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CHPP Daily Brief - Thursday, April 3, 2014

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The Daily Brief

"Praying for All in Authority"

Thursday, April 3, 2014
"The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom;
and to depart from evil is understanding."

(Job 28:28)

Thank you for praying for the Persecuted Church!
Please visit the website for the International Christian Concern to find ongoing needs for prayer among the persecuted around the world. Thank you.

The Daily Brief

1. North Korea missile test coming - Washington Times

U.S. intelligence agencies are closely watching North Korea for signs that Pyongyang's next military provocation will be a long-range missile flight test.

- Lord, we bind the powers of darkness that seek to provoke international conflict in the Name Of Jesus. We apply the Blood of Christ to that region and ask Your mercy for all.

- "No weapon formed against you shall prosper" [Isaiah 54:17a]

2. Earthquakes in Chile and L.A. Raise Fears About 'Ring of Fire' - ABC News

The 8.2 earthquake that shook northern Chile and surrounding countries late Tuesday night was one of a string of recent earthquakes along what is known as the "Ring of Fire," a circle of quake-prone areas on the Pacific Rim.

- Lord, we ask for Your mercy over the land, and pray that You will not destroy it.

- "that those things which cannot be shaken may remain" [Hebrews 12:27c]

3. Free Speech Victorious at Supreme Court - WND

The U.S. Supreme Court's decision Wednesday to remove overall campaign contribution limits triggered howls of protest from a range of the political spectrum, from the Sunlight Foundation to Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., to Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., a self-described democratic socialist who caucuses with the Democratic Party.

- Father, this decision has both good and bad possibilities. We pray that whatever "spending" is done on an individual level will be in accordance with Your wishes and not as attempts to influence lawmakers any worse than is already the case.

-"Righteousness exalts a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people." [Proverbs 14:34]

4. Authorities Identify Fort Hood Suspect - CNN

Authorities have identified the man who opened fire at Fort Hood in Texas on Wednesday, killing three people before committing suicide, as Specialist Ivan Lopez. Sixteen more people were injured Wednesday when he opened fire at Fort Hood, the sprawling Army post in Texas.

- Lord, we pray that the minds and hearts of veterans will seek out Your love. So many are suffering, so many are angry and hurting - we ask Your peace to envelop them!

- "For You have been a shelter for me, and a strong tower from the enemy." [Psalm 61:3]

5. Mississippi Ok's Religious Freedom Protection Bill - CBS News

Lawmakers in Mississippi are taking extra steps to protect religious freedom in the state. On Tuesday, the House and Senate passed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The bill says governments cannot put a substantial burden on religious practices.

- Father, we rejoice in this bill, and pray that You will make it a blueprint for other states in defiance of the federal government's hostile stand toward Christianity.

-"For I know that the Lord is great, and that our Lord is above all gods." [Psalm 135:5]

6. Some States Seek To Bless Prayer In Public Schools - NPR

Religious groups have been testing the limits on prayer in public school for decades. Now they think they've come up with a new strategy that will allow students to pray wherever and whenever they want.

-Thank You, Father, that this plan will be put into effect, so that Your people - Your children - will be able to seek Your face at any time.

-"So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth: it shall not return to Me void" [Isaiah 55:11a]

The Middle East in Focus

The Middle East in Focus

This week, for all the headlines cited below, please join us in proclaiming THIS DECREE:

"The Lord has established His throne in heaven, And His kingdom rules over all." (Psalm 103:19))

1. US military chief: Israel believes US would strike Iran if need arises - Ynet News

Israel and the United States have reached a general understanding regarding the Iranian threat to the Middle East, said the top American general, USA Today reported on Tuesday.

2. U.S. looking for way forward in faltering Mideast peace talks - Reuters

The Obama administration scrambled on Wednesday to rescue faltering Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations after what it called "unhelpful, unilateral actions" by both sides.

