Saturday, November 10, 2018

CHPP Daily Brief: Legislative Snapshot Saturday, November 10, 2018

Congress Is Back in Session!
They will face an intense schedule
of activity before this "lame duck"
session comes to a close. All
details are below.

The Daily Brief:
Legislative Snapshot
Saturday, November 10, 2018

"Show respect for everyone. Love Christians everywhere. Fear God and honor the government."
(I Peter 2:17 TLB)

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"Standing United Together . . . Under the Cross of Christ"

The Trumpet

The Trumpet

A weekly email of highlights for the conservative world

November 9, 2018


1. President Trump issued a proclamation requiring that migrants seeking asylum present themselves lawfully at a port of entry.
2. The U.S. Departments of Health and Human Services (HHS), Treasury, and Labor released two final rules to provide conscience protections for Americans who have a religious or moral objection to health insurance that covers contraception methods.
3. National Security Adviser John Bolton delivered powerful remarks at the annual dinner of the Zionist Organization of America.
4. President Trump issued a message on the National Day for the Victims of Communism.
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Thank you, and enjoy an excellent weekend!
Paul Teller
Special Assistant to the President for Legislative Affairs
The White House

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The California Fires

The California Fires:

Thank you for your prayers . . .

As we write today's edition of the Legislative Snapshot, we also turn our attention away from Capitol Hill to the devastation that is now occurring on our West Coast. Fires continue to rage out of control in both northern and in southern California, in a scene that some have called "apocalyptic." As we write today's edition of the Legislative Snapshot, fires continue to rage out of control in both northern and in southern California.

In southern California, two huge fires -- the Woolsey and the Hill fires -- are raging in parts of Ventura County, and in the northernmost edge of Los Angeles County. One of the fires continues its march south to the Pacific Ocean, destroying many structures in Malibu along the way. In addition, 95,000 residents have had to flee their homes; and Highway 101 is now closed. Finally, overnight last night, the size of these fires suddenly doubled as the fierce Santa Ana winds roared through the area.
For now, citizens in Ventura County are "holding their breath" and are braced for another round of firestorms, as the same Santa Ana winds are due to roar through their neighborhoods the next two nights.

And finally, the entire town of Thousand Oaks has been evacuated, right on the heels of the terrible shooting incident that left twelve dead late Wednesday night. These citizens need a "double measure" of our prayer support as they deal with both the trauma of the shooting and the reality of this deadly fire.

For the latest update of news of both the Woosley and the Hill fires, go here to view this morning's press conference.

Turning our attention to the fires in northern California, words fail us to describe what has happened -- and what is happening -- there right now. We quote the words of one pastor who had been ministering in the Church of the Nazarene in Paradise -- the town now in ruins -- "I have lost my home, my church, and all I had in the past 72 hours."

Please find below several headlines related to that fire.

1. Wildfire destroys entire town as massive blazes tear through California - CBS News

Massive wildfires are tearing through parts of California, destroying hundreds buildings and forcing thousands of people from their homes. An emergency evacuation order was issued for several neighborhoods west of Los Angeles as firefighters frantically fought back the Woolsey Fire. The Camp Fire in Northern California exploded in size Thursday, burning about 20,000 acres and overtaking the town of Paradise, where around 30,000 people were forced to evacuate at the last minute. (Read more)

2. One of the California wildfires grew so fast it burned the equivalent of a football field every second - CNN

The three main wildfires raging in California have expanded rapidly, devouring virtually everything in their paths. One fire burned an area equivalent to the size of a football field every second from Thursday into Friday. Intense winds and low humidity are feeding the flames. So is dry vegetation, as much of California has seen less than 5% of its normal rainfall over the last month. Here are some other startling facts about the fires. (Read more)

3. California wildfires already the most destructive in state history - USA Today

The wildfire that devastated the northern California city of Paradise this week already the most destructive in state history in terms of structures burned, and the toll is likely to get even worse.

More than 6,700 structures burned to the ground in northern California's Camp Fire on Thursday and Friday, eclipsing the previous tally from last October's Tubbs Fire in the wine counties of Napa and Sonoma, according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. Authorities have not yet given a tally of structures destroyed by the Hill and Woolsey fires now burning in Ventura and Los Angeles, in Southern California. (Read more)


For all the requests cited below, please decree that it is written:

"The LORD is near to all who call on Him, to all who call out to Him in truth."
(Psalm 145:18)

1. First, please lift up all who mourn lost loved ones. May they know the comfort that only Abba can bring to them.

2. For the thousands who have now been displaced, may our Lord fill their immediate needs for food, shelter, medicine and, again, comfort.

