of Islamists, the report warned of a bleak future for Christians, whoever wins the battle for Syria. "Christians face the prospect of never being able to return to their homes and businesses added political commentator Nicholas Heras. Christians who escaped to Egypt or Jordan speak of harassment, fictitious marriage proposals designed to traffic their daughters, and verbal and physical religious persecution. (Worthy News/Israel Hayom)


Many of Syria's 2.5 million Christians have thus far sided with President Bashar Assad, preferring a brutal dictator who alludes to guarantying the rights of religious minorities to the uncertain future that Assad's departure would bring. Assad is exploiting their fears of Islamists for his own ends. The rebellion against him was just a few days old when he summoned his country's Christian leaders to the presidential palace in Damascus. Bishops and archbishops representing Catholics, Armenians, and Assyrians were present. The message they received from their head of state was short and simple: Either support me, or your churches will burn. (Der Spiegal)

[This section reported by: JERUSALEM-ON-THE-LINE News]

This Week, Worship Our Lord As . . .

This Week, Worship Our Lord As . . .

(A-don Ha-A-do-neem)
"I am the Lord; that is my name! I will not yield my glory to another or my praise to idols." (Isa. 42:8)

You are the Lord. You are my master. You know me personally. There is no other need that must be fulfilled; You satisfy my every need. Thank You for being Lord to me. I love you.

(Source: THE NAME- HaShem: Daily Devotional Worship by Dr. Barri Cae Mallin)

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