3. Israeli officials: Abbas has torpedoed Pollard-for-prisoners deal - Times of Israel

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas's application to join 15 international treaties and conventions represents a "major breach" of his understandings with Israel and the US over peace negotiations, and it indicates that there is now "almost no chance" of a Pollard-for-prisoners deal enabling the continuation of peace talks, Israeli officials said Wednesday afternoon.

4. Ministers threaten retaliation over Abbas's UN move - Times of Israel

Israel could retaliate for the Palestinian Authority's moves to join UN agencies by annexing territory or with financial sanctions, right-wing ministers warned Wednesday.

The Daily Jot

Government poisoning people for climate change

If it wasn't true, it would be fodder for some sci-fi movie. The occupant of the Oval Office and his cohorts are so desperate to prove that climate change is harmful to people that they allowed the Environmental Protection Agency to conduct experiments on humans "to better understand the health effects of pollution on humans." In real speak, this means that the federal government poisoned people to prove a point about their political agenda. At the request of Congress, the EPA conducted an audit to determine whether it followed "applicable laws, regulations, policies, procedures and guidance when it exposed human subjects to diesel exhaust emissions or concentrated airborne particles."

The EPA Office of Inspector General then admits that "The EPA conducts human research studies to better understand the health effects of pollution on humans. This report addresses the following EPA theme: Addressing climate change and improving air quality." To prove impact of climate change, the EPA conducted pollutant studies on 81 "human study subjects." It obtained consent forms from the "human study subjects," but admits: "While the consent forms met the requirements of 40 CFR Part 26, we found that exposure risks were not always consistently represented. Further, the EPA did not include information on long-term cancer risks in its diesel exhaust studies' consent forms."
EPA didn't disclose the long-term risks because "An EPA manager considered these long-term risks minimal for short-term study exposures." The report also shows pictures of the little gas chambers used to expose the "human study subjects" to their pollutants. EPA says they have been conducting similar studies for ten years, but it was the 2010 and 2011 years where the climate change studies were conducted without proper disclosure. The Daily Caller reports the EPA exposed people to 40 and 50 times the level that is safe for humans. A source told the Daily Caller that subjects developed coughs and suffered from cardiac arrhythmia during testing on ozone and clean air. Prior tests were also conducted on children.

Its one thing to understand our environment, its another to use tax money and deadly tests on citizens, especially children, to try to prove a political theory and advance a climate change tax and regulatory agenda. This is a far cry from a government for the people, of the people and by the people. It is no longer when considering the various unconstitutional and unelected agencies--CIA, FBI, DOJ, DHS, IRS, EPA, INS--who are spying on and targeting American citizens under this Administration. These evildoers thrive on our watch as Ecclesiastes 8:11 says, "Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil." 'Time to complete a sentence...

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson

The Madison Report

The Madison Report


Week of March 31 - April 4, 2014

H.R.4302 - Protecting Access to Medicare Act of 2014

Much to the surprise of rank-and-file members of the GOP House Conference, leadership decided to pass last week's "doc fix" bill (H.R. 4302) by voice vote. This bill reimburses healthcare providers for the scheduled 24 percent cut in payments for services rendered to Medicare patients. The bill extends the payments for the remainder of the calendar year. They used a hodgepodge of tenuous offsets spread out mainly over the next 5-10 years to compensate for an immediate expense that will undoubtedly reoccur every year under the 10-year budget frame. Hence, once again, Republicans have agreed to increase spending without any structural reforms or concessions from Democrats on other policies (the original House bill paid for the extension by repealing the individual mandate). Democrats plan to bring H.R. 4302 to the Senate floor this Monday afternoon. They are likely to peel off a large portion of the GOP Conference.