3. And for these dear residents of the State of California, may each family be graced with quick strategies to know how to rebuild their lives and their homes in the days ahead.

4. For the school districts in the impacted areas: may their District Superintendents and School Boards know how to help the children return to the same or to alternate school buildings, so that their own school year can be continued "unhindered" and using alternate strategies at hand.

5. Only our God can bring the strength and the stamina required to help each one of the fire fighters and the first responders as they continue to fight these fires, until all battles are won and the fires put down.

6. URGENT!! In Mark 4:41, it is written that our Lord spoke to the WIND and to the waves, and they OBEYED Him. We ask our God for a move of miraculous,. divine intervention, that there will be NO MORE SANTA ANA WINDS now and in the days and nights ahead!
> > > A personal prayer request for my mother's safekeeping at this time:

My mother and family members live within range of the Woolsey Fire in Ventura County. For now, they are safe, but they have their "go bags" ready and are on alert, should they, too, be told to evacuate this weekend. (Footnote: Mom does live in her own home, but my sister lives very nearby. She is never alone nowadays in her home . . .)

Please pray for ALL the residents of the State of California as they, too, remain "on watch." May no more lives be lost in this time of devastation, amen.

New E.O. Denies Asylum to Illegals

Trump moves to limit asylum; new rules challenged in court

President Donald Trump issued a proclamation Friday to deny asylum to migrants who enter the country illegally, tightening the border as caravans of Central Americans slowly approach the United States. The plan was immediately challenged in court.

Trump invoked the same powers he used last year to impose a travel ban that was upheld by the Supreme Court. The new regulations are intended to circumvent laws stating that anyone is eligible for asylum no matter how he or she enters the country. About 70,000 people per year who enter the country illegally claim asylum, officials said.

"We need people in our country, but they have to come in legally," Trump said Friday as he departed for Paris.

The American Civil Liberties Union and other legal groups swiftly sued in federal court in Northern California to block the regulations, arguing the measures were illegal.

"The president is simply trying to run roughshod over Congress's decision to provide asylum to those in danger regardless of the manner of one's entry," said ACLU attorney Lee Gelernt.

The litigation also seeks to put the new rules on hold while the case progresses.

The regulations go into effect Saturday. They would be in place for at least three months but could be extended, and don't affect people already in the country. The Justice Department said in a statement the regulations were lawful. (Associated Press) Read more here.

3 Races Undecided

Midterms Races Still Undecided in Florida, Georgia and Arizona

While most of the votes have been counted from Tuesday's U.S. congressional midterm elections, four major races remain undecided in key states. A recount may be in the offing in Florida for both the Senate and governor's races where Republicans currently have narrow leads. And the governor's race in Georgia and a Senate race in Arizona are also drawing scrutiny. VOA National correspondent Jim Malone has more from Washington. (Voice of America) See more

- Father God, we continue to bring the results of these three races before Your Throne of Grace. We ask that any illegal activity be exposed and brought to justice, and for only a TRUE vote to be counted in Florida, Georgia and Arizona, in Your Name, amen.

- "For nothing is hidden that will not become evident, nor anything secret that will not be known and come to light." (Luke 8:17)

2018 Election Summary

2018 US Elections

Related Headlines

Republicans make history by keeping Senate while losing House

The Biggest Winner: Senator Mitch McConnell

GOP: 'Brett bump' saved the Senate after Kavanaugh fight angered voters

Pelosi urges bipartisanship as Democrats win U.S. House

Trump launches charm offensive against Dems: 'I would like to see unity'

Trump vows 'war-like posture' if Democrats investigate White House

Vote Counting Continues in Close US Elections

Midterms Races Still Undecided in Florida, Georgia and Arizona

Factbox: Potential U.S. presidential contenders in 2020

Policy Implications

Foreign Policy

How a Democratic U.S. House could alter foreign policy


Victorious U.S. House Democrats could stymie census citizenship query

Immigration Supporters Optimistic After Midterm Results


Democrats' House victory complicates Trump's trade agenda

Democrat-led House seen backing Trump's China trade war, scrutinizing talks with allies

Health Care Policy

Pelosi-Trump overtures making Big Pharma sweat bullets


Jim Jordan announces minority leader bid after GOP election night losses

McConnell hopes to recruit a female GOP senator to join the Judiciary Committee

Factbox: Democratic critics of Trump set to lead U.S. House committees

Kevin McCarthy Announces Bid For Minority Leader

Pending Activity

Committee Activity

Senate Judiciary Finds 'No Evidence' To Support Sex Assault Allegations Against Kavanaugh

Floor Outlook

McConnell says infrastructure, healthcare on 2019 U.S. Senate agenda

Infrastructure, healthcare, judges on U.S. Senate agenda

Democrats to push for big infrastructure bill with 'real money' in 2019

Vote splits Congress; judicial outlook called hopeful

Senate Floor
Senate Floor Schedule
Program for Tuesday: Senate resumes consideration of the motion to concur in the amendment of the House to S. 140, Amending the White Mountain Apache Tribe Water Rights Quantification Act, with McConnell (for Thune) Amendment No. 4054, Coast Guard reauthorization, with a vote on the motion to invoke cloture thereon at 5:30 p.m.

Senate Committees
Senate Committee Meetings Schedule
Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Hearings to examine certain nominations.

Hearings to examine big bank bankruptcy, focusing on 10 years after Lehman Brothers.

Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs
Business meeting to consider the nominations of
Steven Dillingham, of Virginia, to be Director of the Census, Department of Commerce, and
Michael Kubayanda, of Ohio, to be a Commissioner of the Postal Regulatory Commission.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Indian Affairs
Hearings to examine
• S. 2788, to repeal the Act entitled "An Act to confer jurisdiction on the State of North Dakota over offenses committed by or against Indians on the Devils Lake Indian Reservation",
• H.R. 2606, to amend the Act of August 4, 1947 (commonly known as the Stigler Act), with respect to restrictions applicable to Indians of the Five Civilized Tribes of Oklahoma, and
• H.R. 4032, to confirm undocumented Federal rights-of-way or easements on the
Gila River Indian Reservation, clarify the northern boundary of the Gila River Indian Community's Reservation, to take certain land located in Maricopa County and Pinal County, Arizona, into trust for the benefit of the Gila River Indian Community.

Foreign Relations
Hearings to examine certain nominations.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs
Hearings to examine the semiannual testimony on the Federal Reserve's supervision and regulation of the financial system.

Energy and Natural Resources
Hearings to examine the nominations of
Rita Baranwal, of Pennsylvania, to be an Assistant Secretary of Energy (Nuclear Energy),
Bernard L. McNamee, of Virginia, to be a Member of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and
Raymond David Vela, of Texas, to be Director of the National Park Service, Department of the Interior.

Environment and Public Works
Hearings to examine funding needs for wildlife conservation, recovery, and management.

Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs
Hearings to examine certain nominations.

A closed briefing to examine certain intelligence matters.

House Floor
House Floor Schedule
On Monday, no votes are expected in the House.

On Tuesday, the House will meet at 2:00 p.m. for legislative business. Votes will be postponed until 6:30 p.m.