Amazingly, one of the reasons Republican agreed to pass a short-term extension is because they are promising a long-term fix - favored by the Democrats. Senate Finance Committee Chairman Ron Wyden (D-OR) has promised to introduce a long-term repeal of the current payment system for Medicare providers as long as Republicans pass this year's extension. The problem is that his long-term repeal does nothing to reduce the cost of healthcare and overutilization by structurally reforming Medicare. It merely commits to paying doctors the full 24 percent increase every year for the next 10 years. Not only is Medicare not reformed under the Wyden plan, the cost will not be offset. The $180 billion cost will be paid for by using money we never planned to spend in Afghanistan and Iraq over the next 10 years!
Addendum: H.R. 4302 was passed in the Senate on Monday, March 31, by a Yea-Nay Vote. 64 - 35. The bill was sent to the president for signing into law on April 1, 2014.
To learn more about this bill, please visit the Library of Congress website here.

Unemployment Benefits

Last week, 10 GOP Senators joined with every Democrat to support yet another bill (HR 2149) extending unemployment insurance retroactively until the end of May. The details of that bill can be found in last week's Madisonian. The votes of those 10 Republicans will likely give other moderates the cover they need to oppose the bill, all the while knowing that Democrats have the votes to pass the bill later this week. We need to ensure that House Republicans hold firm against this inane form of fiscal morphine and work on treating the cause of unemployment. Every time Democrats complain about unemployment, Republicans should challenge them to pass Senator Ted Cruz's comprehensive energy expansion bill.

Note: The Madison Project is posting an article on this issue on their website: "Madison Project Supports the Cruz/Bridenstine Energy Expansion Bill."

To read more about this bill, go here.

Victory as Voter Reg. Case is Appealed!

Civil Rights Groups Appeal Voter Registration

Civil rights groups on Friday appealed a federal court decision that said states can require proof of citizenship on their voter registration forms - a ruling the activist groups said runs counter to Supreme Court precedent.

The groups also asked Judge Eric F. Melgren to stay his own ruling from earlier this month, pending the outcome of the appeal.

Judge Melgren had ruled that the federal Election Assistance Commission couldn't refuse requests by Kansas and Arizona that voter registration cards distributed in their states include proof of citizenship requirements.

But the activists said that imposes an illegal burden on would-be voters.

Last week's ruling was viewed as a major boost for states' rights and a setback for President Obama and other allies who'd fought against stiffer checks.

The judge said the Constitution gives states the power to determine voter qualifications, and if states want to insist on proof of citizenship the election commission cannot overrule them. (Washington Times) Read more

Prayer Request:

In summary, several issues are in conflict in the area of voter registration. Curiously, these battle lines are drawn and redrawn during every election cycle. Shouldn't an enlightened, modern nation know how to regulate and oversee the voting franchise so as to keep it honest and within the law? Pray that truth, justice, and integrity prevail, and those with ulterior, political and fraudulent motives be exposed. Pray, too, that all eligible voters be free to vote peacefully and without intimidation.


"It is a joy for the just to do justice, but destruction will come to the workers of iniquity." (Prov 21:15)

[Source: Intercessors for America]

Abstinence Ed Funding Heads to White House

Abstinence Ed Funding Heads to White House

Both chambers of Congress have approved legislation that would fund the nation's largest abstinence education program - the same one President Obama tried to stop.

"Despite the president's desire to see abstinence programs completely eliminated, we are pleased that the Senate has voted to continue this important program," said National Abstinence Education Association (NAEA) President Valerie Huber. "We are especially pleased that bipartisan support has made the continuation of this valuable program possible."

Obama proposed a budget earlier this month that would have eliminated funding for all such programs - also called sexual risk avoidance (SRA) programs.


Read more about this bill here, and call the White House asking that Mr. Obama sign this bill into law. The number of the White House switchboard is: 202-456-1414.

To send an email to the president, please go here.
(Source: CitizenLink)

Diplomacy in Russian Dealings

Diplomacy in Russian Dealings

[Reported by: Intercessors for America]

Secretary of State John Kerry met with Russian officials Sunday to discuss a diplomatic solution to tensions along Ukraine's borders, as American lawmakers expressed concerns that Vladimir Putin has designs on more territory in the region.

Mr. Kerry met with his counterpart, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, in Paris as U.S. analysts and members of Congress weighed the build-up of tens of thousands of Russian soldiers along Ukraine's eastern edge.

Prayer Request:

At Jericho, Joshua saw a Warrior with a sword. He asked, "Are you for us or for the enemy?" The answer was, "Neither, I am the Commander of the Lord's army." The Church must pray "in one accord" for God's purpose to prevail, even over our comfort. Our Lord promised eternal and internal peace, not necessarily national peace. As "Intercessors for America," we want our much-loved U.S. to triumph and prosper, of course. Yet, wisdom dictates that we see beyond national pride and pray that our Commander-in-Chief, "Fulfill Your purpose, O God of the nations." Russia is not our enemy, but negotiations are tense, and prayer is vital as we watch God shape history.


" And it came to pass, when Joshua was by Jericho, that he lifted his eyes and looked, and behold, a Man stood opposite him with His sword drawn in His hand. And Joshua went to Him and said to Him, 'Are You for us or for our adversaries?' So He said, 'No, but as Commander of the army of the LORD I have now come.' And Joshua fell on his face to the earth and worshiped, and said to Him, 'What does my Lord say to His servant?' Then the Commander of the LORD's army said to Joshua, 'Take your sandal off your foot, for the place where you stand is holy.' And Joshua did so." (Joshua 5:13-15)

The Good News Corner

The Good News Corner:

March Was First Month Without U.S. Fatalities in Iraq or Afghanistan In 11 Years

There were no American troop casualties in Afghanistan or Iraq in March, for the first time since February 2003, ending 133 straight months when at least one U.S. service member was killed. U.S. deaths in Iraq peaked in November 2004, and in Afghanistan in August 2011. (TIME Magazine) Read more here.

Signs and Wonders

Signs and Wonders:

Rare phenomenon to shake Planet Earth:

'God is closing this chapter of human history'

[Please note: we are aware that the coming appearance of the Blood Moon on April 15th is drawing much attention among Bible scholars and among the saints of God. There are also varying opinions as to what, if anything, this upcoming sequence of four blood moons in the next two years may herald. We offer the information, below, for your own prayerful consideration and discernment. Thank you.]

Is the end of the world as we know it and the return of Jesus Christ really knocking on our door?

A rare cycle of solar and lunar eclipses that will begin this year at the time of God's holy days cited in the Bible is about to wake up millions to the possibility that end-time prophecies could be fulfilled imminently.

"All these signs, coming together at one time, are potentially the culminating signals that God is closing this chapter of human history," declares pastor Mark Biltz, author of the brand-new book and DVD, "Blood Moons: Decoding the Imminent Heavenly Signs."

"This could be the final curtain call before the Great Tribulation mentioned in the Bible. God has always wanted to warn His people, and the rest of the world, before He intervenes. What better way to communicate to us than through the universal language of heavenly signs that speak to every tribe, tongue, and nation?"
In the Old Testament, the prophet Joel states, "The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the LORD come." (Joel 2:31)

In the New Testament, Jesus is quoted as saying, "Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light . . . And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory." (Matthew 24:29-30)

As WND has reported, Biltz, who promotes the Old Testament roots of Christianity at El Shaddai Ministries in Bonney Lake, Wash., began focusing in recent years on the precise times of both solar and lunar eclipses, with lunar eclipses often called "blood moons" since the moon sometimes takes on a bloody color.

He logged onto NASA's eclipse website which provides precision tracking of the celestial events. . . (WorldNetDaily) Read more here.

"And there will be signs in the sun, in the moon, and in the stars; and on the earth distress of nations, with perplexity, the sea and the waves roaring; men's hearts failing them from fear and the expectation of those things which are coming on the earth, for the powers of the heavens will be shaken. Then they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near."
(Luke 21:25-28)

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