On Wednesday, the House will meet at 12:00 p.m. for legislative business.
On Thursday, the House will meet at 10:00 a.m. for morning hour and 12:00 p.m. for legislative business.
On Friday, the House will meet at 9:00 a.m. for legislative business. Last votes expected no later than 3:00 p.m.
Legislation Considered Under Suspension of the Rules:
1) H.R. 2740 – Rabbi Michoel Ber Weissmandl Congressional Gold Medal Act of 2017 (Sponsored by Rep. Nydia Velzquez / Financial Services Committee)
2) H.R. 4033 – National Geologic Mapping Act Reauthorization Act (Sponsored by Rep. Doug Lamborn / Natural Resources Committee)
3) H.R. 5787 – Strengthening Coastal Communities Act of 2018, as amended (Sponsored by Rep. Neal Dunn / Natural Resources Committee)
4) H.R. 6064 – To rename the Oyster Bay National Wildlife Refuge as the Congressman Lester Wolff National Wildlife Refuge (Sponsored by Rep. Thomas Suozzi / Natural Resources Committee)
5) H.R. 5636 – Flatside Wilderness Enhancement Act, as amended (Sponsored by Rep. French Hill / Natural Resources Committee)
6) S. 440 – To establish a procedure for the conveyance of certain federal property around the Dickinson Reservoir in the State of North Dakota (Sponsored by Sen. John Hoeven / Natural Resources Committee)
7) S. 2074 – To establish a procedure for the conveyance of certain Federal property around the Jamestown Reservoir in the State of North Dakota, and for other purposes (Sponsored by Sen. John Hoeven / Natural Resources Committee)
8) H.R. 6146 – Cottonwood Land Exchange Act of 2018, as amended (Sponsored by Rep. Paul Gosar / Natural Resources Committee)
9) Concurring in the Senate Amendment to H.R. 2615 – Gulf Islands National Seashore Land Exchange Act (Sponsored by Rep. Steven Palazzo / Natural Resources Committee)
10) H.R. 5706 – World War II Pacific Sites Establishment Act (Sponsored by Rep. Colleen Hanabusa / Natural Resources Committee)
11) H.R. 6666 – To authorize the Secretary of the Interior to grant to States and local governments easements and rights-of-way over Federal land within Gateway National Recreation Area for construction, operation, and maintenance of projects for control and prevention of flooding and shoreline erosion (Sponsored by Rep. Dan Donovan / Natural Resources Committee)
12) H.R. 6651 – PEPFAR Extension Act of 2018, as amended (Sponsored by Rep. Chris Smith / Foreign Affairs Committee)
13) H.Res. 1055 – To affirm strong United States-Liberia ties and support for democratic principles, and call for full implementation of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission recommendations, including the establishment of an Extraordinary Criminal Tribunal for Liberia (Sponsored by Rep. Dan Donovan / Foreign Affairs Committee)
14) H.Res. 1052 – Affirming United States-Australia cooperation on space research, exploration, and utilization (Sponsored by Rep. Joaquin Castro / Foreign Affairs Committee)
15) H.R. 6018 – Trans-Sahara Counterterrorism Partnership Act of 2018, as amended (Sponsored by Rep. Michael McCaul / Foreign Affairs Committee)
H.R. 6784Manage our Wolves Act (Subject to a Rule) (Sponsored by Rep. Sean Duffy / Natural Resources Committee)

Text of Bills for the Week of November 12, 2018

House Committees
House Committee Meetings Schedule

Tuesday — November 13, 2018

• H.R. 6784 — Manage our Wolves Act
Committee on Rules


Wednesday — November 14, 2018

180-Day Review of the Electronic Health Record Modernization Program
Subcommittee on Technology Modernization (Committee on Veterans' Affairs)

A Continued Review of GI Bill Payment Delays
Subcommittee on Economic Opportunity (Committee on Veterans' Affairs)

U.S. Department of State Counterterrorism Bureau: Ensuring Resources Match Objectives
Subcommittee on Terrorism, Nonproliferation, and Trade (Committee on Foreign Affairs)

Interagency Cyber Cooperation: Roles, Responsibilities and Authorities of the Department of Defense & the Department of Homeland Security
Subcommittee on Emerging Threats and Capabilities (Committee on Armed Services)

Interagency Cyber Cooperation: Roles, Responsibilities and Authorities of the Department of Defense & the Department of Homeland Security.
Subcommittee on Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Protection (Committee on Homeland Security)


Thursday — November 15, 2018

Full Committee
Committee on Natural Resources

Examining Misconduct and Retaliation at the U.S. Forest Service
Committee on Oversight and Government Reform

Exploring VA's Oversight of Contract Disability Examinations
Subcommittee on Disability Assistance and Memorial Affairs (Committee on Veterans' Affairs)

A Continued Review of GI Bill Payment Delays
Subcommittee on Economic Opportunity (Committee on Veterans' Affairs)


Reference Links
Links to Congressional news and information
Prayer Guide

The Prayer of an Evacuee

The Prayer of an Evacuee

Here is the simple prayer of one of the evacuees, uttered as she drove down a road, fleeing the flames last night, and surrounded by the conflagration on each side of the road:

"Heavenly Father, please help us to be safe."

We echo her words tonight, Lord God:

"Please help ALL the residents in the State of California to be safe tonight. Amen."

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